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mediate Help others through Dance If you have a passion for dance and a desire to use your skills in a counseling capacity, Antioch University New England’s ADTAapproved Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling programs are just what you need. to bring about an agreement, accord, truce, and ultimately peace, by facilitated listening, validating feelings, removal of misunderstanding, and compromise. 26 year attorney Offering legal services in: • Pre- and Post-Nuptial Matters • Serious Personal Injury • Estate Planning • Real Estate • Business • Construction • Landlord-Tenant • MA, MEd or Post-Master’s Certificate • Drama Therapy option • Learn from world-renowned faculty • Practice while you study 800.469.1540 THE LAW AND MEDIATION OFFICE OF DAVID J. HOLCOMB 510.868.8897 CONSCIOUSDANCER.COM | FALL 2012 43

CD Magazine #20

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