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Vacation! A Inside Publication PREsIDENT/ EDITOR IN cHIEF DEBWF@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM vIcE PREsIDENT EDITORIAL/EDITOR Jeff smith MANAGING EDITOR Elizabeth Edwards cONTRIBuTING WRITER ART DIREcTOR PRODucTION DIR. GRAPHIc DEsIGNER WEB DIREcTOR WEB DEvELOPER sTAFF PHOTOGRAPHER vIDEOGRAPHER AccOuNT ExEcuTIvEs Traverse City Deborah Wyatt Fellows SMITH@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM LISSA@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM kim schneider Bob Wilcox BOB@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Theresa Burau-Baehr THERESA@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM claire stortz CLAIRE@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Michael Thompson MICHAEL@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Roger Lamb ROGER@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Todd Zawistowski TODD@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM kris Riley WIN a Family Vacation at Tamarack KRILEY@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Lodge. Enter at Jim Driver WIN two Porterhouse Productions Platinum Passes for a year’s worth of tickets! Enter at JDRIVER@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Ann Gatrell ANNG@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Lisa Gillespie LGILLESPIE@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Jeff Hale JHALE@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Jill Hayes JHAYES@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Amy Artz Joslin AMYJ@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM candace Morse CMORSE@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM cyndi Ludka LUDKA@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Drew Warner DREW@MYNORTH.COM MARkETING DIREcTOR Rachel North Whip up a string of sizzling, one-of-a-kind festivals, throw in a food and beverage scene that is turning heads around the nation, add beaches, azure water and a vineyardcovered peninsula and you have the intoxicating brew that is a Traverse city vacation. What’s more, somehow this fabulous city on the bay has managed to preserve a small town attitude that all but reaches out and wraps folks of all ages in a big, soft Midwestern hug. Play in the sun, eat your heart out then party into the night—or call it an evening under the stars. Welcome to Traverse city! —The editors of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine. RNORTH@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM cIRcuLATION FuLFILLMENT MGR. Jodi G. simpson MEDIA PROJEcT cOORDINATOR Rachel Fournier MARkETING/EDITORIAL cOORDINATOR Jennifer Buechel JBUECHEL@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Lori savage OFFIcE AssIsTANT Dana Allen cONTROLLER ANGELA BROWN RACHEL@MYNORTH.COM E-MARkETING sPEcIALIsT OFFIcE MANAGER P.s. check out our new On the Go mobile extras: videos, photo galleries and more! JSIMPSON@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM LORI@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM DANA@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM Monterey Wheeler MONTEREY@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM kirstin Gorney KIRSTIN@TRAVERSEMAGAZINE.COM 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 The Good Stuff Beaches Hike, Bike Get on the Water Golf Venues, Turtle Creek Festivals Old Mission Tours New for 2013: Mobile Extras! Editorial & Advertising Offices 148 E. Front St., Traverse City, MI 49684 Phone: 231.941.8174 Fax: 231.941.8391 E-mail: 19 Kids 21 Picnic Lunch, Breakfast 23 Microbrews, Al Fresco Dining 25 Islands, Fun 27 Interlochen Center for the Arts 29 Shopping Districts 31 Museums 33 Art Galleries 35 Wine Tasting 36 Map ©2013 Prism Publications, Inc. MyNorth 2013 Vacation! 1

2013 MyNorth Vacation Guide! Traverse City

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