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Tuesday 4 March 2014

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Big events ‘might’ get priority Any event that requires space for spectators “might take priority” over the participation users of Saxton Stadium, according to Nelson City Council, who are currently trying to juggle a 50 page list of bookings. With the future of the closed Trafalgar Centre still up in the air, many event organisers have scrambled to find a suitable alternate venue – a lot of those hoping to get into Saxton Stadium which is the region’s premier participation sports venue. But it’s beginning to have an effect on the current users of the venue, who remain in the dark about how much court space they will be allowed in a busier than usual year. “I was involved in the stadium from well before it even got its piles in the ground. I’m a very committed grassroots/ participation person and at the moment it’s now become an events centre,” says Nelson


 to Roll  Page 35 Page 16-17

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Phillip Rollo Reporter

Bays Volleyball’s operations manager Pamela Brodie. The most high profile bookings at Saxton Stadium, which would have been at the Trafalgar Centre, include nine Nelson Giants’ home games between April 4 and June 27, an ANZ Championship netball match on May 11, the national cat show on June 29 and the South Island 4 and Rotary Car Show on November 7-9. The sports events, in particular, need temporary seating to accommodate the 2200 people expected to attend them, and that will result in less court space for everyone else – a year after Saxton Stadium closed due to flood repairs. Nelson City Council confirmed that just four of the five basketball courts would



   Isabel Lyttle, 9, Brodie Seelen, 10  and Zeeta Anderson, 9, were part of Tahunanui School’s Enviro Schools  group, which came up with the idea of removing their rubbish bins. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


School bins rubbish bins

 

It seems an ironic way of reducing litter, but Tahunanui School plans to remove all of their rubbish bins in the coming weeks – a move it hopes will not only clean up the school, but encourage parents to think twice about what they put in their child’s lunchboxes. Tahunanui School isn’t the first

to try this method – Waimea Intermediate School has already been doing it for about four years – but its Enviro Schools leader, Heidi Newland, says the amount of uneaten school lunches that have been thrown out is a “concern”, and they hope this idea will help prevent that. “It’s like sandwiches

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in glad wrap, uneaten yoghurt, and uneaten muesli bars, it’s ridiculous,” she explains. “Now the children can’t throw away their food. If they don’t eat it they have to take it home and their parents will be aware of what’s being eaten,


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TUESDAY 4 March 2014

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“I didn’t ride it. I just don’t ride bikes.”

“Not once, it’s hanging upside down in the garage with flat tyres. It hasn’t been used for many years.”

“About three or four times a day, it’s my mode of transport. I own a business here in Nelson so I just bike to work.”

“I didn’t, I live out country, Cable Bay. I usually bike all the time but I haven’t done for a long time.”

School bins rubbish bins FROM PAGE 1

and what’s not.” Tahunanui’s Enviro Schools – which is a group of Year 5 and 6 students – came up with the idea and the school will officially put it into practice from March 17. “This is what the kids were mainly worried about. There is just so much waste and so much packaging.” Students will now be able to put their fruit and vegetable leftovers in a food scraps bin while paper and plastic is recycled. Everything else will be taken home. “The school already does quite a bit of recycling. We’ve already got a compost bin and a food scraps bin.” When asked how a parent might react when their child brings home a messy yoghurt container, Heidi says “maybe they won’t give their kid yoghurt and maybe they will keep it for pudding”. She says there had been zero feedback from

parents, but there hadn’t actually been a forum which enabled them to do so. That was likely to be held next term. What Tahunanui School hoped to achieve from this was “zero waste” and Heidi believed it would enable students to think more about what is in their lunch box too, as she knew of one child that turned up to school with just a large packet of potato chips. Waimea Intermediate School teacher Todd Mcauley praised Tahunanui School for their decision. “I think it’s great that Tahuna are doing that. They hopefully will have a lot of success, because they’ll have their kids from five years old right through. We have to establish that every year because we always have new Year 7s coming through,” he says. Tahunanui is also looking for donations of ice cream containers, hummus containers, or “anything children could use as an alternative” to store their lunches in.

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Big events ‘might’ get priority FROM PAGE 1 be available to use throughout the winter sports season, but says it hadn’t given priority to the Nelson Giants in particular. However, it “might” give priority to any event that requires space for spectators, over the participation sports that “could easily relocate to other courts”, says communications manager Angela Ricker. “All the codes have been accommodated as much as possible. While we’ve been unable to completely meet every group’s requirements, for the most part the codes have been willing to work with us and be flexible.” Pamela says the stadium was there to build participation programmes, something she described as “being put on hold now”. “Because of all these extra events and

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activities happening, it’s very difficult to advertise or increase participation when we have an unknown capacity of use.” She also says it was more expensive to use other facilities. Netball Nelson’s manager Chelsea Routhan, says it has been a “struggle”, but they were working closely with the other codes, Sport Tasman and Nelson City Council so everyone can benefit as much as possible. “It’s definitely been difficult and Saxton Stadium is a participation venue, so we’re trying to get as much utilisation as we can,” she says. According to council, no event had missed out when changing their booking from the Trafalgar Centre to Saxton Stadium, only ones that had opted for other venues that better suited their needs.




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Residents refuse to leave camp ground Residents of the Brook Valley Holiday Park are vowing to fight a council decision to close the camping ground, with some saying they will refuse to leave. On Thursday, Nelson City councillors agreed to a proposal to close the park, and the news was hand-delivered to semi-permanent residents over the weekend. The camping ground loses around $175,000 a year and the council says that is too much of a burden on ratepayers. They say residents can move to the council’s other camping grounds at Tahunanui Beach and in the Maitai Valley. “While the future of the park is being looked at, we won’t be taking any more casual camping bookings,” says community services chair, Pete Rainey. “For those who continue to live there, all services and facilities will be maintained until there’s a final decision. If the time comes that we do decide to close the park, every semipermanent resident will be offered an alternative site at the council’s Maitai Camp.” But residents are less than impressed. Susan MacKinnon believes the council has been planning to shut down the camp for some time, and she



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Brook Valley Holiday Park resident Dave Heap, outside his caravan. Photo: Jessie Johnston. doesn’t want to move. “None of us want to move,” she says. “The council has said they’ll relocate us all to the Maitai. The Maitai has got really inferior facilities compared to here. I don’t think it could take an influx of people, especially in the ablution blocks, I don’t think they would handle it. You’d be looking at health problems then.” Dave Heap says he will refuse to leave the camp if it’s closed. “If the proposal goes ahead I’m gonna stay right here. I’ve only just decided on that. There’s a lot here that can’t leave. Some of the caravans have permanent annexes that are bolted on the side. If they go to the Maitai they’re not allowed those at all. Some caravans can’t be moved because they’ve

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TUESDAY 4 March 2014


been built on to.” They say the lack of a bus service to the Maitai camp is also a concern, and the lack of sun at the Maitai camp. But Pete says the final decision hasn’t been made just yet and residents will have the chance to have their say. “No one is being asked to move out of the park now. I want to stress that the council is only considering the option. There is plenty of time for semi-permanent residents, and indeed all residents of Nelson, to share their views with the council – and we’re keen to hear what people think about the idea.” Public consultation will open on 28 March and run through to 28 April. The council will decide on the future of the park in June.


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TUESDAY 4 March 2014

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Relay for Life an emotional night “Surreal” is a word Jeni Chambers uses to describe two moments in her life – the day she diagnosed with breast cancer and the day she survived it. The Tahunanui woman was just one of thousands of people who walked or ran laps around Saxton Field throughout Saturday evening and the early hours of Sunday morning, for the 2014 Relay for Life. Jeni works at Pomeroy’s Coffee Factory in Wakatu Estate, and walked alongside her staff mates at the Relay for Life. As well as her own fight, Jeni said as she walked the laps she would think about her sister, who died three years ago from cancer. “I’m thinking of her a lot. I’m thinking of the pink medicine. I’m thinking of the people who helped me a lot. Everything is positive though, you can’t have a negative thought,” she says. “This is an awesome event and it’s great to see so many young people out there supporting the cause.” Jeni’s surgery was December 20, 2006 – a date she will never forget. “It’s just so surreal because you don’t think it’s happening to you.” Doctors never spoke about the possibility of death – it was all about survival – and just last

No AMAlgAMATioN: Another amalgamation bid for Nelson City and Tasman District councils has been rejected by the Local Government Commission. The commission released its decision last week on the reorganisation application made in November 2013 by Rick Farr of Nelson. The decision means that the application does not proceed to the first stage of the reorganisation process. MAN STAbbED: A 53 year old man is recovering after he was stabbed around 10 times in the back, arms and legs while in his bed on Friday night. Peter Dyer was able to escape the attack at around 10pm and ran to a neighbour’s house for help. Police then found the alleged attacker, a 41 year old man, still in the Tahunanui house where he was arrested after a “struggle”. He appeared in Nelson District Court yesterday. STolEN bikES: A Nelson couple are urging the public to keep an eye out for a silver Avanti touring bike, after it was taken while they were shopping for organic groceries in The Wood. Rebbecca Paton and her husband Adam Gilbert, had ridden into town for their weekly shopping at the Organic Green Grocer on the corner of Grove and Tasman St when it went missing.

Rory, Kate and Sharon Medcalf with Larissa Illing, at the Relay for Life at Saxton Field on Saturday. Photo: Phillip Rollo. Nearly everyone at the Relay for Life had been affected by cancer in some form – it had either taken their loved ones or their friends and family had survived it. Others there are still fighting the disease. Tears rolled down Edna Brownlee’s cheeks when she explained that her father died seven months ago from cancer. She was at the Relay for Life with a group of ten from the Tasman District Council, and says the support from her team was “awesome”.

year Jeni was told she was all clear. “That was surreal too.” Jeni says the support from friends and family was “amazing”. “You have to get your own head around it first then you slowly tell people but once I told them they were really good. [What got me through it] was my children telling me that they want me to live for them. I always said I’d die for my kids and I would, but my daughter said she wanted me to live for her and that was the turning point.”

Sara Davidson has had both friends and family who have passed away from cancer, and she says the reasons for participating in the event were very personal. “It’s to celebrate, remember and fight back,” she says. “In the past year I’ve lost two friends to cancer. It’s scary how it happens to somehow you know when you just don’t think it will. As I walk I’m just remembering them.” More than $200,000 was raised from the event with 105 teams taking part.



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Nelson Weekly

Fire destroys Stoke home Your Community Newspaper

Stoke fire fighters attempt to take control of a fire that ripped through a Stoke home early Monday evening. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

A two storey Stoke home was gutted, after a fire ripped through it last night. The home, on Leicester St, was engulfed in flames when fire engines from Stoke, Richmond and Nelson arrived at around 5pm. Emergency services were unavailable for comment at the time Nelson Weekly went to print last night but those at the scene say it went up quickly. “There was lots of smoke and it looked like the garage down stairs had been gutted,” said Weekly reporter Phillip Rollo. “Because of the high winds police asked people to stay well clear and others were running from both end of Leicester St, concerned that the wind could have spread it to neighbouring properties.”

This Week

TUESDAY 4 March 2014

Port Nelson’s Rob Hawkes at the port’s busy container yard. The port will open its gates to the public this weekend, something it does only once every three years. Photo: Andrew Board.

