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Brides name: Louise Bucknell Grooms name: Tom Robson Home town: Chelmsford Ceremony venue: Blackmore Church Reception venue: Marquee at Fingrith Hall (Bride’s family home) Wedding date: 2nd July 2011 is where the heart is A lot in Common… Tom and I both met at 6th form when we were both 18, like most teenagers we would just have the odd chat in the common room in passing, I didn’t know him that well, when one day out of the blue he asked me on a date! We continued dating all throughout 6th form and even continued to see each other while we were at different universities. Tom was studying medicine in London and I was based at Nottingham University studying languages. The distance was hard and we were both kept busy with our degrees, but we always made time to see each other. During my third year I moved to France for part of my degree, so we had to work a little harder to see each other, but it just made the time that we did spend together even better. Plus we had the gorgeous French countryside to explore! After I finished my degree I then followed Tom to Australia where he was lucky enough to be offered a work placement, after his placement ended we then travelled around Australia for 6 weeks before Tom had to return to sit his final exams. pg 19


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