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Welcome to the Summer 09 issue of The Address. In response to the wonderful feedback from hundreds of readers across the world – a big thank you! We really appreciate that you take time to tell us how much you enjoy the magazine. It is always very rewarding to be recognised for your efforts, and I’m delighted to say that this issue is our biggest ever. The Address is totally dedicated to bringing you the best in terms of luxury real estate across the world as well as property investment and food and travel features. Markets rarely stand still. There are always opportunities in both upturns and downturns, and some properties and markets are more recessionproof than others. We are pleased to feature some of the greatest real estate opportunites available today. In this issue, don’t miss the Piece de Resistance – Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles. A creative fusion of luxury, barefoot elegance and bold modern architecture (page 4). ‘Best of Modern’ showcases an architectural masterpiece in Madrid. It is a work of art and at the same time a piece of sculpture (page 8). Another truly iconic property is located in Ischgl, offering an address with attitude and altitude! (page 16).

And then there are, of course some of the most luxurious properties currently available for sale in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe and the Middle East (page 18). Our property investment stories in this issue are ‘Why Everyone’s Talking about Panama’ (page 12), ‘Buying Properties Off-plan’ (page 52) and ‘Market Insights From Around the World’ (page 76). A World of Opportunities gives you the chance to take advantage of some outstanding opportunities currently available. A limited number of residences at the highly desirable Banyan Tree Mayakoba has been released at special prices (page 68). Also, you will find luxury residential developments in Florida, representing great buying opportunities (page 65). Beginning on page 78, you will find Chocolate Sensations, a celebration of some of the most exceptional chocolatiers in the world. I also doubt that you will be able to resist the delicious recipes in our Kitchen Confidential feature. Two very seasoned Chefs, Jean Beddington at Beddington, Amsterdam and Geoffrey Murray at Zachary’s, Knysna share some of their recipes (page 54). Starting in this issue is also a new feature called ‘Concierge Choice’ and first out is the Chief Concierge of the Peninsula Hong Kong who shares her top tips about what make Hong Kong such an exciting city (page 70). We would as ever be pleased to hear from you with any thoughts or comments you may have at ANN ADENIUS Editor

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Cover Photo: Zil Pasyon, the Seychelles

Piece de


A creative fusion of luxury, barefoot elegance and naturally modern architecture set against a backdrop of the legendary natural beauty of the Seychelles, Zil Pasyon will give 21 privileged homeowners a private island living experience, where time, space and privacy are theirs to own.

Zil Pasyon is a stunning array of 21 designer hilltop residences situated on Felicite Island, an undeveloped private island in the Seychelles. Each private villa will be uniquely crafted to blend into its natural surroundings, while unique design features such as swimming pool ceilings, sophisticated interactions between light and materials and sensational views will conspire to redefine concepts of time, space and luxury. Owners of the Zil Pasyon freehold villas will have complete privacy as well as privileges such as a private helicopter landing pad, personal butler service, dedicated concierge services and on-site property management. Other services include privileged access to resort amenities which include a water sports centre, fine dining, infinity swimming pools and tennis courts. A completely unique feature is the world’s first Rock Wine Cave, a wine cellar nestled into a natural rock façade for wine tasting sessions and private degustation dinners. Located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is a collection of 116 islands accessible by daily direct flights

from major European, Asian and African cities. It is a year-around, multi-faceted destination, featuring a hurricane-free climate, powderwhite beaches and unique granite formations. Only recently available to foreign property purchasers, Seychelles offers a sophisticated clientele an array of property ownership benefits, including tax advantages, national residency, political and economic stability and a safe living environment. This private island will welcome a discerning community of individuals craving a rare and exceptional living experience. There will also be an optional rental program that lets you dictate when you wish to use your property and when you wish to enter it into the program. Zil Pasyon offers luxury at every turn. Whether you’re admiring the serenity from your favourite pool side spot, or being tended to by your personal butler, you’ll know you’ve found paradise. Price from US$3,227,647. Available from Signature Residences Worldwide; Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701.


Masterpiece in


This spectacular, contemporary masterpiece is a truly unique trophy property. It comes as no surprise that art is a passion of the owner and architect of this sensational, sculptural home.


The owner of this modern gem has set a new concept of architecture by creating a residence as a work of art and a piece of sculpture. Located in the exclusive Somosaguas area, northwest of Madrid, the house truly amazes thanks to its size, visual impact and conceptual design. It is a stratified building with texturised dark concrete facades, the interior is sleek and spacious with a very well structured distribution. The vestibule is extensive, with direct access to all floors, acting as a gallery to display antiques and pieces of art decorating the house. A massive, vertical glass door, that is concealed in the floor, integrates the living room with the large terrace, creating a seamless outdoor/indoor environment. There are two dining areas and the living room boasts a ceiling height of 5 metres. The kitchen with a 12 metres made to measure Corian worktop as centrepiece is not only stunning but also very functional. The great length of the worktop allows it to accommodate a working area and storage space at one end and a table for informal meals at the other end. Also, on the entrance floor is the master bedroom with dressing room, bathroom, gymnasium and an indoor covered swimming pool. The master bedroom has, like all rooms, views to the outdoor swimming pool, the garden and the lake. The total living area is 1,700m2. The garden level features guest rooms, the children’s area, a cinema room and a service area. The large, curved infinity pool (400m2) is designed in such a way that it appears to merge with the lake. The Japanese-inspired garden features an abundance of large Bonsai trees as well as different species of flowering trees. Price: ₏11million. Available from Signature Residences Worldwide; Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701



Everyone’s Talking

about Panama Think Panama and the first thing that comes to mind is the Central American Republic’s famous canal. Little wonder. This maritime marvel, built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 94 years ago, is the motor that keeps Panama’s economy humming even as the rest of the world stumbles.


Photos by Alfredo Maiquez. All rights reserved Authority of Tourism of Panama.

Panama is successfully positioning themselves as the hub of the Americas — the place to be for business and finance, real estate investment, tourism and affordable retirement living. And the Canal is playing a fundamental role as the key to prosperity. Already, the canal has transformed tiny Panama, home to 3.2 million people, into an international business centre and helped it achieve the fastest-growing economy in Central America - well on its way to becoming what observers are predicting is ‘the next Hong Kong’. But if the canal is Panama’s heart, its soul is without doubt its geography. To borrow a phrase from real estate, Panama is blessed with location, location, location.

A canal — and a nation — is born Situated on the eastern end of the isthmus forming a land bridge connecting North and South America, Panama is bordered by Costa Rica to the northwest, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. It is this strategic location between the Americas that prompted the United States to help Panama secede from Colombia in 1903 (Panama had formed an alliance with Colombia after breaking away from Spain in 1821). In return, Panama signed a treaty allowing the U.S. to build a canal across the narrow isthmus, giving U.S. sovereignty over land on either side, known as the Panama Canal Zone. After a 10-year building project, the 50-milelong canal was born in 1914 and, with it, Panama’s inferiority complex - it would be decades before the country could shake off its world image as a banana republic created by the Americans. Things slowly began to change in 1977, when an agreement was signed that would gradually hand over control of the canal and U.S. military bases to Panama over the next two decades. With the handover completed in 1999, Panama finally felt truly

independent for the first time. It has never looked back since. The independent Panama Canal Authority, which runs the canal today, has been applauded for their efficient operation. And the operation has certainly become very profitable - the authority has more than doubled the annual toll income to $2.7 billion. A major expansion project is expected to raise revenue to $6 billion a year by 2025, cash that will be pumped back into the economy to provide employment and increased standard of living. Panama’s dollar economy - a holdover from its U.S. past - has been growing steadily, expanding an average of 8.8 per cent over the past five years, the highest in Latin America. “Panama is a very good place to do business,” Roger Khafif, the developer of the $450-million Trump Ocean Club in Panama City, told the Cato Institute’s Centre for Global Liberty and Prosperity. Optimism remains high, despite the world economic crisis, thanks to the $5.25 billion canal expansion project, approved in a referendum by Panamanians in 2006. Construction on a third, larger set of locks, which will allow supersized ships to transit the canal, began in 2007 and will have created thousands of jobs when completed by 2014, in time to celebrate the centennial of the waterway’s opening. “By the end of the year, we should have around 96 per cent of the contracts awarded and working,” Panama Canal Authority President Alberto Aleman Zubieta told Reuters recently. “The expansion is proceeding very well, very much in the time that we intended.”

Building boom sets Panama apart Meanwhile, the Panama Canal Zone is being transformed into a showcase for resort hotels, residential housing, industry and education. Fort Clayton, a former U.S. Army headquarters, is now an education- and technology-based City of Knowledge. And the former U.S. Howard Air Force base is being converted


into one of the world’s largest development projects, strategically located directly across from Panama City, the country’s capital, and overlooking both the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean. The government in 2007 awarded a $750million development deal to British-based London & Regional Properties, whose 40-year master plan will see the 2,750-acre Howard base site - renamed Panama Pacifico - divided into eight zones built around the existing airport. Plans include a logistics and warehousing district, office and commercial space, 25,000 homes and three resort hotels. IBM, Cabo Drilling, MEC Repairs, Dell Panama, The Red Cross, Caterpillar, Singapore Airlines and 3M are among the companies to be included in Panama Pacifico, which has been designated a Special Economic Zone. Companies in the mini-city will benefit from tax incentives and labour benefits, ensuring they can bring in the skilled workers they need. “All of these developments will be supported by a vibrant town centre, alive with restaurants, shops and cafés,” said Ian Livingstone,

managing director with London & Regional Properties. “Howard will provide something that is truly unique and differentiated from Panama City. While the majority of development in the city is high density and high rise, our vision for Howard is of a new city that maximises the lush vegetation on the site with fantastic sea and canal views from parts of the site such as the Southern Hills and Kobbe Hills.” Since gaining control of the canal, Panama has actively pursued foreign investment and adopted policies aimed at liberalising trade, encouraging tourism developments and inviting its Central American neighbours, along with North Americans and Europeans, to move to its shores to invest, work and retire. Observers believe these measures, along with a continued stable government, will help turn Panama into the Hong Kong of the Americas. Many foreign and domestic high rise projects are already under way, with skyscrapers and construction cranes towering over Panama City. “We are unique,” lawyer Ebrahim Asvat told Time. “We are not like other Central American countries.”

Photos by Alfredo Maiquez. All rights reserved Authority of Tourism of Panama.


Diversification pays off

that would follow the route of Panama’s canal.

