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GLOBE THE MARYSVILLE SPORTS: Cougar boys get victory over King’s. Page 6 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 2013  WWW.MARYSVILLEGLOBE.COM  75¢ WS P A P E R AT T 2 E 189 OUR C TY SINC NI THE N E OF HE T HEA&URL SO U OMM Students learn about healthy lifestyle BY KIRK BOXLEITNER SPORTS: Oak Harbor tops MG grapplers. Page 6s Kirk Boxleitner/Staff Photo Molina Healthcare’s mascot Dr. Cleo, left, and Community Outreach Coordinator Anastasia Garcia conduct ‘Dr. Cleo’s Reading Club’ for first-grade students at Kellogg Marsh Elementary on Jan. 23. Sunnyside students honor Dr. King. Page 7 CLASSIFIED ADS 8-11 OPINION OBITUARIES BY KIRK BOXLEITNER INDEX 4 3, 5, 8 SPORTS 6 WORSHIP 12 Vol. 120, No. 30 SEE HEALTH , PAGE 2 Mayor Nehring gives State of the City MARYSVILLE — Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring reflected on a year of transitions and partnerships during his Jan. 25 State of the City address for 2013, at the same time that he pledged that the city would continue to meet its citizens’ needs through disciplined methods. “There is no higher priority than public safety,” Nehring told the Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce during its Business Before Hours. “In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen the work of our SWAT team, and our strike team made 100 arrests in its first month, in May of last year. Crime is on the rise throughout the county and the state, but we’re sending the message that Marysville is not a good place to be a burglar.” Nehring credited cautious budgeting with allowing the city to reach a 10 percent emergency reserve mark, and noted that other savings are already being reinvested in much-needed infrastructure improvements, from equipment and vehicle replacements to signals, streets and sidewalks. He praised the Tulalip Tribes for their financial support of these projects, as well as the 156th Street overcrossing that was completed in time for “Black Friday” shopping last November, just as he lauded the city’s citizens for participating so fully in Marysville’s “Clean Sweep.” “Part of revitalizing our downtown is making those areas more attractive,” Nehring said of the volunteers who painted out graffiti, took part in the Shred-A-Thon and dropped off their trash at Marysville First Assembly of God’s borrowed dumpsters. “Volunteers gave 4,400 hours of service to this city last year, which adds up to $93,000 in value to the city, which is why I encourage you to nominate Volunteers of the SEE MAYOR, PAGE 2 721296 COMMUNITY: MARYSVILLE — Aidan CoreyWollaston, a first-grade student at Kellogg Marsh Elementary, appraised the date in his hand cautiously before taking a bite of the unfamiliar fruit. “Wow, this is really good,” he said after sampling his first taste, his eyes popping wide. His classmate Alexi Looper was even more skeptical of the pickled plums in front of her, and while she worked up the nerve to try them out, she found they weren’t as much to her liking. “They’re really salty,” she said as her face twisted into a grimace. Not every new food that the kids sampled, as part of Molina Healthcare’s visit to read “My Whole Food ABCs” to Mindy Gray’s first-grade classroom at Kellogg Marsh on Jan. 23, was to their tastes, but most of the healthy snacks suited them just fine. Anastasia Garcia, community outreach coordinator for Molina Healthcare, arrived with Molina Healthcare’s giant cat mascot, Dr. Cleo, who hosted “Dr. Cleo’s Reading Club,” during which Garcia read “My Whole Food ABCs” by David Richard, an alphabet of health food choices whose names Garcia translated into Russian and Spanish for the kids. “I think the lesson kids learned about the benefits of whole foods was to try new things, because you never know, you might like them,” Gray said, after Garcia had finished reading and handed out sample plates of dates, pears, honey, wheat snacks, umeboshi pickled plums and oranges to the kids. “Hopefully, they had conversations at home with their parents about this idea.” Gray praised Molina Healthcare for its community outreach, which Kirk Boxleitner/Staff Photo Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring emphasizes the importance of carefully managed spending to the city’s long-term well-being during his Jan. 25 State of the City address.

Marysville Globe, January 30, 2013

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