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Autumn 2010




Ultra-luxurious seafront residence


One of the most wonderful homes in Phuket



A gracious mansion estate in Costa Rica


A Provenรงal bastide in Luberon


Contemporary masterpiece in Sitges

The investment argument


Kitchen confidential


Welcome to THE ADDRESS Magazine - celebrating the world of Luxury Real Estate, Food & Travel THE ADDRESS Magazine is an international showcase for distinctive properties, featuring the latest and most exquisite offerings in luxury real estate. Each issue, THE ADDRESS features some of the most spectacular properties currently available for sale in the world - a lavish penthouse with spectacular views, a luxury ski chalet in the Alps or an exquisite villa facing a glorious beach and much more. Whatever your idea of luxury living may be, you will find a selection of properties which embodies it, right here (page 18). Don’t miss this issue’s Piece de Resistance – a palatial mansion in Costa Maresme, north of Barcelona. This ultra-luxurious residence boasts an unrivalled combination of graceful architecture and breathtaking views (page 4). There is a rare opportunity to acquire what is arguably the most magnificent, luxurious and grandest city penthouse Sydney has ever had to offer (page 10). For modern minimalism at its best, a contemporary masterpiece in Sitges is hard to beat (page 8). Our property features in this issue are “Brazil – Fantastic opportunities....spectacular potential” (page 14) and ”Market Insights from around the world” (page 90). Our Food & Travel Insider in this issue is Albarosa Simonetti who opens her address book to some of her best-loved places in one of the most stylish cities in the world, Milan (page 106). Our food and travel discoveries, which take you from Aragón to Tuscany, should be on everyone’s must-to-do list (page96). I doubt that you will be able to resist the delicious recipes in our Kitchen Confidential feature. Two exceptional Chefs share some of their recipes; Tristan Welch of Launceston Place, London and Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur, Menton (page XXX). In this issue we also share some of our recent discoveries of global style, design and good living (page 114). I do hope that you enjoy this autumn issue of THE ADDRESS Magazine. If you come across anything you’d like to comment on or share with us and other readers, please email your comments and recommendations to Explore and Enjoy THE ADDRESS!

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Contents Autumn ‘10 | No.7 PIECE DE RESISTANCE Luxury Mansion Estate in the Costa Maresme BEST OF MODERN Contemporary masterpiece in Sitges BEST PENTHOUSE Landmark of luxury in Sydney LUXURY REAL ESTATE Algarve (Portugal) Amalfi Coast (Italy) Barcelona (Spain) Capri (Italy) Cayman Islands Costa Maresme (Spain) Costa Rica French Riviera Ibiza (Spain) Languedoc (France) Los Angeles (USA) Luberon (France) Madrid (Spain) Mallorca (Spain) Nice (France) Phuket (Thailand) Sicily (Italy) Sitges (Spain) Sri Lanka Switzerland Thailand Tuscany (Italy) Venice (Italy) PROPERTY INSIGHTS Brazil, Fantastic opportunities…spectacular potential PROPERTY INSIGHTS Market insights from around the world FOOD & TRAVEL Discoveries from around the world FOOD & TRAVEL Insider’s Guide Milan FOOD & TRAVEL Kitchen confidential: Leading Chefs share their recipes THE ADDRESS LIKES Global style, design and good living WAIT, THERE’S MORE Subscribe

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piece de resistance

An artful blend of elegance and beauty This luxury mansion offers an unrivalled combination of graceful architecture and breathtaking views 4



his palatial mansion has been restored in grand-luxe style and offers everything you would expect from the ultimate in luxury living. The prestigious residence provides an outstanding level of classic architecture, craftsmanship, features and finishes. Grand in every detail, with over 2,000m² of interior living space, this elegant property boasts a stunning Italian classic design. Beautifully presented throughout, the villa comes with many standout features, such as a striking double-height living area, a lovely kitchen with an eating area, two libraries, terrace, master bedroom with a gorgeous dressing room, and a spectacular bathroom. The 5-bedroom estate also benefits from a chapel that has been converted to an apartment, separate staff quarters, utility room and a garage that will accommodate eight cars. The estate presides over a premier, 11.3hectare setting on the Costa Maresme, north of Barcelona City. It features a lovely swimming pool and 40,000m2 of landscaped gardens commanding panoramic views. The opportunity exists to build an additional family home and a heliport on the grounds. Flawless in every respect, this singular residence achieves the pinnacle of elegance, luxury, privacy and prestige. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Modern masterpiece A villa of striking beauty and architectural integrity Minimalist design is characterised by cuttingedge modernity and sublime serenity. This villa is an exceptional example of minimalist architecture, making maximum use of clean, geometric lines that create a sleek look, but with timeless style. The villa’s pristine white adds elegance, while the design complements an exceptional setting that offers panoramic views of Sitges and the Mediterranean Sea. Encompassing 530m² of living space, the ultramodern residence features four bedrooms, stunning living areas and fitness room. Among

its luxury features are a gourmet kitchen fitted with Gaggenau appliances, motorised blinds, indoor heated pool, a large Jacuzzi, an outdoor infinity pool and chill-out areas. For modern minimalism at its best, this villa is unbeatable. Price: €2.8 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

Modern Homes Worldwide +44 (0)20 7095 8701


BEST penthouse


Landmark of luxury Glamour, luxury and sophistication: This ultra-sumptuous penthouse offers a jaw-dropping panorama of Sydney’s iconic landmarks, including the Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, and Anzac and Harbour Bridges.



unique city residence of unquestionable quality and unrivalled elegance, this penthouse is all about timeless luxury living: light, air, space and unsurpassed views. Situated on the top floor of a building designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Harry Seidler, the penthouse spreads over 635m² and three floors. 12

Arguably the most magnificent, luxurious and grandest city penthouse Sydney has ever had to offer, this elite residence features five bedrooms, home cinema, a stunning roof terrace and vast open-plan entertaining areas that capture show-stopping 280-degree panoramas of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks. The palatial master suite is complete with spa and dressing room.

This prestigious address is just minutes from the city’s finest galleries, cafés, shops, theatres and the Sydney Central Business District (Sydney CBD) is just around the corner. This is truly a collector’s item. Acknowledged as one of the world’s finest penthouse apartments, it represents a one-time opportunity to acquire the most sensational skyhouse in

Sydney - a true trophy property. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Fantastic opportunities…spectacular potential The word is spreading about Brazil, a place to which property investors and retirees alike are turning. Brazil, the world’s 5th largest country, the 9th largest economy and one of the largest democracies, has shown strong resilience during the global economic downturn. As one of the emerging “BRIC” countries - with Russia, India and China - Brazil is expected to show enormous economic growth in the near future. The BRIC phenomenon, first defined in a 2001 report by Goldman Sachs, is based on the forecast that these nations have the potential to outstrip the current economic leaders over the next half-century, as a result of their huge workforces, abundant natural resources and improving economic strategies. The Goldman Sachs report is just one indicator of Brazil’s enormous potential. There are many reasons to be optimistic for its economic future, including large infrastructure developments, a rapidly growing and active middle class and increased air connections. Among the positive signs: Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics; domestic oil production has drastically reduced its dependence on expensive imported fuel; and it is currently discussing a deal with the United States to export bio-fuel manufactured from sugar cane. Already in Brazil, 8 out of 10 new cars run on this nonfossil fuel. Eeconomic growth, coupled with rising wages, falling unemployment rates and significantly lower inflation levels, have recently generated robust overseas investment in Brazil.

Image: Embratur - Brazilian Tourist Board

Booming economy Brazil is the strongest performing BRIC economy, with a projected 7.6% increase in GDP in 2010, according to the United Nations body for Latin America. Comparing the first quarter of 2010 to the same period in 2009, the economy achieved its strongest growth in more than 15 years, with 9% quarter-over-quarter growth. Projections, based on consumer market and exports, place the country firmly amongst the

world’s economic leaders. Brazil’s economy, currently rated the 9th biggest in the world, is expected to move up to No. 5 by 2025, according to The Economist, during which time it will overtake Britain and France. According to Finance Minister Guido Mantega, the relatively low debt of Brazil, the burgeoning demand for housing, and planned investments in major infrastructure projects worth USD450 billion between 2011 and 2014, will build a foundation for the economy to reach a level comparable to those of industrialized nations.

Infrastructure investments Brazilian President Lula da Silva announced in March 2010 a USD550 billion long-term infrastructure investment plan called the PAC II, which is the second installment of the government’s accelerated growth program. When combined with the USD504 billion in budget allocations outlined by PAC I in 2007, Brazil’s targeted infrastructural investments should eventually total more than USD1 trillion over a 10-year period.

FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games In 2014 and 2016 respectively, Brazil will host the world’s two premier sporting events, the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games. Statistically, host countries of major sporting events experience massive property


growth during the years leading up to the event. In view of these statistics, smart investors would be looking to buy their property now, whilst prices are still comparatively inexpensive. The two sporting events offer Brazil fantastic opportunities to market the country as a firstclass tourist destination. It will create a huge demand for short-term accommodation and leisure services. An influx on such a scale will be very positive for property investors. With games traditionally played at venues throughout the host country, this is likely to showcase many major cities, potentially boosting interest from both holidaymakers and overseas property investors.

Growing Foreign Direct Investment In 2008, Brazil achieved a record level of Foreign Direct Investment (USD45 billion) and was awarded the top investment grade status by all rating agencies, at a time when many OECD countries were downgraded because of the economic downturn In 2010, Brazil is attracting more investors than ever from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. In a Bloomberg Global Poll in September - in which surveyors asked 1,408 global investors, analysts and traders which countries offer the best opportunities over the next year - Brazil shared 1st place with China.

Growing middle class creating strong domestic demand With a rapidly growing GDP, unemployment is falling and incomes are rising, leading to an explosion in the middle class. Over the last four years alone, Brazil’s middle class has swelled by 24%, lifting roughly 20 million people out of poverty, according to Brazil’s Census Bureau. PriceWaterhouseCoopers expects this rapid increase to continue. So much so, in fact, Brazil’s 16

largest city, São Paulo, should be propelled from the 46th spot on the world’s wealthiest city list to 5th place in a little over a decade. With a growing middle class boosting the domestic tourism industry, property buyers are set to do well on their property investments.

Growing tourism The growing tourism sector is one of the very strongest arguments for buying a property in Brazil. The tourism industry has grown almost 150% in the last few years, according to government statistics. The country had 6.5 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2009, and ranked as the 4th largest tourist destination in the Americas, and No.1 in South America. The Brazilian international tourism plan has a target of 11.1 million arrivals by 2020, fuelling the demand for shortterm rentals and property investment. However, even more important is that the Brazilian tourist market is, according to official figures, currently dominated by 90% domestic tourism, further driving demand. The government has been strategically investing funds to promote and support these extensive tourism plans. In the popular northeastern regions, investments, including new hotels, golf courses and resorts, are expected to exceed USD10 billion over the next five years.

New international airport South America’s largest airport, São Gonçalo do Amarante Airport, is currently being constructed. Scheduled to open in 2013, the facility will be the largest airport terminal in Latin America and the 7th largest in the world with a capacity to handle 5 million passengers annually.