Indeed, Panama’s prized geographic location means that its economy, unlike that of its neighbours in the region, need not rely on low-paying jobs. In Panama, services account for more than two-thirds of all economic activity, while in other Latin American economies, manufacturing and agriculture represent two-fifths, or more, of GDP. Among Panama’s mature service industries are the canal, the Colon Free Trade Zone - the largest in the Western Hemisphere - and banking, all joining with the burgeoning cruise lines, logistics and technology sectors. In another diversification move, Panama is also positioning itself as one of the energy hubs of the Americas. The government has signed an agreement with U.S. energy giant Occidental Petroleum Corp. to develop a $7-billion oil refinery near Panama’s border with Costa Rica, and is considering a $40-billion proposal by a consortium of private companies with plans to build refineries, petrochemical plants and an oil pipeline

Politically, Panama also stands out. Panama’s government is considered by government analysts to be the most stable government in all of Central or South America. In early May this year, Panamanians voting in presidential elections signalled their country will continue to be open for business, electing conservative supermarket magnate Ricardo Martinelli, 57, in a landslide. Observers view Martinelli’s election as good news for Panama’s economy and foreign investors. “Martinelli is even more market friendly than the ruling party, which has been very good for the economy,” Kathryn Rooney, a Latin America analyst with Miami-based Bulltick Securities Corp., told Bloomberg News.

Want to know more? A free copy of the full report can be requested on

Photos by Alfredo Maiquez. All rights reserved Authority of Tourism of Panama.


Best of



Altitude with attitude - for a privileged few Nestled into a pristine Tyrolean alpine paradise, Schooren des Alpes in Ischgl defines a new era in ultra luxury holiday homes. As Ischgl is like no other ski resort in the world, Schooren des Alpes residences are like no other lifestyle residences in Europe. Combining striking modern architecture, cutting edge interior design and pure luxury amenities along with nature’s beauty, Schooren des Alpes delivers a new ultra luxury standard that makes this exclusive lifestyle property outstanding. Multiple fireplaces in every suite, stone and hardwood floors, breathtaking glass walls, private wine cellars and private storage are only a few of the bespoke amenities. Owners benefit from an array of luxury amenities such as a 330m2 wellness area; hammam, sauna, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, massage and solarium, lounge and bar area.

Another service, exclusively for the residents, is access to shared 4WDs and Quads. Owners have also access to management services including concierge services, cleaning, maintenance, chef on demand, chauffeur service and other 5-star luxury hotel services. This is “Elevated Living� at an address with an attitude that elevates holiday lifestyle to year-round indulgence. Only six prestigious residences are available for sale. Price on application. Available from Signature Residences Worldwide: Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701.




Luxury in a truly spectacular setting Exceptional villa estate with sensational views of the Atlas Mountains Tucked away among the olive groves 25 km outside Marrakech, this vast residence is a Moroccan dream in a magical setting. The 6 hectares (15 acres) of landscaped grounds include open lawns, a huge bamboo alleyway, majestic palm trees, a rose garden, an orchard with approximately 100 fruit trees, an orange grove, a kitchen garden, 50 old olive trees and 18

eucalyptus hedges. The estate boasts a 360 degree panoramic view dominated by the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. The residence combines a contemporary villa of 965m² with a traditional Kasbah of 867m², making it a very individual property. In addition, there are two pavilions of 224m² along with patios of 600m².

The contemporary villa features a vast living room with fireplace, indoor pool, an enormous dining room, a generous kitchen, a huge master bedroom, office, a gym and two terraces. The Kasbah features a dining room with fireplace, kitchen, lounge with fireplace, a massive patio and four bedroom suites. There are eight bedrooms in total.

There is also a heated infinity pool (15 x 7m) with a 200m² pool house fully equipped with hammam and sun deck. This is a place unlike any other. Price: â‚Ź3,399,000 Available from Signature Residences Worldwide: Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701.


Royal living Le Palais, located in Marrakech, would be the perfect setting for a modern version of ‘Arabian nights’. Truly extraordinary, Le Palais is not one, but four palaces and ten villas set in 40,000m2 manicured Balinese-inspired gardens with Rajasthan style architecture and cascading water features. With no similar properties available on the market, it presents an unparalleled opportunity for a discerning private buyer to acquire a remarkable residence. Alternatively, it can be turned it into a fully operational worldclass hotel. With no personal adornments, the 25-room hotel could be fully customised and operational within six months. Le Palais offers a whole range of amenities including a boutique, chic lounge, restaurant, Spa, recording studio, pool, terrace bar, conference room, fully equipped gym, and an amazing 13 pools. Designed by world-renowned architect Imaad Rahmouni with no limitation on imagination and exclusivity, the palace is set to captivate and astound. Le Palais is on the market at â‚Ź30 million. Available from Signature Residences Worldwide: Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701. 20





Undeniably stylish Baan Yamu, Phuket, is a beautiful and secluded residential community on the prestigious Cape Yamu on the east coast of Phuket. Created by the same team that developed the stylish and much talked about Twinpalms Hotel in Phuket, Baan Yamu has become one of the most sought after addresses on the island. The first phase has already been completed with the second phase on schedule to be completed this summer. The residences, a mix of penthouses, townhouses and luxury villas, blend perfectly in with the surrounding environment while at the same time offering panoramic and breathtaking sea views across beautiful Sapam Bay. The design of the residences combines stylish elegance with integration of outside and inside living spaces. While the architecture is contemporary, natural local materials have been used to integrate elements of Thai culture. The pier on the beach, 50 metres away from Baan Yamu residences, offers direct boat access to Phang Nga’s dramatic seascape to the north, and a string of breathtaking islands stretching south. Marinas, golf courses, shopping centres, schools and international standard hospitals are a short drive away. Residence owners can enjoy a wide range of facilities including a swimming pool, fitness centre, clubhouse and restaurant. Managed by Twinpalms Management, a well-known management team noted for their 5-star service, an optional rental and management program is available. Price from THB11,900,000 Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.


Your own private paradise in Phuket Superior quality and superb location is a concept that often goes hand in hand with success and Andara Resort in Phuket is a perfect example.

Following the great success and complete sell out of the 26 luxury villas at Andara Resort in Phuket, phase III is being launched to meet the ever increasing demand from clients looking to invest. Living up to Andara’s renowned reputation, this latest phase of exclusive lifestyle living offers 37 luxury apartments and penthouses


featuring breathtaking views over the Andaman Sea. Dramatic design elements such as private pools provide seclusion while a feeling of openness is still retained. The interiors blend with the natural outdoor environment and stunning scenery. In addition to elegant homes, Andara Residences offers owners 5-star hotel services

integrated with rental management, concierge services, 40 metre ocean view swimming pool, Spa, fine Asian dining, exclusive beach club and more. Residence owners also have access to the resort’s very own private super yachts. The developer, the Paradise Group, is a leader in exclusive boutique-style property development, and is headed by Dr. Allan Zeman, a successful Hong Kong entrepreneur and

creator of Hong Kong’s well-known Lan Kwai Fong entertainment district. Andara Resort Residences is the ultimate holiday escape and sage investment. Price from THB 27,200,000 Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.


A world of luxury and beauty in Goa In the middle of one of the most exotic places in the world you will find Infiniti Bay, a small upmarket development that is currently being built. Goa, on India’s west coast, offers stunning views, some of the best beaches in the world and a vibrant cosmopolitan community. Add the world of luxury and beauty that is on offer at Infiniti Bay and you have a very tempting offer that is hard to refuse. Consisting of only 23 luxury villas and 20 exclusive duplex apartments located near the breathtakingly beautiful Bogmalo Beach, Infiniti Bay boasts luxury homes built in contemporary style. Each villa will be fitted with two swimming pools, while the apartments will have a private plunge pool. Each luxury residence comes fully-furnished and is equipped with exclusive entertainment systems such as 42� LCD TV; DVD / Home


Theatre; Bose Audio System; Indoor and Outdoor speakers. In addition, you will as an owner have access to a host of world-class amenities such as an exclusive yacht. The 42 ft Princess Yacht will come with crew and be available for residence owners up to five days at a nominal charge. Other services and facilities include Spa, gym, concierge and housekeeping services. The developer of Infiniti Bay has so far constructed and delivered 10 million sq. ft of real estate properties to happy customers all over the world so there is a solid track record. Price from INR 18.2 million (approx. GBP245,115) Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.




Beautiful Dominican Republic Imagine a place of spectacular natural beauty with mountainous peaks, verdant valleys and breathtaking palm-fringed beaches. Add an average temperature of 28ºC / 82ºF, more than 300 sun-filled days every year and warm, clear, turquoise seas. The place is Dominican Republic and Las Canas Beach Resort is the place to enjoy your own piece of paradise. Las Canas Beach Resort is a luxury development situated on the Dominican Republic’s north coast. Located along a white sand beach, the resort is bordered by lush, tropical forest of coconut palms, mahogany, cedar, wild olive and musk wood trees. Exquisite thatched water bungalows are positioned just offshore and beautiful villas lie along the riverside and beach front, enjoying the stunning panoramas offered by this idyllic location. Apart from being located on one of the most breathtaking stretches of beach on the whole island, Las Canas Beach Resort will boast many impressive facilities. A main feature is the signature golf course, designed by a golfing legend, interspersed with villas overlooking the greens and fairways to the magnificent landscape beyond. Other facilities include a sports academy offering expert baseball, cricket, football, rugby 28

and tennis coaching; fitness centre; Spa; several bars and restaurants including Trader Vic’s; the diving & watersports centre offering PADI tuition; a kid’s club and a teen club. Located just 20 minutes from the Gregorio Luperon International Airport at Puerto Plata, Las Canas Beach Resort offers an unbeatable lifestyle along with a hassle free investment. Buyers of the freehold, fully furnished residences are offered 10% rental guarantee for 2 years followed by 50% net room share, 30 days free use per year, no capital gains tax, no buying tax, no inheritance tax. The developer will also assist buyers in obtaining finance. All in all, this is one of the finest investment opportunities in the whole of the Caribbean. Prices from £100,000 to £1,050,000 Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.



Enjoy a luxury Caribbean lifestyle and let the developer pay your mortgage for life The stunning residences at Bacolet Bay combined with a unique finance package offers purchasers an excellent investment and lifestyle opportunity. The finance package for Bacolet Bay is very attractive with a leaseback programme covering your mortgage costs while still giving you a month free usage every year. This means that after 20 years, you will own a 100 per cent of your property but it will have only cost you 30 per cent of the purchase price as the developer has made repayments of 70 per cent. Grenada, one of the least developed islands in the Caribbean was cited as one of the top ten property markets to watch for in Citigroup’s Annual Wealth Report 2008. Located in the region of St. David’s on the south coast of Grenada, Bacolet Bay’s stunning location is one of the most superb on the island. It is ideally located for many of Grenada’s attractions whilst also being in a prime location for privacy and for taking in some of the most spectacular sea and rainforest views in the world. The island is unspoilt and there is a shortage of high-quality property with demand significantly outstripping supply. The World Travel & Tourism Council has predicted tourism growth of 2.8 per cent per year between 2008 and 2017, reaching annual tourist arrivals of over 600,000 by 2017. In addition to Bacolet Bay, a new high end marina from Camper & Nicholson and a Four Seasons hotel are in the planning stage.

