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Sequoia Park Zoo Upcycled Tire-tube shoulder purse by Conserve India, $35. 3414 W St., Eureka. GC Week 3 of 5 201 3 The Garden Gate Arcata Artisans North Coast Co-op Queen Bee canvas purse, $125. 905 H St., Arcata. 822-2156. Handmade lamp by Betsy Roberts, Joy Dellas & Zak Shea, $444. 883 H St., on the Arcata Plaza. 825-9133. Island Bamboo 5 Piece Bamboo Crock & Kitchen Utensil Set, $22.99. 811 I St., Arcata and 25 4th St., Eureka. GC GC Town of Trinidad GL HM Simply Mac Heart Bead Lytro light-field camera $399.99. 837 H St., Arcata. 825-7100. Basic Stringing Kit, $25. On the Plaza, Arcata 826-9577. GC GC Visit Trinidad this holiday season for relaxing, gifts, fine arts, great dining, wine tasting, beach walking. 16 NORTH COAST JOURNAL • THURSDAY, DEC. 5, 2013 • HM Humboldt Made Member GL Go Local GC Gift Certificates Available SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

North Coast Journal 12-05-13

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