Industry sectors

Brazil has the 2nd biggest industrial sector in the Americas. Industries range from cars, steel and petrochemicals, to computers, aircraft, and consumer goods. It is the largest producer of bio-fuel cars, which are seen by many as a

viable solution to the question of transport and environment. The country is extremely rich in natural resources, its gas and oil reserves reckoned to be equal to Venezuela. State oil company Petrobras is a case in point. In 2008, the company discovered vast deepwater reserves that it is developing with a 5-year, $174 billion program. Estimates are that there are between 5 and 8 billion barrels of crude. Furthermore, the oil is light crude, which is less expensive to refine and more valuable. Petrobras has also announced there could be further oil deposits nearby. The goal is to double Brazil’s production, to 3.5 million barrels a day, by 2012, making the country a top oil exporter. In terms of agriculture, The Financial Times describes the country as “a powerhouse whose size and efficiency few competitors can match.” Brazil is the 3rd largest agricultural exporter in the world, behind the United States and the European Union. Brazil ranks No.1 in world production and exports of coffee, sugar and frozen concentrate orange juice; No.2 in soybeans, tobacco, beef and poultry; and is a major exporter of corn, pork and cotton. Against a backdrop of rising concerns about climate change and declining oil reserves, Brazil has become a pioneer in the production of ethanol and other bio-fuels. More than threequarters of the automobiles sold in Brazil have flex-fuel engines, capable of running on petrol, ethanol, or a mixture of both. The success of Brazil’s sugar cane-based ethanol program has made it a model for alternative energy. As the 2nd leading ethanol-producing country after the United States, Brazil promotes ethanol worldwide as a renewable fuel.

Property ownership, title and mortgages Foreign investment is encouraged in Brazil. There are no restrictions on foreigners’ purchase of property, and ownership is 100% freehold -

rare for an emerging market. Ownership of property in Brazil is an absolute and exclusive right as set out in the constitution. The Brazilian constitution is based on the U.S. Constitution, and applies similar laws to guarantee property rights. Property owners will receive title once it has been authenticated and recorded by the land registry of the Brazilian Federal Government. Real estate registration is well developed, and each piece of real estate can only be registered at a single registry, which keeps the entire commercial history and the physical identification of each property. Access to this information is publicly available. Before 1994, mortgage lending was almost impossible in Brazil by reason of high interest and inflation rates. Of late, the government has introduced policies to make mortgage financing efficient and a robust and mortgagebacked security market is growing. In the first half of 2010, mortgage lending rose to a massive BRL23.8 billion (USD13.6 billion), a 77% year-over-year increase.

Geography and climate Occupying roughly half of the South American continent, Brazil offers more than 7,000 km of coastline with sandy beaches and amazing dunes. In addition, there is the Amazon and the Amazonia National Park, covering 7 of Brazil’s 27 states. Brazil is also home to the Iguazu Falls, with 275 cataracts, and the Pantanal, one of the world’s great wildlife reserves. The climate varies considerably from the tropical North - offering year-round sunshine to temperate zones in the South. As word spreads about Brazil’s great beauty, pleasant climate, high standard and low cost of living, overseas investors will be keen to buy a piece of paradise. Now is a good time to buy. Feature provided by International Luxury Real Estate,


luxury algarve

Contemporary elegance Modern architect-designed villa combines stunning ocean views with its own vineyard



tretching 150 kilometres along the southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve is often referred to as the country’s playground. It offers glorious year-round sunshine, an exceptional range of championship golf courses, as well as countless and fabulous white sand beaches lapped by warm waters. This fantastic modern, architect-designed villa is located in Praia da Luz, an area adored for its sheltered bay and wide, sandy crescent beach. The villa is just a short drive from the protected Costa Vicentina Natural Park and a wide selection of Europe’s finest beaches.

The epitome of peace and tranquillity, this villa is bound to impress, with its wonderful sea views and its location, only 350 metres from the ocean. It even comes with its own small vineyard. The villa’s sleek design complements its linear style. Enhanced by enchanting surroundings, this stylish home features open-plan living in 230m². It has three bedrooms, dining area, kitchen and a lounge that comes with a fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows opening on to terraces.

The villa sits on a 2,700m² plot that boasts landscaped gardens and an inviting pool. For those with a passion for wine, a taste for modern architecture and a love for the sea, this villa offers a unique property opportunity. Price: €1.45 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

Modern Homes Worldwide +44 (0)20 7095 8701


Modern Marvel

Striking contemporary villa with grand living space and stunning overflow pool



his villa’s striking geometrical shape and beautiful façade make it stand out among Algarve’s luxury villas. Its modern lines, combining indoor and outdoor living, privacy and exclusivity, and its wonderful garden setting in the exclusive Quinta do Lago, make it very attractive. The impressive 6-bedroom villa showcases flawless design and 954m² of pure luxury. It features a master bedroom with spa and steam room bath, interior garden, home cinema, gym, wine cellar, lift and 5-car garage. The fully equipped modern kitchen offers granite counters and stainless steel appliances. The standout feature of this elegant contemporary house is not just the double-height

living room with fireplace, but the outdoor area with an exceptional overflow pool, two Japanese-style patios and barbecue. The luxury home sits on a 2,030m² plot of land with landscaped gardens. It offers a convenient location only five minutes to the town, the beach, restaurants and shopping, while the golf course is just two minutes away. This luxury family villa offers spacious living and architectural excellence at its finest. Price: €3.9 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

Modern Homes Worldwide +44 (0)20 7095 8701


luxury Amalfi

Classic glamour complementing a superb setting A spectacular cliff-top location for a lifestyle of privilege and privacy



or two millennia, world travellers have been drawn to the cliff-top town of Sorrento on the west coast of Italy, a place renowned for its spectacular views across the Tyrrhenian Sea that offer breathtaking sunsets. Beyond are the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Strewn across the verdant hills are acres of vineyards, olive and citrus fruit trees. Wonderfully located atop steep, white cliffs, the old town is full of character, a place with a dazzling cathedral, narrow alleyways, sidewalk cafés, fine restaurants and elegant boutiques. The villa is located at a breathtaking spot, right at the narrowing of the promontory between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno.

Its magnificently panoramic position affords spectacular views of the seascape, as well as of the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. Encompassing 420m² of living space, this luxurious home features 11 bedrooms, lounge, dining room and gourmet kitchen. The elegant villa boasts gorgeous grounds with swimming pool and terraces. This is where elegance meets exclusivity. Price: €3.5 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Where History Meets Luxury Majestic and aristocratic residence in a privileged setting in Positano, the most dramatic of the Amalfi Coast resorts


uilt in the early 1700s, this prestigious villa enjoys a beautiful location in the stunning town of Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. An elegant location, exalted by the villa’s magnificent, hand-painted frescoes and refined façade, classic columns and vaulted ceilings. The 6-bedroom villa features 334m² of living space, a lovely garden with citrus, fig and almond trees and 464m² of terraces overlooking Positano and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. Achingly picturesque, with its splendid panoramic position and its collection of delightful,

pastel-hued homes, Positano is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is a rare opportunity to acquire an exceptional historic residence in one of the world’s most stunning locations. Price: €6 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury barcelona


Timeless elegance Refined urban design paired with an unbeatable location 26

arcelona is without doubt one of Europe’s most exciting cities – a place of extraordinary architectural dazzle, achieved through a style known as both Catalan Art Nouveau and Modernisme. The city is studded with brightly coloured outdoor markets, stunning beaches and an array of stylish restaurants, all accentuated by their proximity to the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. Located at one of the city’s most coveted addresses, this elegant apartment is housed in a beautiful Modernista building.

This is the best Barcelona has on offer, situated between Paseo de Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya, where you will find the finest shopping, restaurants and cafÊs, all just steps away from your front door. The high ceilings and beautiful wooden floors give this apartment its classic opulence, yet all done in a modern style. With its 285m² of living space, this sophisticated residence features four bedrooms, an imposing entrance hall, living/dining room and eat-in kitchen.

The apartment of bespoke grandeur and impressive proportions combines heritage architecture with modern comfort. This is a truly magnificent residence for the discerning buyer who seeks the best in refined design in the most privileged of locations. Price: â‚Ź2.25 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury CAPRI

Steeped in history and beauty Luxury castle where multimillion-dollar views meet classic elegance


rivacy, exclusivity and luxury are the coveted attributes of this exceptional historic residence. It boasts a breathtaking location with fantastic views of the sea and the Isle of Capri. Its outstanding panoramic position makes this luxury property unique. The site dates from the Romans, when a villa there served as one of 12 built by Emperor


Tiberius in the 1st century A.D. The villa was plundered by the early Middle Ages, but the strategic location, offering 360-degree views of the island, soon led to the construction of a medieval castle. The castle has a quadrangle shape with crenellated walls, reinforced with two towers at the corners, while in the middle there were more

fortifications and a private chapel. This 7-bedroom villa is a refined, lavish residence of significant proportions, complete with terracotta flooring, vaulted ceilings, fireplace and terrace with panoramic views. The setting commands 40,000m² of luxuriant garden and comes with a beautiful pool, magnificent views and private helipad.

This prestigious property represents an extraordinary and rare offering. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Waterfront living at its finest Elegant villa with breathtaking sea views and seaside access


apri, one of the world’s chicest destinations, is the epitome of Italian glamour. The legendary isle boasts beautiful architecture and exquisite scenery that has attracted everyone from Roman emperors to film stars and supermodels. Renowned for its Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni Rocks, incomparable flora and fauna and the stupendous beauty of its scenery, Capri has a mythical appeal that continues to allure an A-list clientele. Exclusivity, luxury and the charm of a bygone era lie at the heart of this imposing villa. Situated in an enviable position on the waterfront, the villa boasts stunning panoramic views of Naples and the Coast of Capri. It even 30

enjoys private access to the sea. Timeless elegance and panoramic views, luxurious comfort and classic sophistication are combined beautifully in this residence. The 7-bedroom villa features 2,300m² of exquisite living areas, surrounded by a lovely garden. Offering waterfront living at its finest, this is arguably one of the best Capri villas on the market. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Island high life Design perfection in an enviable location



he Cayman Islands in the Caribbean are known worldwide for first-class banking and finance, a place that offers a radically different lifestyle to that of London, New York or any other financial centre in the world. The Caymans do not offer the typical dramatic landscape and nightlife of the Caribbean, but in their place you’ll find the charms that come with a slower pace of life. In addition, island residents enjoy the attractive combination of British common law, tax privacy and an enviable tropical climate. Considered one of the safest places in the Caribbean, the small but proud nation offers political stability, accessibility to transportation, excellent communication and the highest per capita income in the Caribbean. For astute investors, the Cayman Islands remain an ultra-elite destination, with the 10th highest valued currency in the world, their own stock exchange, no direct taxation and a well established financial reputation.

On the north side of Grand Cayman is one of the most sought-after stretches of luxury real estate in the world, known as Millionaires Row. Here you will find a land investment opportunity with a buy-back guarantee, or the perfect chance to custom-build a dream home in paradise. All plots have fantastic sea views and are located on or near white sandy beaches. Investors can choose from three stunning contemporary villa designs. The residences boast a minimum of 2,000 sq.ft. of living space and range from two to four bedrooms. Price: From ÂŁ175,000, which includes freehold plots, complete architectural designs, full planning permission and building licences that allow you to build your chosen modern villa design. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Design perfection Architectural beauty Sophisticated luxury with a modernist approach


his amazing modern sculptural villa, boasting style and endless elegance, is magnificently positioned on Costa Maresme. The contemporary villa is blessed with the most exhilarating views imaginable – a seemingly unending vista of the Mediterranean Sea and the sky. Masterfully designed in an open-plan fashion, this striking property endows each room with clean lines, sleek finishes and abundant light. Uninterrupted space, uncluttered rooms, exclusive detailing – hallmarks of a modern, upscale classic – are all present in this überstylish residence. Encompassing 650m² of living space on a 2,550m² plot, the home features six bedrooms, generously proportioned living areas, stunning swimming pool and panoramic sea views. From bold, monumental forms to sleek, simple lines, from ultra-modern to timeless elegance, this villa has been exquisitely crafted to create a masterpiece with an uncompromisingly luxurious feel. Price: €3.39 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

Modern Homes Worldwide +44 (0)20 7095 8701


Bold, sublime and striking architecture Grand property commands a spectacular setting


his exceptional property is designed to take full advantage of a dazzling location on the Costa Maresme. It is characterised by an abundance of natural light throughout the house and the contrast between its striking architectural design and its beautiful scenic location. The extensive use of sweeping glass windows and spacious interiors gives the villa a grand and modern look, which is further enhanced by its prestigious setting that offers panoramic sea views. 36

The custom contemporary design – with floorto-ceiling windows and the finest wood, stainless steel and natural stone – creates a feeling and experience unsurpassed in taste and refinement. The 7-bedroom luxury residence, with a living area of 1,400m², is undoubtedly one of the finest designed properties in the Maresme area. The second-floor bedrooms have direct access to the terrace. The master bedroom features a stylish dressing room and lounge.