Bacolet Bay’s luxury apartments and private villas are tiered into the hillside to ensure scenic mountain and breathtaking sea views. Every luxury residence has a private pool and with only 5 properties per acre (12 per cent build density), privacy is guaranteed. This world class resort features a 200 metre white sand beach and secluded bay along with outstanding hotel facilities. In addition to a multitude of sporting and leisure facilities, Bacolet Bay will feature a holistic Spa created by the renowned designers of the Armani Spa in Tokyo, Dubai and Milan. This 5-star resort features a beach front wedding chapel, kids’ club, creche and baby-sitting facilities, a private sheltered jetty and what promise to be some of the island’s best restaurants. The development will be managed by one of the world’s most innovative luxury resort operators. Bacolet Bay Resort & Spa was awarded the Best Development Award at the 2007 International Property Awards as well as the 2007 Caribbean Property Award, Best Spa Development of the Year. Building work is currently under way and with prices more than 50 per cent below market comparables, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Price from US$580,000. Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.



Central America

Destined to become a world-class landmark and an architectural icon Panama City, one of the hottest destinations in the world is where you will also find one of the hottest addresses - Trump Ocean Club in the exclusive Punta Pacifica area.


It is easy to understand why the location of Trump Ocean Club in Panama City is so desirable - the financial centre is only a few blocks away, it is three minutes away from the city’s most exclusive shopping centres and only 15 minutes away from the International Tocumen Airport. The striking US$400 million development is the largest real estate investment in Latin America. A total of 2.8 million sq. ft. gives its residents the opportunity to live, work and play, all under the same roof. The 70-storey building boasts luxury condominium residences and hotel condominiums, ranging from studios to one, two and three bedrooms residences. In addition, there are two 14,000 sq.ft. penthouses available with interiors that will be designed in co-operation with each owner. As a property of this magnitude and luxury require, Trump Ocean Club has all the amenities you could possibly ask for; wellness Spa, oversized infinity pool & deck, yacht club and an electrifying on-site 45,000 sq.ft. Trump International Casino. There will also be upscale boutiques and shops and a host of gourmet dining experiences. And of course, a state-ofthe-art business centre. Should you want to escape the buzz of the city, simply request the Trump yacht to take you to the Private Beach Club on Contadora Island which is accessible to all residents. Construction is well under way and all funds to fully complete Trump Ocean Club are secured and under the control of the trustees. The development is scheduled to be completed second half of 2010. Trump Ocean Club will redefine the standard for luxury living in Latin America. Price from US$443,000 Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.



Europe Luxury Homes - Winery - Art De Vivre Château Les Carrasses in Languedoc in the south of France is an exceptional 19th century wine domaine. Currently being carefully converted into 28 luxury residences, buyers will be able to enjoy the authenticity of owning a historic building on a domaine that has produced wine since 1886. With its rolling hills, charming villages, arresting vineyards, close proximity to the Canal du Midi and easy trips to the neighbouring towns, owning in Chateau Les Carrasses makes for a quintessential and magical French experience. Beziers, Pezenas, Montpellier, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Narbonne, Perpignan and Nimes are all within easy reach. And to cross the border to Spain to explore Girona and Barcelona is just as easy. There will be only 28 luxury residences in total; all designed by the renowned architect Francois Thoulouze. Using the traditional stone facades, exposed beams and other original features of the old buildings traditionally found on an important Domaine such as the Château, the Winery, the Winemaker’s house 34

and Grape picker’s lodgings, no two of the French luxury vineyard villas, townhouses and apartments are alike. Add the stunning views and the end result will be homes of unique style and refinement. The interior design will take its cues from both the aristocratic and agricultural heritage of the Estate. Period features will integrate seamlessly with natural material and high-spec kitchen, luxurious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and superb fixtures and fittings throughout. At its centre will be the refurbished winery producing quality boutique wines, with all founding owners sharing in the annual yield - estimated at 40 - 50 cases per year. With a host of great facilities and a full suite of management and letting services for hassle-free ownership, Château Les Carrasses offers a unique opportunity to experience the authentic ‘Art de Vivre’ for which the Mediterranean South of France is so renowned. Prices from €220,500 to €689,950. Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.


French Riviera glamour with breathtaking views of Golfe St Tropez

Sophisticated and glamorous, the French Riviera is keeping its allure and this villa represents classic luxury Riviera living. Boasting an imposing location with a 360 degree sea view, the south-facing villa is truly a gem. The villa offers a heavenly atmosphere with a big entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen and 4 bedrooms. The villa benefits from a lovely tropical garden with heated swimming pool and pool house with summer kitchen and shower room. The basement comprises wine cellar, media room and a laundry room. In addition, there are also a 45m² guest flat and a garage for 4-5 cars. Price: â‚Ź5.9 million Available from Signature Residences Worldwide, Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701.



For the first time in 40 years it is possible to invest in a luxury ski residence in Avoriaz, France - one of the largest ski areas in the world

This new build development heralds the start of a new era of luxury mountain living with modern alpine interiors, larger living spaces, balconies and Spa facilities. Property in the French Alps continues to appeal to both investors and lifestyle buyers but historically, the Alps have had a real shortage of property for sale. The French Alps is one of the most unique property markets in Europe; not only are buyers in the Alps able to enjoy a fantastic ski and summer season in their property, the Alps are also amongst some of the most environmentally protected regions in Europe. Planning restrictions are strict and land to build on is extremely limited. This combination of limited supply and increasing demand has driven 38

strong capital growth across the region. This is why Avoriaz MGM Amara, the first newly built development for 40 years, has attracted a massive interest. Avoriaz MGM Amara offers the opportunity to own a fantastic south facing ski-in-ski-out luxury apartment with superb views of the Morzine valley on a freehold leaseback basis. The company behind the development is Europe’s market leader with 42 years of experience in the development and management of tourist accommodation. This means you can

own a luxury ski apartment with none of the hassles as the management company takes care of letting and management. You will also receive guaranteed rental income on your property irrespective of whether your property is rented out or not. A variety of very competitive mortgages are readily available, including 99 per cent mortgages as well as interest only options. Avoriaz benefits from a privileged location at an altitude of 1,800m and it has the highest average snowfall in France at resort level. It is the closest ski resort to Geneva, and skiers can

make use of 650 km of slopes, including the famous ‘Swiss Wall’ ski run, connecting France with Switzerland. Avoriaz is the perfect resort for easy ski in ski out facilities and with all the amenities you could need. The summers in Avoriaz are an added bonus with first class facilities and plenty to do. One-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments are available, starting at €267,000 and rising to around €974,000 excluding VAT. Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.


Exceptional minimalist designer villa Quiet location, minimalist design, sensational sea views. And lots of space. This exceptional villa breathes purity and sophistication. High above the rocks of Na Xamena on the north-eastern coast of Ibiza is this absolutely exceptional house. Boasting 730m2 of living space on two levels and comprises of 7 bedrooms with bathrooms, 2 independent lounges and a dining room, the villa is very spacious. And the ultra-modern kitchen is a dream. Add a swimming pool (14 x 7m), several terraces, gym, air-conditioning and a garage for six cars and it is hard to find anything that is missing. Located on a 2,100m² plot, with panoramic views, this luxury home represents a true limited edition living opportunity. Price: â‚Ź6 million Available from Signature Residences Worldwide,, Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701.



Effortlessly stylish, contemporary villa with stunning sea views


The property market in Mallorca has been booming in recent years and is one of the healthiest in Europe. With strict building regulations in force to prevent over-development and a buoyant holiday rental market on the island, it is anticipated that prices will continue to rise. Consequently, luxury properties such as this contemporary villa in Mallorca are considered to be an excellent investment in addition to the priceless quality of life enjoyed by the residents of this Mediterranean island. Located on a breathtaking cove on the north coast of Mallorca, the villa offers a luxury escape in a stunning Mediterranean landscape. Big windows and wonderful terraces boast sensational sea views. The house is surrounded

by numerous pine trees, ensuring a high degree of privacy. A large living and dining room with open plan kitchen opens out to a huge terrace, the perfect place for alfresco dining. The villa offers three bedrooms with three bathrooms. In addition, the villa also boasts a one bedroom guest apartment with an open space for dining, kitchen and sitting room. The guest apartment has an independent entrance, and has no connection to the main house although it is part of the building. Price: â‚Ź2.5 million Available from Signature Residences Worldwide, Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701.


Luxury on a grand scale in exclusive La Moraleja, Madrid Magnificent and unique. An outstanding, luxurious family home situated in La Moraleja, Madrid, is providing elegant and spacious accommodation – perfect for today’s family lifestyle and entertaining.


La Moraleja is the MadrileĂąo version of Beverly Hills, a tranquil and spacious oasis of luxury villas with private gardens. Its residents include the internationally rich and famous, from the Beckhams to film stars, impresarios, politicians and top company directors. This villa boasts a magnificent galleried reception hall with impressive volume. All floors can be reached from here, either by the suspended staircase or the lift. The villa features a living room with large windows, a dining room, a massive, high-tech modern kitchen and breakfast room. The stunning master bedroom comprises a reading and TV area, main bedroom, dressing room, a spectacular Spa bath and shower room.

There are three further bedrooms, a music and TV room and a study. The villa offers approx.1,100m² of living space, built on two floors plus an attic and a basement. The basement is housing a full gymnasium, a Spa with sauna and Turkish bath. The house also features a generous service area and a large garage. The elegant landscaping complements this impressive villa. Price: â‚Ź9 million Available from Signature Residences Worldwide Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701.


Zen calm, stylish contemporary design and outstanding natural beauty The Douro Valley in northern Portugal is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. In the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site and located between the river and vineyards, where wine has been produced for nearly 2000 years, you will find Aquapura Hotel, Villas & Spa.


Seventeen luxury villa apartments, available for sale on fractional and full ownership basis, have been created on the grounds of the award-winning boutique hotel - an original 19th century manor house, which was formerly home to the Vale Abrao farm, a renowned port wine producer. Villas da Vinha are surrounded by vineyards and offer a traditional design. These luxury villas have their own gardens, share three swimming pools, and are closest to the main hotel building. The contemporary designed Villas do Douro are situated on the Douro river bank overlooking the river. The villas enjoy private

terraces, decked roof terraces and plunge pools. As an owner of a villa, you have access to all the facilities of the 50-room hotel, including the 2,200m2 Spa, gym, library, outdoor heated swimming pool, tennis court, restaurants and wine tasting room. Aquapura Douro Valley is one of only two hotels in Portugal credited in the Tatler Travel Guide ‘101 Best Hotels in the World for 2009’. The hotel is also a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Connoisseurs have many reasons to explore the surrounding region known for its culture, gastronomy, winery, tradition and breathtakingly beautiful landscape.

Although the resort feels divinely secluded, it is just 70 minutes drive from Oporto International Airport and 15 minutes drive from the Vila Real regional airport. Prices in the Douro Valley are about 25 per cent behind Oporto and increasing at a healthy rate. The region has been named by market analysts as one of the top ten prime areas to watch for price growth. Prices start at €435,000 for full ownership, and €112,500 for fractional ownership (¼ fraction with 13 weeks usage). Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.