Port Nelson opens its gates to public Port Nelson is the hub of the region’s economic grunt, but for most of us watching ships come in and out of the harbour is about as close to the action as we can get, until this weekend. The port is hosting an open day this Sunday, where the public can come and see what the port does on a daily basis. Rob Hawkes says since all ports in New Zealand agreed to a

security code that saw them gated off from the public, the open days have been a chance to show the community what it gets up to. “We do it every three years and the idea is to give people an appreciation of what happens inside the security gates of the port.” Around 83,000 containers a year come through the port. Most of it is produce going out

Richmond Showgrounds 29th - 30th March

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Stoke Kindergarten

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of the region, like logs, fish, food and wine. The open day is this Sunday from 10am to 4pm, and there will be displays of some of the equipment they use, displays of tug boats, stuff for kids to do and food stalls. Everyone over 16 needs a photo ID to enter, and a gold coin donation will be given to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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This Week

TUESDAY 4 March 2014

School prepares for Tea by the Sea Clifton Terrace School is preparing for its biggest community event of the year. Tea by the Sea is the school’s annual fundraiser and is on this Friday, March 7, from 5 to 7pm. This year, members of local group Samba de Sol have been working with children at the school, to put together a unique performance of song, music and dance, as the finale of the event. As well as a wide selection of quality food, there’ll be great

activities lined up for kids big and small, including horizontal bungy, a giant waterslide, inflatable obstacle course, face painting and raffles with a wide range of great prizes. The money raised this year will, among other things, help fund school-wide environmental projects, new computer equipment, upcoming school camps and new junior playground equipment. Those attending are urged to please bring along a plate, cutlery and a cup (no glass).

Nelson Weekly Your Community Newspaper

Nelson Mail’s circulation takes another drop

Clifton Terrace School drummers Josh (right), Jasmine and Michael with some of the other pupils ready to perform at the Tea by the Sea fundraiser this Friday. Photo: Tim Cuff.

Stoke’S locally owned bakery

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The Nelson Mail’s circulation has taken another whopping drop, according to figures released from ABC Circulation. The Mail has lost almost eight per cent of its circulation on the same time last year, losing more than 2000 subscribers in the past two years. While fewer people are buying their paper, its editor last week trumpeted its online readership stats. But online readership figures provide little comfort for advertisers, as their adverts don’t appear online, meaning the new statistics show fewer people will see an advert placed in the Nelson Mail now than ever before. The drop in circulation is a continuing trend for the Mail, which often appears at the top of circulation drops in the South Island. The latest results show that fewer than 13,000 now pay for the Nelson Mail, the worst figures in decades. Nelson Weekly publisher Steve Page, says the figures are part of an ongoing trend, and one of the reasons why advertisers are no longer looking at daily newspapers. “We’ve seen huge growth in our locally owned community newspapers and the main reason is the response our advertisers get,” he says. “That’s because our circulation can’t be beaten. We go to every home and we make sure our paper has the best stories and photographs in it. No other community newspaper in Nelson can say that.” Nelson Weekly is delivered free to more than 20,000 homes and businesses every Tuesday, and its sister paper, Waimea Weekly, is delivered free to more than 10,000 homes and businesses every Wednesday.

Richmond’s Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare Friday 21st March 2014 5.30pm-10.00pm Sundial Square, Richmond







It has a new name and a renewed focus but the Sprig and Fern Summer Harvest Fare is promising to be just as popular as the formerly named Last of the Summer Fare. The free event has grown in popularity over the years and is Richmond’s biggest street party with food, wine and beer stalls surrounding a laid back family atmosphere at Sundial Square. This year’s celebration of the end of summer will take place on March 21 and organisers say the emphasis will be on providing great food and music ensuring the atmosphere at this year’s Summer Harvest Fare will be memorable. With entertainment from the Nelson Jazz Club there will be a variety of music to get you up and dancing as the region celebrates the success of the regions fantastic harvest. Although there will be a security presence, the fair is a laid back affair and is a great opportunity to get together with friends and family after work to enjoy a Sprig & Fern beer, a range of wines and ciders or to sample some good local gourmet food. With about 40 stallholders showcasing a huge variety of food and drink there should be no end of flavors and smells to tickle your taste buds. Richmond Unlimited’s Kim Quint says with our region producing so much fantastic food and

Fiona Fahey, Wendy Crighton and Diane Chapman enjoying last year’s summer fare. drink it’s only appropriate to call it the harvest fare and they’ve listened to feedback from last year’s event. “We’ve changed the band and will be providing free rides on the Double Decker bus to help those further afield than Richmond come and enjoy the spoils of summer. So it should be a great event, we’re really excited about it.” The bus will do a round trip from Richmond into Nelson via Tahuna and back through Stoke at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. The NBus service will also be dropping off and picking up fair goers until 7pm outside the mall leaving you no excuse for not being there. The Sprig and Fern Summer Harvest Fare begins at 5:30pm and runs until 10pm. Business Update. Adv.

Nelson Weekly

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Your Community Newspaper

TUESDAY 4 March 2014

Musican gets big break


Phillip Rollo



Interior Plastering Jordan Luck was bowing down to Alex Hargreaves on stage, screaming into the microphone “we are not worthy”, as she shredded on the guitar and sang along with their hit single “Who Loves Who The Most”. The former Nayland College student had the “unreal” experience of performing with The Exponents in front of a sold-out crowd of 2000 people at the Classic Hits Winery Tour on Friday night. Alex, 18, won a competition through Classic Hits to perform at the second Neudorf Vineyards show – an experience she will remember for the rest of her life. “Oh man, it was just so unreal. I can’t even believe that just happened,” she says. “I found out a few weeks ago, but I had just assumed I hadn’t got it because it was so long after I entered.” Alex, who is the lead singer of last year’s Smokefreerockquest regional runnersup Paper City, was supposed to just play the one song – which changed to “Who Loves Alex The Most” – but was later called back on stage to perform again. “At the end they dragged me on to play another song, but I didn’t even know that one. They sort of put the guitar on me, and the bass player was yelling chords at me, which was cool.” The Exponents have been around the

Bruce Irvine Ph 0274 444 546 A/H 544 8487


49-51HOUSE Halifax Street, Nelson LUCAS 49-51 Halifax Street, Nelson


49-51 Halifax Street, Nelson

Nelson teen Alex Hargreaves performs on stage with The Exponents at the Classic Hits Winery Tour on Friday night. Photo: Phillip Rollo. traps for a long time now – telling the crowd that their first ever show in Nelson was at the Rutherford Hotel in 1962 – but even a teen like Alex was a huge fan, and had previously spoken to her band mates about how awesome opening for someone like The Exponents would be. “We were saying how The Exponents would just be amazing. I never knew I would actually just play with them. It was just incredible. All of the band were just supportive guys and really cool. It was just awesome.” Alex left Nayland College last year and is now studying film in Auckland. She was flown back to Nelson with the support of Jens Hansen Jewellers. Her band,

DAIRY DALE MILK (2L Varieties)

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Paper City are releasing an album in the coming weeks. Also performing on the Classic Hits Winery Tour were Breaks Co-op and Stan Walker. The tour concluded in Blenheim on the weekend, but Upper Moutere was the only place in the country to get two shows – the first of which drew 800 people on a Thursday night. Concert co-promoter Campbell Smith described Friday’s show as “magic”. “[At] a sold out Neudorf Vineyard there’s always a party, and tonight was no exception. Great performances, a great crowd and a big old party. We can’t wait to come back next year.”

Construction underway - Completion expected mid 2014


Construction underway - Completion expected mid 2014

avoidance design

(surpasses Building Code require-

Employs a revolutionary earthquake damage avoidance design OFFICE AND RETAIL INwill and Building will minimise building damage inCBD a minimise major thatments surpasses Code requirements and

earthquake) building damage in a major earthquake. Tenants will also enjoy

Employs a revolutionary earthquake damage avoidance design • Private parking private parking facilities,facilities plentilful natural light and ventilation that surpasses Building Code requirements and will minimise and multi-level lift access. light and ventilation • Plentilful natural building damage in a major earthquake. Tenants will also enjoy • Multi-level lift access. private parking facilities, plentilful natural light and ventilation and multi-level lift access. 2 2

Office space for lease from 65m - 500m more information, CompletionForApril 2014 contact:

Craig Chalmers Ph 03 548 3039 or 027 246 1176 For more information, contact:

For more information, contact:

Craig Chalmers or Louise Devine Craig Chalmers Ph 03 548 3039 Ph 03 548 3039 or 027 246 1176




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03/03/14 to 09/03/14

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Open 7 Days 7.00am - 6.00pm Cnr Vanguard & Hardy Sts • Ph: 03 546 6355 (Sun 9.00am - 6.00pm) 186 Queen St. Richmond • Ph: 03 544 0103

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Seaweek is back, plenty planned

COUCH STORIES: Jo Ann Firestone and Ro Cambridge will be taking their popular radio show off air and onto the stage. The pair have convinced ten politicans, including several Labour MPs, to take part in their "couch stories" interview show. There is only one catch, they're not allowed to talk about politics. The storytellers include Damien O'Connor, Maryan Street, Jacinda Ardern, Marian Hobbs, Ali Boswijk and Gail Collingwood. The show is from 7pm, this Friday night at the Old St John's. Tickets are $15 at Everyman Records or at the door. Photo: Andrew Board.

Apple Computer iPhone | iPad | iPod Samsung | Smart Phone


Certified Mac Technician  548 1618 or 027 548 1618


$15,980 MAzdA 6 GlX 2010 These Mazda 6 GLX are are great all around family car. They have both plenty of interior room and luggage space and reasonable fuel economy. This one is NZ New and had 1 owner. Powered by a chain driven 2.0 litre motor and is auto with tiptronic option. Its been regularly serviced by a Mazda workshop. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 6 airbags, ABS brakes, 6 disc CD, dual climatic air conditioning, cruise control, remote locking and a towbar.


subAru iMprezzA MAnuAl 2006 If you are the great outdoors type who likes to get off the main road but doesn’t want to walk too far, then this NZ new AWD Subaru Imprezza is for you. It’s had 2 owners from new. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is 5 speed manual with Hi & low ratio AWD. The interior is quite spacious and is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, CD, climate air conditioning, remote locking, cruise control, roof rails and a towbar.

kiA sportAGe 2Wd Auto 2010 If you are in the market for a 2WD no fuss mid range SUV, then this is for you. This Kia Sportage is NZ New and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a peppy 2.0 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is surprisingly spacious and is in tidy condition. It has seating for 5 passengers. It also has 8 airbags, ABS brakes, half leather trim, CD, climate air conditioning, cruise control, factory alloys and roof rails.







MAzdA 6 GsX 2008 This model Mazda 6 GSX are very popular with tall people looking for that extra leg room or people wanting a roomy family car. This is NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a grunty 2.5 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. We have the FULL service history for this car from new. It also has multi airbags, ABS brakes, cruise control, 6 disc CD, dual climate air conditioning, remote locking with 2 keys, factory 17 inch alloys and a towbar.

toyotA CAMry Altise 2005 This is an extremely tidy example of this always popular model Toyota Camry Altise. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a peppy 2.4 litre chain driven motor and is automatic. The interior is very spacious and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking and cruise control.


Mitsubishi GAlAnt Gls 2006 In my opinion these Mitsubishi Galant’s are a very under rated car and represent fantastic value for money. This one is NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is very spacious and is in immaculate condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, CD, climate airconditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, factory alloys, body kit and spoiler and a towbar.

holden bArinA hAtChbACk 2008 If you are looking for economy without having to forgo interior space and comfort, then this could be for you. It’s NZ New and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a peppy 1600cc motor and is automatic. The interior is both roomy and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, remote locking, factory alloys and roof spoiler.

Ford FAlCon eF2 FuturA 1995 If you are after a good old original Falcon thats been well looked after, then this is for you. We have just traded it and its just had a new WOF. It’s powered by the tried and trusted 4.0 litre 6 cylinder and is auto.The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 2 airbags, CD, after market alloys and a boot spoiler.




toyotA CorollA Gl hAtCh 2007 The Toyota Corolla legacy just keeps rolling on here in NZ and would be the most popular small hatch to be sold in this country. It’s powered by a 1.8 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, electric front windows and mirrors and remote locking.

