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 INTERVIEW WITH DR. KATH ERIN E CHEN ... 2  A STUDEN T -RUN PROGRAM FOR SOCIAL JUSTIC E .... 5  MEDIC AL EDUC ATION RESEARCH CORN ER: CRITICAL ASSESSMEN T OF REC ENT LITERATU RE .... 8 ISSUE 1 201 2 QU AR TERL Y The Rossi MSSM MED IC AL E DU CA TIO N NE WS , RE SEA RC H RE VI EW S, TE AC HI NG T IP S, CON VE RS AT IO NS WI TH E DU CA TI ON LE AD ER S Welcome to The Rossi: Medical Education Quarterly Dr. Erica S. Friedman Associate Dean for Education Assessment and Scholarship at Mount Sinai School of Medicine In medicine, as with other fields, developing effective leaders and educators is essential to our profession. Teaching is a vital role of all physicians, and good teaching directly improves patient care. Similar to other aspects of medical practice, becoming an effective teacher requires training and experience. An increasing number of medical students, residents, and practicing physicians are seeking advanced training in education to provide them with a conceptual and scholarly foundation for their educational responsibilities, and to enhance their leadership potential and increase their effectiveness in their profession. Mount Sinai’s Institute for Medical Education (IME) serves the vital need for creating, educating, mentoring and retaining the best educators for our students, residents and faculty. Fostering the success of our educators includes recognizing and rewarding those who display dedication and excellence in their work, and providing programs that develop and reinforce their scholarship, teaching skills and successful promotion. The birth of this publication signals a formal mechanism for showcasing model educators, highlighting key education research, fostering medical trainee engagement in the growing medical education community and nurturing their development into medical education leaders. This publication will provide regular updates on the accomplishments and trends in medical education within our local as well as international medical education community. We hope by sharing best practices in education and by profiling top educators, we will recruit and develop medical trainees as education leaders and facilitate their involvement in education scholarship. This publication provides a forum for medical professionals at all levels of training to share their ideas and ask the real questions about medical education. We will describe how questions can be transformed into scholarly projects or education research. We look forward to a communitywide conversation about the needs, challenges and innovative solutions in medical education. Welcome to The Rossi. “The Rossi” is named after Dr. Miriam Rossi, a graduate of the first medical school class at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 1970. A dedicated medical educator and mentor, she has served as the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Associate Dean of Admissions at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto among other educational posts. The Rossi staff is proud to acknowledge her contribution to teaching in medicine. 1

The Rossi: Medical Education Quarterly Newsletter

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