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COMMUNITY 7 March 02, 2012 Go Texan Day Celebrated at U of H Texas traditions have always been a part of what makes the University of Houston great. One of those traditions, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, has directly supported the University of Houston for many years, providing scholarships to as many as 200 deserving students attending UH and other UH System schools each year. In a salute to our rich Texas heritage, University of Houston Chancellor Renu Khator encouraged the campus community to wear their favorite Western attire on Feb. 24 in celebration of “Go Texan Day.” /1 /3 1 12 H UG RO HO M E IN AL IA NA Grand Parkway TH RE WI RE CE GIFN AGIST T E IN IV CA $ R T U E RD 5 O PG A 0 RA $5 ND 0 DE ,0 S! 0 0 2* Photo: University of Houston 6 O F AN Y NE W 10 llway Westpark To PU E TH 6 W. Bellfort UP O 64 N Clodine Rd. 99 FM 14 Harlem RC HA SE N W. Airport SUGAR LAND RICHMOND 90 99 MARCH 3-4 & 10-11 11 A.M. - 4 P.M. Think outside the ordinary model home showcase. Spring is in full swing at Aliana, with the grand opening of our brand new Model Home Village,featuringashowcaseofnewfloorplans,finishesandexcitingideasforoutdoorliving. Thearea’stopbuildershavesavedtheirbiggestsurprisesforthebackyards,eachhandcrafted in an elaborate theme – for everything from summer cookoutstoalfrescoentertaining.Enjoythefreefood, giveawaysandfunforthewholefamily. giveaways For a list of events and prizes, visit *Photos hotosarerepresentativeexamplesofbackyardthemes.$5,000upgradeincentiveisgoodonlyonnewhomes inAliana®placedundercontractfrom3/3/2012to12/31/2012.$500giftcardwillbeawardedbyrandomdrawing. in Aliana® Alianareservestherighttoamendorcancelthispromotionoranyotherprogramatanytimewithoutnotice.As Aliana withanyfinancialdecision,buyersareencouragedtodotheirownduediligencewhenselectingahomebuilder. with HomesintheAlianaCommunityareconstructedandsoldbyhomebuildingcompanies(“Builders”)notaffiliated Homes withAlianaDevelopmentCompany,thedeveloperofsuchcommunityorthedeveloper’saffiliatedcompanies(colwith lectively, “Developer”). Developer does not guarantee or warrant the obligationsof,orconstructionby,suchBuilders,ortheavailabilityorpricingof homes.Prices,specificationsanddetailsconcerninghomesareestablished bythebuildersandaresubjecttochangewithoutnotice.Alldrawingsare preliminaryandsubjecttochange,andareforpresentationpurposesonly. Further, said drawings are scanned images only and are not for computationorconstructionpurposes.Thesedrawingsmayormaynotincorporate information and/or data provided to consultants relative to engineering and drainage, flood plains and environmental issues and should not be relieduponforanypurpose.Nowarranties,expressedorimplied,concerningtheactualdesign,location,andcharacterofthefacilitiesshownonany mapsareintended.Additionally,nowarrantyismadetotheaccuracyofthe informationcontainedherein.Copyright2012AlianaDevelopmentCompany. Allrightsreserved.“ALIANA”and“HandcraftedforLiving”aretrademarksof AlianaDevelopmentCompany.Informationlastupdated2/8/12. INDO AMERICAN NEWS • FRIDAY, MARCH 02, 2012 • ONLINE EDITION: WWW.INDOAMERICAN-NEWS.COM 053-132 IndoAmericanNews 10x6.5 MECH.indd 1 59 2/23/12 4:25 PM

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