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Inspired Mom   Inspirational thought for the day calendar l  Tear-jerker memoir or autobiography book or e-book l  Seasonally scented candles l  Photo posters with inspiring thoughts l  Uplifting statuette or figurine   l Techno Mom   Electronics charging station   Music/books/apps gift card l  Smart phone portable keyboard l  Gadget sleeves or cases l  Tickets to local science and industry museum l l     Decorator Mom   Gift card to her favorite antique or décor store   Décor magazine subscription l  Interior design color wheel l  Portable tape measure l  Binders with sheet protectors for idea clippings   l l Thoughtful Mom   Monogrammed thank-you notes l  Beautiful kitchen apron l  Floral air freshener spray l  Potpourri in favorite scent l  Lavender drawer sachets   l Traveler Mom   Gift card to local international store l  Passport holder l  Neck pillow, eye-mask and ear plugs l  Stylish luggage l  Travel magazine subscription   l Artsy Mom   Umbrella from a museum store   Biography of favorite artist l  Tickets to a gallery exhibit l  Art supplies of her own l  Small prints of her favorite artwork   l l Caffeinated Mom   Coffee-making tools   Stylish and colorful mugs l  Black tea assortment l  Chocolate-covered coffee beans l  Coffee shop gift card   l l Crafty Mom   Craft tote bag or rolling case l  Sketch pad to plan future projects l  How-to book or e-book on favorite craft l  Table top craft tool sorter l  Craft magazine subscription   l Whole-Living Mom Type-A Mom   Gift card to a whole foods store   Organic chocolates or bakery items l  Purely made lotions or body butters l  Whole living magazine subscription l  Essential oils in preferred scents c   Gift card to home organizing store   l  Checklist pads l  Purse organizer l  Designer sticky notes l  Organized living magazine subscription   l l l Sporty Mom   Baseball hat   Portable snack/drink cooler l  Tickets to a game l  Fashionable sweat suit l  Bleacher seat cushion   l l Chef Mom   Cooking class l  Cooking magazine subscription l  Cooking tools in a vase with a bow l  Cooking store gift card l  Vintage cookbooks l   Just Add Creativity: Budget Gift Ideas For Moms Families on a budget can come up with homemade goodies that fit mom’s unique tastes. Here are a few ideas:   Bookish Mom: Handcrafted bookmarks l   Writer Mom: A coupon for writing time l   Frugalista Mom: An embellished coin jar l   Gardening Mom: A homemade terrarium l   Foodie Mom: A fancy homemade coffee cake for brunch l   Type-A Mom: Clean the house while mom stays in bed l Hip Mom   Gift certificate to a retro boutique   Funky socks l  Subscription to hipster magazine l  New specs with cool-art frames l  Tickets to an upcoming indie band concert l l   Sporty Mom: A family ball game outdoors l   Thoughtful Mom: Hand-written letters about why you appreciate mom l   Crafty Mom: Spend the morning making collages together l May 2013    Atlanta Parent 15

May 2013

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