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Facebook dislikes Mama Pia disliking PM Superliga most tolerant – even if they do say so themselves 5 14 18 - 24 January 2013 | Vol 16 Issue 3 They’re dancing on the ceiling G2 Denmark’s only English-language newspaper | PETER STANNERS NEWS Metro’s fear of fatalities leaked − and we thought late trains was the worst thing that could happen 4 OPINION Light workload and on his feet American expat feels the need to show the love for a country that he says has transformed his life for the better 8 FOCUS Up in Smoke Activist forced to close ‘coffee shop’ but vows to continue fight to legalise cannabis Flink’s tickled pink using the F-word to make Danes live up to their image as the happiest nation on earth 10 BUSINESS Netto rethinks its decision to import more food from Poland after customers voice disapproval – but not all of them 14 Price: 25 DKK Rail operator paid PR company to keep critical journalist busy PETER STANNERS DSB executive suspended as ‘Waterfrontgate’ investigation opens Dear Danish dilemma 9 771398 100009 6 D SB DEPUTY director Peter Nedergaard Nielsen has been suspended in the wake of revelations that he received what are being called “incriminating” emails in his personal account, from the head of a PR firm allegedly hired to keep a critical journalist at bay. The suspension was decided on after a meeting between DSB chairman Peter Schütze, managing director Jesper Lok and representatives from the law firm Bruun & Hjejle. The law firm is now conducting an independent inquiry into DSB’s co-operation with PR firm Waterfront to keep freelance journalist Lars Abild occupied with work so he wouldn’t have time to write critical stories about DSB. The relationship was exposed in an email sent by Waterfront to Nielsen, which was obtained by the public broadcaster DR’s news programme ‘21 Søndag’. “The bureau has been working together with Abild for several years to ensure that he desists from placing pressure on DSB in the media,” the email stated. In one of the emails, Poulsen told Nielsen intimate details about Abild’s health problems. According to DR, Abild was unaware that the work he had been given by Waterfront over the past two years was being paid for by DSB. “It’s clear they used up time that I could have spent doing other things,” Abild told DR. “I think it’s crazy that DSB was willing to start such an agreement.” Abild’s critical coverage of DSB in- cluded stories of its failed attempt to break into the Swedish market with DSBFirst, which cost the company hundreds of millions of kroner, as well as its disastrous attempt to buy the specially designed IC4 trains from Italian firm AnsaldoBreda, which have been delayed for almost a decade. In an email to DR, Waterfront’s managing director, Lars Poulsen, denied ever entering into the agreement. According to DR, during the period when Abild was working for Waterfront, the number of freedom of information act requests DSB received fell significantly. DSB has previously used similar methods to hinder Abild’s stories. In 2009, DSB was found to have told DR, just as it was about to air a critical report written by Abild, that he was being paid by Arriva, a DSB competitor. The allegation led to the report being delayed, but was later proven false. Even though DSB has launched an independent enquiry into the allegations, politicians have been lining up to condemn the company. “It’s completely unacceptable,” Kristian Pihl Lorentzen (Venstre) told EPN. dk. “What makes it especially serious is that it’s a state-owned company that has a special duty to have an open and honest communication with the country.” The time line for the enquiry is still being established, and DSB declined to say if more employees are facing suspension or dismissal. “We will investigate this case quickly and thoroughly and report the findings as soon as they are available, and we will be as open as possible about it,” Lok said in the press release. Nedergaard, according to DSB, will be suspended for at least the duration of the investigation. CBS ExEcutivE MBA nordic food & cocktails in the meatpacking district ... coctails & club happy hour & dj’s 10 pm fridays & saturdays ... Application deadline approaching for the Flexible Executive MBA programme start in February 2013. Call +45 3815 6002 or visit to set up a meeting.

The Copenhagen Post | Jan 18-24

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