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FRESH FACES IN ART: EIGHT LA ARTISTS YOU SHOULD KNOW 2. LENAE DAY If you're a female self-portraitist with a collection of wigs, chances are that you will inevitably be compared to Cindy Sherman. Lenae Day (b. 1986, Berlin), however, takes Sherman's penchant for dramatized caricature and proliferates it into a full-fledge production. Reinterpreting advertisements and photojournalism from LIFE Magazine during the 40s, 50s, and 60s, Day crafts satirical mise en scĂŠnes for which she makes the props, sets, costumes, and storylines. Typically assuming the role of every character on set, Day is a one-woman show with a proclivity for parody both behind and in front of the camera. Her exhibitions will often consist of live readings from the fictional narratives her photos illustrate, in addition to the display of her theatrical accoutrements and mock retro "DAY Magazine," in which they all appear. Similarly, in her "Snapshots" series, Day re-creates discarded family photos of strangers that she has accumulated over the course of several years, fusing her interest in fabricated and factual histories as she tenaciously seeks her own. 40 Web Social

Fabrik Magazine - Issue 20

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