Mitsubishi Colt sport Auto 2007 NZ new and had 1 owner. Its powered by a nippy 1500cc motor and is automatic. The interior is also in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, tinted glass, factory alloys, electric windows and mirrors and remote locking. The paintwork is also in very tidy condition for its year and mileage.


$19,980 Mitsubishi outlAnder ls 2009 This model Mitsubishi Outlander LS is the most popular SUV that we have EVER sold. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a 2.4 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. It can be driven in 2WD, Auto 4WD or 4WD depending on the conditions. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 8 airbags, ABS brakes, CD, electric windows and mirrors, keyless entry and start, cruise control, air conditioning, factory alloys, roof rails, towbar and tinted glass.






will be accepted on the Friends of Cawthron Facebook page up until midnight this Sunday. Another highlight of Seaweek will be the free, guided snorkelling trip to Cable Bay on Sunday. The snorkelling trip will be held between 9am and 12pm and is for anyone seven-years-old and over although under-15s must be accompanied by an adult. People should bring their own snorkelling gear if they have it, otherwise equipment will be supplied by Experiencing Marine Reserves. Footwear, for walking over rocks, is essential. People can pre-register for the snorkelling by emailing their cell phone number to meganwilson@, or register on the day at the picnic area by car park and beach. Other Seaweek activities include a teacher’s workshop on Wednesday and a lecture on Thursday, both at the Cawthron Institute on Halifax St in Nelson from 4pm to 6pm. For more information on those events, email Cristina Armstrong at cristina.armstrong@cawthron. or phone 539-3217.





Marine-themed photo competitions, snorkelling trips and educational lectures are all part of the annual Seaweek activities in the Nelson-Tasman region this week. Seaweek is New Zealand’s annual celebration of the marine environment, and this year coordinators have organised another interesting line up of events and competitions. Cawthron’s Anie Byrne is helping organise the Seaweek photo competition, and she says they have already had “heaps of entries”. “It’s always a really popular part of Seaweek, and this year we have been given some really great prizes from local businesses. We have a family pass to whale watch in Kaikoura, lifejackets, dive lessons, kite surfing lessons and stand-up paddle board lessons, and Bob (Toepfer) from Hanifins will print a photo on canvas for one of the category winners. Anie says says there are separate competitions for Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough photographers, which each have categories for under-13, Family Fun, Sea Treasures and Fragile Seas. Entries

Ford FAlCon Xt 2011 There are still a good core group of people who need the grunt and interior room and comfort of these Ford Falcon’s. Ideal for towing that big boat or caravan without being lumbered with a 4WD for the rest of the year. This one has had 1 owner from new and is in very tidy condition. The back seat and boot don’t look like they have ever had anything in or on them. It has ABS brakes, cruise control, 4 airbags, factory alloys, towbar, CD, remote locking and climate air conditioning.



MAzdA MpV 7 seAter 2002 If you have an ever expanding family and need a 7 seater wagon, then this is for you. It’s powered by a 2.2 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is automatic. The interior is very spacious and is in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, factory alloys and body kit, towbar, tinted rear glass, airbags, CD and air conditioning.

Ford Courier FlAtdeCk 2002 Not often we get a Courier XLT extra cab 4wd flatdeck to sell. This one is NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has factory alloys, running boards, alloy 3 side drop flat deck with a wooden floor, alloy bullbar and a towbar.






Mitsubishi outlAnder ls AWd 2006 Buying an SUV with AWD for under $15000 isn’t always easy, but here we have one. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a 2.4 litre chain driven motor (So NO cambelt) and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is quite spacious and in tidy condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, CD, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, roof rails and tinted glass.

kiA sorento AWd 2005 Are you in the market for a great AWD wagon for towing or for getting out to the back blocks in the weekend? Well this might just do the trick. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a grunty 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is auto. The interior is in tidy condition and has seating for 5 passengers. It also has 6 airbags, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, CD, air conditioning, factory alloys, roofrack and a towbar.

Arriving Soon


$38,980 isuzu d-MAX ls 2Wd Auto 2014 I’ve driven a lot of diesel utes in my time and this Isuzu D-Max 2WD ute is by far the best so far. It’s the current model. Powered by a really grunty 3.0 litre turbo diesel and is automatic. It has a very roomy interior for those with long legs or those who need lots of space. It also has 6 airbags, ABS brakes, traction control, cruise control, remote locking, CD, air conditioning, Tufdeck and some aftermarket alloys wheels.

$3,250 hondA Xr350 prolink 1983 Im clearing my Honda collection from my shed. Here is a 1983 Honda XR350 Prolink. It runs sweet and seems crisp in the engine. The tyres are about half worn and has good chain and sprockets. The seat has a couple of small rips as per the photos and plastics are all in good order.

2010 nissan Wingroad - Wagon, NZ New, 1800cc, Auto - $11,980 2009 toyota yaris - Hatch, NZ New, Auto, Grey - $10,980

150 Rutherford St, Nelson PH: 548 0568 Vanessa - 0274 489 877 Paul - 0274 489 855

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TUESDAY 4 March 2014


Hub cap guitars a hit with music fans A Nelson man has found the coolest way to make “the world’s coolest music” come to life – through old hub caps and cigar boxes. John Dixon has always loved listening to blues music, and about 20 years ago he learnt how to play the slide guitar, central to many of the blues’ best songs. Six months ago he took passion to the next level when he started making his own slide guitars out of hub caps and cigar boxes, and their unique look and sound has captured audiences around the world. John says his new hobby started when he was at a friend’s house and they were looking at someone playing a hub cap slide guitar on You Tube. His friend said “we could do that”, and challenged John to give it a go. “The rest is history really. I started to get all sorts of different hub caps and you can tune them up the same but they all sound a little different.” John makes his slide guitars out of old hub caps, cigar boxes and even old ceiling fans, most of which are either given to John from mates or he sources from the recycle centre. He adds wood for the neck and adds bits of “bling” from old food processors, cutlery, hinges and keys, before adding the strings and tuning them up.

Nelson man, John Dixon, with one of his slide guitars, made out of an old ceiling fan. John makes his guitars out of hub caps and cigar boxes as well. Photo: Andrew Board.

“I can get a piece of old wood, cut it out and sand it down and put it together, chuck some strings on it, twang it up and have a play. People say ‘I’ve never seen anything like it’ and they get pretty excited about it,” he says. John has made around 30 of the guitars and given most away, but has recently started selling them at markets and Begg’s Musicworks. He says he’d love to make a “wee business” out of it for himself but is content to make them for pleasure at the moment. He says the slide guitar has a deep history in blues music and that the cigar box guitars were made around the 1920s by those who couldn’t afford a real guitar. “I love slide guitars, it’s a passion of mine. I’ve seen a lot of the blues players. I lived in Australia for 12 years and I’d go and see a lot of them. And seeing these guys started the passion in me. I always loved my music, and about 20 years I decided ‘bugger it, I’m going to buy a guitar’.” John’s guitars have sold around Nelson, but also overseas from people visiting here and sending videos of John playing back to friends and family. He’s also been invited by the band Boulder Bank to join them on stage every Friday night at the Honest Lawyer to play his guitars. “I really enjoy it and I’ve had lots of comments.”


Port Nelson Open Day Reduce condensation and save energy with Double Glazing

Sunday 9 March, 10am-4pm

Port Nelson Open Day Sunday 13th February 2011 10am to 3pm

Carparking at Toll Tranzlink

Single Glazed

Enjoy a few hours at the Port:

Double Glazed

Fit Double Glazing into your wooden or aluminium joinery.

• Machinery both working and on display, children’s entertainment provided and Entrance through Wakefield Quay many food stalls on site • Port Bus Tours - open to everyone, over 16 yrs+ will need photo ID Enjoy a few hours at the Port: • FREE CARPARKING at Toll Tranzlink site on Wildman Avenue (Courtesy shuttle • Machinery both working and on display, children’s entertainment provided and many food stalls on site • Port Bus Tours - open to everyone, over 16 yrs+ will need photo ID from Toll site to Wakefield Quay every 30 minutes from 10.00am) • FREE CARPARKING at Toll Tranzlink site on Wildman Avenue (Courtesy shuttle from Toll site to Wakefield Quay every 30 minutes from 10.00am) • Gold coin donation entry with proceeds • Children’s Colouring Competition - entry form available online at; entries will be on display and the winners will be showcased and announced on the day to Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson • Gold coin donation entry with proceeds to Nelson Regional Hospice

For a FREE quote call Trevor 544 8913

See you there!

See you there! Trevor Norris

12 Gladstone Rd, Richmond


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• A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a party/event/function? Call our photographer 548 4949 or 027 548 4948 Rachel McMutry, Corina Inglis and Joanne Warren at the Relay for Life.

Sam Thomson and Kelsey Chapman at the Classic Hits Winery Tour. Another huge weekend for Nelson with events like the Classic Hits Winery Tour and Relay for Life attracting thousands of people. This week our photographers went to the winery tour on Friday, followed by Relay for Life, the Turf Hotel's 4th birthday and Fraser Logging's Fishing competition on Saturday. Remember, if you’d like us to come and take photos at your event or party give us a call on 548 4949 or you can email us at editorial@

Bettina Romano and Leah Aekins at the Classic Hits Winery Tour.

Lynne Croy and Cynthia Martin at the Relay for Life held at Saxton Field.

Stacey McNaughton, Vicky Carter, Sheryl McNaughton and Jan McDonald at the Turf on Saturday.

Gaylene and Shaun Merson at the Turf Hotel on Saturday.

Mike Green and Charlie Thomson after the Fraser Logging fishing competition.

Catch up with us on

Nelson Weekly Your Community Newspaper

Dave and Nicky Morris with Charlotte Bowe at the Relay for Life.

Amanda, Lee and Max Charlett after the Fraser Logging fishing competition.

Kees and Karen Mant with Allison Donaldson and Rebecca Anderson at the Classic Hits Winery Tour.

Trish Goulter and Richard Smethurst at the Classic Hits Winery Tour.