Middle East

Nurai, hailed by Newsweek as ‘the most luxurious project in the world’.


Leading real estate and development experts have expressed strong confidence in the continued growth of the Abu Dhabi property sector, based on stable and genuine market demand rather than speculation. And as sophisticated property investors know, ultra exclusive properties such as the villas on Nurai Island hold their premium value well even in market downturns. Nurai’s intrinsic value as a property investment, lies in its spectacular location and proximity to Abu Dhabi. Travel to and from Nurai is easy, it will take barely 5 minutes by boat from the exclusive Nurai terminal lounge on the planned Saadiyat Island marina and 5 minutes by helicopter from the international airport. Add complete privacy while still having access to all facilities of the neighbouring boutique hotel. Restaurants, multiple lounges, a cigar bar, a private helipad, a large marina that

can accommodate super yachts with arrivals lounge, and a Spa and fitness centre will all be only a few minutes away. Buyers will also appreciate Nurai’s sensational design and the spacious villa estates boasting up to 12,275 sq. ft. of living space. Derived from the Arabic word “nour” meaning light, Nurai is surrounded by turquoise waters and pristine sandy beaches. Being the Emirates’ most sought-after island, Nurai offers timeless luxury for its residents. No detail has been overlooked. Each luxury residence boasts impressive features such as generous plots of land, sea views, infinity swimming pool, concealed service quarters and outdoor showers. And not least important, the residences will offer absolute privacy. The 5 and 6 bedroom homes offer palatial living space, with each sitting on huge land

plots - making them the largest private beachfront villas in the UAE. If you prefer living on water, the water villas offer luxury living of the highest quality. The striking design and the azure waters of the ocean compete with an infinity pool, roof top terrace and 3 bedrooms. As a resident on Nurai, you will have your own piece of real estate paradise only minutes from Abu Dhabi, while being able to take advantage of world class services and amenities. Construction is well under way and the first beach front estate has just been completed. Price on application. Available from Signature Residences Worldwide, Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701.


A whole new water-front city Al Madina A’Zarqa, 60 minutes from Muscat, Oman, is far from an ordinary real estate development; a whole new city is being designed and built to include all the elements needed for a thriving metropolitan community. When complete, Al Madina A’Zarqa will be home to 200,000 people who will live, work, relax and play in surroundings that are harmonious with the existing Omani landscape, architecture and culture. Al Madina A’Zarqa will radically expand the tourism facilities in Oman. The city will generate large scale employment opportunities for Omani nationals, promote freehold property ownership for nationals and expatriates alike and serve as a hub for leisure activities in the Sultanate. The development will be carried across twelve carefully planned phases, costing an estimated US$15-20 billion. Foster + Partners, one of the world’s leading architects and master planner of Al Madina A’Zarqa, will be creating a city that is exemplary and uniquely Omani. Expatriates and foreign nationals are allowed to purchase land and property in Oman within designated projects such as Al Madina A’Zarqa. 100% freehold ownership and residency Visas are available for property investors. The current release includes some of the most unique and prestigious properties in the Gulf, including Foster + Partners designed sea facing residences and a selection of golf course villas. Phase one of the project will also include 3 luxury hotels; an 18-hole golf course; natural parkland and extensive tourism and recreational facilities. Price from OMR59,000, approx US$153,700 Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701. 50





Buying property ‘off plan’ simply means buying a new property - and buying into a project - that has not yet been built. But what are the real benefits and risks associated with buying off-plan? Off-plan buying is not a new or revolutionary phenomenon. The practice has been evolving and maturing in various parts of the world for a half-century. What is new is its proliferating popularity. Off-plan buying is, in fact, one of the primary markers - and a prominent driver - of rapid real estate expansion in developing countries.

Why buyers buy off-plan People buy property off-plan for investment, lifestyle, retirement, or a combination of all three. For investors and lifestyle buyers alike, the basic attraction is simple: getting a desirable property at a below-market price. Moreover, off-plan buying usually allows the buyer to select the project’s most desirable units, which normally increase in value most - and most quickly. For lifestyle buyers: the ‘good life’ at a below market price For most lifestyle buyers, buying off-plan represents an unrivalled, more affordable opportunity to own and enjoy a piece of the ‘good life’—a retirement or holiday home in a highly desirable location. 52

For investors: an attractive, flexible play For a growing number of investors, off-plan buying has become a recognized investment channel. In fact, many people have used offplan buying to start their property investment portfolios. Off-plan buying offers investors two main benefits: capital growth and flexibility. Capital growth through leverage: small outlay, large potential gain The essential draw of off-plan investing is capital growth through leverage. Leverage is a classic investment principle, which advocates gaining control of an asset that is likely, over time, to increase in value by paying a fraction of its current value. Successful off-plan investors have discovered an ample pipeline of projects that prove much more valuable at completion than at inception, when they exist only on paper. In sum, using the principle of leverage, successful off-plan investors have reaped significant upside not only from the discounted pre-build price, but from appreciation in value during the build time.

Flexibility: waiting to decide Another primary attraction of off-plan investing is its inherent flexibility. When the property is completed, the investor can use it, rent it out, or ‘flip’ (sell) it, cashing in on the leveraged appreciation, as described. Commonly, rental programmes or guarantees are in place, which are intended to ensure a specified rental stream for an extended period of time. That rental income can subsidize, or perhaps even exceed, the property’s mortgage. In many cases, the rental programme will allow the investor to use and enjoy the property for 28 days per year, although there are schemes that allow up to 180 days of personal use per year. Even if no rental programme is available, the investor may still rent the property through a property management company.

“Off plan buying offers investors two main benefits: (1) capital growth and (2) flexibility” Why developers sell off-plan Any new development project is risky. For developers, a failed project might bankrupt them. For their lenders, a failed project might mean a loss of millions. And perhaps an abrupt sacking for the bankers who decided to make the bad loan. Comfort for lenders Banks are by nature conservative, and averse to any risk. They resist lending money to finance a new development until they have some independent comfort - if not assurance that the project will generate sufficient money to pay off the loan. Banks therefore customarily impose ‘pre-sale’ (pre-construction) requirements on the developers. Off-plan sales serve the interest of lenders. It helps them gain the pre-construction comfort they seek to fund a development loan.

Market testing and liquidity for developers By helping lenders fund development loans, off-plan sales help developers get new projects off the ground. But off-plan sales do much more for developers. Off-plan sales can help developers gauge the market and make appropriate adjustments, and therefore can translate into enhanced economic value. Developers seek certainty that their incipient projects will succeed. They will gladly trade lower prices for greater certainty.

“Buying off plan requires careful research” By offering off-plan buyers a pre-construction discount, developers can test the market to find out how well they have done their homework. They can readily learn if the project will sell - and how quickly. Developers can use this feedback, positive or negative, to make design changes or adjust prices, up or down, before the project is ‘officially’ launched. Developers that get a favourable off-plan market response can derive, and even drive, considerable value. They can, for example: • ‘Make the market’ via effective marketing, urging prospects to buy now or miss out on a great deal. • Gain fortified credit and liquidity. Early success in one project can land them the next one. They can negotiate lower return rates with their investors, and lower interest rates with their mortgage lenders. • Use amounts paid in by their off-plan buyers to fund construction, although this is not allowed by law in some countries. Having cash in hand also gives developers leverage to negotiate discounts from their suppliers and subcontractors.

Want to know more? A free copy of the full report can be requested on


Kitchen Confidential Top Chefs share their recipes In each issue of The Address, great Chefs share their recipes from some of the world’s leading restaurants. In this issue, you will meet Chef-Owner Jean Beddington at Beddington in Amsterdam and Executive Chef Geoffrey Murray at Zachary’s at Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa, Knysna, South Africa.


Zachary’s, Knysna, South Africa

Zachary’s, Knysna, South Africa

Geoffrey Murray at Zachary’s

A gourmand’s dream and one of the top restaurants in South Africa • A heady blend of contemporary African influences, uniquely regional touches and a truly global menu • Modern ethnic cuisine with eye-catching presentations • Expect adventurous cultural combos like Wild Knysna sesame oyster fritters with pickled forest mushrooms or House smoked organic duck breast with sweet potato rosti, blueberries and verjuice • A ‘don’t miss’ is the local Foie Gras – grilled with organic chocolate pumpernickle, preserved plums and roast organic shallots • The Executive Chef, Geoffrey Murray, is an ardent organic food enthusiast. He grows most of the vegetables and herbs in an organic vegetable garden on the resort • The wine cellar offers more than 600 fine wines, some of which are limited edition handcrafted wines

Beddington, Amsterdam

Jean Beddington at Beddington

One of Amsterdam’s most beloved and lauded chefs/owners, creates her magic nightly in a beautifully austere setting that is always packed with devoted diners. • The cuisine is best described as daringly innovative and distinctly personal • The Chef’s French-based cuisine includes strong influences from her years in Japan, her English roots, and everything else that she has experienced • The décor is smart and sleekly modern in a two-tone palette – black and white – that lets the food take centre stage • A short menu of three or four courses changes each day • Divine offerings may include starter of Gillardeau oysters on granite of cucumber, spring onion and Japanese ginger with bean sprout & wakame salad, main course of slow-roasted Baambrugs pork belly with cavolo nero, sage sauce and mushroom & black pudding beignet • The artistic presentation


OYSTERS SERVED ON JAPANESE GINGER AND CUCUMBER GRANITÉ WITH MIXED SEAWEED SALAD Courtesy of Chef-Owner, Jean Beddington, Beddington, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

12 oysters

Granité: 4 spring onions 1 cucumber peeled and deseeded 1 small packet of Japanese ginger (gari)

Seaweed salad 1 packet of dried seaweed salad soaked in water 1 tbsp soya sauce ½ tbsp rice vinegar 1 tsp mirin few drops of sesame oil

Chop of the roots and tops of the spring onions and wash. Roughly chop the onions and cucumber and place in the blender together with the ginger. Blend to a smooth purée. Pour into a deep freeze tray and place in the freezer. Stir every 30 minutes until frozen.  Drain the soaked seaweed. Mix the remaining ingredients together and add to the seaweed.  Open the oysters and remove from the bottom shell. Using a spoon, scrape the granité to form 12 spoonfuls. Fill each oyster shell with the granité and place an oyster on top.  Divide the seaweed over four plates and place 3 oysters on the salad. Serve immediately. Serves 4 




4 8 200g 1 1 tbsp 1 150 g

turbot fillets, 120g each large green shiso leaves shiitake mushrooms finely diced large shallot finely chopped butter soya sauce egg white green tea noodles purple micro shiso cress, to garnish

Wasabi butter sauce: 100 ml 100 ml 1 tsp 1 tsp 150g


fish stock white wine rice vinegar wasabi powder mixed to a paste with cold water cold butter pinch of salt pinch of sugar

