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NEWS 2012 FROM COMMENCEMENT T BY MITZI BIBLE W W W . L I B E R T Y. E D U D AV I D D U N C A N 28 news to share with the area. Many covered the event several days before, giving people who live in and around Lynchburg helpful advice for navigating on and around campus during the festivities. Liberty’s own television, radio, news, and marketing teams shared the day’s events on a large scale. Thousands of alumni, online students, and supporters around the globe viewed graduation live on Liberty’s website, Facebook page, mobile app, and Liberty Channel and listened live on Liberty’s radio station, Victory FM. Follow-up media coverage included Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s interview on CNN Newsroom with Kyra Phillips, which was filmed live from campus on Monday, May 14. He also conducted an interview with Voice of America on D AV I D D U N C A N housands of family members, friends, and special guests came to honor the Class of 2012 at Liberty’s largest Commencement on May 12. Among those guests were professionals who cast Liberty into the national — and international — spotlight from its most widely televised event ever. Every major media outlet in the United States, and many around the world, not only covered the event, but made it a headline. It was covered in the news from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Israel. Nearly 60 media outlets were present at Commencement, including reporters for print, broadcast and radio, as well as cameramen, photographers, audio techs, satellite truck operators, and other media support personnel. Hundreds more were able to cover the event from their home posts through streaming video and audio links and satellite coordinates provided by Liberty. More than 2,600 TV news segments featuring Liberty’s Commencement were broadcast the same day. Media who visited campus included The Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, and Politico; all major television networks, including CNN, C-Span, CBS, Fox News, NBC, and CBN; and radio, including NPR. International outlets present included Agence France-Presse, a French news agency; Die Presse, an Austrian daily newspaper; Die Zeit, a German newspaper; and Swiss National Public Radio. Many media reported to campus as early as six hours before the event to set up. The media section was buzzing with live TV remotes leading up to the 10 a.m. ceremony. Photographers were ushered to the front of the stage by the Secret Service and members of Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign at opportune times. Local media coverage was heavy as well, with The News & Advance, WSET, WDBJ7, and WSLS all on hand to capture the

Liberty Journal Summer 2012

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