Quality comfort footwear and accessories with a difference

NOW OPEN 257 Hardy Street, Nelson

PH: (03) 548 7789

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TUESDAY 4 March 2014



TUESDAY 4 March 2014

This Week

Nelson Weekly Your Community Newspaper

Dan's inspirational story goes global When Stoke's Dan Younghusband was born the doctors didn't expect him live more than 24 hours. Dan weighed just 1.3 kilograms and had a rare type of dwarfism called Seckel's Syndrome that resulted in him suffering from microcephaly, skeletal malformation and visual impairment. But Dan defied the odds and survived, and now, almost 30 years later, he is preparing to tell his story to an international conference aimed at inspiring people to overcome their disabilities. Dan has been invited to speak at the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity in Hawaii on May 19, when he will talk about his paua jewellery Dan Younghusband and Jada Polglase with some of the paua jewellery that Dan has made for his micro-business, Paua By Dan. He hopes that his story of overcoming business Paua By Dan. Photo: Simon Bloomberg. his disabilities and unemployment will motivate and inspire others to live their dreams. How does it benefit your child? “Right from birth I have been deWe encourage independence, self-motivation, a love of order, develop termined. I was not expected to concentration, self discipline, respect for oneself, others and the live, but I did. So the presentation environment, desire for freedom & choice, and a love of learning. will be my story of how I have overStoke come those challenges of life and What do we offer? Montessori disabilities, by self-determination Qualified Montessori and Early Childhood educators and the love and support of my 20 hours free ECE for 3, 4 & 5 year olds Half & extended days: 8.45-1 & 9-3 family, my friends and my Seido Indoor & outdoor activities Karate dojos. Gym, basketball & library sessions “It's an opportunity for me to repay Variety of excursions all the people who have supported Low child teacher ratio me, by helping inspire others with Cooked lunch programme disabilities. I want to show them that if I can do it, so can they.” Where can you find us? Dan says he started his micro-busiCome visit our centre at 61 Marlowe Street (Off Songer), Stoke ness about four years ago when his Contact us on 547 1022 or enquiries to Nissa on 021 175 6477

father Dave gave him some paua shell after a fishing trip to Kaikoura. Dan was so intrigued by the colourful shell he decided to use it to make jewellery, later forming his business, Paua By Dan, with help from Tony Mclean of the national disability service ImagineBetter and Parent2Parent. “When I first started making it, I was giving it away, but then people said I should sell it, so Tony suggested I set up a micro-business. We are making steady progress and I've been really enjoying the whole process of setting-up and running a business and working with my hands.” Dan says he is fortunate to have such a good team supporting his business, including Tony who will travel to Hawaii with Dan to help him present his seminar. Dan's support worker Jada Polglase and mother, Caro, “do the detailed work I can't do because of my eyesight”, and he gets discounted chains and beads from Bead Gallery in Nelson. The next challenge Dan faces is raising funds for travel to Hawaii, conference registration fees and accommodation costs. Caro has no doubt he'll reach his target. “Dan is the most determined person I know and we are very proud of him,” she says. Anyone interested in helping Dan can contact him at or phone Caro 027 465 0106.

Helping families of those with disabilities

The sibling relationship is likely to be the longest tive part in the their brother or sister’s life and and most stable in a disabled person’s life. The don’t feel burdened at all. This workshop acts as Second Generation workshop aims to support a catalyst for constructive discourse between sibthis relationship. It empowers adult siblings of ling and parent, and initiates an all-inclusive famdisabled people and their parents to deal with ily plan for the disabled person’s good life. This the complex welfare, legal workshop helps to focus on the and financial issues they will person, who they are, and what face if they choose to take a they can do - not just the dismore significant role in their ability. Realising the gifts and brother or sister’s life. strengths of the person, helps The workshop brings together families to assist their famadult siblings and their parily member create and achieve ents to work together to build their goals, and widen their a vision for the future good network of supporters. Parlife of their disabled family ticipants of the Second GenPlan for the future of a disabled member. It is about planning eration workshop go away with sibling with this free workshop a good life for that person and the hope that there are possi14-16 March what is going to happen once bilities for their sibling’s future the parents are unable to support them anymore. and facilitates support networks and sharing of Key components of a good life are explored - creative solutions between the generations. The what contribution can they make to the com- workshop features guest speakers who are living munity and what relationships they are going to a good life, and will share their stories and jourhave. Parents of disabled people often don’t want ney with the group. A legal professional will also to burden their siblings, and can often delay the present a talk on guardianship, family trusts and sharing of the responsibility. As families get older other legal matters. and siblings are not a part of the disabled person’s The workshop is free for participants. Meals are life, the support networks for the person narrow, also included, and accommodation is available. and can cause them to become isolated. More Business Update. Adv. often than not, siblings really want to take an ac-

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TUESDAY 4 March 2014


Police Volunteers needed for war effort report

with Area Commander

Steve Greally

At the time of writing this we have a large search and rescue operation under way in Nelson Lakes National Park where a 19 year old from Germany is missing. This situation brings up two points I’d like to talk about. Firstly, while this young man was well prepared with food and good equipment, he did not leave clear information about what he was doing and where he was going, and unfortunately he has become separated from his food and equipment. All tramping huts have log books, and the information people put in them makes a huge difference when it comes to finding people or getting help quickly when people get into difficulty. I would urge anyone heading out, even for a day walk, to make sure they tell someone where they are going and when they expect to get back. Likewise, if you’re out tramping, put some really detailed information in the hut logs. Secondly, I’d like to acknowledge the work that LandSAR volunteers do to assist Police with these searches. These people give up their own time to go in search of other people. In this case they have been tramping in snow and freezing alpine conditions. It’s not just time they give but the effort and commitment and without them search and rescue would be even more difficult. These people are fit, skilled and very knowledgeable about the outdoors, and we are extremely lucky to have such a dedicated bunch ready, willing and able to assist with the many searches we undertake each year in the Nelson Bays Area. I take my hat off to all the search and rescue volunteers and urge everyone out there not to take safety in the outdoors lightly.

Volunteers are being called for Nelson’s coolest war effort. Nelson is joining the rest of New Zealand in a host of World War 1 commemorative events to acknowledge the 100 year anniversary of ‘the Great War’. One award winning event in particular has been bringing our local war time history to life – Lest We Forget, now known as ‘The Anzac Experience’ is on again on April 25, 26 and 27 – and Nelsonians of all ages are invited to join up and help make it happen. Volunteers are needed for a variety of active duties, from manning the

Information Post or doing border patrol, to running missions, and providing key supply chain or logistics support. ‘The Anzac Experience’ and its associated School Education Programme is now in its seventh year. This could not happen without the willing, cheerful recruits keen to participate in creating a time warp for the event visitors. TJ Ramsay, from The Dramatix Theatre Development Trust and event creator, says every year they get the most extraordinary range of people of all ages and walks of life who make this event possible. “It’s a truly unique community

event, something we can all be proud of.” Many volunteers return each year, like Jan Hands, who with her husband Ian, volunteered yearly before ill health made it impossible. “It is the most amazing thing to be part of, like nothing we’d ever done before. You feel proud to part of such a quality event – I’d encourage everyone to volunteer – you can’t be too old, just willing to give it a go.” If you’re interested in joining up – from doing a shift on one day to helping for the entire weekend please contact or by calling TJ on 027 545 8102.

s g n i v a s o t ! é l O y a S “A feestful of Pesos.”











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99 1 LITRE




99 1 LITRE





al t icde son i! sa r e sup ! fry ur onl



Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring Ph: 548 6686 or 0800 ALARMS

Got a story?

























Contact us first







548 4949

PO Box 1503, Nelson




Visit: or call 0800 SUPERL (0800 787 375) for your local store. Over 140 stores nationwide, 100% locally owned and operated. Offer ends close of trade 9th March 2014, while stocks last. Limits may apply at participating outlets. Trade not supplied. Terms and conditions may apply. Available 24th February - 9th March 2014 inclusive. Please see for details.



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TUESDAY 4 March 2014

Your Voice

Thanks: Just a thank you for the editorial you did for us re the Art Expo being held at Eyebright. The committee were very impressed with your article and feel it will be a great help in making our event a great success. Averill.

the negativity which has held Nelson in it's grip for many years. A Parking building is needed whether you like the idea or not. It is not about money or breaking even, it is about filling a need, providing a service to the community, and making better use of the available land. The amount of flat land devoted to parking in this city is nothing less than criminal waste. I regret that the Car park building no go: only person who seems to be in tune with Errol Miller's comment on the car Nelson is Lewis Stanton with his horse and parking building idea is typical of cart. That is what is holding Nelson back the horse and cart mentality. Change of subject: "Where's our most wonderful Woman". Easy, you will find her at the hospital and wearing a nurses uniform. Fresh daily – quality baking Wilf Tunney.

One taste is all it takes • pies • filled rolls • savories • cakes • muffins • deserts and quiches • eat in or takeaway


“Stoke’s Original Bakery”

510 Main Road, Stoke Ph (03) 547 6998 Open: Mon - Fri 5.00am – 5.00pm Sat 5.00am – 1.30pm

Freedom campers: When councillor Kate Fulton took responsibility for the review of Freedom Camping in Nelson city last year, she and the council were told in the public forum that what they were proposing would see freedom campers using city car parks. The council went ahead and supported the recommendations of her committee anyway. They have no one to look at but themselves for what has happened. Cynthia McConville. Anger at new liquor store: No, as there are already enough over that way, Nelson does not need any more liquor stores anywhere. Nelson is tiny and

Your Community Newspaper

TXT text: 027 UR VOICE

there are already 4-5, plus the supermarkets and pubs. Aleisha Brunell.

Well Done to everyone involved. Sally Cox.

Pretty sure we have plenty of liquor stores already! Just asking for alcohol abuse and easier access for those underage. Alcohol, not our future. Leah Lu-Lu.

Was a great night and as always a amazing event to be part of. A bit chilly in the night though. Mary Saxon.

Regardless of where its located, why does Nelson even need another liquor store? There are a heap all around town and one is literally two streets away. Khalarn Olivia Cooper. Business is business. Surely we are intelligent enough to make a decision to buy or not to buy. Common sense we all have, and we all know all about restrictions. But the more restrictions there are, the more blackmarket moonshine is available. Let the business run, surely some will fold as there will be too many. Mike Green. NO, NO NO NO BLOODY WAY, there are enough problems without having another liquor outlet in or around the area. Helen Bisley. Relay for Life: Our legs might be sore but everyone here at Saxton's are having fun. What a great turn out. Pauline Van Der Plas. Mum and I went to watch them get started just amazing 105 teams good on you guys. Irene Joyce Cassidy.

Awesome atmosphere. I ache and am tired but well worth it and small scale, compered to what some have been through. Marie Allen It was an amazing experience, will definitely do it again. Natasha Columbus. Winery tour a hit: First two were pretty average, but Jordan and the boys rocked with all the old classics. Geoff Trevathan. Brilliant!! Loved it. Hayley Wilson. Good night and part Clinton Skelton falling in the ditch on the way to the van. Jeff Mahon. Food bank: The food bank is a charitable trust, does not receive any government funding and is staffed by a group of elderly volunteers. If Helen and Nadia (from Your Voice last week) would care to give some of their time to help us we could possible improve our service. New volunteers can contact me at 547 9902. Mike Gibson, Nelson Food Bank.

Supervision Skills Post graduate Undervalued in Workplace certificate in professional supervision Workplace supervisors are often expected to deliver in demanding circumstances, often with little or no professional training. NMIT’S brand new Postgraduate Certificate is designed to extend knowledge and skills to enhance and inform your practice. STARTS > 13 March 2014 , Part-time DELIVERY > Each module includes three, two-day workshops > Nelson Campus 0800 422 733 Search


A world class education is closer than you think


Poor supervision can have serious consequences in any workplace, and many supervisors in are given little or no professional supervision training before taking up their roles. In March 2014, NMIT will launch the Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Supervision The certificate, developed by Wintec, will run part-time over one year. It’s split into two parts and each part involves three two-day workshops as well as follow up activities – so it can easily be fitted around work. It’s the first time the qualification has been offered in Nelson and it’s targeted mainly at professionals already working with people or looking to move into a supervisory role. NMIT Social Sciences Counselling Coordinating Tutor, Raewyn Laurenson says supervision skills are greatly under-valued in most workplaces and supervisors are often selected based on the length of their experience rather than their qualifications and training. We do have some excellent, professionally trained supervisors in our community, but demand for effective supervision is increasing.” Raewyn says.

Common mistakes that supervisors can make include collusion and a reluctance to take responsibility, or being too directive. “Some of the key skills that a supervisor needs are the ability to listen without judgement, summarise what’s been said and help people think through their practice and come up with their own solutions,” she says. Raewyn Laurenson says good supervision can prevent disasters and harm from happening and will make a workplace feel safer, happier and less stressful for employees - leading to reduced staff turnover and greater profitability. “It’s time that supervision skills were valued more highly by employers, as they are already in many of the caring professions like counselling and social work.” she says. For more information or to apply for the Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Supervision which starts on March 13th. Contact 0800 422 733 or visit and search Supervision.