There are two additional buildings: one consists of a gym, a heated swimming pool and sauna; the other is a stunning guest house. The villa is served by an elevator and there is a garage for two cars. The lovely garden features a barbecue area, swimming pool and several dining and chillout areas. The modern family residence sits on a plot of 10,000m². Two plots of 2,500m² each can be subdivided and sold. This is a truly magnificent property for the

discerning buyer in search of the best in modern design in the most privileged of locations. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

Modern Homes Worldwide +44 (0)20 7095 8701



Natural beauty Architectural sophistication Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the villa reflects dramatic, sleek aesthetics with stunning panoramas



njoy Costa Rica’s beauty and serenity in the luxury of flawless perfection. This striking contemporary home occupies an enviable panoramic position near the Flamingo Beach, overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean. Located above a landscaped palm forest on three acres, the elegant villa takes advantage of the breathtaking ocean views and the white sand beach. Impeccable style and elegant sophistication unite in this superb modern home. The design focuses on flexibility, open space, glass and clean, sweeping lines to maximise the sensational views and provide for aesthetically pleasing and comfortable modern living. The 10-foot glass walls invite in the constant ocean breeze and seamlessly integrate indoor space with outdoor space for outstanding living and entertaining opportunities. Other standout features include a spectacular

infinity-edge pool, a professional gourmet kitchen with Viking stainless steel appliances, spa tubs, marble flooring and sound system. The residence offers two bedrooms in the main house and two bedrooms in the caretaker’s cottage. The home has ready-for-permit plans for a third building that will feature a kitchen, wine cellar and two bedrooms. This unique residence combines everyday comfort, luxurious amenities and aweinspiring contemporary style in a superb setting. Price: USD5.9 million, including furniture and plans for extension. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

Modern Homes Worldwide +44 (0)20 7095 8701



Simply magnificent A gracious mansion designed for grand entertaining and fine living


uxury and sophistication define this spectacular offering. This strikingly elegant 6-bedroom residence, with 16,140 sq.ft. (1,500m²) of living area styled in classical grandeur, features magnificent architecture and exquisite custom finishes throughout. Refined features and detailing abound in the great estate. Spaces adorned with frescos, soaring beamed ceilings, tiled patios and hardwood floors are signs that point to tasteful distinction and world-class craftsmanship. The grand residence boasts a majestic foyer, stunning indoor pool, informal living room with a wonderful bar area, formal living room, beautiful formal dining room, wine cellar, TV room, impressive gourmet kitchen, terraces and gym, complete with sauna and massage room. The elegantly imposing estate is set in grounds of three acres, featuring a gorgeous gazebo, swimming pool with water slide, a tropical garden with carp-filled pond and waterfall, covered sitting deck next to the pond, golf course access, small guard house and vast green areas ready for more construction. The sensational mansion is ideally located in the sought-after area of Ciudad Cariari, providing easy access to first-class stores and restaurants, the nearby country club with golf course, the Juan Santamaría International Airport and the highway to San José, everything within five to ten minutes. Flawless in every respect, this singular estate achieves the pinnacle of elegance, luxury, privacy and prestige. Price: USD5.5 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Where elegance meets exclusivity A truly singular residence for those seeking the best in Riviera living


uxury and sophistication define this spectacular villa. The strikingly elegant residence, with 300m² of living area, offers magnificent panoramas of the Mediterranean, Rade de Villefranche and Baie des Anges. The villa is set in an exceptional location in Villefranche, the jewel of the French Riviera. Villefranche is comprised of an old town, built upon striking, terraced hills that overlook a bay of astonishing beauty. The house is built of local stone and features a gorgeous lounge and dining room, five bedrooms and wine cellar. In addition, there are

two independent studios for guests or teenaged children, and a separate office. The 1,467m² of grounds include olive and pine trees and a lovely pool. Quintessentially French Riviera, this is the epitome of luxurious living and a quality of life that can only be found here. Price: €5.8 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

Signature Residences Worldwide +44 (0)20 7095 8701



Simply stunning Privacy and elegant architecture amid French Riviera’s scenic beauty


ommanding a spectacular setting with sensational sea-view panoramas, this luxury villa is located close to Eze, a beautiful and picturesque mountaintop village on the Cote d’Azur. Stylishly and elegantly appointed, the villa was recently renovated to a very high standard, using luxury materials, such as teak flooring. The gorgeous villa offers 190m² of living space and sits on a 4,290m² plot of land. It consists of four bedrooms, a stunning living room with panoramic windows, kitchen and laundry room. All main rooms open onto

impressive south-facing terraces that boast magnificent sea views. If you prefer more space, there is a possibility of extending the villa by another 180m². This villa is a superlative mixture of exclusivity and elegant design, glamorous outdoor spaces and stunning vistas. Price: €2 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury IBIZA

Contemporary splendour Ultra-modern oceanview home boasts striking design


n architectural masterpiece, this glamorous modern villa in Ibiza offers dramatic, stylish, cool design and panoramic views of the Mediterranean and towards Es Vedra. Crisp lines and strong geometry define this sensational contemporary residence, showcasing modern aesthetic at its best. The elegant house offers open-plan living of 650m², as well as 500m² of terraces. The 5-bedroom villa boasts a stunning 175m² living room with separate dining room, and a professional kitchen with Miele appliances. The luxurious master bedroom enjoys breathtaking sea views. The prestigious villa has been masterfully designed. One of the standout features is the large plot of land of 12,000m², complete with 100 palm trees, a beautiful swimming pool, chill-out area and wonderful garden. The garden boasts 350-year-old olive trees, ponds with swans and Japanese koi fish. This unique residence combines everyday comfort, priceless views and awe-inspiring contemporary style. Price: €3.5 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Cool elegance Modern villa commanding a spectacular setting


rom an incredible architectural style to the breathtaking views, this villa invites luxury living in a timeless fashion. The modern villa enjoys a truly privileged setting in Es Cubells, one of the most sought-after areas of Ibiza. From its elevated hillside position, the villa overlooks Porroig and Formentera Island, offering magnificent sea views. Characterized by linear architecture, open plan and a pristine white-neutral colour scheme, the villa seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Built with an exceptional attention to details and with an elegant and stylish palette of glass, stone and stainless steel, the property offers modern family living at its finest. Encompassing 664m² of living space, the luxury home features six bedrooms, living room, dining room, professional kitchen, TV room and gym. The impressive master bedroom comes with lounge area and dressing room. The family home is set on a large plot of 3,800m² with stunning sea vistas, a stunning infinity pool, lovely garden and terraces. This villa represents sophisticated luxury with a modern approach. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Living the dream…. Luxury in Languedoc The Château de la Redorte represents a superb opportunity to buy into a unique piece of French heritage, while combining a dream holiday home with a sound investment


hâteau de la Redorte is a magnificent 18th– century château in the heart of the French Languedoc-Roussillon region, famous for its Minervois, Cahors and Corbières wines. The location, in the centre of La Redorte village not far from the majestic peaks of the Pyrenees and along the path of the Canal du Midi - is the quintessential French experience. Having been the residence of the d’Artois family for no less than five generations, the château is, with the help of local artisans, being brought back to its former elegance and glory, and converted to a superb boutique spa and vineyard estate. The property will feature 35 fully furnished townhouses and château apartments, all available for private ownership. The residences come with freehold ownership and under France’s attractive and tax-efficient Sale and Leaseback scheme, offer a range of usage programmes and guaranteed rental returns. Owners of the apartments and townhouses will have access to a plethora of amenities and services. There is a Mediterranean spa with two treatment rooms and heated indoor pool, 50

French restaurant with terrace, bar, swimming pool, wine cellar and tasting area, reception rooms and lounge areas, children’s area with ground pool and playground, park and French gardens. Château de la Redorte has partnered with Frantz Vènes, the owner of the Domaine Massamier la Mignarde, which is one of the most renowned wine estates in the Minervois region. Since the Château is a vineyard estate with its very own wine production, owners will be presented with a sampling from the annual harvest - 12 bottles per residence. The low cost of ownership and excellent potential for capital appreciation, in one of Europe’s strongest and most stable economies, make the Château a superb medium- to longterm investment opportunity. Prices from: €318,000. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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The pinnacle of luxury This architectural icon in the heart of Los Angeles offers some of the downtown’s most exclusive residences. The world-class design, stunning views and enviable location are only part of what residents can look forward to.


select few will have the privilege of acquiring their own home at The RitzCarlton, Los Angeles, and experience The Ritz-Carlton’s legendary service first hand, every day. The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE will consist of 224 exquisitely appointed residences, including 12 iconic penthouses. The prestigious condo apartments will be 52

featured starting at the 27th floor and rise to the 52nd floor, each offering panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Mountains, Pacific Ocean or the Hollywood Hills. No expense has been spared to showcase The Ritz-Carlton living experience at its best, and to create what probably are the most extravagant condo apartments in Los

Angeles. The finest furnishings and fittings have been handpicked for these lavish condo apartments and penthouses. The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE boast fully equipped gourmet kitchens from Gaggenau, with cabinetry by Snaidero, recognized worldwide as a master of Italian kitchen design. Located at one of the most desired addresses in Los Angeles, the ultra-luxury condos and penthouses will offer residents all the extensive privileges and services of The Ritz-Carlton, including spa services,

fitness facilities, Wolfgang Puck’s WP24 world-class culinary destination restaurant, and an exclusive rooftop pool and bar. As befits The Ritz-Carlton tradition, these residences exude timeless elegance and grandeur. Prices from USD800,000. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury LUBERON

Historic and staggeringly beautiful A Provencal bastide of rare beauty and architectural integrity



uberon is one of the most sought-after areas in the south of France for those in search of luxury properties. Characterised by acres of vineyards and orchards, outstanding natural produce, old stone farmhouses and a series of delightful villages dating back 100 years or more, Luberon is France at its finest. This house, in an exceptional hilltop location, affords breathtaking views of Lacoste and the valley and is ideally located just a few minutes from Bonnieux, one of the most beautiful villages in the region. The impeccably restored bastide epitomizes the charm of a by-gone era, featuring the elegance and refined style of a historic property.

