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Valley Record SNOQUALMIE WEDNESDAY, JAN. 1, 2014 n DAILY UPDATES AT WWW.VALLEYRECORD.COM n 75 CENTS Year of the stars 2013 in retrospective: Valley’s celebs, scares and searches make the news SPORTS By Valley Record Staff Mount Si works the basics to hold off Cedarcrest sharpshooters Page 8 Local musician Austin Jenckes broke into the top 10 on TV’s “The Voice,” and he beat out Hollywood star Johnny Depp for the numberone spot on the Valley Record website for the most-read story of 2013. SEE YEAR IN REVIEW, 5 Photos by Carol Ladwig Top local stories of 2013: Above, smoke curls behind DNR’s Seth Barnes during a wildfire that spread on Mount Si in July. Far left, Valley resident Austin Jenckes returns home for a surprise concert during his run on reality show “The Voice.” Remembering Apartheid Staff Reporter BY SETH TRUSCOTT NEWS Editor INDEX Opinion 4 8 Sports 9-10 Classifieds On the Scanner 11 11 Calendar Vol. 100, No. 32 Sewer assessments annulled while North Bend addresses ‘housekeeping issue’ BY CAROL LADWIG North Bend’s Rudy Edwards looks back at eye-opening South African sojourn Valley grad finishes basic training with honors Page 7 Ruling could change city’s sewer fees At first, you don’t recognize him. Then you realize that the smiling, bearded man in the red cloak and leopard pelt is actually a younger version of North Bend resident Rudy Edwards. The image of a traditionally costumed Edwards is among the mementos of a two-year sojourn that he and wife Connie spent in the African kingdom of Swaziland in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Those memories were reawakened last month, sparked by the death of South African freedom fighter and statesman Nelson Mandela, at 95. Edwards, who still knows a smattering of Zulu and Swasi words, experienced the color barrier for himself during the era when Mandela was an imprisoned champion of his people. Much later, Edwards witnessed South Africans of all races vote for the first time. Top, courtesy photo | Left, Seth Truscott/Staff Photo Top, the passport photo from Rudy Edwards’ 1969 trip to Africa. Edwards got a firsthand experience of South Africa’s apartheid, with his American passport confounding the racial system. Left, he holds sourvenirs from Swaziland. Going to Africa In 1969, Rudy and Connie had joined the Peace Corps, and newly graduated from college, they went to the tiny, landlocked country SEE APARTHEID, 2 A court ruled in their favor, but the North Bend property owners who successfully appealed their sewer assessments may have won the issue in principle only. The Washington Court of Appeals annulled the city’s sewer assessments on several parcels of land in North Bend’s Utility Local Improvement District #6 (Tanner ULID) in an Oct. 21 opinion, claiming the city erred in changing the sewer system design without adopting a new ordinance. However, it also stated that the annulment would allow the city to reassess those properties. “The court did leave the door slightly open for reassessment,” Todd Wyatt, attorney for the appealing property owners, wrote in a message to the Record. However, he added that he’s filed a motion to change that. SEE RULING, 3 YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER, SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF SNOQUALMIE n NORTH BEND n FALL CITY n PRESTON n CARNATION SNOW TIRES IN STOCK 951271 Come in Today for a FREE 6-point Safety Inspection. 610 E. North Bend Way • North Bend • 425.831.6300

Snoqualmie Valley Record, January 01, 2014

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