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STUDENT PROJECTS Student organizations are a great forum for discussing ideas from your classes and projects, networking, and meeting engineering alumni. Harbinger of hope: The challenge? Help 11-year-old Kailyn (pictured left) eat without needing to use her feet. You see, she was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a congenital disorder characterized by stiffness and muscle weakness, and has limited use of her arms. A team of six biomedical engineering students was determined to develop an assistive feeding device to help her do something we all take for granted: using silverware. The process included research, mock-ups, prototypes and numerous whiteboard sessions and included collaboration with students from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Now, thanks to the device she nicknamed Justin Bieber, Kailyn is enjoying everything from yogurt to pizza, one spoonful at a time. Electric endeavor: It started with a simple premise. Turn a gas-powered van from the university’s student transportation fleet into an all-electric vehicle. Nearly four years and thousands of hours later — powered by the creativity and hard work of 41 different students, two faculty advisers from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and dozens of faculty and industry mentors — Marquette’s eLIMO is now a licensed Wisconsin vehicle, part of a fleet providing safe nightly rides for students. In its off hours, the eLIMO recharges at a station in a university parking structure. Costly corrosion: Sentry Equipment, a local manufacturer of sampling equipment, had a corrosion problem. Their pressure-reducing devices, used in power plants to regulate system pressure, were susceptible to magnetite build-up. So the company was losing time —and money — cleaning them or replacing them altogether. Sentry challenged a group of senior mechanical engineering students to create a magnetic filter that would remove the magnetite from sampling lines. After months of hard work, the students produced a filter constructed out of stainless steel that used rare earth magnets. Problem solved. n Alpha Eta Mu, the biomedical engineering honor society n n n n n n n Engineering Student Council n Engineers Without Borders n n n n n n n n Society of Women Engineers n Solar Energy Society n n Alpha Omega Epsilon, an engineering sorority founded at Marquette American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers Association for Computing Machinery  iomedical B Engineering Society  ngineering Knights of E St. Patrick, an organization that honors engineering students for extracurricular and service activities  ta Kappa Nu, an honor society E for electrical engineers Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Institute of Transportation Engineers  ational Society of N Black Engineers  igma Phi Delta, S an engineering fraternity  ociety of S Automotive Engineers  ociety of S Hispanic Engineers T  au Beta Pi, an engineering honor society T  riangle Fraternity, a fraternity for engineers, architects and scientists

Engineering Viewbook 2012

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