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The World Jewish-Adventist Friendship Center is a multinational organization dedicated to fostering mutual respect, dialogue, understanding, education, and research between Israel and Christianity, especially between Jews and Adventists. Many Jews now recognize that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel. The World Jewish-Adventist Friendship Center provides a place within the Seventhday Adventist denomination for Jews who are awaiting the second coming of Jesus to worship God without denying their own culture. RE: Of all Christian denominations, Seventh-day Adventists are the closest to the Jewish people. Saturday is the common day of worship for both religions. The Jews observe Sabbath from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday as do Adventists. The beginning of World Jewish Population World population 15 million Israel 6 million North America 6.7 million Europe 1.7 million South America, Africa, 0.6 million Asia, and Australia Jewish-Adventist communities in 2013 United States 29 Israel 17 Brazil 6 Argentina 4 Ukraine 3 Chile 1 France 1 Germany 1 Netherlands 1 New Zealand 1 Russia 1 South Africa 1 Uruguay 1 the Sabbath is important to both religions as is Saturday morning worship. Both religions believe the Old Testament is inspired and relevant for today, and we share similar values on family and health. GK: As the director of the World Jewish-Adventist Friendship Center, you’ve produced many resources. You’ve also encouraged local congregations to be more open and welcoming to Jewish people in their style of worship. Where can people find these resources? RE: Two Web sites are important. Our center’s official site is Jewish And our online magazine is featured on Both sites provide many resources for reaching out to our Jewish friends. For Mission 360° TV program times, see page 21. • Judaism has been described as a religion, lifestyle, and culture. Secular Jews may practice rituals of Judaism without seeing them as religious activities. • New York City has the largest population of Jews of any city in the world with nearly two million. • To learn more about the Global Mission centers, visit 17

Fall 2013

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