Cook the noodles according to instructions on packet. Set aside.  Melt the tablespoon of butter and sweat off the shallots. Add the shiitake and stir-fry for 5 minutes. Season to taste with soya sauce. Spread on a plate and cool in the fridge.  Place two shiso leaves slightly overlapping on a work surface and brush with some egg white. Spread a quarter of the duxelles on the leaves, place one turbot fillet on top and fold the leaves over to make a parcel. Follow these instructions to make another three parcels. Place the parcels in the lightly oiled steamer.  Bring the fish stock and white wine to a boil and reduce by half. Remove from the heat and whisk in the wasabi paste and rice vinegar. Return to a low heat and whisk in knobs of the butter to make a smooth sauce. Adjust the seasoning with a pinch of sugar and salt. Keep warm.  Steam the fish for 8–10 minutes.  Place the cooled noodles in the steamer for the last few minutes to warm through.  To serve: Divide the noodles onto 4 plates. Cut each fish parcel diagonally with a sharp knife and place on top of the noodles. Spoon the sauce around the noodles. Garnish with purple micro shiso cress. Serves 4 


“BUNNY” CHOW - TOASTED BRIOCHE, PISTACHIOS, PICKLED BABY CARROTS & TARRAGON Courtesy of Executive Chef Geoffrey Murray, Zachary’s at Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa, Knysna, South Africa

200g 4 tbsp 2 tbsp 1 tbsp 2tsp 10 60 ml 1½ tbsp

cooked rabbit meat, cooled, shredded home made mayonnaise toasted pistachio nuts, roughly chopped fresh tarragon leaves, roughly chopped chives, chopped green olives, pitted, roughly chopped + 1 tsp hazelnut oil champagne vinegar sea salt freshly ground white pepper 4 brioches, centre hollowed out, warmed in the oven 240 ml mixed organic baby greens and herbs 12 pickled young carrots edible flowers to garnish

Combine the first 6 ingredients with the 1 tsp of hazelnut oil. Season. Set aside for the flavours to develop.  Make vinaigrette with the remaining hazelnut oil and champagne vinegar. Season.  Toss the mixed organic baby greens and herbs with a few tablespoons of the vinaigrette. Divide the greens between 4 plates. Divide and fill the warmed hallowed out brioche with the rabbit mixture and place in the centre of each plate, scatter a few edible flowers around the brioche and garnish with the pickled carrots. Serves 4 



SMOKED ORGANIC DUCK BREAST WITH SWEET POTATO ROSTI, ROAST YOUNG CARROTS, CHARD, BLUEBERRIES & VERJUICE Courtesy of Executive Chef Geoffrey Murray, Zachary’s at Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa, Knysna, South Africa

Sweet potato rosti: 475 ml 3 cm 2 tbsp 2 tbsp

peeled, grated sweet potato, squeezed of excess liquid piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated butter olive oil sea salt freshly grated white pepper

Blueberry & verjuice sauce: 180 ml fresh blueberries 80 ml verjuice 240 ml dark duck, veal or chicken stock sea salt freshly grated white pepper

Vegetables (organic where possible): 12 young carrots, rinsed thoroughly, not peeled 2 tbsp olive oil sea salt 710 ml chard, cleaned, de-stemmed 240 ml sugar snaps 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp butter sea salt

Duck breast: 4 cold smoked organic duck breast, skin side scored (either smoke them yourself or check with a specialty butcher or gourmet food shop) 62


Blueberry & verjuice sauce: put 120ml blueberries and verjuice into a sauce pan over medium heat. Cook until the liquid reduces and the blueberries begin to pop, about 5-10 minutes. Add the stock, reduce the heat to a simmer 7 continue cooking until reduced by half, about 15-20 minutes. Remove from heat, strain, season and set aside.  Sweet potato rosti: heat a non-stick pan over medium high heat. Combine the grated sweet potato and ginger, season. Add the olive oil to the pan, form the sweet potato mixture into 4 even patties, begin to cook. After about 3-4 minutes, check if browned, turn over, add the butter in small pieces around the rostis, continue cooking until browned. Remove to a plate lined with absorbent paper and keep warm.  Duck breast: pre-heat oven at 180C. Heat a non-stick pan until smoking. Place the duck skin side down in the pan, sear until browned and crisp, about 3 -4 minutes. Remove from the pan, place on a baking tray and finish in the oven, roasting for about 5 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow 5 minutes to rest before slicing.  Vegetables: toss the carrots with olive oil, season and roast in a 180C oven for about 15 minutes or until just tender. Chard and sugar snaps; heat a non-stick pan over medium heat with the olive. Just before smoking add the chard and the sugar snaps, butter and seasoning. Quickly stir fry the chard and sugar snaps until the chard is just wilted and the sugar snaps become bright green. The excess water on the chard from cleaning it should be enough to create enough steam to wilt, if not splash a couple more tablespoons of water in the pan.  To serve: Place one rosti on each of 4 plates, divide the vegetables amongst the 4 plates just to one side of the rosti, slice each duck breast into 3-4 slices and then rest against the vegetables, warm the sauce with the remaining 60ml of blueberries, spoon over the duck and drizzle around the plate. Serves 4 

Additional recipes will be available at Food+Travel Online. Officially launching autumn 2009, it is possible to pre-register at already now. 64

A World of

Opportunities The current downturn with low interest rates and re-evaluation of propety prices may provide one of the biggest real estate buying opportunities. This month we got word from the FAR (Florida Association of Realtors) that for the 7th straight month, closed transactions went up considerably compared to the same month the previous year. In March of 2009, there were 25 per cent more sales of condos and 30 per cent more homes sold when compared to the same month 2008. Much has to do with the spreading view that the market is bottoming. With bargains about, buyers are back - and, once the surplus has been absorbed, prices can steady and eventually rise.

Tips for buying Buy in the right building or neighbourhood and ideally, choose the best unit available. With the price decreases that we’ve had over the last two years, more people have the opportunity to buy in a great building. It is also very important when choosing your next home or investment that you pick a building that has a stable HOA (Home Owner Association), that has no large assessments coming and that it does not have too much inventory on the market.

Tips for getting a loan A lot of people are saying that loans are impossible to get, but the reality is that banks have started to lend money. The catch is that you need to qualify! During the boom, it was possible to get a loan without needing to qualify which is part of the reason why we have the situation we are having. Currently banks are asking for a minimum 20 per cent down payment for US nationals and 30 per cent for foreigners and you will need to verify income as well. If you are serious about buying real estate, it is very important to get pre-qualified by a competent mortgage broker. On the following pages are a few examples of luxury properties in Miami that have been reduced to sell and that represent exceptional value for money. If you would like to know what is available in and around Miami and Ft Lauderdale, contact International Luxury Real Estate,, who will put you in direct contact with their partner in Florida.



900 Biscayne The downtown Miami mixed-use development by Terra Group was designed by acclaimed architect Luis Revuelta. The building is a fusion of cutting-edge architectural design, state-of-the art technology and grand hotel-style amenities that is located in the heart of Miami’s burgeoning museum and performing arts district on Biscayne Bay. Prices from US$399,00 – US$699,000. Originally sold for US$650,000 – US$1,200,000


Mei 66

Apogee means “pinnacle,’’ apt for a habitat that represents the ultimate of modern luxury living. The most desirable address on South Beach, Apogee offers the most contemporary residences in South Florida, featuring unparalleled, smart-lifestyle technology flawlessly married to innovative thinking.


900 Biscayne

Very few units are still available and currently, the lowest priced unit in the building is available at $3.8 million - at one point the least expensive unit in the building was listed at $5 million.

Mei State-of-the-art ultra luxury, ocean front building on Millionaire’s Row in Miami Beach, just 10 minutes from South Beach, 10 minutes to Bal Harbour, and 20 minutes to Miami International Airport. Designed by the creators of the Mandarin Oriental Hotels around the world. Amongst some of the five-star services, this resort includes Tea Lounge, Zen Library, stateof-the-art fitness facility, yoga rooms, pool deck with infinity edge pool, Balinese pavilion, 24-hour concierge service and valet parking.

Prices from US$499,00 – US$1,021,000. Originally sold for US$850,000 – US$1,550,000

Setai The Setai is one of South Florida’s premier 5-star beach-front resorts. Amongst the many facilities offered at the Setai are a world-class fitness centre & Spa, 24-hour room service, and housekeeping service, world-class restaurants & bars, oceanside dining, 3 heated pools, private beach lounges with attendants as well as security and valet services. This building is on a league of its own. Units have sold in this building for as much as $2,200/sq.ft. Currently there are opportunities in this building for as low as $1200/sq.ft. Available from International Luxury Real Estate,, tel +44 20 7095 8701.


Luxury residences at reduced prices Banyan Tree Resort and Residences Mayakoba – where beauty and value unite There are places of beauty so rare and captivating that those who find it are forever caught in its spell. Nestled between tropical lagoons, caressed by warm ocean breezes lies the most exquisite home you will ever own. Mayakoba, the only 5 Diamond Resort on the Riviera Maya has become known as the Venice of the Yucatan. The name itself means village of water in the ancient Mayan language. Lagoons, waterways and cenotes weave magically through tropical mangroves; leading to one of the Caribbean’s most spectacular beaches. Within this most exclusive enclave of resorts is a rarified opportunity to own one of the most exotic vacation homes in the world - Banyan Tree Mayakoba, where Asian influence touches the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Each villa is a secluded oasis, a private intimate paradise complete with full sized pools, jet pools, spacious sundecks, massage salas, and outdoor baths. If you have ever desired to own a tropical paradise there will never be a better time. We have a very limited number of villas for purchase as the developer has decided to hold back most of the inventory until prices can go back up. Therefore those that get in early in this real estate opportunity will benefit greatly from the current pricing and incentives. Price from US$1.7 million to US$4 million, representing savings up to US$800,000. Available from Signature Residences Worldwide, Tel: +44 (0)20 7095 8701. 68



Concierge Choice Hong Kong Ms Echo Zhu, Chief Concierge, The Peninsula Hong Kong

The Concierges of top hotels are the ultimate insiders who know everything that is important to know to make the most of a stay in a city. We spoke with Ms Echo Zhu, Chief Concierge at The Peninsula Hong Kong, to get her thoughts on what visitors to Hong Kong absolutely should not miss.


