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After stan. a decade of which was between several decades has suffered through occupation According of conflict, the far-left partyall political parties except only modest gains, there and sult and as a reVilly Søvndal to the foreign minister it is lacking are the Enhedsl fears withdra , a promise (Socialistisk isten, confi the necessar that tions wal of Folkeparti), withdrawal y instituand infrastru the regardin made by Søvndal last rms will create a powerinternational forces of Denmar cture that are if it is to move g Denmark’s k’s approxim April Taleban 650 person vacuum that future ate in Afghani towards democra needed contribution will seek again the in southern stan and plan engagement ghanistan is Danish aid cy. Defence Ministe to occupy. Af- drawal necessary if for the withof international these instituti will focus on developing the country r Nick Hækker (Socialdemokrat is to the withdra ons, and as a forces. Followin up stan will result Afghani erne) said wal, Denmar g that the k will continu task of securing he recognised Danish become the largest recipien e would development t of Afghanistan not be complet assistance, receiving ed over the next Afghanistan continu es on page Reykjavík I 6 Denver 15 9 771398 100009 Danish troop s out of I New York Minneapolis I Orlando I / St. Seattle I Boston Halifax I Anchora Paul I Washington D.C. I Toronto ge th Americ a + Book your flight at www.ic Copenhagen Fashion Week AW 2013 Simon Heger Knudsen VIBSKOV 40 and fully satisfied 3 FUR One hot topic 3 CFW All eyes on Copenhagen as Fashion Week goes international Jane Graham Can Copenhagen Fashion Week look outside of Denmark and grab the attention of the international fashion press? Fashion for the masses 4 9 771398 100009 Price: 25 DKK A s the largest and most influential fashion trade fair in Scandinavia, biannual Copenhagen Fashion Week is about more than just Danish fashion. With some 2,400 brands from a wide range of countries represented at the fair, buyers, journalists and other industry professionals are in attendance to see what the land that brought us big names like Stine Goya, Henrik Vibskov and Bruuns Bazaar will unveil next. To illustrate its international outlook, the trade week’s paper, the CIFF Gazette – published exclusively during fashion week – features regular editorials by Jessica Michault, an influential US luxury style expert now based in Paris, where she has pioneered the live online streaming of fashion runways as editorin-chief of Little Scandinavia, a Norwegian mother and fashionista blogger living in London, notes the locations of the shows as part of Copenhagen Fashion Week’s unique attraction: “Not only is Copenhagen attractive as a fashion and design capital, but a few of the shows are also located in stunning nostalgic surroundings, like VISION in the old train garage.” While Scandinavian womenswear is characterised by muted tones, swathes of wrapped material and an innate talent to mix traditional knitwear with avantgarde, minimalist design, one of the highlights for many is CPH Kids, the leading fashion fair for children’s clothes and ac- cessories in northern Europe. Denmark has long held a reputation for bringing fashion and branding to children with clothes that are as high-quality as they are unique and playful; or as the fair’s founder, Lone Holm puts it, “[we are] ambassadors for a good, healthy, sustainable and creative childhood.” The MUUSE x VOGUE Talents Young Vision Award is another important internationally orientated platform, underscoring that Copenhagen Fashion Week is as much about promoting emerging talent as it is a get-together for the already successful Danish designers. Copenhagen-based Muuse invests in 100 emerging designers – looking outside the country as well as here at home – in collaboration with Vogue Talents. Urban blogger Carrie Powers writes from across the Atlantic, “what Denmark’s stunning capital lacks in big- name brands, it more than makes up for in sheer originality ... despite their fame, fortune and corporate ferocity, the couture giants we all know and lust after pale in comparison to the strikingly unique designers who will be showcasing their work in Copenhagen.” She lists Greenland’s designer Bibi Chemnitz, Norwegian/Danish designer Beate Godager and Denmark’s Anne Sofie Madsen as some names to watch out for. Madsen, who trained under John Galliano for Dior in Paris before working as junior designer for Alexandre McQueen – not bad considering she only graduated from the Royal Danish Academy in 2009 – has been described as “one to watch” by Vogue Magazine, which described her style as “absolutely futuristic”, though obtained through All eyes on continues on page F4

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