Encompassing 300m² of living space, the luxury residence offers 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, an impressive dining room and a modern kitchen. The stunning farmhouse stands amidst 50,000m² magnificent grounds and boasts a private park, olive trees, oak and truffle forest, vineyards, and incredible views. This is an exclusive oasis of serenity and breathtaking beauty. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Natural inspiration Incomparable beauty with stunning vistas


he Luberon is quintessential Provence, a land of spectacular countryside, vineyards, cherry and olive trees, poppies and lavender. It is awash in enchanting hill-top villages that feature delightful food and flower markets. Its unique lighting and kaleidoscope of colours attracted van Gogh and Cézanne. In the heart of the Luberon Valley, situated in the medieval village of Oppède-le-Vieux, this gorgeous bastide is a beautifully secluded hideaway. From the village, you can cast your gaze across the countryside. It contains several monuments, 15th- and 16th-century stone houses and a superb church. A medieval castle sits, crown-like, at the top of the village. Boasting an exceptional scenic setting, the charming farmhouse offers spectacular views

over Luberon. The glorious residence is comprised of four houses, offering seven bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and office. It is set in 1,900m² of stunning grounds that include a mill, swimming pool, fully equipped pool house with kitchen, summer dining room and sauna. This exquisite bastide offers total luxury and seclusion in a superb setting. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury MADRID

Supremely Modern The dazzling combination of striking design and liveability


he award-winning architectural practice A-cero has proved their talent once again by completing these utterly stunning villas. The exclusive community will only offer 20 ultra-modern residences. With outstanding minimalist design, the villas provide a fine composition of simplicity, luxury and style. The spectacular designer villas, each sitting on a 600m² plot, offer 400m² of living space with elegant interiors. The landscaped surroundings give the houses an “urban oasis” aesthetic. Each villa features five bedrooms, a sleek kitchen, refined bathrooms and private pool. Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Boadilla del Monte, between Las Lomas and Valdecabañas, you are only 15 minutes from the City of Madrid. Modern inside and out, the houses are über-stylish with all the luxuries, yet they remain comfortable living places. Price: €1,596,000. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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A Striking, Sleek Statement of Urban Chic

Bold design and stylish minimalism combine in this masterful home


or modern minimalism at its best, this strikingly contemporary villa enjoys a privileged setting in the exclusive Ciudalcampo area, north of Madrid. The ultra-modern luxurious family home features a white palette, which delivers crisp, bright interiors, along with a restful, relaxing atmosphere that is ideal for modern living. Light floods through glass expanses, clean lines create calm, elegant spaces and staircases offer seamless transitions. The pure, sculptured lines of the façade are equally striking. This impressive villa, with a total living area of 800m², features four bedrooms,


dining room, double height living room, kitchen with breakfast area and a gym. There is also a games room, media room and separate service quarter. In the large, 3,500m² garden are two stunning sun decks, while plans include a sizeable swimming pool. This world-class minimalist villa offers the ultimate in chic urban living. Price: €2.9 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Stylish elegance and architectural refinement Beautifully designed and positioned for the views, this distinctive home has fantastic appeal



his villa – sitting high above Puerto de Andratx in one of Mallorca’s most prestigious locations – has it all. Sumptuous finishes and exquisite amenities combine with unrivalled vistas to make the villa a truly exclusive and refined home. The design strikes a fine balance between classic tradition and contemporary glamour. The residence is tastefully appointed to combine a designer kitchen, five luxury bedrooms and modern bathrooms in a sophisticated manner. The elegant villa has been masterfully designed with stand-out features that include a breathtaking fireplace and custom-designed lighting in high-ceilinged rooms. The 1,700m2 Mediterranean garden, with its

sensational pool, offers serenity, privacy and panoramic sea views. Situated in a prime location in a privileged, private and upscale community, the villa is still just 5-10 minutes away from the golf course and shops. Luxurious in design. Spacious in size. Exclusive in location. This villa is the ultimate in stylish, contemporary living. Price: €14.5 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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A triumph of modern architecture Incomparable modernity with sensational vistas



on Vida is one of Mallorca’s best-known addresses. Seeming to float atop a hill high over the capital of Palma de Mallorca, it is a highly desirable and prestigious area of peace and luxury that commands stunning panoramas stretching from the Tramuntana Mountains to the ocean. This contemporary, architect-designed villa features an elevated, south-facing position, affording breathtaking views over the Bay of Palma and the Mediterranean Sea. Combining sleek materials – such as steel, wood and glass – to exquisite effect, the designer villa is characterised by understated luxury and airy clarity. The sweeping and expansive interiors open up to a variety of outdoor spaces. Intimate and grand exist in harmony, as both the interior and exterior exude calm and cool. This ultra-modern villa features six bedrooms and 745m² of pure luxury. The stand-out feature of the villa is undoubtedly the loft-style living room, with its impressive glass façade, terraces and priceless panoramic vistas. The master suite is fitted with a Jacuzzi and offers magnificent views. The villa also offers a swimming pool, electric blinds, under-floor heating, air-conditioning, sauna and laundry room. The elegant residence offers a separate apartment with its own entrance. This villa is an incredible example of modern living at its finest. Price: €10 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

Photo: Marco Richter

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luxury NICE

Modern elegance Timeless appeal Spectacular panoramic views abound at this urban jewel



tylish aesthetics and breathtaking views define this villa. The exceptional property is characterized by the abundance of natural light throughout the house, and the contrast between its striking architectural design and its panoramic setting. Beautifully appointed, the magnificent luxury villa boasts priceless views of the Bay of Nice. With 280m² of stylish living space, the villa exudes luxury and elegance at its best. It features four bedrooms, an impressive living room with high ceilings, and superb gourmet kitchen with dining room.

The house also benefits from a terrace that provides stunning views, an infinity pool and summer kitchen. This elegant residence personifies all that is glamorous and gorgeous about the French Riviera. Price: â‚Ź2.9 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Riviera Glamour and Elegance Ultra-luxurious seafront residence, occupying the entire top floor of a landmark building


ote d’Azur is forever synonymous with glamour and elegance. Generations of artists, writers, celebrities and high society have been drawn by its natural beauty, spectacular coastline, clear blue skies and Mediterranean way of life. Of all places along the Riviera, Nice more than merits her title as grande dame of the Cote


d’Azur. The city’s elegant Belle Époque architecture, fashionable seaside promenades, opulent casino and famous sunny beaches all sum it up. Nice boasts the glitz and glamour that epitomizes French style and sophistication. A residence to match all expectations is this luxury penthouse apartment. Occupying the entire top floor in a landmark waterfront

building, this is the perfect location to take advantage of the unmatched and unobstructed views of the Mediterranean Sea. The commanding building, in which both Tchekhov and Matisse once lived, is superbly located within walking distance of the flower market, the Opera House and all the best restaurants in the city centre. This magnificent Riviera residence offers 285m² of living space and features four bedrooms, two fully equipped kitchens and a grand reception area with living and dining rooms, all masterfully and meticulously designed. But

what really makes this penthouse special is the more than 240m² of private terraces, boasting sensational views of the sea, the bay, the old town and the mountains. This penthouse is the epitome of French Riviera living. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury PHUKET

Dramatic & sleek A triumph of cutting-edge contemporary architecture


ocated on a stunning peninsula on the pristine east coast of Phuket, this ultra-modern residential development is an exclusive ocean-side community, offering only 17 über-stylish villas for private ownership. Designed by KplusK associates of Hong Kong, the villas are characterized by clean and sleek lines, breathtaking views, spacious living areas and patios, that merge with outdoor chill-out areas and a sparkling infinity pool. Like the villas’ façades, interiors, dominated by the spectacular views through the floor-to-ceiling windows, are modern and uncluttered. The design strategy was to create contemporary villas that would maximise the exceptional setting and blend with the natural contours of the coastline, while creating an exemplary property for the 21st century. The 3- and 4-bedroom villas offer 385-501m² of living space, with surrounding pools and terraces of 655-815m². Built on west-facing slopes, the villas sit on plots ranging from 1,482m² to 1,630m² overlooking Sapam Bay to the southwest and Phang Nga Bay to the northeast, with magnificent unobstructed sea views. One of the stand-out features has to be the villas’ impressive 20by-4.5m private infinity pool, surrounded by an extensive sun deck. These sensational villas stand out as one of the more extraordinary examples in Asia of modern tropical architecture and effortlessly elegant living. Prices from THB 45 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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An exclusive world awaits

Explore the epitome of luxury in what must be one of the most wonderful homes in Phuket


ith alluring panoramic views, exquisite décor and unrivalled privileges, this villa offers sophistication as well as magnificence. Located on the highly desirable west coast of Phuket, the luxury villa occupies a spectacular ocean frontage with 270-degree views of the Andaman Sea. The villa sits on approximately 2,400m² of land and is surrounded by tropical gardens that lead down to the seafront living areas. This pinnacle of Phuket luxury living offers 670m² of space, with four bedrooms and an elegant living and dining area. The main teak deck boasts a magnificent 20-metre pool and a lovely living and dining area. The two master bedrooms sit at either end of the pool, with uninterrupted views out to sea, and absolute privacy. There are also two gorgeous guest bedrooms, each enjoying its own 8-metre infinity pool. The villa is nestled in one of Phuket’s most luxurious hotels, offering access to 5-star management and hotel services that include cooking, housekeeping and rental programme. This ideal location ensures privacy and exclusivity, whilst offering easy access to the facilities of the Bangtao area. In such a prime location, with priceless views and plenty of space for the whole family, the home sets the standard for exceptional island living. Price: THB 185 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury SICILY

SICILY IN STYLE An elegant combination of graceful design and breathtaking views



icily, the land of romance and timeless beauty, is steeped in history and bathed in sunshine. But despite being the largest island in the Mediterranean, it remains relatively undiscovered. Still, Sicily has much to offer: fine cuisine, gorgeous beaches, mountains, volcanoes, art, archaeology and unforgettable hospitality. Then there is the picturesque Town of Taormina, the ideal place to enjoy the best of the Mediterranean. This exclusive penthouse residence strikes a perfect balance between classic design, exclusivity and exceptional outdoor spaces, all in an ideal setting that offers absolute privacy and spectacular views of the sea. The prestigious apartment features a lovely winter garden, beautiful terraces with outdoor whirlpool and a wonderful roof garden - all

with stunning views. It consists of three bedrooms, a lovely kitchen and living room. In addition, the owner will have access to a shared swimming pool, a covered garage with space for one car and a storage room. Offering the best of both worlds, this luxury residence sits next to the scenic Bay of Taormina and its beaches, while still in the heart of a town that boasts a magic atmosphere. The classically elegant penthouse offers luxury, comfort and convenience in a stunning Mediterranean setting. Price: â‚Ź2 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury SITGES


Gracious beachfront living A villa where timeless elegance meets a panoramic setting


itges, one of the most enchanting towns on Spain’s Mediterranean shore, offers a vibrant town centre that is the perfect place to enjoy the traditional Spanish way of life, combined with the cosmopolitan air of a city. There is no better place from which to appreciate those qualities than from one of Sitges’ finest villas, a place of timeless elegance and refined sophistication. This villa is an exceptional oceanfront property on 1,050m² of land, fronting the spectacular beach. Its privileged position invites enjoyment of magnificent panoramas over the Mediterranean Sea. The luxurious villa has six bedrooms, a media room, office and kitchen, plus a stunning 2-storey dining and living room with a

mezzanine reading area that offers even more breathtaking ocean views. The villa boasts 630m² of Mediterranean-styled architecture, sporting a beautiful classic design that lends itself to exclusivity, luxury and comfort. Features include elevator, fireplace, wood floor, Jacuzzi and a 3-car garage. There is a lovely manicured garden and a private pool. This villa represents the very pinnacle of luxury living. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury SRI LANKA

Inspired contemporary living Chic Sri Lanka, where India meets Vietnam


he New York Times named Sri Lanka the No.1 travel destination worldwide in a ranking of “The 31 Places to Go in 2010�. And deservedly so: few places in the world offer such variety of experience. The island contains eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, colonial fort towns, old Buddhist temples, rainforests, mountains, tea plantations, elephants roaming free, water buffalo idling in paddy fields, and - not least a pristine coastline with miles of sugary white sand beaches. Sri Lanka, located off the southern coast of 78

India, is still a relatively undiscovered gem that gives travellers a world unto themselves. However, more and more visitors are discovering how wonderful Sri Lanka truly is and, as a consequence, the demand for luxury real estate is on the rise. A prime example of what is available is this strikingly modern real estate resort development designed by leading architects Lewis & Hickey. It boasts a sensational location, on an exclusive and private beach, and offers panoramic views across the bay, out into the Indian Ocean. Set in the most spectacular countryside one can imagine, this stunning,

modern property is located on the east coast, a few miles north of the town of Batticaloa. There will be a selection of ultra-modern villas available for private ownership. The residences will be characterized by straight lines and simple geometric shapes that lend a modern panache. The open-plan living combines seamlessly with large, outdoor spaces and many residences boast ocean views. The contemporary, minimalist villas are a veritable playground for modernists, with a white palette that matches the façade.

