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INSIDE: NEWS OF UPCOMING MUSICAL EVENTS, NEW COLUMN ON FASHION The Collegian CENTRAL METHODIST UNIVERSITY • FAYETTE, MO. Vol. 140 • No. 4 • Friday, November 4, 2011 CJ students bring home the trophies Fifteen students from CMU’s chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association recently attended the Region III Criminal Justice conference in Springfield, Mo. They returned home with more trophies than any other group represented at the conference. The students competed in several different categories including crime scene investigation, physical agility, criminal law, police organization, corrections, Lambda Alpha Epsilon knowledge and juvenile justice. They were entered against schools from Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming. Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Teri Haack placed first in four different professional division areas. CMU student Rebecca Brehe placed first in the upper division categories of police organization and juvenile justice. Alexandria Leiva also placed first in upper division of criminal law. Along with those who placed first, several other students brought home trophies in each category. The full list of CMU winners is as follows: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION: Professional Division, First place: Teri Haack, Nicholas Glandon & Rebecca Brehe (Nick and Rebecca are upper level students) Upper Division: Second Place: Christopher Beaverson, James Rowe & Sean Goyer PHYSICAL AGILITY: Male: Age 25 and under: Collin Teal, 3rd place Male: Age 26 - 35: Sean Goyer, Second Place Female: Age 36 and over: 3rd place: Teri Haack CRIMINAL LAW: Professional Division: First Place: Teri Haack Upper Division (PLA swept this division): First Place: Alexandria Leiva; Second Place: Rebecca Brehe; Third Place: Cameron Yates. Lower Division: First Place: Christina Burke POLICE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT: Professional Division: First Place: Teri Haack Upper Division: First Place: Rebecca Brehe Second Place: Julie Hubbard Third Place: Alexandria Leiva CORRECTIONS: Professional: First Place: Teri Haack Upper Division: Third Place: Cameron Yates LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON KNOWLEDGE: Lower Division: Second Place: Kelsey Parrott JUVENILE JUSTICE: Professional Division: First Place: Teri Haack Upper Division: First Place: Rebecca Brehe OVERALL AWARDS: Top Academic Scores for the Entire Conference: Teri Haack High Percentage Sweepstakes Trophy: PLA Chapter The job description for a CMU student Ambassador sounds simple and straightforward. The job itself, however, is anything but. Eleven students are representing the university as ambassadors for 2011-12. To serve in the capacity, CMU looks each year for “the cream of the crop” amongst the student body, according to Julia Costigan, assistant director of admissions. Eligible students must attend CMU full-time and hold an exemplary academic standing, Costigan said. Literally hundreds of students meet those criteria. But not everyone can accomplish what Costigan said is the crux of being an ambassador: “To personally portray everything that CMU has to offer” to prospective students, and their parents. Though the ambassadors work for CMU’s Admissions Department, they are called on to help with a variety of university activities, such as alumni events or community/public happenings. When they aren’t doing that, or giving tours to prospective students and their families, they work in the Admissions Office doing a variety of tasks. Eldar Rizvanov, a senior political science major from Sterlitamak, Russia, is this year’s Lead Ambassador, Costigan said. In his fourth year working for CMU Ad- missions, “he’s a big help to me in running the ambassador program,” Costigan said. The Lead Ambassador is someone who goes “above and beyond” on behalf of CMU, she added. Ambassadors for 2011-12 include: Amanda Adair, sophomore business major from Boonville; Ronan Doyle, senior physical education major from Porto Alegre, Brazil; Kelli Esquivel, junior preeducation major from Marshfield; • New face in career development Nicolette A. Yevich, formerly associate director of the Student Center and Campus Life for Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn., is the new director of CMU’s career development center. She began work Oct. 20. Yevich brings a wide range of experience in working with students and faculty, with more than 16 years in higher education. A resident of Columbia, this is her first experience in living in the Midwest. She holds degrees in communication and student development. The change in leadership is the result of the late summer departure of Linda Lorenz to become director of Public Service and Public Interest at the Career Development Center at the University of Missouri School of Law. Ambassadors assist, promote the university Front row from left: Amanda Adair, Houston Robertson, Eldar Rizvanov, Taylor Hurt, Kelli Esquivel and Lauren Hatfield, and (back row from left): Admissions Director Larry Anderson, Ciera Lauren Hatfield, senior communication studies major from Salisbury; Taylor Hurt, freshman political science major from Bunceton; Kate Kellner, sophomore English major from Strafford; Ciera Kluck, freshman pre-education major from Boonville; Austin Magyar, sophomore mathematics major from Boonville; Houston Robertson, sophomore sociology major from Conway; and Zach Wallace, junior biology major from Rogersville. Kluck, Zach Wallace, Ronan Doyle, Kate Kellner, Austin Magyar, and Assistant Admissions Director Julia Gebhardt Costigan.

The Collegian, Vol. 140, No. 4

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