Business Update. Adv.

Nelson Weekly


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glass, windows & doors

TUESDAY 4 March 2014


SOLUTIONS Replacement/Insert Windows & Doors For a warmer, drier and healthier home


Paint peeling from your windows and you’re sick of repainting? Condensation and drafts a problem? Replacement aluminium windows are a cost effective solution providing new home window and door performance to your existing home.




Nulook Solutions offer a wide range of window & door configurations which gives the ability to design windows & doors to meet the independent requirements of your project, so whether you are wanting your new windows and doors to blend in with the original character of your home or are wanting a refreshing new look, Nulook Solutions will be able to meet your requirements. Nulook Solutions use the Nulook “WeatherTight™” window joinery system. As the name suggests, WeatherTight™ keeps water where it should be - outside your home. It achieves this through a combination of smart drainage design and a clever jointing of joinery design. We appreciate that you want your home to be free of potentially damaging leaks around your windows and doors. That’s why the WeatherTight™ range has been developed. In fact WeatherTight™ was designed in direct response to the leaky building crisis.

Retro Fit Double Glazing Nulook Solutions specialise in the replacement of double glazed units into existing aluminium single glazed windows. A simple process of replacing the original beads and sashes with new double glazing profiles. By replacing the existing single glass with new double glazing, you gain a warmer, quieter and more cost effective home to heat in winter, with a reduction of annoying condensation, so common on single glass panes. We also offer this service for existing timber windows, by routeing out the existing rebate, we insert and seal the new double glazed units back into the existing timber joinery, keeping the classic appearance, but enhancing the already efficient thermal performance timber offers.

Aluminium & Glass Balustrades

Exceptional quality and style in a wide range of designs, Nulook Solutions aluminium and glass balustrades can meet your safety needs while enhancing your home. Custom made to suit virtually any deck shape, including curved, our balustrades provide durable aluminium solutions to meet your requirements. Our sales representative will meet with you to discuss the styles and options available to ensure you receive the system that will best suit your needs.

Designed for the way you live 0508 NULOOK (0508 685 665)

Frameless Glass Balustrades

By utilising a prestigious range of frameless glass balustrade systems, we will preserve your treasured view or compliment modern architecture with the ultimate balustrade styling. Exceptional quality is incorporated in the product design. Custom made to suit virtually any deck shape, Nulook Solutions frameless glass balustrades provide a premium solution to meet your requirements. For options and pricing, our Nulook Solutions sales representative can work with you and help assist with choosing the right product for your requirements. CHRISTCHURCH UNIT 11, 20 Dakota Crescent Wilgram, Christchurch. Call Tony Ineson: 021 246 6774

Frameless Glass Showers

The addition of a designer frameless glass shower to your bathroom lifts the appearance of the room while also giving you the ability to have an individually designed shower to suit your own particular needs. Nulook Solutions offer a range of hardware and design options specific for your needs, from a simple toughened glass screen to a floor to ceiling option with hinged or sliding doors. We can price options from your plans or meet you on site to assist with the design.

NELSON 16 Nayland Road, Stoke, Nelson. Phone: 03 538 0100 Call Brent Walker: 027 530 0017

SOLUTIONS glass, windows & doors


Nelson Weekly


TUESDAY 4 March 2014

 Celebrating our 4th  year in business

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New Home

Show Home

After four years of owning A1 Homes in Nelson, Tasman and their home, says Shane. This makes building a very attractive Blenheim region, Shane and Rebecca Mickell are as excited as option. ever about their business, with huge growth in the building “We get a lot of clients who are deciding whether to buy or market and stunning feedback from customers. And Shane says the best is yet to come. The team at A1 Homes Tasman have worked hard to build a reputation as a building company that goes beyond the call of duty to build special homes. In their first year, Shane and Rebecca built eight homes. This year they’re aiming for 30, and they say most of their business is coming from word of mouth. One story that sticks out for them is four members of one family who have all had a new home built for them by A1 Homes in the last 3 years, “it was like we were part of Shane & Rebecca Mickell celebrate 4 years in their extended family”, says Shane. business at A1 Homes this month Shane – a carpenter by trade with over Visit the show home at 98 Washbourn Dr in Richmond and be in19 years experience spired – says the company’s point of difference is that they to build. The price of buying an existing home is similar to can do everything from extremely building one with us and with the lending for first home affordable houses to technical buyers being at 10 per cent for new homes, as opposed to 20 design & build, and even per cent for existing homes, you’re better off building.” With a lot of people moving to the region and buying existing renovations. “We’ve got a wide range, we go from kitsets to full builds. We do homes for first home buyers and then right up to premium homes, stuff that’s quite tricky and  The Region’s leading timber and special. Within that we building materials supplier do renovations as well. Saxton Road, We’re builders at the end  Port Nelson, Motueka of the day so we do the  0800 807 845 full range.”  A growing market for A1 Homes is people looking  for their first home. Last Looking to create a unique masonry feature  year, the government A1 Homes has 68 standard homes to chose from, and each can be for your home? made it a requirement modified to your requirements. for new home owners to  Shane says more locals are choosing to build and have a 20 per cent deposit if they’re homes, “We get a lot of people buying an existing home, but that they’re picking up a lot of that market.  doesn’t apply to people building who can’t find the home they want on the market so will come

Placemakers are proud to supply A1 Homes

 

The ConCreTe Company Leigh Manson Brick Artist Phone 021 454 934

Proud suppliers of aluminium joinery for A1 Homes PROUD TO SUPPORT MILESTONE HOMES

des i gnw i n d o ws


Commercial/Industrial Floors Driveways patios Courtyards exposed aggregate Coloured Concrete polished Concrete acid Washing & Sealing


for all your window & door requirements

happy 4th birthday a1 homes! P 0 3 54 7 5 454

ph 0274 888 074

Brilliant Place, Stoke, Nelson

Ph: 03 547 5454

Drainage & asman Construction T Ltd. Proud to be associated with A1 Homes • Registered drainlayers (Residential & Commercial) • Sewage treatment - design, supply & install • Video camera & drain inspection • Excavator & truck hire • Residential & rural earthworks • Retaining walls, house slabs, commercial concrete

Phone 03 543 8243

Nelson Weekly


Your Community Newspaper

The price we say is what you pay. No surprises.

Showhome: 98 Washbourn Drive, Richmond

A1 Homes can do everything from the extremely affordable to technical design and build and renovations

Looking for a bright solution?

We’re here to help with everything from wiring your new home to installing your home theatre system.


Brent and Tracey Pickw

Book us before winter!

Tracey & Brent



(03) 547 7301

including category winner at the Master Builder Awards, one of which is “Best showhome in Nelson”. Shane says the best birthday present A1 Homes Tasman has got is the chorus of positive feedback from those they’ve built homes for, and he says it’s something he will continue to treasure over the years to come. “We say to people, come and see us and you’ll be pleasantly surprised about what we can do. Because I’m a carpenter by trade, and with my support to Jenny, you’re not just dealing with a sales person, you’re dealing with a team who knows their stuff. That gives our clients a lot of reassurance.” If you’re keen to see what A1 Homes can do for you and your family simply pop in and see them. All discussions are free and are offered with no obligations. Their stunning Award Winning show home is at 98 Washbourn Dr in Richmond, the website is www. or you can give them a call on 547 7301.

to us to see if we can build them what they want.” A1 Homes is one of the largest residential building companies in New Zealand so their buying power is huge. Shane says it’s for that reason that they can build a home cheaper than anyone else. They have 68 standard homes to choose from, and each of those can be modified to your requirements. “The best thing to do is to come and have a chat with Jenny Walton, A1 Homes New Home Consultant, and find out what we can offer. We can then help you find land if you need it, arrange on site consultation to make sure the land you are interested in is fitting for your requirements, and put a few options forward. All that doesn’t cost a cent, it’s all no obligation, just part of the service we give,” says Shane. A1 Homes isn’t just about saving you money and making building your home a stress-free experience, the team has also picked up numerous industry awards. Over the past two years they’ve taken out 5 awards,

TUESDAY 4 March 2014



14 Eginton St, Motueka | Ph: 03 528 4524 | YOUR LOCALLY OWNED, AWARD WINNING, FAMILY BUSINESS

Bright Sparks


Proud to support A1 Homes

New Housing Audio/Visual Systems Alterations/Extensions Fault Finding Lighting & Heating Design 14 Tokomaru Place, Wakatu Estate, Nelson

03 544 4747


Glen the Jeweller Can we fix it? Glen the Jeweller Yes we can!!!

Dion Hunter

Plumber Quality work you can rely on new housing commercial Solar

alterations Maintenance Back flow testing

certifying PluMber Proud to be contracting to a1 Homes Proud to be a preferred supplier to A1 Homes and their design build projects

Congratulations to A1 Homes

Ph: 544 8484 | 6c Champion Rd, Richmond (Raeward Fresh Complex)

Glen James jewellers

548 4523

Design Create Indulge

Ph 021 606 524 we accept bitcoin


Nelson Weekly


TUESDAY 4 March 2014

Your Community Newspaper

Your Home Decorating & Renovating

As ‘do it yourself ’ Kiwi’s, sometimes we try to take on jobs by hand that prove to be time costly, when in half a day the job can be completed stress free by hiring a bobcat and operator from Nelson City Bobcats. Their bobcat machines are fast and efficient and can be used to shift, level and spread anything from soil to gravel. They specialize in lawn preparation with their landscape rake that levels out and picks up stones in one pass, ready for seed hydro turf

or ready lawn. A father and son team with over 20 years experience, Nelson City Bobcats take pride in providing the best service possible. They also run 5 ton tip trucks which allows them to get into tight spaces. With a wide range of specialty areas, such as concrete removal and demolition clean ups, no job is too small, whether it's residential or commercial. Call Craig and have a chat about your requirements and a free quote.

Carter & Son’S limited Commercial & Residential Foundations Floor Placing & Finishing Patios & Driveways Decorative Concrete Cutting Stamped Concrete Exposed Aggregate Concrete Floor Cutting

Phone Sam 027 581 1621 24 hours Email: Visit our website:

You can’t go past Carter and Son's Concrete when it comes to concreting your residential or commercial area. Locally owned and operated, Carter and Sons provide top-quality service in a range of concrete-based work, from paths, patios and driveways to heavy industrial building foundations of any size - they do it all. Carter and Sons service the top of the south and down to Westport, and work to provide a solution for all budgets and customer needs. They offer excellent knowledge and specialize in, but are not limited to, commercial and residential foundations, concrete paving and patios, decorative cutting, stamped concrete and exposed aggregate. Carter and Sons is independently run and family, owned and operated by Vanessa and Sam Carter. They started the business several years ago, and are now proud to offer a customer focused and professional service in all aspects of their company. See for yourself the great workmanship that Carter and Sons provide. Give them a call on 027 581 1621.