As an owner of a villa, you will have access to a plethora of amenities and services, such as swimming and diving pools, a variety of watersports, fitness centre, tennis courts, restaurants, spa, food hall and fashion outlets. Prices from ÂŁ372,836 (subject to currency fluctuations). CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Mountain elegance

A traditional chalet in one of Europe’s oldest mountain resorts



rindelwald, in the Bernese Alps, is the perfect blend of pure mountain splendour, historic charm, world-class skiing and unsurpassed beauty. The glacier village, which is one of Europe’s oldest mountain resorts, is located only 22 kilometres south of Interlaken and 192 kilometres southwest of Zurich. This luxury ski chalet in Grindelwald enjoys an idyllic south-facing position, with panoramic views overlooking the beautiful and majestic mountains. The luxury chalet sits on a 2,321m² plot of land and will provide 200m² of living space that includes four generous bedrooms, each with ensuite bath. There is a light, open-plan living and dining area with fireplace, wellness area with sauna and underground garage. Beauty and true craftsmanship lend this elegant mountain home a comfortable and warm ambience.

This luxury chalet is encapsulated in a world of natural splendour. Grindelwald is located in a ski and walking area at 1,100-metre elevation and is surrounded by the spectacular 4,000metre mountain range of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, as well as traditional alpine villages. Grindelwald is part of the Jungfrau TopSki Region and has direct access to 213km of downhill skiing, with 50 individual pistes, served by 20 ski lifts. In summer, a network of more than 300 kilometres of hiking trails allows you to visit the most beautiful spots in the valley of Grindelwald. Haute living at its finest. Price: CHF 4.2 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Sophisticated living, barefoot luxury, cutting-edge eco-concepts A sister property to A-list and business mogul favourites Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili in the Maldives, it’s hardly surprising Soneva Kiri is well-designed, stylish and impeccably run


ituated in the Koh Chang Marine National Park in the protected waters of the Gulf of Siam off the east coast of Thailand, Koh Kood is the country’s fourth largest island. Renowned for its pure waterfalls, crystal clear water and traditional village life, Koh Kood features spectacular landscapes and lush tropical rainforests, fringed with white sandy beaches, leading into turquoise waters with unspoilt coral reefs. Acclaimed as one of the most pristine and untouched islands in Thailand, this spectacular location was carefully selected for Soneva Kiri and Six Senses Private Residences. Set to become one of the finest resorts in the 82

world, Soneva Kiri is being developed on 150 acres of untouched lush tropical rainforest and beaches, including a unique private island. Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, the property offers 21 spectacular residences for private ownership. The residences occupy a large living area of up to 1,599m², sitting on up to 6,250m² of land to ensure maximum privacy. Purchasers can choose from 2- to 6-bedroom villas, for which each site has been selected with care to achieve the necessary combination of seclusion and stunning panoramic views, while retaining easy access to the resort’s facilities.

All villas offer butler service, generous master bedrooms, guest rooms and living areas, state-of-the art entertainment, gym, steam room, spa suite, spacious open bathrooms and pool with water slide. The resort is operated and managed by awardwinning Six Senses Hotels & Spas. Dining venues range from the the unique tree-top dining pod to the intimate moonlit dinners on a private stretch of beach. All cuisine is made from organic produce, freshly selected from the resort’s own garden. In addition to the many leisure facilities, you’ll find the more unusual, such as Cinema Paradiso, an observatory and The Den, a children’s centre of amazing design, where unique and sophisticated activities will stimulate even the cleverest kids. Excursions to other islands, PADI diving, mountain biking and kayaking near some of the island’s beautiful inland waterfalls are just some of the other diversions on offer. The exquisite Six Senses Spa is one of the standout

features of the resort, with uniquely designed double treatment rooms, private relaxation rooms and panoramic views. As an owner, you may use your villa as little or as often as you like. When you are not in the residence, you may place it in the Villa Rental Program. Villa owners at Soneva Kiri will receive a host of other valuable benefits, including discounts on resort services, complimentary transfers to and from Bangkok on a private plane, access to a luxury private boat and Soneva Club membership. Besides providing the ultimate in luxury vacation ownership, Six Senses Private Residences at Soneva Kiri represent an attractive property investment in Asia. Prices: From USD2.5 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury TUSCANY

Timeless beauty

Magnificent Tuscan farmhouse with spectacular views over Lucca


magine looking out from your Tuscan farmhouse over the rolling countryside, a place dotted with medieval villages and ancient parish churches, regal cypress trees and acres of olive gardens. This is a breathtaking setting, overlooking Lucca and not far from the City of Pisa. This is a place where property buyers are attracted by historic homes to escape to the finest in Italian living The lure of Tuscan living shows no signs of abatement. And it is here, in the midst of some of Italy’s most stunning scenery, where you will find this historic property, a beautifully restored farmhouse dating to the 15th century and maintaining many of the original architectural features. Cotto floor tiles, chestnut beams and original fireplaces beckon you inside. Made of local stone, the main villa features five bedrooms, a large open-plan living area 84

with fireplace, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, TV room and utility room. Next to the farmhouse is a partially restored barn, where a visionary owner may want to add two more floors of living space. The villa sits amidst 8,000m2 of magnificently landscaped gardens on five hectares of Tuscan countryside, with your own 900 olive trees that produce 1,000 kilos of extra virgin olive oil annually. Here is your chance to own a piece of Italian history. Price: â‚Ź6 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Gracious style defines this historic gem Privacy and elegant architecture amid Tuscany’s natural beauty


uscany’s beauty and graceful elegance have long captured the hearts of visitors searching for the perfect destination. With countless walled medieval towns, glorious vineyards, secular olive trees, rolling hills and fields of poppies and sunflowers, Tuscany is an ideal location for gracious living. Located just east of the ancient Town of Lucca, this elegant historic villa offers unparalleled setting, privacy and prestige. Lucca is rich in history, art and music tradition, a perfect base for exploring all the best that Tuscany can offer. It is near the coast of Versilia, the City of Forte dei Marmi, the mountains, the Renaissance cities of Florence and Siena, medieval villages and Chianti vineyards.

Boasting an expansive 670m² of living space, the exquisite villa is comprised of six bedrooms, a double living room with antique fireplace, elegant dining room and a large, characteristic Tuscan kitchen. There is an immaculately kept garden of 2,000m² with a pool. This villa is a home of beauty, tranquillity and charm, a perfect place for the gathering of family and friends, where days are timeless and memorable. Price: €5 million. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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luxury VENICE


VENETIAN SPLENDOURS Synonymous with history, beauty and romance


ith more than119 islands, 150 canals, 400 bridges and magnificent 16th- and 17th-century palaces and piazzas, it is no surprise that Venice is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Gloriously romantic in spring, stylishly triumphant in summer, elegantly dignified in autumn and spectacularly seductive in winter, there’s always something new to discover. Venice ticks all the boxes for property ownership: a perennially sought-after destination offering solid capital appreciation, good rental opportunity and a magical place to live. This prestigious 16th-century property is a trophy acquisition enjoying a privileged position in the historic centre of Venice. Currently

operating as an 18-bedroom boutique hotel, it boasts 1,200m² of living space and a gorgeous 700m² garden. The property can continue to operate as a luxury hotel, or be transformed into a grand mansion (subject to permissions). No doubt a piece of history, but also a very elegant property, perfect for entertaining and fine living. Price upon request. CURRENTLY FOR SALE WITH

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Market Insights

from around the world


Cayman Islands ranked as the top specialised financial centre Cayman Islands has been named the top specialised financial centre by The Banker, a banking and finance magazine, in its 2010 IFC Rankings. Cayman has, for the second year running, been awarded first place - this time by an increased margin over other jurisdictions such as Bermuda, Jersey, Guernsey, Malta, Gibraltar, Monaco and Cyprus. The Banker’s ranking of international financial centres is based not only on the size of the financial services industry, but also on the level of international business and the value offered to institutions seeking to expand their overseas activities. Anthony Travers, OBE, Chairman of Cayman Finance, said of the results: “This is yet another objective finding that reinforces the fact that Cayman is regarded by institutions as a successful and transparent tax-neutral jurisdiction from which to base international operations.” Cayman has just signed its 20th tax information exchange agreement. Statistics from the Islands’ regulating body, CIMA, show a continuing robust performance by the financial services industry. Most importantly, the financial crisis has been navigated without introducing corporate, income, capital gains, payroll or property taxes, which is likely to enhance Cayman’s future attractiveness. The Cayman Islands is recognised as one of the top international financial centres in the world, with more than 40 of the top 50 banks holding licences there.

Con Dao: one of Asia’s last secluded secret spots One of the stellar attractions in southeast Asia, the Con Dao archipelago, is slowly gaining attention for its startling natural beauty.

The spectacular Con Dao archipelago, consisting of 16 islands, is situated in the South China Sea, a 45-minute flight, from Ho Chi Minh City. Con Dao is undoubtedly one of southeast Asia’s most untouched and breathtaking getaways, characterised by an immense beauty and a pristine environment. Con Dao offers probably the best diving available in Vietnam. The archipelago became a national park in 1993 and is home to 1,000 plant varieties, 1,300 marine species and 160 types of animals. Despite these assets and proximity to the mainland, the islands are still largely untouched by mass tourism. Few places can rival Con Dao’s beauty.

The top 5 best places in the world to retire AARP The Magazine, the world’s largest circulation magazine with more than 35.1 million readers in the United States, has listed the top 5 places to retire abroad. The magazine uses factors such as climate, cost of living, housing, health care, and leisure facilities to assess quality of life for retirees around the globe. According to the report, the best places are Boquete in Panama, the city of Cascais in Portugal, Italy’s Le Marche region, France’s Languedoc-Roussillon region, and the Puerto Vallarta region of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is the undisputed No. 1 destination for American retirees. With its rich Indian and Spanish culture, beaches and affordable real estate, Puerto Vallarta offers the low-cost, laid-back lifestyle retirees seek. Arts and culture, medieval towns, vineyards, beaches and castles attract retirees to the Mediterranean region of LanguedocRoussillon, just three hours from the bright lights and bustling energy of Paris via highspeed train. The World Health Organization has named French health care the world’s finest.


Panama is a smart choice for retirees who want it all. Not only does it feature attractive retirement destinations – sleek capital city, hot beach towns, cool mountain villages – it offers unbeatable retiree benefits and discounts. With its castles, wineyards, ancient ruins, cobblestoned streets and plethora of golf courses and beaches, Portugal has a fantastic appeal. Estoril and Cascais on the Atlantic coast are full of glamour and charisma, only 15 miles west of Lisbon. Italy’s Le Marche is a beautiful region of vineyards, snow-capped mountains and gorgeous Adriatic coast beaches. It offers an incomparable mix of open-air opera festivals, Renaissance painting and architecture, wine tasting and nature reserves.

Sri Lanka ranks as the world’s 8th fastest-growing economy Sri Lanka has been ranked among the Top 10 Fastest Economies, being 8th in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). As the global economy emerges from recession, it is envisaged that Sri Lanka will record a 6.3% GDP growth rate. Petroleum and Petroleum Resources Development Minister A.H.M. Fowzie says everything is ready to drill for offshore oil and gas reserves in the Mannar Basin in late 2010 or early 2011, reaping immense benefits for the country. With favourable macro-economic conditions, Sri Lanka’s stock exchange became Asia’s best performing bourse and the world’s second best, after Russia, for the year ended December 31, 2009. Colombo’s stock exchange is one of the most modern in south Asia, providing a fully automated trading platform. These positive signs, coupled with political stability and higher capital and financial inflows, will boost economic prosperity.


