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ARAABMUZIK TOP PICKS EDITOR’S PICKS The Middle East – Cambridge, MA / December 13, 2012 review and photo by Candace McDuffie LIVE SHOW The Gashers Law Is Not Order Las Vegas, NV Genre: Punk Elim Bolt Nude South Charleston, SC Genre: Croon Rock The Pine Hollows Something My Heart Understands New York, NY H HIG LIG HT Precision drum machine mastery and Genre: Pop Rock captivating stage presence. The Middle East has become notorious for their frequent hip-hop shows put on by Leedz Edutainment, which manages to balance more well known national acts with perfectly unpolished local talent. On this particular evening, the man of the hour happened to be AraabMuzik - a legendary producer and a god when it came to commanding the MPC. But Boston MCs were on hand to represent, as well. Big Nate had a ominous stage presence, and Quarter Block riled up the crowd with their very own “Beantown Anthem.” Juice and Della even had their own cheering section that stood their ground, just inches away from the stage. But after AraabMuzik took the stage, fans slinked away from hazy grinding to being completely captivated by the young titan. His precision when it came to maneuvering a drum machine was mind blowing. The man was so focused you could barely get a glimpse at his face since he couldn’t peel it away from what he was doing - not even for a second [editor’s note – and not even for photos]. The next time he comes through Boston, the adulation he will receive will be greater than ever before. FEBRUARY 2013 PERFORMER MAGAZINE 45

Performer Magazine: February 2013

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