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p ß u Π Ĉ s t Ûu æ a Ös á m a b t The Foundation for the Development of the Education System is a State Treasury foundation, the main goal of which is a comprehensive support of actions aimed at development of the educational system in Poland. The Foundation achieves its goal by conducting European Union educational programmes and other international programmes in the field of education. The Foundation deals with the coordination of the programmes: “Lifelong Learning Programme” and “Youth in Action”; it also supervises National Contact Points for the European Union Programmes: Erasmus Mundus and Tempus, the National Bureau of the Eurodesk programme and the SALTO EECA Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre. In Poland, the Foundation also implements the European Union’s initiative European Language Label and eTwinning action. The Polish Bureau of Eurydice – an information network on education in European countries – is also affiliated with the Foundation. Since 2007 the Foundation has been coordinating the Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Fund, and – since 2008 – the Scholarship and Training Fund (in cooperation with EEA countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and the Scholarship Fund Sciex-NMSch (cooperation with Switzerland). ISBN 978-83-62634-19-4 ß æ Issues in Promoting Multilingualism Teaching – Learning – Assessment Issues in Promoting Multilingualism Teaching – Learning – Assessment s t Ö Edited by Hanna Komorowska ß uζ ae É em ba bÉ ßÇ Ë s Ώ λ uu p g ÿ Ö æu gÇ e ÿ bÇ Ûß mÖ Öß m ß Ë ás a Ç s e t Û á Δæ a É u s up Ö a u tm b Ĉ g ÿ ß Ö aĈÖ æ Ös ÿ Щ Ω Û á Edited by Hanna Komorowska g Π Δ u É eæË Öb a ß Ëu ß s a Ĉ É ÿ p eæs abÇ ß É Ç Ö u su b g m Ç æ g ζ ßß É á Ûe t ÿÇ m ß sÖ s g Û Ö a á ÿ á pÛ u t æ a Öa b u a Ĉ Ö t u ß s m ß Ö Ώ á ÖÛ ta pp λ u Δ ΐ Ĉs s æ Û tm a p ß sË

Issues in Promoting Multilingualism. Teaching – Learning – Assessment

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