Brazil’s economy is booming Brazil’s economy expanded nearly 11% in April from the same month a year ago, according to the central bank’s Brazilian Economic Activity Index. The economy has been among the fastestgrowing in the world this year, expanding 9% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2010 – the fastest rate in at least 14 years. Agriculture and industry are among the growth sectors. Much of Brazil’s economy is driven by domestic consumer demand rather than exports, which analysts say means it is protected from Europe’s debt crisis and the projected slow recovery in the U.S. Government officials downplay the risk of overheating, but some say such rapid growth in an economy that suffers from chronic lack of infrastructure and a skilled labour force could be unsustainable and inflationary. However, higher interest rates and the withdrawal of some tax breaks are expected to cool growth. Brazil’s is the second-fastest growing economy among the BRIC countries, behind China. Bank of America Corp. has raised its forecast for economic growth this year to 7.2%, up from a previous estimate of 6%.

Phuket retains its pre-eminent status as one of Southeast Asia’s elite real estate enclaves Long established as one of the world’s most desirable destinations, Phuket has become one of the region’s most sought-after locations for luxury real estate. The island offers an unbeatable lifestyle of sophistication, tropical charm, splendid white sand beaches and gracious Thai culture. Phuket is luxury island living at its best, with legendary Thai hospitality mixed with magnificent scenery, stunning beaches, diving reefs and some of the world’s most exclusive recreational amenities, including spas, marinas, fine


restaurants and shops, plus some of Asia’s finest golf courses. Phuket offers an attractive infrastructure, including world-class hospitals and medical care. Its international airport offers access to the world, including daily direct flights to Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Vietnam. A large expatriate community has developed over the past ten years, with several international schools available, and an extensive support network of clubs and societies. The island is already firmly established as one of Asia’s most sought-after investment destinations, with prices rising faster than anywhere in Thailand outside the capital, Bangkok. Latest official figures suggest that trend will likely accelerate. In statistics released earlier this year, the government’s Board of Investment said the value of investment applications for Thailand hit a 40-year high of USD21.9 billion in 2009, 80% above target and 70% higher than 2008. While Phuket is not insulated from the global economic downturn, the profile of buyers and the nature of offerings are such that there is little room for attrition in property values. Phuket’s is predominantly a cash market, not directly affected by debt issues.

France keeps crown as the world’s favourite tourist destination The UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) says France remains the world’s favourite tourist destination - good news for property buyers. Last year, 76.4 million holidaymakers visited France, 22 million more than the U.S. and Spain. The data serve as reminder of France’s status as a top holiday destination, which has a mature property market ideal for lifestyle buyers seeking holiday homes. France has just about everything a country can offer and its size means there’s a climate to appeal to anyone. There’s Paris’s urbane 94

sophistication; the glittering beaches of the Cote d’Azur; the idyllic vineyards of Languedoc, Burgundy and Champagne; the verdant scenery of the Ardennes; the glacial immensity of Mont Blanc and the French Alps; and the medieval history of Brittany. The country is renowned for its gastronomy, history, culture and architecture.

In the Catalonian City of Sitges, property investors are captivated by raked beaches, laid-back charm and a cosmopolitan heartbeat Twenty miles along the craggy coast from Barcelona, the unspoilt seaside town of Sitges, with its style, culture and élan, instantly stands out from the overdeveloped resorts along the Costa Dorada. The town is known for its golden sandy beaches, gastronomy, nightspots, golf courses, marinas and historical sites. It is famous for avant-garde art, its galleries and museums, and is renowned for its Film Festival and Carnival. A former fishing village with narrow streets, a compact old town and a mellow vibe, this is where rich Catalans come to tan. With miles of meticulously raked beaches, laid-back charm and a cosmopolitan heartbeat, it is a jet-set favourite. Sitges is a very international town. Almost 35% of its inhabitants are from the Netherlands, Britain, France and Scandinavia, and many of their children attend the international schools. A major reason for Sitges’ popularity amongst foreign buyers is its proximity to Barcelona and its luxury real estate. Properties range from luxury villas with pools and sea views, to houses and front-line mansions in the beachfront areas of Terramar and Vinyet, and from penthouses to quality apartments in the city centre.

Forget the Caribbean. For an idyllic island home in the ultimate Wow-factor setting, the Seychelles is the place to buy a luxury property Many places qualify for the term ”paradise,” but the Seychelles is one of the most beautiful island archipelagos anywhere. Located close to the equator and to the northeast of Madagascar, the 115 granitic and coralline islands sitting on the Indian Ocean have preserved their pristine beauty. Seychelles is much famed as a tourist destination, dotted with magnificent beaches, secluded tropical areas, enchanting mountainous regions and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Echoing the growing belief in Seychelles, such prestigious hotel companies as Banyan Tree, Le Méridien and Four Seasons enjoy a presence on the islands, with Raffles and Shangri-la soon to follow suit. Air France, Qatar Airways, Air Mauritius, Kenya Airways, Condor, Air Austral and Emirates Airlines offer daily flights to and from Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa, including South Africa. The national airline, Air Seychelles, offers non-stop flights from London, Paris, Rome, South Africa and Singapore. Seychelles boasts a strong conservation record, with almost half of its limited landmass set aside as national parks and reserves, and with development restricted and subject to environmental regulation. This means that only a small number of properties will ever be available, making slices of this unspoilt archipelago rare and appealing to discerning individuals in search of a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity. Rumours abound that the property development window will only be ajar for a few more years to avoid compromising the Seychelles’

natural character. If this country is looking like an interesting addition to your property portfolio, all signs say the time to act is now.

Sri Lanka is rated No. 1 destination to visit in 2010 by The New York Times The New York Times chose Sri Lanka as the world’s No. 1 place to go in 2010, noting that the end of the war last May promises “a more peaceful era for this teardrop-shaped island off India’s coast, rich in natural beauty and cultural splendours.” The New York Times noted the unrivalled natural beauty of Sri Lanka. “The island, with a population of just 20 million, feels like one big tropical zoo: elephants roam freely, water buffaloes idle in paddy fields and monkeys swing from trees. And then there’s the pristine coastline …” Sri Lanka is one of the most colourful, historic and exciting countries in the world. Its stunning beaches and warm Indian Ocean waters are renowned as amongst the most beautiful in the world. The beauty extends well beyond the coastline, with historic cultural cities and sites, national parks full of wildlife, and magnificent green hills. Sri Lanka boasts an astonishing eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its compact boundaries, more than heritage-packed Egypt. Six cultural sites are testament to a civilization with over 2,000 years of recorded history, while a seventh natural site boasts some of the highest biodiversity outside the Amazon basin. Tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka doubled from January to May this year over the same period last year. Feature provided by International Luxury Real Estate,



A Fuego Negro

Food & Travel around the world From Arag贸n to Tuscany, Food & Travel Unlimited shares some of their discoveries to be included on your must-to-do list. This luxury lifestyle resource is designed to help uncover high-quality finds, from hidden gems to perennial classics. The hotels and restaurants have been selected because of their Individuality, Style and Inspiration. Explore and Enjoy!


Mamilla Hotel

A FUEGO NEGRO San Sebastian, Spain One of San Sebastian’s most stylish pintxos (tapas) bars, A Fuego Negro, meaning black fire, is run by three young owners who have plied their trade in some of the city’s best kitchens. This is a must for foodies, a place where the chefs have taken the decades of pintxo tradition and fused it with molecular gastronomy and a great sense of humour. A Fuego Negro offers innovative, delicious fusion pinxtos that are truly amazing and beautifully executed. You will discover morsel of pork with vanilla and lemon foam, and mini hamburgers on tomato bread and banana

chips. Don’t miss the two tasting menus that are on offer. Sleek and decidedly modern, the bar’s interior is a dramatic stark-black and red design. Guests will be treated to the owners’ favourite R&B, hip-hop and lounge tunes. Before leaving, get the book “A Fuego Negro, Pintxos y Viñetas” which won the 2008 Gourmand World Cookbook award for most innovative cookbook.

CAN TALAIAS Ibiza, Spain Converted from a run-down farmhouse by the late, beloved, laugh-till-you-cry British comedic


actor, Terry Thomas, Can Talaias remains rural and rustic, exquisite and indulgent. The actor came upon the spot whilst trotting about on horseback with wife Belinda in the late 1960s and declared it his “heaven on Earth.” The building is surrounded by a stunning, wild Mediterranean garden. The property affords spell-binding views from its hilltop location, with the sea in the distance. The colourful features like blue window shutters and Bougainvillea contrasted against whitewashed finca walls create the perfect Spanish hillside hideaway. With its curved white walls, wooden floors, exposed beams and fireplaces, it is grand, rustic, homely and fittingly decorated. There


is a wonderful English-style sitting room with vintage leather armchairs, dark polished floorboards, piano and books to browse. The deluxe Terry Thomas Suite with its huge and incredible marble bathroom is often fully booked months ahead. This is still a working farm. Livestock include pigs and there is a plant nursery that cultivates an amazing array of drought-resistant species, including agave, cacti, aloe vera and native island pines. The hotel is operated by Thomas’s son and daughter-in-law, Cushan and Laetitia, who are the perfect hosts.

Can Talaias

La Degustation

LA DEGUSTATION Prague, Czech Republic A cookbook written by 19th-century culinary personality Marie B. Svobodovå served as the inspiration for La Degustation. The book, discovered in an antique bookstore, was a manual for brides and now serves as the chefs’ primary reference, a vintage culinary Bible for an innovative kitchen that has a real sense of purpose. The haute cuisine is sublime. The menu is incredibly creative, a transformation of contemporary French, Mediterranean and regional ingredients with modern Czech and Old Bohemian recipes.

The kitchen emphasizes fresh, seasonal ingredients, many of them sourced from local organic farms. It offers tasting menus of 7 courses, supplemented with 7 amusebouches. You will delighted by surprises such as a gelatinous tomato meringue that melts, to release honey and balsamic vinegar. The wine pairings are amazing. Each wine completes its course in the manner that punctuation accentuates and concludes pure poetry. The mere fact that the chefs recreate the menu each day and reconstruct such a mind-blowing experience night after night, demonstrates their dedication, creativity and love for the culinary arts. Here, food and dining are elevated to art.


The atmosphere is elegant, yet understated – dark woods and soft brown leathers dominate. Service is exceptional without being fussy or pretentious. Dining at La Degustation is a full experience of the senses. It is as if you were participating in a theatrical or ritualistic performance.

CASTELLO DI VICARELLO Tuscany, Italy A stay at Castello di Vicarello compares to a refined country house party, with accommodation in an authentic 12th-century castle, dating to 1112. It is more a private, rustic-luxe Italian home-cum-medieval castle than hotel. Set in 60 acres perched atop a hill that offers 360-degree views of the rolling Tuscan countryside, the setting is from a romantic fairy tale. Inside are huge fireplaces, charmingly sooted


by the ages, flagstone floors, vaulted ceilings and arrow-slit windows. Outside, you’ll discover enchanting gardens and undulating lawns of cypress and mulberry, with beds of rose, lavender and rosemary. There are two pools; a travertine infinity pool, which hangs at the edge of the manicured garden, and another secluded among the Castello’s olive groves, complete with 1,200 olive trees. Bedrooms boast an eclectic mix of wonderful antiques, artefacts, Asian influences and objets d’art the owners have accumulated through their colourful life. Much of what you use and consume here has been produced on the Castello’s grounds, down to the bathroom soap, which is handmade from the best herbs and olive oil. The beautiful on-site spa also uses ingredients from the hotel’s gardens. Aurora, the owner, creates an ever-changing menu of rustic, home-cooked Tuscan dishes,

Castello di Vicarello

Mamilla Hotel

produced from the Castello’s organically grown fruits and vegetables. The estate also has a working organic vineyard, producing its own wine and much of the meat is obtained from the hotel’s own hunting reserve at Valle di Buriano. Dinners are served in the candlelit, flower-filled courtyard in summer and by the fireside in winter. Wander into the homely, traditional farmhouse kitchen and you’ll find an extraordinary mix of antique utensils, artwork and state-of-the-art cook range. Your gracious hosts are happy to share traditional family recipes and organize cookery classes.

