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Valley Record SNOQUALMIE Wednesday, July 18, 2012 n Daily updates at n 75 cents New promise from lives cut short Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Family creates scholarship to remember murder victims Lynnettee and Kaylene Keller By Seth Truscott A baseball tradition continues for Little Leagues Pages 8-9 Lynnettee and Kaylene Keller, pictured at Kaylene’s Mount Si High School graduation in 2011. The mother and daughter were killed by Peter Keller in April. Their creative spirit is remembered in a new memorial college scholarship. Editor Eighteen-year-old Kaylene Keller had the perfect life of a teen, and a fantastic future bringing virtual worlds to life seemed just around the corner. See remembered, 3 Moving forward SCENE Snoqualmie teacher Dana Nohavec overcoming Crohn’s Disease, takes on triathlon Spicy time, cool critters at North Bend’s third Block Party Page 3 Index Letters 4 6 Business 13 Movie Times 14 Obituaries On the Scanner 14 Classifieds 16-18 Vol. 99, No. 8 Staff Reporter See CROHN’s, 7 NB bank job: Was it ‘AK-47 Bandit’? Armed man who held up Chase could be a California fugitive By Carol Ladwig Like a lot of people, Dana Nohavec struggled to stick with an exercise program. It didn’t matter what type of exercise she tried, she couldn’t do it regularly, but it wasn’t a loss of interest that stopped her. “I’ve never been athletic, ever,” says the 25-year Snoqualmie resident and teacher at Snoqualmie Elementary School. “Every time I start to try to get in shape, knowing exercise is so vital, I’d just end up hurting something. My knee would swell up, or my ankle would break, or…” Or some other symptom of her Crohn’s Disease would flare up, and Nohavec, now training for her firstever triathlon in September, would have to give up on working out. Courtesy photo Footage from North Bend’s Chase Bank shows a masked, armed robber who may be linked to other hold-ups. By Valley Record Staff Carol Ladwig/Staff Photo Dana Nohavec readies her bike for a ride after a volunteer session at the North Bend Visitor’s Center. Nohavec, a Snoqualmie Elementary teacher, has never been an athlete, but will tackle her first triathlon in September to raise funds for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. The man wanted for shooting a police officer, two bank robberies and one attempted robbery in California earlier this year may be the same man who took over the North Bend branch of Chase Bank just before closing on Friday, July 6. Dubbed the “AK-47 Bandit” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the man wanted in the California robberies looks similar to the man who took an undisclosed amount of cash from the North Bend bank. The weapons used in each robbery were also similar, a black assault rifle, probably an AK-47, with a drum magazine. See BANDIT, 5 YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER, SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF SNOQUALMIE n NORTH BEND n FALL CITY n PRESTON n CARNATION BEST TIRE VALUE PROMISE FREE Lifetime tire and milage care warranty with tires you buy • FREE Pre-Trip Safety Inspection 610 E. North Bend Way • North Bend • 425.831.6300 • 643975 SPORTS Photo by Kimberly Rocha-Pearson Three months ago, Keller and boyfriend Carson Brammer were taking their love of video games to a new level. The teens had dated for 15 months, drawn together by common interests and goals. Carson would haul a 32-inch television over to Kaylene’s North Bend house, or they’d push their computer monitors together, then explore and adventure in virtual realms like Skyrim or Portal.

Snoqualmie Valley Record, July 18, 2012

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