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COMPUTER HealthcareTRAINING Training, CERTIFICATE Certification PROGRAMS & Careers Courses can be taken individually and as part of a Certificate Program. Certificate in Web Development To earn the Certificate in Web Development, you must satisfactorily complete the following two (2) courses for a total of 60 hours of instruction: Coding for Web Development and Photoshop for Print & Multimedia. Coding for Web Development (30 hrs) This is a beginner course to learn how to hand-code in HTML 5 and CSS 3 for web site development. Students will be able to make a complete three page website with full interactivity, animation, movies and more by the end of the course. This is a pre-requisite for our Interactive Web & Multimedia Design course. Section ACE-0716-CHW01 Class Day Dates Time Price Coding for Web Development T,Th 1/29-3/21/13 7pm-9pm $265 PhotoShop for Print & Multimedia Pre-requisite for all Bundles (30 hrs) Students will learn how to use and master Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Extended version in our new stateof-the-art iMac/PC computer labs. Learn how to create photo collages, professionally retouch, manipulate and edit photos, as well as, toward the end of the course, you will be able to design your own illustrations and graphics for logos, web designs and much more. Section ACE-0710-CHW02 ACE-0710-CHW01 Class Day PhotoShop for Print & Multimedia PhotoShop for Print & Multimedia T,Th Sat Dates 1/29-3/21/13 2/9-5/18/13 Time Price 5pm-7pm 10am-1pm $265 $265 Certificate in Interactive Web & Multimedia Design Bundle (40 hrs) Pre-requisite: Coding for Web Development or equivalent and PhotoShop for Print & Multimedia. Students will learn how to use both Adobe DreamWeaver and Fireworks. Students will be using Adobe Fireworks to create graphics and animations from scratch as well as optimize photos and more for web design and development. Section ACE-0700-CHW01 Class Day Dates Time Price Interactive Web & Multimedia Design Sat 2/9-5/18/13 2pm-6pm $399 Certificate in Print & Multimedia Design Bundle (40 hrs) Taught in our state-of-the-art iMac/PC computer labs, this course covers Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. With Adobe Illustrator, students can and will generate their own professional illustrations and graphics. Students will then progress to InDesign, the print industry’s leading program for the development of magazines, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, posters and much more. Section ACE-0714-CHW01 Class Day Print & Multimedia Design Bundle M,W 1/28-4/8/13 Dates Time Price 7pm-9pm $399 Portfolio for Illustration (30 hrs) Pre-requisite: Photoshop for Print & Media. Purchasing a WACOM (Bamboo) tablet is encouraged but not required. Students will learn, in depth, how to manipulate Photoshop's brushes and filters to create advanced illustrations for real-world portfolios. Section Class ACE-0725-CHW01 Day Portfolio for Illustration M,W Dates Time Price 1/28-3/20/13 5pm-7pm $265 Certificate in QuickBooks: Computer Applications in Accounting (24 hrs) Take control of your business and save time with this easy-to-use accounting program. Create professional invoices, make deposits, write checks, receive payments, enter and pay bills, issue credit memos, reconcile accounts and generate important financial statements and reports. Section ACE-0489-CHW01 Class Day Dates Time Price QuickBooks 2012 Sat 2/9-5/4/13 1pm-4pm $199 Basic Accounting and Budgeting (24 hrs) Through lectures, discussions, and case studies, you will learn the concepts and principles of Basic accounting. This course will cover accounting principles and how to apply them in practical situations such as analyzing and recording transactions, and making adjustments to varying bookkeeping entries. This class is a great add-on to the Certificate in QuickBooks course. Section ACE-0488-CHW01 Class Basic Accounting Day Sat Dates Time Price 2/9-5/4/13 9:30am-12:30pm $199

Spring 2013 CUNY in the Heights Catalog

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