MAMILLA HOTEL Jerusalem, Israel Israel has found the perfect complement to its new architectural icons – the Santiago Calatrava-designed Jerusalem Chords Bridge and Ron Arad’s Design Museum in Holon – in this elegant hotel.

Mamilla blends cutting-edge modernity with the unique heritage of the city. The modernist façade is a timeless work of art, and Mamilla Hotel now boasts one of the most visually arresting buildings in the world. The hotel enjoys a gorgeous city-centre location in the Mamilla district of the Old City, about three minutes’ walk from the famed Jaffa Gate. It boasts breathtaking views of the Old City Walls, the Tower of David and the Jaffa Gate. Interiors were designed by Italian design maven Piero Lissoni and the world-class architecture by noted Israeli/North American architect Moshe Safdie. Heeding Jerusalem law which dictates that all new construction must utilize Jerusalem Stone, Safdie created a striking structure that emanates the characteristic shine of the stone, while Lissoni used the stone for his angular bedroom walls. Lissoni’s signature paired-back, Italian minimalist aesthetic is supremely executed and framed by the Jerusalem architecture. Bedrooms feature bespoke furniture and sleek and luxuriously understated Piero Lissoni bathrooms.


The Merchant Hotel

The Mirror Bar is the city’s ultimate destination for sophisticated mixology, with an impressive drinks list, resident DJ, live local jazz and a separate cigar lounge. The Winery offers one of the largest selections of Israeli kosher wines in the country, served at fine, robust, antique wooden counters. The Mamilla Rooftop is a spectacular outdoor brasserie offering perhaps the finest views of any of the city’s restaurants. A drink on the huge outdoor sofas at sunset is a must.

THE MERCHANT HOTEL Belfast, Northern Ireland The Merchant Hotel’s magnificent architecture, rich décor and historic beauty overwhelm 102

the senses, while providing an ambience of opulence and luxury. A triumph of elegantly repurposed grandeur, the neoclassical building is carved from the shell of the former headquarters of the Ulster Bank. Baccarat chandeliers, soaring ceilings, carved fireplaces and French antiques lend a sense of old-fashioned glamour and designer chic. The gorgeous bedrooms are Deco Decadent and Victorian Splendour. The Great Room has to be seen to be believed. This former main banking hall serves as dining room and epicentre of The Merchant Hotel, and boasts an enamelled glass cupola that’s suspended from Ireland’s largest chandelier. Corinthian columns, soaring ceilings and gilded plasterwork frieze add to the splendour. Don’t pass up the award-winning bar with

ornate ceilings, silk, damask walls, antique Baccarat chandeliers and a cocktail list to match. The Lychee Martinis are divine. Arrive in style – luxury Rolls Royce Phantom are available for airport pick-ups. Among The Merchant’s guests have been Ben Kingsley, Meryl Streep and Seamus Heaney.

LES OTTOMANS Istanbul Glamorous, theatrical and stunning. A former 18th-century Pasha’s mansion has been extravagantly transformed into a stunning hotel designed as a lavish tribute to Istanbul’s Baroque revival. Nestled on the shores of the Bosphorus, views from the hotel are nothing short of astounding.

The façade reflects a fabled era in Turkish history, while the interior design is a showstopping work of art Inside, the hotel boasts intricately detailed ceilings, gold paintwork, glistening chandeliers, Venetian velvet walls and precious antiques. Opulent suites of Ottoman Baroque are decorated with mother-of-pearl tesserae-inlaid furniture, arabesque ceilings, antique goldembroidered velvets and silk shantung duvets. The hotel is the first in Istanbul to be decorated according to the principles of Feng Shui and is one of the few luxurious boutique hotels in the world certified as a Feng Shui hotel. Dinner on the restaurant’s terrace overlooking the Bosphorus is a summer must. Also, don’t miss the Caudalie Vinothérapie Spa, where you can enjoy gorgeous treatments such as the famed Barrel Bath and the Crushed Cabernet Scrub.

103 Les Ottomans

Les Ottomans’ team includes a butler, translator, dietician and professional shopper. In addition, there are several boats at guests’ disposal, including a 6-person speed boat perfect for airport transfers, a tour boat seating up to 20 for scenic rides up the Bosphorus, and the Ma Biche yacht that can sail the Aegean and Mediterranean.

CDL RESTAURANT Moscow, Russia This exclusive club for members of the Writers’ Union has been the central meeting place for


the elite of Soviet and now Russian writers and poets for more than 70 years. Housed in a stately old mansion dating from the 1890s, the opulent setting is itself worth a visit. It houses probably the city’s most beautiful dining rooms. The sumptuous décor reflects the height of the Russian aristocracy’s grandeur, the interior complete with crystal chandeliers, stainedglass windows, rich oak panelling, fireplaces and a minstrel’s gallery. Savour Caviar beneath the opulent chandelier donated by Stalin. Among those who have dined there are Indira Gandhi, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. CDL Restaurant

HOTEL CONSOLACION Aragón, Spain Californian modernism meets medieval Spain at Hotel Consolacion, an ode to the dramatic beauty of its surroundings. The hotel’s Kubes, 10 individual villas of minimalist lines, come with black slate flooring and sunken baths, sleek suspended fireplaces and spartan designer furnishings. Each has a glass wall and terrace, offering uninterrupted views across a valley of pine and olive trees. In the main building, the cosy Nordic guest room features Danish furniture and Alvar

Hotel Consolacion

Aalto lights, while the richly coloured Baroque room has an open fireplace. The lounge boasts chandeliers, black sofas and paintings from ancient times. Views from the leafy terrace and infinity pool are sensational. For dinner, don’t miss the chirigol with black truffle.

This feature is provided by Food & Travel Unlimited. Launching spring 2011, it is possible to pre-register on already now.



Insider’s Guide


Immerse yourself in the ultimate Euro-chic elegance of Italy’s most sophisticated city. Milan is an ambitious, dynamic city with superb shops, restaurants, architecture and culture. But Milan’s treasures don’t present themselves to you - you must go find them and Milan is a “secret” city that prefers to be revealed slowly. In our ongoing quest to present an insider’s view of great destinations around the world, we asked Albarosa Simonetti, Interior Designer and Principal of Brillante Home Décor to share her favourites.

Where to stay

other specialities. I suggest the Crostata, so buttery that it will melt in your mouth.

Best Hotel The Gray A luxury design hotel in the centre of Milan, a few steps from the Galleria and the Cathedral, not to mention Prada. Location, luxury, comfort and style Via San Raffaele, 6

Where to eat

Three locations: Via Speronari, 3; Piazza San Nazaro in Brolo, 15; Piazza Santa Francesca Romana, 1

Mellina For a Sicilian feast, here you’ll find the most colourful marzipan fruits and the Cassata Siciliana, a cake filled with ricotta and candied peels, and decorated with the most delicious candied fruits. Viale Monte Santo, 10

Best patisserie Panarello You are in for a treat when you enter this Genovese-style patisserie; they make the best Cannoncini in the world, a flaky puff pastry that’s filled with delicious custard. Try their

Marchesi If you are in the city around Christmas time, try their Panettone, which was created in Milan during the Renaissance. Soft and buttery, it is the best in the city. The décor is also worth a


visit, since it maintains the atmosphere of the early 1900s. Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11/A

Cova Famous for its hot concoction of chocolate, coffee and whipped cream (Barbajata in Milanese), as well as delicious cakes and pastries. If you are lucky, you could find the Hungarian Dobos, a chocolate delight. Via Montenapoleone, 8

Best ice-cream La Bottega del Gelato 50 flavours made from the highest quality natural ingredients - the best fresh fruits, local or exotic - whipped into the creamiest delight. Try also some of the tropical fruits filled with ice cream. Via Pergolesi, 3


Best aperitivo at the counter Sant’ Ambroeus If you go during Happy Hour, be prepared to sample the best cold and hot hors d’oeuvres. There are tables inside or outside, but aperitivo can sometimes be better enjoyed standing at the counter - in the Milanese style. Corso Matteotti, 7

Best aperitivo sitting down Sheraton Diana Majestic For a relaxing hour in a beautiful bar that is a meeting spot for the fashion, design and art crowd. In season, the private garden is an oasis of quiet beauty. Viale Piave, 42

Best pizza Pizzeria Spontini This pizza is soft, not crusty, and they only have one kind: mozzarella, tomatoes, anchovies,

baked in a wood oven and served at the table hot and tasty. Take-away is also available. Be prepared to wait in line; this place is always full. And don’t expect chips or coffee - you go there only for pizza. Via Gaspare Spontini, 4 E

Best casual restaurant Pane e Acqua A historic “tabaccheria” in the established Magenta neighbourhood, now transformed into an innovative restaurant which follows the spirit of the nearby concept store, Spazio Rossana Orlandi. Charming mix of old and new in a very relaxed atmosphere. Via Matteo Bandello, 14

Best restaurant with a garden Don Lisander Restaurant with an emphasis on Lombard cooking, elegant traditional décor. In season, you can sit in a very pleasant garden in the centre of the city. Via Manzoni, 12/A

Best hidden restaurant Home If you can find this modern and refined restaurant, you’ll feel right “at home” enjoying the delicious and creative cuisine. Via Tortona, 12

Best espresso Bar Ba del Corso Don’t sit at the table - drink the espresso at the counter as the Italians do. And remember: for us, cappuccino is only for breakfast. Corso Vittorio Emanuele, at the corner of Via Agnello

Where to shop Best food store Peck The building’s gorgeous Liberty façade is a testimonial of the history of Salumeria Peck, a temple of gluttony and pleasure. It was founded in 1883 and it is still at the top. Gastronomy with butcher, bakery, cheeses, patisserie, coffee and tea shop. They also have an enoteca with the best selection of wines and champagne. Via Spadari, 9

Best textiles Rubelli Rubelli has a five-century tradition as a producer of sophisticated hand-made fabrics. The showroom is in a beautiful building in one of Milan’s oldest districts. Via San Maurilio, 19

Best shoe store Guido Pasquali Here you’ll find shoes with an edge and a blue sole, original and trendy. This is a beautiful and elegant store, recently renovated to perfection, in the most fashionable part of Milan, the Golden Quadrant. Via Sant’Andrea, 1

Best perfumes, bathroom products Scarazzini A refined old store that exudes a reassuring air of tradition, wooden shelves and counters from the 19th century, displaying a wide choice of historical perfume brands, shaving soaps, a range of razors and scissors, manicure and pedicure accessories. There is always an emphasis on elegant, hand-made items. Corso Genova, 28


The Gray



Guido Pasquali

Vetrerie di Empoli

Sant’ Ambroeus

Image: Albarosa Simonetti


Best millinery

Best glass

Gallia e Peter At the end of a magnificent courtyard, you’ll find custom-made hats like nowhere else. Laura Marelli continues the family tradition begun in 1932 by her grandmother, a tradition passed first to her mother and now to her. She also designs hats for fashion shows that range from Armani to Dior, to Moschino and Versace, to name just a few.

Vetrerie di Empoli A triumph of glass and rare collections in an extraordinary building.