Best for Dinner

Best for Lunch

Gaddi’s Celebrating its 55th Anniversary in 2008, Gaddi’s has long held an impeccable reputation as a supreme social setting, as well as a superb restaurant. Its chandeliers and blue and gold tones create a gracious backdrop for exemplary service, gourmet French cuisine and a magnificent wine list. Chef David Goodridge, who hails from South Yorkshire, brings to Gaddi’s his extensive and varied cooking experiences from Michelin Star restaurants in France and England. 1/F The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: (852) 2315 3171

The Pawn This three-storey restaurant, bar and roof garden now inhabits the historical Woo Cheong Pawn Shop and adjacent pre-war tenement houses. Open for lunch and dinner serving modern British cuisine. 62 Johnston Road, Wanchai Tel: (852) 2866 3444 Pearl on The Peak With its unique vantage point, located in the recently renovated Peak Tower, this restaurant features modern Australian cuisine, and boasts floor-to-ceiling glass walls plus extraordinary views of Hong Kong. Shop 2, Level 1, The Peak Tower, The Peak Tel: (852) 2849 5123

Hutong Reminiscent of an ancient Chinese noble residence, Hutong offers unobstructed views of


the harbour and serves contemporary cuisine from Northern China. 28/F, 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: (852) 3428 8342

Best Tea room The Lobby With marble topped tables, sumptuously comfortable chairs and exclusive Tiffany chinaware, The Lobby is a relaxed all day dining venue and one of Hong Kong’s premier meeting places. Famous for its Afternoon Tea with accompanying classical music. G/F, The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: (852) 2315 3146

NIGHTLIFE Best Bars 1/5 Nuevo This is one of the best looking bars in Hong Kong, which makes it all the more surprising that it is located in Wanchai. 1/5 Nuevo is home to one of Hong Kong’s best drinks lists and remains a deeply glamorous venue on weekends. 9 Star Street, Wanchai Tel: (852) 2529 2300 Felix The creation of the world-famous avant-garde designer, Philippe Starck, Felix offers breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Other features include a Wine Bar, The Balcony, American Bar and The Crazy Box, a small discotheque. 28/F The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: (852) 2315 3188


Best Clubbing Dragon-i Simply everyone loves to be seen at this unceasingly photographed and gorgeously glamorous bar. Dragon-i continues to draw a fashionable crowd and has the hottest VIP rooms in town. The venue also offers lunch and dinner menus featuring Japanese and Cantonese cuisine. UG/F, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Central Tel: (852) 3110 1222 Halo Apparently an acronym for ‘Heavenly Aura, Lush and Opulent surroundings’, this club lives up to its name. This ‘members-only club’ does have a tight door policy, but if luck is with you, you’ll get in to mingle with the Hong Kong glitterati. LG/F 10-12 Stanley Street, Central Tel: (852) 2810 1274

Best Music Salon de Ning Enjoy signature cocktails and Asian-inspired light fare in The Peninsula’s brand new lounge, Salon de Ning. With a live band and its ‘Shanghai Deco’ (Art Deco, with Chinese and international influences) look. Basement, The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: (852) 2315 3355 The Cavern Live bands abound in this lively and bustling watering hole. Tunes range from 1960s British Invasion and Funk to the latest Hip Hop and Top 20, depending on the night of the week. 1/F, LKF Tower, 55 D’Aguilar Street, Central Tel: (852) 2121 8969


WHAT TO DO & SEE Best Museum

exhibition, exclusive shopping and dining offers, special packages and more.

Hong Kong Museum of Art The Hong Kong Museum of Art was established in 1962, with a mission to preserve the cultural heritage of China and promote art with a local focus. Its collections now number in excess of 12,800 art objects, including Chinese paintings, and calligraphy works, antique Chinese treasures, and paintings of historical significance, as well as creations by local artists. To maintain the essential international character, the museum also presents an excellent variety of thematic exhibitions drawn from local and overseas sources. 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: (852) 2721 0116

The Peninsula Spa by ESPA The Peninsula Spa by ESPA offers a deeply personalised Spa experience like nowhere else in Hong Kong. The 1,116 m2 (12,000 sq. ft.) Spa occupies two floors, offering sweeping views of Victoria Harbour and 14 state-of-the-art treatment rooms, creating an oasis of calm in the city for guests to renew themselves in mind, body and spirit. 7/F The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: (852) 2315 3322

Best Galleries


Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan District Major galleries and antique stores are found all along Hollywood Road. Man Mo Temple, one of Hong Kong’s oldest temples, is also located in the area.

Elements In a city well-known as a shoppers’ paradise, this latest mall extravaganza is, quite simply, utopia. Opened in October 2007, Elements boasts 1,000,000 sq.ft. of shopping, dining and leisure facilities such as a cinema and an ice rink. Located above Kowloon Station. 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: (852) 2735 5234

Best Daytrip Stanley The coastal village on the south side of Hong Kong Island is a popular weekend location with tourists as well as locals. Stanley is famous for its open-air market which sells all manner of items, from shoes and clothing to knickknacks and oil paintings. The charm of al fresco dining by the sea is the main reason that locals love to relax here at weekends.

Best Spa

Best Sightseeing

The Peninsula Shopping Arcade The arcade houses over 80 boutiques, offering a wide range of shopping for all tastes - from worldwide luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada and Hermès to small exclusive shops such as Qeelin and Shiatzy Chen. Harry Winston and Graff are Hong Kong exclusives. The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

The Peak Tower and The Peak Tram Hong Kong’s leading icon celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, with a historical photo

Temple Street Night Market This is the most famous open-air market in


Hong Kong. Also called ‘The Night Market’, Temple Street doesn’t open before 2pm and only really comes to life in the late evening. There are stalls selling a diverse array of goods, from watches and leather to clothing and souvenirs. Occasionally there are even ad hoc Cantonese opera performances. Temple Street, Jordan/Yau Ma Tei The Peninsula Hong Kong In a city famous for its luxury hotels, The Peninsula Hong Kong enjoys its own unique and enduring place on the world stage as the definition of magnificence and service. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, on the edge of Victoria Harbour, its proximity to Kowloon’s entertainments

and shops is outstanding. Combining elegant Oriental touches and state-of-the-art technology, its 300 spacious rooms and suites enjoy stunning harbour, courtyard or Kowloon views, and feature a marble bathroom, satellite television and 24-hour room and valet services. Dining options include French, Swiss, Continental, Cantonese, Japanese and a Philippe Starck-designed rooftop restaurant serving contemporary cuisine. Leisure amenities comprise The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, a Roman-style swimming pool, a harbour-facing sun terrace and a fitness centre. Transportation options, for sightseeing or airport transfers, include a fleet of 14 Rolls-Royce Extended Wheelbase Phantoms and a twin-engined helicopter which takes off from the hotel’s twin rooftop helipads. For further information, visit or call +852 2920 2888

Salon de Ning, The Peninsula Hong Kong


Market Insights

From Around the World French banks continue to lend

Barbados - a perennial favourite

Mortgages remain widely available in France and at very competitive Eurozone rates. A variety of very attractive mortgage propositions are available to finance property purchases, including 100% mortgages as well as interest only options and deferred payments.

We have seen increasing interest in up-andcoming islands, but at the same time there is a renewed focus yet again on Barbados. Buyers appreciate its consistent track record, even in uncertain markets, thanks to a stable government, good infrastructure, a developed economy and accessibility. Virgin Atlantic is expanding its routes from Manchester to Barbados, property transfer tax has been reduced to 2.5 per cent and foreign exchange controls have been lifted.

Dominican Republic has more golf courses than any other Caribbean destination A favourite golfing destination of former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H. Bush, the Dominican Republic has become one of the hottest spots to tee-off in the Caribbean, if not the world. Overall, there are 27 fabulous courses operating, under construction, or in planning right now. Players will find courses designed by legends such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Pete Dye, P.B. Dye, Robert Trent Jones, Tom Fazio and Nick Faldo.

Grenada - a property hotspot Grenada offers some of the Caribbean’s most affordable properties in a landscape of unquestionable beauty and charm. Add a stable political and economic climate and low crime rate conducive to safe investment. In the ‘2008 Annual Wealth Report’ produced by the global property company Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank, Grenada was listed as one of ten markets being ‘prime suspects’ for future growth. 76

‘If you look at all of the facts, I don’t think there’s another environment in the world that’s better than Brazil’ - Sam Zell, Equity International Brazil continues to show exceptional strong market fundamentals and is not seeing the distress found in other markets. According to Tom Shapiro at GoldenTree Insite Partners, mortgages account for only 2 per cent of the GDP in Brazil, so consumers are not feeling the effects of credit contraction. Demand is high and unlike markets that have been driven by speculation, Brazil has not experienced over-development. Other recent market insights are: • Natal is a strong candidate for World Cup 2014 • Natal Airport set to become the world’s 8th largest airport ‘Sao Goncalo do Amarante’ (scheduled for completion in 2012) • Brazil’s foreign direct investment surged in

December 2008, pushing the total for the year to a record • Brazil registers lowest unemployment rate in 6 years

Egypt: in good shape Egypt’s banks appear to be weathering the global financial storm far better than many of their regional and international counterparts, partly due to the reform efforts of the Central Bank but not least to the underlying strength and prudent management of domestic banks. The Egyptian Central Bank and its policies received special mention in the IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook, issued in mid-April, praising it for moving to cushion the impact of the global crisis. Though the Egyptian economy is expected to grow at a comparatively healthy rate in 2009, with the IMF predicting GDP to expand by 3.6 per cent, this is still just half of the growth rate of the preceding two years.

Dubai: a slower pace The international financial crisis and the ensuing slump in Dubai’s property market, which has seen prices for residential units fall dramatically, has flowed on to the Emirate’s construction sector, with many projects postponed or remaining on the drawing board. A recent report by the Egypt-based investment bank EFG-Hermes revised earlier projections of residential units that would be completed in Dubai this year. The report, issued in late March, said that around 28,000 units would be delivered in 2009, down from earlier estimates of 45,000. According to EFG-Hermes, tight liquidity and a lack of investor confidence will continue to drag down the property market, which in turn

will hurt the construction sector. In March, property developer Nakheel, a division of the state-owned conglomerate Dubai World, announced it was delaying by one year a series of shopping malls in Dubai and the UAE, valued at $3bn, in order to ensure its ‘short-term business model is aligned to meet market demand’. However, there are also signs the underlying strength of the building sector may prompt a modest recovery in 2010. Emaar, the Emirate’s other leading developer, recorded a $1.5bn profit for 2008. Earnings were down 15% on 2007, largely due to a $482m loss in the last quarter of 2008 on the back of write-downs on its U.S. operations. While the private sector may be struggling, it is not all bad news for the building industry, with the state looking to utilise excess capacity by pushing ahead with its infrastructure programme. This will not only absorb some of the slack in the building sector but also strengthen the economy’s foundations for when the downturn turns into an upswing. With analysts predicting that Dubai’s real estate market will likely return to positive territory in 2011, after stabilising in 2010, new construction projects are expected to pick up late this year. According to CB Richard Ellis, this could be a good time to buy into Dubai. Their latest analysis suggests that; sales have dropped 60 per cent over the past quarter compared to the same period last year; residential rents are down 23 per cent; office rents are down 18 per cent. Much of this – and it bears some emphasis as it is a common feature of many fast-growing markets – is down to the departure of the swarm of speculators who were all over the market a year or so ago.


