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Scholarships How Much Do You Qualify for? J uniata partners with families to ensure that all students can benefit from a Juniata education. Review the information found at Complete Juniata’s Personal Cost Estimator to get an estimate of cost after scholarships and aid. The Financial Planning office invites you to work with them personally as you navigate your four-year college investment. Contact us at 814-641-3142 or Academic Scholarships What? How much? $27 n io mill ps rshi a l o s ch in s d grant n a rded awa ear. y this The rigor of the courses you’ve taken and the academic reputation of your high school or college are also considered. Who qualifies for consideration? Distinguished Scholars Awards Full Tuition National Merit, National Achievement and National Hispanic Recognition finalists James Quinter Scholarships $20,000 yearly GPA of 3.75, ACT Composite of 30, SAT (M+V) of 1320 Calvert Ellis Scholarships $10,000 to $18,000 yearly GPA of 3.00 and higher Need-based Aid t application • All who demonstrate financial need and mee deadlines receive aid. $28,560. • Average financial aid for first-year students is for first-year • Campus employment up to $2,500 per year ors. students and as much as $5,400 for some seni $30,751 average d Juniata gr ebt of adua in 2012. tes juniata / Fall ’12 17

Admission Magazine Fall 2012

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