Via Montenapoleone, 3

Best jeweller Pomellato Very elegant jewels with a clean and contemporary design. The shop itself is a jewel, featuring paintings by artist Michael Lin.

Via Montenapoleone, 22

Best art bookstore Libreria Bocca Established in 1775. Everything you need to know about art, especially painting, but also sculpture, archeology, architecture and ceramics. You’ll be amazed by the floor, which is composed of 103 tiles, each individually created by famous artists. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 12

What to visit

Via San Pietro all’Orto, 17

Best interior decorating accessories Dimorae This store and interior decoration firm is located in an 8-room apartment filled with incredible antiques and accessories. From the moment you enter the courtyard, you will feel you are visiting a wealthy old family. Everything is displayed with great flair. Corso Magenta, 69

Best museums The historic house museums There are four great homes museums in Milan where you can see how aristocrats or wealthy families of the past lived. Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi represents the Renaissance period. Via Gesù, 5

Poldi Pezzoli, in a 19th century building, displays collections that span several centuries. Via Manzoni, 12

Spazio Rossana Orlandi From newly made items to vintage pieces, you can be sure anything you find here is unique in the world of interior and fashion design. This establishment is worth a visit, even if only to pause for a coffee and a piece of cake in the courtyard.

Villa Necchi-Campiglio is a 1930s house full of antiques, mid-century furniture and modern art, set in a rare city centre garden. The house was featured in the movie, ‘I Am Love’.

Via Matteo Bandello, 14/16

Via Jan, 15

Via Mozart, 14

Casa Boschi-Di Stefano is an apartment of modern art collectors, now open to the public.


Best not-so-famous churches San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore A real jewel and a superb example of Milan’s 16th-century wonders. Every wall and corner is stunningly beautiful. The most important artwork of the church is the frescoes covering the walls. If you go to the presbytery, you’ll find a gorgeous 1554 organ and more frescoes. Corso Magenta, 15

San Bernardino alle Ossa This church is not for the faint of heart: it features a bizarre ossuary chapel built during the 17th century, decorated with symbols and patterns of human bones that came from the nearby Ospedale del Brolo, plus skulls of decapitated criminals. You can also find bright and colourful paintings to cheer you up after the freaky experience. Piazza Santo Stefano

Cimitero Monumentale Not a church but surely a religious place, this cemetery, opened in 1866, is where wealthy or notable Milanese are buried. It is an open-air museum, full of superb sculptures and works of art from several major artists. A leisurely walk through the avenues of the cemetery will help contemplate art, life and death. It has also a non-Catholic section and a Jewish section. Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale

Best contemporary art gallery Lia Rumma One of the most dynamic galleries in the international scenery of modern and contemporary art. The new space is a stunning 20,000-sq.ft. white cube, full of light, made of white concrete and glass. Via Stilicone, 19

Poldi Pezzoli Museum 112

Galleria Carla Sozzani

Best photography galleries Forma per la Fotografia A permanent centre of photography founded in 2005 in a former historical tramway warehouse in the Ticinese area. There is also a nice restaurant and a bar. Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro, 1

Galleria Carla Sozzani It opened in 1990 as a place devoted to art, photography, design and architecture. It is located in a former industrial building, typical of the Milanese working-class architecture. It is part of a complex with a unique concept store, fashion store, bookstore, and café. Corso Como, 10

Albarosa Simonetti is principal of Brillante Home Décor with many years of experience decorating homes and managing home improvement projects in Milan, Italy and Vancouver, British Columbia. Albarosa is currently living in Vancouver but has spent most of her life in Milan and is regularly visiting Milan for business, going there on shopping trips for clients and to be in touch with the latest trends. “I always favour furniture and accessories with a past. A good designer is a good editor, achieving harmony between past and future and creating an appealing and personal home.” explains Albarosa “Plus living in Vancouver for many years, whatever the reason, I love combining the classic appeal of the Old World with the contemporary flair of the New”. Albarosa is also the editor of a popular blog on Italian Design


Kitchen Confidential Top Chefs share their recipes In each issue of THE ADDRESS Magazine, leading Chefs share their recipes from some of the world’s leading restaurants. In this issue, you will meet Tristan Welch, Launceston Place, London, UK and Mauro Colagreco, Mirazur, Menton, France.

Tristan Welch, Launceston Place 114

Mauro Colagreco, Mirazur

Mirazur, Menton, France Bold modernity and creativity with roots in the soil. The avant-garde menu is nature at its best – an explosion of colours, flavours and textures • For the Chef, the plate is a palette, preferring earthy textures and light, simple ingredients, unexpectedly but masterfully layered • Dishes are superb and sublime, and every course is visually gorgeous • Rare San Remo red prawns, barely yet precisely grilled to retain their lucidity and sweetness, are a signature dish, served with wild strawberries and a showering of subtly flavourful petals • Boasts a stunning hillside setting, and is housed in a vast Modernist building • Panoramic views over the old port of Menton, the cathedral and of course the sea – one of the most beautiful settings on the French Riviera • Boasts its own herb-andwildflower garden and citrus grove, which are brought together to produce a total work of art

Launceston Place, London, UK Steeped in history, it stands on land which once formed part of the manor of Earl’s Court • The sumptuous surroundings with its stylish chocolatey brown walls and cream banquettes • The cooking is sublime; a distinctly traditional British cuisine with a modern flamboyant flare • Attention is paid to using the best produce from around the British Isles and making use of the seasons • The food is presented with a theatrical flair • Don’t miss the innovative tasting menu. The Sunday Lunch is to die for as well • The global fine wine list boasts an assured touch • Service is delivered with grace by absolutely charming staff


Roasted scallops with wild flowers Courtesy of Tristan Welch, Launceston Place, London, UK

This dish only takes five minutes to cook, so you have to be quick. Choice of wild flowers depends on the season. At the moment I’m using pea flowers, rocket flowers, and chive and leek flowers. It’s amazing how many flowers are edible.

INGREDIENTS 12 medium size scallops in their shells

Sea salt for dusting Olive oil 25g butter

150ml white wine 300ml vegetable stock

Selection of fresh edible flowers METHOD

Ask your fishmonger to prepare the scallops for you by taking the top flat shell off, removing the skirt and roe, and leaving the scallop meat intact in the shell. Preheat the oven to 180*C, 350*F, Gas 4. You will need a pan large enough to fit at least 3 of the scallops at one time. Scallops cook quickly and take care not to overcook them otherwise they will be tough and dry. Heat a non-stick frying pan until hot. Lightly dust the scallops with sea salt. Pour 1 dessertspoon of oil into the pan, add the scallops to the pan with the shell facing up and the scallop meat in contact with the pan’s surface. Cooking the scallops in this way not only browns the scallop but the shell also keeps all the moisture from the scallop and start to steam. When the scallops are nice and brown on the top of the meat, add a knob of butter and remove the pan from the heat. Remove the scallops and place them, meat side up, on a baking tray. Place the pan back on the heat, pour in some of the wine (not all of it if you are cooking the scallops in batches), and cook to reduce by half then add some of the vegetable stock (again, not all of it if you are cooking in batches). Stir well, pour the sauce into a small pan then set aside. Repeat this until you have all the scallops on the tray then pop them into the oven and cook for 3 minutes. While the scallops are cooking, warm up the sauce. Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

PRESENTATION To serve, place the scallops on a bed of sea salt to keep them steady and divide the sauce between each scallop. Dress the wild flowers lightly in olive oil then arrange on top of the scallops and serve straight away. Serves 4 116


Apple Charlottes Courtesy of Tristan Welch, Launceston Place, London, UK

A great British favourite dessert that can be made ahead and reheated to serve. Make them in moulds or ramekin dishes.

INGREDIENTS 1 large Bramley apple 2 Granny Smith apples Double cream Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon 50g caster sugar, or to taste 100g butter, softened 12 slices brioche or white bread


To make the clotted cream, which can be made in advance, pour a thin layer of double cream into a baking tray or oven proof dish and place in the oven for 40 minutes at 120°C and then chill. Peel, core and chop the apples. Place in a saucepan with the lemon zest, juice, sugar and 25g butter. Cook until soft and pulpy then remove and cool. Meanwhile, butter the insides of the darioles or ramekins. Cut 12 rounds out of 6 bread slices to match the tops and bases of the moulds (the 6 rounds for the base may have to be slightly smaller). Cut the crusts from the remaining bread slices, then cut them into soldiers about 2cm wide. Butter the rounds and the slices. Place a round on the base of each mould and arrange the slices around the edge, slightly overlapping. Fill with the apple puree and top with the remaining rounds, butter side up. Heat the oven to 180°C, Gas 4. Place the moulds on a baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes until the tops are golden brown and crisp. Remove, cool 10 mins then run a table knife around the insides and carefully invert onto desert plates.

PRESENTATION Serve with a spoon of clotted cream or dollop of whipped cream. Serves 6



Broad bean stew, peas, trumpet courgette and nasturtium flowers Courtesy of Mauro Colagreco, Mirazur, Menton, France

100 g 100 g 80 g 80 g 4 10 g


shelled broad beans (fava beans) shelled peas trumpet courgette (zucchini) mangetouts (snow peas) pearl onions butter Salt

Rocket purée 200 g rocket (arugula) 10 ml olive oil

Vegetable broth 1/2 fennel bulb 1 turnip 200 g pea pods 1 white onion Olive oil 10 g Kuzu Parmesan shavings Nasturtium leaves and flowers Courgette shoots and flowers

METHOD Rocket purée Blanch the rocket in salted water for 3 mins and refresh quickly in ice water. Whiz in a blender with a little water to obtain a very smooth purée and finish with a little olive oil. Season. Vegetable broth Slice the fennel and onion, cut the turnip into small dice and sweat the vegetables in oil in a saucepan without letting them brown. Add water just to cover the vegetables and, towards the end of the cooking time, add the pea pods. Season and strain through a chinois. Thicken the broth with the kuzu. Stew Shell the broad beans and peas, slice the trumpet courgette and the pearl onions, and cut the mangetouts in half. Spoon the purée into the bottom of a shallow bowl. In a sauté pan heat the butter over medium heat, add 1 tbsp of water and the vegetables, starting with the onions, then the mangetouts, courgettes, peas and broad beans. Cook until the water evaporates. The vegetables should still be firm.

PRESENTATION Arrange the vegetables in the plate and top with three parmesan shavings, the flowers and the nasturtium leaves. Season with fleur de sel. Serve the vegetable broth on the side. Serves 4 120


Sea bass from Menton, celeriac mousseline,wilted sorrel and smoked sauce Courtesy of Mauro Colagreco, Mirazur, Menton, France

INGREDIENTS dog cockles butter celeriac butter 1/2 litre whole milk 80 g wild sorrel Small wild sorrel leaves 4 slices sea bass fillet, each weighing about 80 g Olive oil Fleur de sel 1 kg 30 g 200 g 100 g

METHOD Smoked sauce Open the dog cockles in water, saving the cooking juice (1 litre of juice for 3 kg cockles). Add the butter to the juice and let it melt. Place in the smoker for 1 hour. Taste and smoke a little longer if necessary. For the smoker: place some sawdust in a dish and heat in the oven. When the sawdust is very hot, light it with a match so that it burns out. Cover the dish with aluminium foil, piercing it to let the smoke through. Place the dog cockles in the same oven. Celeriac mousseline Sweat the celeriac with 100 g butter, add the milk and cook for 20 mins. Blend to obtain a very smooth mousseline. Wild sorrel Wilt the 80 g sorrel in olive oil over high heat for a few moments just before serving the dish.

PRESENTATION Cook the sea bass slices in a frying pan with a little olive oil. Place a quenelle of celeriac mousseline in the bottom of a shallow bowl, add the sorrel, pour over the smoked emulsified sauce and top with the sea bass. Finish with fleur de sel and a few wild sorrel leaves. Serves 4



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