Chocolate Sensations Today’s top chocolatiers have the same status as the Chef de Cuisine at any of the great restaurants around the world. They use only the best ingredients, have a passion for what they do and an unstoppable creativity. The end result is sumptuously decadent chocolates and confectionery handcrafted in small batches from trademark recipes. Tantalise your tastebuds and follow us on a journey to meet some of the world’s best chocolatiers. Cocoa Gourmet

Pralus 78 Michael Recchiuti

Located in Modica, the chocolate is as baroque as the town’s architecture. It is rich, dramatic, unabashedly opulent and unique • L’Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is legendary • Founder Francesco Bonajuto established a small patisserie and dessert shop in 1880 • The wooden-panelled shop still makes heavenly chocolate in true old style • The grainy, brittle chocolate is produced using an ancient technique in which the cocoa is cold-pressed with sugar granules and flavoured with chili, coffee, cinnamon, ginger, orange essence, pistachio, or vanilla - the lack of heat allows the full aroma of the cocoa to be conserved without the addition of fats • The nougat is sensational • Don’t miss ‘mpanatigghi’ (empanadas filled with meat and chocolate) • The shop is like a mini-museum, with detailed pictures of the chocolate-making process and big grindstones with distinctly Latin American designs

exclusively • Her bonbons include silky truffles, crunchy pralines and soft caramels that are hand-moulded, and occasionally brushed with real specks of edible 24-karat gold or stencilled • She presents Belgian and French style fillings in amazing sweet and savoury combinations • Her signature piece, La Dolce Grapefruit, is a blend of grapefruit and caramel in a hard chocolate shell. Other unique flavors include Havana Heat, a chocolate blended with habanero peppers, and Les Nymphes, a blend of litchi pate de fruit and litchi ganache • Coukos continually adds new flavours, like the Japanese cuisine-inspired Kimono Collection, which features shiso lime and adzuki bean ganaches and soy-miso caramel • The Mysteries of Love collection is insanely delicious. There’s a passion fruit and cardamom caramel, a sea salted espresso and dark chocolate caramel, a pear caramel, a 72% Venezuelan ganache, a single malt scotch and a raspberry ganache




New York, United States

Paris, France

Dark chocolate squares infused with coffee, Chinese jasmine tea or Tequila with lemon • They’re desserts and digestifs all in one • The wooden gift boxes are beautifully done • The chocolates are displayed as small works of art

CHOCOLAT MODERNE New York, United States

Joan Coukos is one of America’s most exciting chocolate innovators • She creates a line of visually stunning confections, emphasizing dark chocolate and a modern flavour palate • The chocolate is soft, silky, and seductive. Rich, novel, and dreamy • Uses Valrhona chocolate

Distinctive boxed collections, hand-painted and sculptural truffles, and innovative flavors are all essential elements in Christopher Norman Chocolates • All the chocolates are hand-made with precious ingredients from around the world • The creative and distinctive ganaches with seasonal flavors like tamarind caramel and spicy apricot • A distinguished artist gives each chocolate design and taste a superbly artistic flair • Several of the designs feature images of the artist John Down’s paintings transferred onto handpainted chocolate tiles that beautifully top the truffles, such as the Japanese-inspired Luxury Tea Collection - chocolate truffles infused with Lapsang Souchong, rose, mango and green tea - or, the Mosaic Tile Box, where rich colours are


Pierre Herme

Chocolat Moderne

Chuao Chocolatier

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Rococo Chocolates

Sahagun 80

inlaid on top of the chocolate tiles, and filled with pomegranate, orange caramel, lemon thyme and hazelnut truffles • Other delicious innovations include chocolate truffles with such fillings as basil, rosemary, blue cheese and coconut curry as well as the heavenly wild Italian Amarene dark chocolate-covered cherries

CHUAO CHOCOLATIER San Diego, United States

Named after the legendary cacao-producing region of Chuao in central Venezuela, Chuao Chocolatier melds traditional European techniques with world-class Venezuelan chocolate and fresh, natural ingredients to produce handmade chocolates of unrivalled quality • The chocolate is exciting, unexpected and delicious; the flavors are bold, unusual and assertive • There’s chocolate with Chevre, chocolate with Earl Grey tea, chocolate with lemon Tequila, with green tea and with Meyer lemon pulp • The signature chocolate is the Spicy Maya — a dark chocolate, both in bar form and as hot chocolate, infused with pasilla chili, cayenne pepper and cinnamon • Cambur - soft banana and brown sugar caramel – is outstanding • Another favourite is Picante with spicy Cabernet caramel in dark chocolate. The flavour is complex and unusual • The Firecracker confection is fun. There is quite literally an explosion in the mouth, thanks to the popping candy that envelops the mixture of caramel fudge, chipotle chili and salt • Hot Chocolate is a must, available in Abuela (traditional), Winter and Spicy Mayan flavors. Deeply creamy, silky and rich. It is pure chocolate heaven


Elegant, seductive and ultra chic • The Royal Collection is the ultimate gastronomic experience for die-hard chocaholics. It contains four 22-carat gold chocolates, four pure silver chocolates and four diamond chocolates encrusted with jewel-shaped edible gems. The twelve chocolate masterpieces come packaged in a sleek wooden box • The Gold Collection is suitably lavish, with Venezuelansourced chocolate topped with 22-carat edible gold leaves

ENRIC ROVIRA Barcelona, Spain

Enric Rovira is a grand master of chocolate part alchemist, part artist • An artisanal chocolatier, incorporating the artistic and trendy vibe of Barcelona in his chocolate • Rovira’s passion for art and chocolate is revealed in his beautifully and uniquely presented bonbons, covered fruits and nuts, and chocolate bars • His flavours range from the surprises in his bombola confections - violets, pink pepper, and salty, satisfying pork cracklings procured from a small town near his factory - to more traditional offerings, such as his iconic collection of chocolate rajoles (‘tiles’ in Catalan), each of which represents one of Barcelona’s unique paving stones • Rovira even does a futuristic series of ‘virtual’ chocolates: bonbons that contain the aroma of a particular flavour, meant to be sniffed but not ingested • Chic and minimal, the boutique emphasizes order and discretion


Fabrice Gillotte is an award-winning master of his trade, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier (top artisan of France) • His passion for cocoa, his tremendous savoir faire,


exceptional talent and unstoppable creativity give the finishing touches • Fabrice Gillotte creates artisanal chocolate that is absolutely divine • His speciality is chocolates flavoured with regional Bourgogne ingredients • Some of the favourites are ‘Sensuality’ - dark chocolate with squeezed orange and zest, hazelnutcoriander praline, salted vanilla caramel, ‘Duality’ - marzipan, peach, almond and dark chocolate, ‘Caprice’ – dark chocolate with raspberries picked from the hillsides of Burgundy, ‘Ceylan’ - a praline of Ceylonese coconut • The bite-sized macaroons in delicate pastel shades • All the products are beautifully presented and irresistible • The ultra-modern shop in black, white and electric blue


The Danish-born chocolatier is widely regarded as one of the finest ‘Maitre Chocolatiers’ of his generation • Each handcrafted chocolate is an artistic handmade jewel • Knipschildt’s chocolates are known for distinctive flavour combinations, freshness of ingredients, artistic designs and memorable handmade cardboard boxes from Nepal • Classic recipes with a modern twist • Knipschildt pairs delicate fruit flavors with exotic spices and herbs in his chocolates • All products are made using the highest quality ingredients such as 71% Ecuadorian dark chocolate, 43% Venezuelan Trinitario and Criollo chocolate, Marcona almonds, Sicilian pistachios, Scandinavian cardamom, Piedmonte hazelnuts and locally sourced dairy products • Flavors include port wine, raspberry pink peppercorn, chili tangerine, rosewater, lavender, and apricot & basil • Favourites are Hannah (home-made caramel & Hawaiian sea salt), Jennifer (marzipan & Sicilian pistachio truffle), Helena (white chocolate & coconut truffle), Kelly (strawberry & lemonthyme ganache) and Donna (black currant 82

ganache) • Don’t miss the Chocopologie, an ultra-trendy café. Eclectically decorated with odd vintage furniture, vaulted ceilings, and walls that are part brick and part metal mesh

L’ARTISAN DU CHOCOLAT London, United Kingdom

Gerard Coleman is a true chocolate artist. Dark, silky and aromatic, this chocolate and its intriguing subtle contents are luxuriously pure - each one with a distillation of flavour, a miniature explosion of taste, a work of art • His ganache-filled chocolates are coveted by discerning chocoholics for their imaginative, distinctive flavourings • They come in flavours as lemon and thyme, basil and lime, banana and thyme, tonka bean, green cardamom, Earl Grey tea, Sichuan pepper, Merlot wine, star anise and coffee • The signature Liquid Sea Salted Caramel is divine. They resemble cocoa-dusted truffles but snap into explosive, addictive goodness • Praised by top chefs Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal and Rick Stein • Don’t miss one of their exquisite tasting events

ORIOL BALAGUER Barcelona, Spain

Oriol Balaguer is renowned as one of the world’s best pastry chefs, having worked with superstar Chef Ferran Adria at the Michelin starred restaurant El Bulli • He is more than a chic pâtissier – he is an artist • Oriol Balaguer takes chocolate to a level of art, sophisticated craft and technical expertise • The chocolate creations are truly ground-breaking • With ganache fillings that include rose truffle, wasabi, Pear William and saffron, they are carefully presented as specimens of the master’s work • One creation is especially rich: a dark-chocolate shell filled with an olive

oil–laced white-chocolate ganache. Eating it is like tasting the essence of Catalonian culinary purity • His best-selling chocolate-covered Pop Rocks - a combination of creamy and crunchy, sour and sweet, literally explode in the mouth • His flagship store in Barcelona resembles a high-end jewelers; the shop is rendered entirely in white with imaginative lighting • Balaguer is known for revolutionising his profession and has won many prestigious awards such as ‘Best Pastry Chef in Spain’, ‘Best Spanish Handmade Pastry Master’ and ‘Best Dessert in the World’.