Want a drier home, free from mould and mildew? Then give the guys at Installation Solutions a call. They are certified shower installers for all the leading brands of moulded showers and tiled shower systems. They also install Showerdomes. A Showerdome eliminates steam from being formed and prevents your bathroom ceiling and wall from becoming wet. A Showerdome can be fitted to almost any shower. Installation Solutions have a range of shapes and sizes that are custom fitted to your shower. Installation Solutions are also able to apply pre-tile water proof membrane and Vitroglaze, which is a permanent protective coating for your glass. The workmanship at Installation Solutions is high-quality and endorsed by all leading shower manufacturers, which means all installation warranties apply when they fit your new shower. So if you want a steam free, drier bathroom, give the team at Installation Solutions a call on 548 0019. Jellicoe Design is a unique homeware and gift shop located in the heart of Richmond. The boutique store is filled with an enchanting array of one-off designs that you can be sure no-one else will have. You could spend hours exploring the treasure trove of delightful gifts, or browse the stunning collection and come away with an original from the Jellicoe Design Clothing range. Each piece of clothing is considered a work of art by the Jellicoe team. Displayed throughout their Richmond Mall location you will also find Deeanne Hobbs' Art. A talented local artist whose pieces are created from a love of colour, mixed with texture and inspirational, meaning that will translate across any room of your home. But if you are inspired to create your own masterpieces, then you will definitely want to visit the Jellicoe Design outlet in the Wakatu Estate, where you will find a huge range of fabrics and off cuts, as well as a treasure trove of trims and bits'n'pieces ideal for letting your creativity run wild.

No job too BIG or too small Yard preparation speciality

levelling to any stage - very quick

Rubber tyres or track machines Landscape rake for final level & picking up stone.

Concrete removal Driveway, carpark preparation & extensions Demolition & cleanups Rock retaining walls

Supply and InStallatIon wIth thIS coupon

FREE quotes

Phone Craig - 027 202 4555 or 548 6663 (a/h) Offer Valid until 31st March 2014

John Shaw

richmond mall

Ph 544 5447

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TUESDAY 4 March 2014


r nt D Tre



Nelson Weekly


TUESDAY 4 March 2014

100 local

Your Community Newspaper


Nelson Weekly is proud to support locally-owned Nelson businesses, so we have put together a feature to show you what some of our locally-owned businesses are and profile what they do. The businesses are not only Nelson icons but proud to be an integral part of the Nelson economy. When making your next shopping trip why not check out these businesses and see what they have to offer.


Kiwi As

If you’re feeling frisky, make your way to Be... Adult Boutique at 18a Vanguard St. They stock a range of adult movies and toys to fulfil your desires, from the tame to the adventurous. Catering for couples as well as singles, come in to discover passions you never knew you had. You will be treated with respect and discretion but, if you prefer, they have an online store at www.bkinky. where you can find out more and order from their extensive range of quality products.

Don’t be shy...come on in and see our wide variety of adult products

18a Vanguard Street, Nelson Ph: 03 545 9997 100% locally owned & operated

29 Vanguard St Nelson • Ph: 548 2743 For all

• Vehicle repairs • Servicing • Seatbelt sales & installation For friendly experienced service close to town 100% locally owned & operated


in roll-out system, allowing students to enroll throughout the year. To find out if you are eligible, please contact us on 546 7636 or email or Katz coffee cart doesn’t just have delicious food such as homemade burgers and crispy chips, they also have fresh coffee and milkshakes. Milkshakes that remind us all of what it’s like to be a kid again! A Nelson icon next to the warehouse, and fully mobile offering out-catering for functions from markets to sporting events etc, Katz is a great place to check out for coffee, fresh sandwiches, yummy burgers and so much more! You can smell the coffee before you see it. Centrally located in the Warehouse complex, it’s the perfect place to stop for a well-earned coffee or burger, or to get in touch with your inner child and have a milkshake!! Contact Kathy on 027 444 3628 and talk about your next function!

The Nelson Training Centre has been running hospitality employment-focused training courses for 27 years and successfully gaining a high percentage of positive employment outcomes. It is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission to offer FREE TRAINING for 16-19 year olds with Top of the South Service Cenlittle or no qualificatre are your specialists for all tions and who do not fit automotive repairs. Daryell has into mainstream institutional learning envi- Any make, any model, Top of the the knowledge and experience ronments. We operate South Service Centre will get you to make sure that your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard a registered café/restau- back on the road and at a fair price. With years of rant, open every Thursday as a café to the public, and Friday experience, Daryell is the expert you should call, not only as a restaurant for invited groups and for regular servicing but also for those complicated jobs organizations. NTC employs qualified that only a true specialist should handle. With a passion tutors who are up to date with current for cars and everything mechanical, he can help you with trends and hold the motto “Attitude your vehicle, be it something simple like an oil change to Determines Performance” We drive all a complete engine overhaul. At Top of the South Service students to set high standards to get the Centre you will get the advice and service you need, call most out of the training, and take full Daryell on 548 2743. responsibility for their own learning and career pathways. We have a roll- When it comes to care, Kensington Court is second to


TraiNiNg Centre


100% locally

National Certificate Level 1 (Foundation Skills) owned & operated National Certificate Level 2 (Entry Skills) NCEA Vocational Pathways Level 2 (Service Sector) Registered and Accredited with NZQA and approved by Service IQ I.T.O

Contact us: Email Ph: 548 2743 Celebrating 20 years of Phone: 03 546 7636 Email: superior care in our community

Youth GuarantEE

Kat’z Coffee & Food Open Monday to Sunday 8:30am until 5:30pm

For functions call Kathy 027 444 3628

“The Ultimate in independence, the Ultimate in care” 100% locally owned & operated

18 McMahon St, Stoke, Nelson Ph (03) 547 9444 E:

Fresh Sandwiches Delicious coffee Pies Amazing Burgers Milkshakes 100% locally owned & operated

Come and check us out next to the warehouse !

Nelson Weekly Your Community Newspaper


TUESDAY 4 March 2014

100 local %


Kiwi As

none, with 20 years of providing quality care and assisted ily wishes, understanding that for a unique and loved fam- a large range of quality brands, you are sure to find someliving. You’ll find Kensington Court tucked away off the ily member you need a special, tailored service. They now thing to suit not only your taste but also your budget. Lomain road in Stoke. The well have new premises in Richmond cally owned and operated, and being a small team, Radio established, boutique retireto cater to the wider Waimea and World can offer personal service on everything audio and ment facility has serviced the Tasman region. Shone & Shirley security. Eli started 10 years ago as an installer of these community consistently since offer a full range of monuments, systems and is now the proud owner. You know when the doors were first opened in and can cater to any funeral with you deal with Eli that you are getting the experience and 1994. From small beginnings chapel facilities, catering lounges passion of an owner operator. Radio World will supply the as an empty paddock in 1992, and memorial venues. Take com- best quality car audio service and products in the Nelson Kensington Court has flourfort in the caring attitude and sup- region ! Pride of workmanship is always a top priority. ished into the purpose built port of Shone & Shirley, visit them rest home, hospital and reat Tasman Futirement village it is today. Its neral Care in success was celebrated with a Richmond or at Extensive range of quality beds and more ! community event in Februtheir state of the made to your design at Nelson Beds ary that was well attended by art funeral home locals. With a team of 70 staff they can accommodate in Tahunanui. you for rest home, hospital, studio, apartment and villa living, working with you to arrange the individual needs At Radio World, its more than just required for those who live there. They welcome any en- radios. Eli is able to give you expert quiries into their apartment/studio / villa living, hospital advice on all aspects of car audio and $ facility or rest home. Visit them at 18 McMahon St, Stoke, security. If you are looking for a simple Nelson or phone 03 547 9444. standard system or the top of the line system, Eli is the expert to talk to. With Shone & Shirley have been helping us say goodbye to loved ones for 150 years. Thomas Shone, Feeling woolly when looking at your garden? Stream music, handsfree phonecalls, Then it’s time to call senior, began Nelson’s longest serving funeral plug in ipod etc via uSb business in 1862 as a cabinet maker. Branching out from coffin-making into other funeral relatPresent this voucher when purchaing any of ed business gradually saw Shone & Shirley grow our car radios and get $10 off the installation. into a reputable first-choice funeral home. TraFor the ‘baa-ack’ yard ditional values have seen them become trusted 148 Rutherford St 100% locally ewe deserve stalwarts of our community, offering sympathetic owned & Ph: 548 7620 From lamb chops (small jobs) to mutton chops (big jobs) operated and caring services and memorable goodbyes to to wolf in sheep’s clothing (difficult and awkward jobs). loved ones. Families who entrust the team with All work considered. a service for their loved one, can be assured they 100% locally will be treated with the utmost respect and digniCall Caleb 022 122 5013 owned & operated ty. Based in Tahunanui, they can cater to all famOur funeral home offers you; Email:

Love music in your car?



Alpine CD/USB Bluetooth

Crazy Sheep Landscapes


• A warm and uplifting chapel • A modern, comfortable catering lounge, including outdoor patio • FREE parking in our large car park, including disabled parking • Pre-planned and pre-paid funerals • Monumental sales and installations • 10% discount on caskets for Greypower members

Buying a bed should be as pleasant as the peaceful sleeps you have in it! Our helpful friendly staff offer sound advice on an extensive range of locally manufactured beds at factory direct prices N E L S O N

Visit our showroom at

59 Quarantine Rd, Nelson Ph: 03 547 4567

Want to improve your fitness and strength but short on time? The Curves 30 minute fitness solution is what you need! In just 30 minutes, you work every major muscle group and burn up to 500 calories through a proven program of strength training, cardio and stretching. Benefits include toning, weight and centimetre losses, better sleep and a sense of well being. Body Basic Circuits, a new Curves initiative, provides spot toning to arms, legs or core and are proving very popular Jessie Sutton with members, whose excellent results include increased flexibility, mobility and balance. If weight loss is your goal, then be sure to call for more information about Curves Complete, a program with exercise, meal plans and coaching, all in one program and all in one place. New owners Jessie and Kirsty, a mother and daughter team, invite you to visit Curves for a free, no obligation consultaKirsty Glasgow tion. Stop thinking about it, and get started today!

100% locally owned & operated

100% locally owned & operated

Ph 546 5700

164 Tahunanui Drive














30 minu is all it t











NOW /Curves

* Offer valid until 30 April 2014 at participating clubs




/Curves AU nZ

OUR AU LL YnZ aRms TE N D S! only. for FR IEApplicable

leGs /Curves AU nZ


30 minutes is all it takes



30 minutes is all it takes SUBURB 0000 0000


Street A

minimum commitment of 12 months. Packages start Open YOUR take time a Street Address

* Offer valid until 30 April 2014 at participating clubs only. Applicable for minimum commitment of 12 months. Packages start as low as $18.24 a week. For full terms and conditions of this offer, ask in club or see © 2014 Curves International, Inc. Weight Loss programs take time and personal commitment to be effective and require professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Individual Results may vary.

Open YOUR Own ClUB

* Offer valid until 30 April 2014offer, at participating Applicable for minimum commitment of 12Curves months. Packages start as lowInc. as $18.24 a week. For full terms and conditions of this ask in clubs clubonly. or see © 2014 International, Weight Loss programs conditions of this offer, ask in club or see © 2014 Curves International, Inc. Weight Loss programs take time and personal commitment to be effective and require professional onlifestyle diet, changes. exercise and lifestyle Individual Results may vary. require professional advice on diet, advice exercise and Individual Results maychanges. vary.

