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City of Cincinnati Office of the Mayor September 21, 2012 Room 150, City Hall 801 Plum Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Phone (513) 352-3250 Fax (513) 352-5201 Commissioner Greg Hartmann President, Hamilton County Commission County Administrative Building, Room 603 138 East Court Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Dear Commissioner Hartmann: I received your letter concerning the City-County Shared Services Committee, apparently at the same time that the media received it, and just an hour before you met with the Enquirer Editorial Board. We have had a strong working relationship since you have become Commission President. So, I was surprised and disappointed that you sent the letter to the media instead of sharing your concerns with me directly; after all, you have my cell phone number. You are the fourth Commission President I have worked with, and Phil Heimlich, David Pepper, and Todd Portune never would have handled City/County relations in such a confrontational manner. And I have always treated each Commission President with respect and as a full partner. For a variety of reasons, I no longer believe that the City County Shared Services Committee is in the best interest of the citizens of the City of Cincinnati. The City and the County already collaborate on multiple projects and initiatives every day. Under the leadership of City Manager Milton Dohoney, every City Department has a mandate to improve services, find efficiencies, and reduce costs. And, new collaborations or partnerships that achieve those goals will always be considered. As the scope of the proposed committee’s work was developed, it became clear to me that not only were we already collaborating at a high level, but that several new collaborations proposed by the City had met resistance from the County. I began to question the need for a committee to conduct a $400,000 study of future collaboration if there were already potential new collaborations sitting on the shelf. I also grew increasingly concerned that the initiative was taking a partisan, anti-city government tone. It began to feel as though outsourcing city services to the County or direct privatization were the predetermined goals. And make no mistake, I am all for collaboration, but I have a long history of opposing privatization. Equal Opportunity Employer

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