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don’t get lost on your fIrst day of classes VERGE C ALVIN COLLEGE | VOL. 3.3 “One of the benefIts that I received in coming to Calvin to study philosophy is that I ended up studying biology and sociology and literature, too. I basically ended up with a bigger education.” - daniel HOW TO HAVE FUN IN GR What’s college 99% really like? of 2011 grads are employed or in grad school Find out inside 40+ STUDY ABROAD OPPORTUNITIES “DON’T JUDGE (your new roommate) BY WHAT YOU SEE ON FACEBOOK.” -ABBY WHAT TO EXPECT FROM YOUR PROFESSORS CLASS OF 2017 95% of FIRST AND SECOND YEAR STUDENTS LIVE ON CAMPUS how to cheer on your fellow knights looking for a mission trip? WE SQUIRRELS WHAT TO DO IF YOU SLEEP THROUGH BREAKFAST


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