SUBURB Curves Stoke Richmond OU3R Elms St Estate Stoke Ph 541 0710 0000 0000


SUB 0000

/Curves AU nZ

* Offer valid until 30 April 2014 at participating clubs only. Applicable for minimum commitment of 12 months. Packages start as low as $18.24 a week. For full terms and

Street Address

Open YOUR Own ClUB



Nelson Weekly


TUESDAY 4 March 2014

Your Community Newspaper

Your one-stop pet shop

93 Collingwood St

Phone: 545 9991

What do bright colours, guinea pigs, axolotls and a bunch of passionate pet lovers have in common? A pet shop on Collingwood Street called Pet Fever. Pet Fever isn’t your average pet shop. Yes, it has cute animals and lots of fun toys for our pets to play with, but

what sets Pet Fever aside from the rest are their goals and values. Owner of Pet Fever, Jane Collins, is a passionate animal lover whose aim is to open the doors to a place where families can come and enjoy the company of animals, treat their pets to some fun toys and get Brooklands is proud to be the some friendly advice. suppliers of top quality products “I know a lot about small animals and have for ALL your Pets. pet dogs, Amy has two beautiful cats and Eli is Look in store at Pet Fever for your aquarium very passionate about fish, so between all of us accessories from these renowned brands, such we cover a whole range as water conditioners, test kits & remedies. of animals,” Jane said. Exceptional customer Kyra Stimac-Curtis, Pet fever Store Manager with one of service in the shop is the friendly rabbits they have for sale. something that Jane and her team pride themselves on. When from other pet shops. you walk in the door, you will be “We started looking around at pet shops because we love greeted with a warm smile and a can- animals, but we didn’t really find anything exciting in the do attitude, that sets Pet Fever apart area where we could go to shop, look at beautiful animals, buy some accessories and just have some fun,” Jane said. Pet Fever is a place where families have a chance to get up close and personal with animals and, most of all, receive some friendly and expert advice. Walk in the door and you will be amazed at the range they have, from pet food to a complete fish tank set up for both cold water and tropical. Eli will be able to help you with this, and show you the perfect tank to suit your budget and location in your home or even office. Country If they don’t have what you are looking for then Cabin Kennel they will go the extra mile to find it! When you are looking for your next pet or something to spoil your pet with, Pet Fever is a ly mal must. Nor 400 $ The shop is well stocked with a wide range of pet accessories and pet care products, including cages, toys, pet food, aquatics, leashes, collars and treats. The Pet Fever team are always looking to improve the shop and introduce new and exciting products for your pets. Jane and the team will look after you and all your needs. With a passion for animals, and experience, they will take care of you and your pets. Come along and check them out at 93 Collingwood Street or give them a call 545 9991. from Pet One is proud to support Pet Fever Nelson

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AQUARIUMS 125l, 180l, 240l


We have a great range of products for all kinds of pets including:

Tropical Fish • Dogs • Cats • Birds • Rabbits and small animals We have a regular supply of cute pets for sale and if we don’t have what you want, we’ll find it for you!

Pet Fever, the best little pet shop in Nelson.


*Free item must of of equal or lesser value than the lowest price purchased item. Individual bags only.


Black aquarium/cabinet only.

Specials available at Pet Fever Nelson from 1st March - 31st March 2014 .

Collingwood St, Nelson - look for the big pink sign

Tel: 545 9991

ORIGINS OF NELSON ANNIVERSARY DAY The “Fifeshire” arrived on 1 February 1842, and a year later the first anniversary was celebrated. A wet, windy day began with rowing and sailing races, and a band playing

in the rain on Captain England’s jetty. The second day began with a Maori canoe race, Nelson’s first horse race, a shooting competition, sack races and catching a pig with a soaped tail. Everyone enjoyed dancing and a free tea.

Generations of Nelson presents Snippets of History Nelson ’s rich histor in this y of cha third racter volum heartb s, con e of sto rea flicts and cele ries fea situatio k and triu mph. turing bration ns and These discov s is det in som Wheth stories ery and ailed er you e cases are abo sur viv are pic the tru from ut rea king this th rea cover l people al, lly is to cov up for in rea strange er, enj just a l oy Sni r than quick ppets fiction read, into the of His . or are Nelson tor y as that onc a small reading e was. glimpse
















Volumes 1-3, $15 per booklet or the full set for just $40. Purchase from Marsden House or The Radio Network.

arsdenh .nz



This wind

ow was designed and build and crafte ing Richa d by JE rd (Dick (Jackie) ) Jones MacD . Dona onald ted by (Artist), the Day Assistant Family, Craftsman Marsden Francis House Trust. H Day. Dedicated Framing, installing on 25th August 2007.

41 Nile St, Nelson • Phone: 548 2770 •

Terms & Conditions apply see in store for details. Wakatu Square Carpark, NELSON (03) 546 7832 5892172AA

Brought to you by Marsden House




TUESDAY 4 March 2014

Finest Flooring and Bathrooms

Each week photos from the Nelson Provincial Museum’s “glass plate” collection will run in Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly in the hope that more can be found out about them. Left: Mr Kenny. Tyree Studio Collection: 38501. Below: Deebles Hut, Mahakipawa,Tyree Studio Collection:179282. Can you tell us more about these photos? Email details to the museum at: history@

It’s spazioCasa’s 5th Anniversary Sale

This Week

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March is the month to select from our innovative and exclusive range of Italian tiles, Timber Flooring and the latest in Bathroom ware for your new home or renovation. We are celebrating 5 years in Nelson with everything in store on SALE. Selected items at CLEARANCE PRICES. Come in and take advantage of our full bathroom design service and amazing savings. Sale Ends 23rd March

Nelson Weekly



Nelson Weekly


TUESDAY 4 March 2014

Your Community Newspaper

Free Range Pullets RED SHAVERS

Point of Lay 20 weeks old, all pullets vaccinated

$26 inc gst

Ready 8 March 2014 Please order now to ensure availablity


All feeds available in 25kg bags


Ph Murray 0800 768 587 for poultry orders Ph Ian 542 3998 or 0274 334 403 for stock & poultry food orders

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Your Clues

Nelson boy wins canoe slalom Most of the 250 plus competitors at the weekend’s Buller Festival were from out of town, but Nelson boy Tommy McDowell made sure he was up there with the best – taking out the C1 open men’s slalom. The Buller Festival is New Zealand’s premier white water event, and attracted a large crowd of out-of-town competitors – including a former Olympian from the UK. The festival started off with the popular boater cross, an event which sees

Weekly Puzzles

Across 1 Brave (6) 4 A culinary herb (8) 9 Sports official (6) 10 An opening (8) 12 Battle in Greece 490 BC (8) 13 Surrounded by (6) 15 A hard durable wood (4) 16 Energy (3-2-3-2) 19 Comfortable situation (3,2,5) 20 A stone fruit (4)

Across contd. 23 Servile follower (6) 25 Student of plants (8) 27 Precious (8) 28 Type of straw hat (6) 29 A stroke (8) 30 Discount (6) Down 1 Fall rapidly (7) 2 Mastery (5,4) 3 A combative sport (6) 5 European mountains (4) 6 Prophet of doom (8) 7 18 holes of golf (5) 8 Eminent conductor (7) 11 In unspecified way (7) 14 Coin-operated record-player (7) 17 Tibetan Buddhist leader (5,4) 18 In spite of everything (5,3) 19 South American country (7) 21 An inflammable gas (7) 22 Show off (6) 24 Large stringed instrument (5) 26 Fibre found in linen (4) Answers next week

kayakers race together down the river. Over the course of the weekend there was also kayak and canoe slalom, rafter cross, SUP race and the classic cardboard cup, which involves making a vessel out of cardboard and tape and taking it down the river. The event is held every year and showcases exactly why Murchison is known as the “four river plains”, with its top spots being used by hundreds of competitors. Event spokesperson Sophia Mulder

Puzzle 1795 1


says this was no doubt the biggest weekend on the Murchison calendar, with plenty of money spent in the town. “I think this year we had a lot of people coming from further. We had a lot of international competitors, and not just professional athletes but some just here for a good social time,” she says. “There was a good long queue everywhere, the Four Square was flat out, the petrol station was flat out. I don’t think they’ve ever sold as much bread, meat and beer as they did this weekend.”

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10 11


13 14




18 19



22 23


25 26





Puzzle 1794

Feeds also available in 40kg bags, ½ or 1 tonne bags. Discounted prices for bulk orders. All prices include gst.

Nelson’s Tommy McDowell competes in the canoe slalom at the Buller Festival over the weekend. Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shuttersport.

Sudoku 238

$30 $30 $27 $25 $23 $25 $25 $31 $28

Last week’s solutions

Priced as listed: Chick Starter Grower Mash – 20% protein Poultry Layer Pellets – 18% protein Poultry Layer Mash – 18% protein Poultry Feed Wheat Feed Barley Pig Grower Meal Poultry Grit Kibbled Maise Maise







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TUESDAY 4 March 2014

Monty visits Victory boxers

Got sports news?

Andrew Board

Boxing royalty dropped in on the Victory Boxing Club last week as former boxer and Warriors rugby league captain, Monty Betham, passed on some of his knowledge to local boxers and administrators. Monty was brought to Nelson by Scott Gibbons, who was successfully trained by the former boxer for last year’s Fight 4 Victory event. He spent the day working with young boxers, members of the Richmond Rabbits rugby league team and staff of Gibbons Construction. Monty says it was great to see the gym, that was developed as a result of the Fight 4 Victory. “I’m very proud of what the guys are doing. Paul Hampden and Barry Galbraith and this organisation, they’re doing it for the love of it and for the love of the community. That’s something I do back home so I understand how hard it is for these guys, so I was keen to lend my support.” He says the impact of a communityminded boxing gym is enormous, and he’s seen huge results in his gym in Auckland. “Sometimes in team sports you can fly by without going through the hardships yourself, and the good thing about boxing is that you can’t wing it. So what they’re doing here is perfect, it’s the kind of love that the kids need and they will pass that love on and feel better about themselves.”

Phone us first

548 4949

Industrial Warehouse and office and r New premium multi-storey 49-51 Halifax Street, Nelson CBDOffice Associated Office Industrial Warehouse and Associated

74 Quarantine Road Industrial Park (Units 4&6)

74 Quarantine Road Industrial Park (Units 4&6)

Monty Betham is presented with a Victory Boxing Club hoodie by Paul Propertymulti-storey type: Commercial offices and retail. New premium and Property type: Industrialoffice warehouse andretail associated office Area: Ground floor retail 140m Hampden when he visited the gym last week. Photo: Andrew Board. 49-51 Halifax Area: Street, Nelson CBD 770m2, Workshop 388m2, Showroom 77m2, 1 Land & 2 Floor offices: 550m Victory Boxing Club’s programme director, Paul Hampden, says having Monty in town was a great opportunity to pick his brain. “It’s great to get people like Monty involved, because he works along similar lines to us with the youth, so he’s a great guy to have on board. We’ve been sharing ideas and working together. We’re always trying to improve what we’re doing and improve our programme, so having someone like

Property type: Industrial warehouse and associated office Area: Land 770m2, Workshop 388m2, Showroom 2 77m2, First floor office 99m2 st nd 2 Available: February/March 2013 Term: Negotiable nd


• Close to local amenities: cafes, couriers, freight companies

New premium(2First multi-storey office and retail floor under offer) 99m2 floor office

2013 Monty involved is great.” 49-51 Halifax Available: Street, Nelson CBD NOW Property type: Commercial offices and retail. Term: Negotiable Area: Ground floor retail 140m Term: Negotiable The club has continued its growth since • Conveniently located just 1 & 2 Floor offices: 550m alongside the Nelson CBD (2 type: floorCommercial under offer)officesoverview Property Property and retail. the new gym was finished last winter. Property overview Available: 4 quarter 2013 • Just a block to retail, Area: Ground floor retail 140m New premiumwarehouse office space situated and retail activity on the of street restaurants and cafes. Term: 1Negotiable Industrial in the •heart the Conveniently located just & 2 Floor offices: 550m It now has 100 kids on its books and frontage within the CBD is highly sought after. • alongside Approx. 15mins to Nelson the Nelson CBD (2 floor underTahunanui offer) industrial precinct. Airport Property4overview Available: quarter 2013 • Just a block to retail, • Premium office space with modern functional fit out Location around 25 adults regularly training. Paul restaurants and cafes. Term: Negotiable New premium office space and retail activity on the street • Well established industrial park •high Closelevel to local amenities: • Ground frontage within the CBD is highlyfloor soughtretail after. on street edge providing • Approx. 15mins to Nelson says the club still relies on volunteer Airport cafes, couriers, freight •exposure High studfunctional warehouse Property • Premium overview office space with modern fit out space andedge retail activity on thelevel street coaches to make it work but the clubNew ispremium • Ground flooroffice retail • onPrivate providing high parking facilities companies • 5street frontage within the CBD is carparks highly sought on plus on street exposure • 5 minutes to Nelson Airport • Plentiful natural light and office facilities space with modern functional fit out ventilation focused on its long term strategy. •• Premium Private parking • Roller door • 15 minutes to Nelson CBD street edge providing level with lift high access Plentifulfloor and ventilation The club’s major fundraiser, Fight••• Ground 4 naturalretaillight•on•Multi-level exposure Good street profile and access Multi-level with lift access • Private parking facilities Victory, is still to confirm a date, but • Plentiful natural light and ventilation Paul says early June is looking to be• Multi-level a with lift access View at: all our available properties at: View all our available properties likely fit. Property overview Available: 4th quarter

• 5 minutes to Nelson Airport • 15 minutes to Nelson CBD

Industrial warehouse situated in the heart of the Tahunanui 2 industrial precinct.