The most eccentric chocolatier - as good at tradition as he is at innovation – Patrick Roger is every bit as much a sculptor as he is an artisan • He was awarded the coveted award of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ (France’s Best Craftsman) in 2000 • His marvelous

Oriol Balaguer

chocolates, silky in texture and intensely flavourful, come in a huge variety, but his palet d’or, a square of dark chocolate ganache enveloped in a thin couverture garnished with gold leaf, is a masterpiece of lingering, spicy flavors • Patrick Roger also combines new, unusual flavors such as Asian sesame and mint lemongrass • The zippy notes of fresh lime juice enlivens a cushion of ganache, a hit of Sichuan pepper, smoky Earl Grey tea, and meltingly tender rum raisin-filled nuggets: all are examples of the masterful balance of flavors that compliment dark chocolate, not compete with it • Don’t miss his seasonal, and always mesmerizing, store windows, where visitors are peering in to catch a glimpse of Roger’s stunning bonbons and whimsical chocolate and marzipan confections • The shop is dazzling - the huge circular counter, lit by glittery illuminated spheres, is stacked with truffles, pralines, nougats, pates fruits, single origin bars, marrons glaces, marzipan fruits, all neatly arrayed in signature zingy aquamarine boxes

Enric Rovira



Is one of UK’s finest artisan chocolateries. There’s no machinery. The chocolate is filled by hand, moulded by hand and decorated by hand. It’s a true artisan way • Has won several awards including the Academy of Chocolate’s ‘Best New Chocolate Shop’, ‘Best Dark Chocolate Truffle’ and ‘Best Filled Chocolate’ • Indulge in handmade, luxurious chocolate creations at his boutique chocolate shops • The flavour combinations are cutting edge and unexpected, hence Paul Young is regularly referred to as the Heston Blumenthal of chocolate • The piece de resistance must be the Truffles • Don’t miss the gold-medalwinning Sea Salted Caramels, which have a hard, glossy dark shell that shatters in your mouth, revealing a slow, decadent slurp of salty caramel, or the Kalamansi truffles, with a centre of tangy tropical citrus • The exotic truffles - stuffed with Marmite, Stilton, and other savouries that turn out to be extremely witty and improbable taste-combinations that are inevitably delicious in a way you never expected • The chocolates come beautifully packaged • Famous for his chocolate brownies, made to Paul’s secret recipe • The drinking chocolate - a gently heated pot of molten Valrhona chocolate guarded by several jars of fine ground spice, ranging from chilis to ginger to cardamom, cinnamon, and many others.

PIERRE HERME Paris, France

Pierre Hermé, widely considered the greatest pastry chef in the world, has some of the most interesting chocolate in Paris • He has won accolades for his line of gourmet chocolates • 84

He is a very prolific and inventive chef, whose creations tend towards the revolutionary • He creates new pastry lines twice a year, a spring/summer collection, and a fall/winter collection • Chocolate aficionados will find an incomparable selection of chocolate cakes, pastries, and macaroons, as well as unclassifiable confections like the famous ‘Death by Chocolate’ - the name speaks for itself • The macaroons’ flavours run from strawberries and lemon to green tea, rose, and saffron-scented peach and apricot as well as exotic flavours such as 25-year old balsamic vinegar, black truffle, and olive oil with vanilla • The chocolate and foie gras macaroons – really beautiful red macaroons burnished with gold dust and filled with chocolate ganache and a daub of foie gras in the centre • Don’t miss the famed white-truffle-hazelnut macaroon with lightly toasted Italian hazelnut in a thick white truffle ganache. An almost aphrodisiac combination • Noteworthy among his bonbons are the Mogador passion fruit ganache covered in milk chocolate and the Makassar, a frothy mousse of salted, buttery caramel coated in dark chocolate • The hyper chic shop

PRALUS Roanne, France

The legacy of Pralus began in 1948 when Auguste Pralus opened a patisserie in Roanne • His son, Francois Pralus, is cited as a favourite of true chocophiles, with a keen focus on single origin chocolate • Is one of the rare, true chocolate-makers creating chocolate direct from the bean • He imports no less than eighteen different varieties of bean - from Central America, South America, Madagascar, Sao Tome and Principe and Indonesia. François Pralus now has his own cacao plantation in Madagascar on the island of Nosy Be, also known as the ‘Isle of Perfumes’ • Offers a heady, sublime experience for the true dark

Cacao et Chocolat

Theo Chocolate

Knipschildt Chocolatier

Christopher Norman Chocolates

The Chocolate Society Fabrice Gillotte


Patrick Roger

Paul Young Fine Chocolate

L’Artisan du Chocolat

86 Puccini Bomboni William Curley

chocolate connoisseur • Each exquisite origin bar retains the unique flavour notes of its local beans, from fruity and fresh berry to smoky wood with traces of leather • Don’t miss his signature Pyramide Des Tropiques, an attractive stack of ten single origin chocolate bars of 75 per cent cacao content, each from a single bean type • Pure unadulterated chocolate, creating one of the greatest chocolate tasting tours in the world. Each chocolate has distinct aromas and flavors, a sensorial experience similar to wine tasting • The amazing Indonesia bar, which has soft and subtle flavors of brown grass, liquorice, and even a subdued fruitiness • Also, the Colombia bar is sensational, which is rich with faint tones of strawberries, cranberries, and pure cacao • Will launch two single origin plantations; Chuao the best and rarest cacao in the world and Cuyagua a rare cacao, both from Venezuela

are flavoured with exotic elements such as Earl Grey tea, burnt caramel, pink peppercorn, tarragon with grapefruit and lavender vanilla • Be sure to try the champagne truffles • The key lime apples and key lime pears, which are paper-thin fruit slices that have been soaked in key lime juice, dried, and then dipped in dark bittersweet chocolate - a sinful treat • His crunchy sesame is another stunner with its earthy depth and addictive texture • He invites local artists to design collections • He hand-washes and dries many of the herbs that he infuses in creams, then blends them with chocolate, vanilla, butter and sugar. Fillings for bonbons are all wire-cut by hand. And all collections are hand-packed • The elegant packaging • Treat yourself and get a year’s membership to Club Recchiuti

ROCOCO CHOCOLATES London, United Kingdom

PUCCINI BOMBONI Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Handmade chocolate bonbons with rich fillings - each is a knockout • Delectable chocolates come in both traditional and unusual flavors including herbs, spices, fruits, and alcoholic drinks • The unusual ingredients include cognac, prune, pepper, tamarind, Calvados, rhubarb, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, fig marzipan, lemongrass, thyme, ginger, thyme, Earl Grey tea and many more • Favourites include the coffee bonbon and the chocolates filled with honey and ganache

MICHAEL RECCHIUTI San Francisco, United States

Known as the ‘Picasso of chocolatiers,’ Michael Recchiuti creates confections that are every bit as daring and original as any of his namesake’s artworks • His sublime handmade chocolates

The haute couture of the chocolate world • A pioneering London shop, the first was opened by Chantal Coady in 1983 • Beautiful artisan chocolate boutiques • A real must for chocoholics • Indulge in saffron and ginger fudge, passion fruit milk chocolate truffles, and saffron and cardamom white chocolate truffles • The arresting organic chocolate bars unusually flavoured with lavender, basil and lime, rose, pink pepper, Earl Grey tea or chilli • Rococo’s Motcomb St Café serves an assortment of chocolate drinks such as orange and cinnamon chocolate • The gorgeous gift boxes in their trademark blue and white packaging • The staff is adorable • The founder is the author of four books about chocolate

SAHAGUN Portland, United States

Elizabeth Montes began selling her chocolates


at the Portland Farmer’s Market, which is where she sourced most of her non-chocolate ingredients • Handmade chocolates filled with Sundance Farm’s Hidcote and Grosso lavender, Marion berries, sour cherries & hazelnuts from the Willamette Valley, Stumptown’s expertly-roasted coffees, orange mint and rose geranium from a treasured private herb patch • Absolutely not to be missed; chocolate, toasted almonds and bergamot peel; toasted pumpkin seeds with spicy jalapeño and dark chocolate; and the unforgettable thimble filled with a divine caramel – the ultimate bribe for almost anything • The hot chocolate is exquisite; slow-whipped to order

THE CHOCOLATE SOCIETY London, United Kingdom

The truffles are phenomenal - the chocolate surrounding the filling is superbly balanced and just the right amount of flavour offset by the filling • The chocolate and cocoa dusted almonds are divine • The passion fruit and mango, and fresh mint ganaches are the height of expertise • The home-made thick chocolate brownies are worth the trip to their shop in Belgravia • Sea Salt Caramels are among the best available • Also, sample the heavenly hot chocolate made with 40g of pure chocolate

THEO CHOCOLATE Seattle, United States

Of the few bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers in the United States, Theo is one of the few who is certified Fair Trade and Organic • Is sourcing cacao from small farmers in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Ghana, Madagascar, Venezuela, and the Ivory Coast • As true chocolate makers, Theo Chocolate takes carefully selected cacao from bean to bar 88

in their own factory, roasting, blending and conching to coax out the distinctive flavour imparted by each growing region • The result is superb artisinally made chocolate with real integrity • The 3400 Phinney line is stunning with flavour combinations such as Bread and Chocolate (dark chocolate with buttery, toasted artisan breadcrumbs and a pinch of salt), Chai Milk Chocolate (milk chocolate with a warm blend of chai spices and black tea) and Coconut Curry (milk chocolate with toasted coconut and savoury curry spices) • They also produce a beautifully designed selection of artisan bonbons. The basic collection includes Burnt Sugar, Fig Fennel, Lemon, Mint, PB & J and Ivory Coast (a pure chocolate ganache) • The Lemon, a white chocolate ganache bursting with fresh lemon zest, is outstanding • The 91% Venezuela Limited Edition Dark Chocolate Bar is a rare, remarkably not bitter high percentage bar • The great chocolate factory tour

WILLIAM CURLEY London, United Kingdom

William Curley’s specialty ‘couture’ chocolates’ sophisticated flavours include rosemary & olive oil, Japanese black vinegar, apricot & wasabi. classic truffles includes House Dark, Framboise and Noval Vintage Port • The stunningly well-crafted patisserie: a Toscano Chocolate Cadeaux layered with vanilla crème brulee and Rum soaked sultanas or Passion Fruit & Mango Entremet • William Curley was awarded the Best British Chocolatier accolade for 2007 and again for 2008 by the Academy of Chocolate • William & Suzue Curley’s chocolate creations won an unprecedented 13 Gold, 9 Silver and 7 Bronze awards in the chocolate industry’s equivalent of the Hollywood Oscars, the 2008’s Academy of Chocolate Awards • The jewel-like shop tucked away in a back alley in Richmond


Casa Elar - one of the most exclusive private residences in the world is now available for exclusive use Ojai, an enchanting valley town in California, well-known for pink sunsets, fresh food and laid-back charm, holds a secret. Just 90 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport and 35 minutes from Santa Barbara, the town is a perfect setting for what we consider to be the one the most exceptional villas in the world – Casa Elar. In 2005, the Crown Family of Chicago built the Casa Elar as a private residence. The owners have now decided to release the home for exclusive use to a discerning group of people. Designed by Santa Barbara architect William Mahan, this magnificent 10,147 sq.ft. Tuscanstyle villa sits on 44,000 sq.ft. of land in a most discrete and private environment. While in residence in Casa Elar, you’ll enjoy a stately home, fully serviced and staffed.

Your villa boasts private Spa and Pool with shaded terrace; Private massage room with facilities for salon services; Large roof top garden; Great Room with dining for 12, buffet area and wood-burning fireplace; Library with built-in bar and extensive entertainment facilities; Gourmet kitchen leading to a covered porch and Guest/staff apartment. And if that is not enough, you also have access to all of the facilities that make the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Resort, recognized worldwide as an oasis of pampering and well-being. Amenities include everything from an apothecary to golf, guided rock-climbing expeditions and one of the region’s best Spas. Casa Elar is a home designed for entertaining, relaxing and celebrating. This very special villa is yours for US$15,000 per night (min 3 nights stay). For further information, visit


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