• Well established industrial park • High stud warehouse




2 on site plus on street • 5 carparks

• Roller door 2

• Good street profile and access


View all our available properties at:

View all our available properties at:

2014 Junior Rugby Registration Days Win a day with the Mako’s!

Sign Sign up up on on a a club club day day in in March March and and go go into into the draw to spend a day with the Mako’s! the draw to spend a day with the Mako’s!


DATE: DATE: Saturday March 8th Saturday March 8th

VENUE: VENUE: Huia RFC Clubrooms, 186 High St, Motueka Huia RFC Clubrooms, 186 High St, Motueka

TIME: TIME: 9am to 12pm 9am to 12pm

CONTACT: CONTACT: Dion Iorns Dion Iorns

PHONE: PHONE: 03 528 0026 03 528 0026

CELL PHONE: CELL PHONE: 021 527 471 021 527 471


Sunday March 9th Sunday March 9th

Marist RFC Clubrooms, Hathaway Terrace, Marist RFC Hathaway Terrace, Adjacent ToClubrooms, Trafalgar Park Adjacent To Trafalgar Park

10am to 12pm 10am to 12pm

Kathleen Thornalley Kathleen Thornalley

03 547 7863 03 547 7863

021 023 42116 021 023 42116


Friday March 7th Friday March 7th8th Saturday March Saturday March 8th

Sports Park Motueka, 7 Manoy St, Motueka Sports Park Park Motueka, Motueka, 7 7 Manoy Manoy St, St, Motueka Motueka Sports Sports Park Motueka, 7 Manoy St, Motueka

5pm to 7pm 5pm to to 12pm 7pm 9am 9am to 12pm

Stephen Stout Stephen Stout

03 528 0456 03 528 0456

027 4582381 027 4582381


Saturday March 8th Saturday March 8th

Murchison RFC Murchison RFC

10:30am to 12pm 10:30am to 12pm

Brent Wilson Brent Wilson

03 523 9133 03 523 9133

027 2465251 027 2465251


Saturday March 8th Saturday March 8th

Nelson RFC Clubrooms, Hathaway Terrace, Nelson RFC Hathaway Terrace, Adjacent to Clubrooms, Trafalgar Park Adjacent to Trafalgar Park

9am to 3pm 9am to 3pm

Quentin Harwood Quentin Harwood

03 547 0313 03 547 0313

027 302 3508 027 302 3508


Saturday March 8th Saturday March 8th

Rangers RFC, Moutere Hills Community Centre Rangers Moutere Hills Community Centre & Sports RFC, Complex & Sports Complex

9am to 11:30am 9am to 11:30am

Sarah Thomas Sarah Thomas


Saturday 15th March Saturday 15th March

Riwaka RFC, Main Rd, Riwaka Riwaka RFC, Main Rd, Riwaka

9:30am to 12pm 9:30am to 12pm

Jo Ryder Jo Sturgeon Ryder Jo Jo Sturgeon

03 527 8373 03 528 527 8373 03 4477 03 528 4477

021 141 4491 021 141 027 257 4491 3333 027 257 3333


Saturday March 1st Saturday March 1st5th Wednesday March Wednesday March 5th Wednesday March 5th

Stoke RFC Clubrooms, Songer St, Stoke Stoke RFC Clubrooms, Songer St, Stoke

9am to 12pm 9am 3pm to 6pm 3pm to 12pm 6pm 3pm to 6pm

Todd Austin Todd Austin

03 547 9943 03 547 9943

027 4455815 027 4455815


Wednesday March 26th Takaka RFC, Takaka Recreation Park Wednesday March 26th Takaka RFC, Takaka Recreation Park

3:30pm to 6pm 3:30pm to 6pm

Robert Chubb Robert Chubb Ann Mckenzie Ann Mckenzie

03 525 7252 03 525 525 9981 7252 03 03 525 9981

027 383 7129 027 383 7129


Sunday March 23rd Sunday March 23rd ThursdayMarch March4th 6th Tuesday Tuesday March Thursday March4th 6th Thursday March 6th

Tapawera RFC Tapawera RFC

10am to 12pm 10am to 12pm

Warwick Hodgkinson Warwick Hodgkinson

03 522 4009 03 522 4009

Jubilee Park, Gladstone Rd, Richmond Jubilee Park, Park, Gladstone Gladstone Rd, Rd, Richmond Richmond Jubilee Jubilee Park, Gladstone Rd, Richmond

6pm to 7.30pm 6pm to to 7.30pm 7.30pm 6pm 6pm to 7.30pm

Darren Last-Harris Darren Last-Harris Jeremy Salton Jeremy Salton

03 544 7094 03 35445127 544 7094 03 03 35445127

021 2385 102 021 2385 102 027 2897678 027 2897678

Brightwater Domain, Brightwater Domain, 14 Lord Rutherford Rd, Brightwater 14 Lord Rutherford Rd, Brightwater

5pm to 7pm 5pm to 7pm

Ant Strange Ant Strange

03 542 4449 03 542 4449

021 894 660 021 894 660



Friday March 14th Friday March 14th

Your Your local local club club is: is:

022 0486828 022 0486828

• Con alon

• Jus rest

• App Airp



TUESDAY 4 March 2014

Eagles beaten in inter-city final Some fine pitching from Kurt Schollum has seen the Saints Rams of Blenheim take the inter-city softball title in dominant fashion. The Rams, who finished third place in the round robin stage, were too good for the Waimea Eagles in Saturday’s final, winning 7-0 at Saxton Ball Park. The inter-city competition pits four of Nelson’s senior clubs against three of Blenheim’s, in a two round league before a play off involving four teams. Kurt and his brother Ryan, also a member of the Black Sox training squad, proved their class in the victory. Nelson Softball CEO Derryn French says The Saints Rams have been pretty convincing all year, only being beaten when Kurt hadn’t taken the mound. “They’re just too good at the moment for the rest of us,” he says. “It just shows the difference in having quality pitching, and they’re a good hitting side too, they have to hit the runs.” Nelson clubs will now turn their focus to the business end of the local competition. The Waimea Eagles and Stoke Eagles are currently top of the table with just three weeks to go.

Waimea Eagles pitcher Lincoln McBride in the inter-city softball final on Saturday. Photo: Evan Barnes/Shuttersport.

Hurricanes vs Brumbies 10/16


Ben Douglas WhiskyJohnston tasting event Associates South

CITY AND CENTREP AT LIQUORL Thursday 8 November, 7pm OINT AND SOUTH Chartered Accountants Johnston Associates South

Try 7 different singleChartered Accountants malt whiskies Presented $ $ 2999by Michael Bayly 2999 $ 3299 from Hancocks

Ed Tinomana

Old Crow Bourbon

Black Heart Dark & Gold Rum


STIL Vodka 1L





Rabbit Ranch Pinot Noir & Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg Pinot Noir

Chasseur Cask Range












FREE Long Beach Cola 4 Pack Cans*

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Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Range

Gavin Snowball Jacob’s Creek Range

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$ 99 each

(Excludes Regional Reserves & Sparkling)


Heineken 15 Pack Bottles

Speight’s Gold Medal 24 Pack Bottles

Cody’s Bourbon & Cola 5% 15 Pack Cans











Fishing with

Our locals pick their winners

Gareth Caldwell

Your Community Newspaper

Nelson Dawnbreakers Fishing Club

Super 15 Tipping Round 4

Nelson Weekly



Liquorland Nelson 31 Vanguard St. T. 548 3052 Liquorland Centrepoint

Shane Drummond 9/16

cnr Dee & Thames Sts. T. 03 211 3650 Mon-Tues 9am – 7pm, Wed 9am - 8pm, Thurs 9am - 9pm, Fri-Sat 9am – 10pm, Sun 10am – 7pm

Reds vs Cheetahs

Crusaders vs Stormers

Force vs Rebels

Bulls vs Blues

Sharks vs Lions

Kayak Fishing is experiencing an amazing increase in popularity, is now recognised as one of the fastest growing water sport in New Zealand and it's certainly making fishing far more accessible to all. Our kayak fishers have been hauling in some great sized gurnard, snapper and terakihi. Tip for kayak fishing and catching gurnard at Delaware Bay – paddle out on the outgoing tide or you’ll be paddling backwards!! Head out to around 50ft of water where the Gavin Williams with a mega Blue Cod caught sand meets the mud, at D'Urville Island. anchor up here (don’t drift) use a size 5 hook, 1 inch cube The spat farms and boulder bank pilchards for bait and suspend your are still producing excellent kingbait just off the ocean floor, sit back fish. A point that we would like to and smile! This method has pro- touch on, is that there is now more free divers in both of these areas. duced Gurnard up to 1.13kg! The word must have got out last Most of these divers are very reweekend that the snapper are still sponsible and have the appropriate off Rabbit Island. When we arrived safety measures in place. The most there were 3 boats fishing in about important being a brightly col20 feet of water at the eastern end oured orange buoy with a dive flag of the island, and when we left attached to themselves and a diving there were 18 boats fishing inside buddy on the surface. These simple a square kilometre radius. We were measures ensure that boaties espefortunate enough to catch 10 fish cially can see that there is a diver in above the 30cm mark over a period the water and also, should a diver of a few hours. The Kayaking fra- experience difficulties, his buddy ternity, who have been out several can offer assistance. times this past week, have also had The Dawnbreakers Fishing Club has experienced free divers in its no trouble catching these fish. A tip for catching these smaller fish ranks, and would more than welis to make sure that you use flasher come any new members to benefit rigs with recurved hooks about 3/0 from their experience and knowlin size, and use either small cubed edge. We have guest speakers every pilchards or squid as bait. By us- month at our social nights, and ing the recurved hooks the fish will comments from very experienced generally hook themselves, leaving fishermen within in the club are the easy job of winding them to the that they always learn something new from these speakers. surface.

Liquorland South City cnr Elles Rd & Tweed Sts. T. 03 218 9729 Mon-Thurs 10am – 8pm, Fri-Sat 9am – 10pm, Sun 10am – 7pm

*While stocks last. Available at Liquorland Centrepoint and South City only. In store retail sales only. Prices and offers are valid until 6 November 2011, while stocks last. 1 Fly Buys standard point collected for every $20 spent, excludes purchases of Gift Cards and Tobacco.


Ben Nalder


Bill Liddell


Nick Devereux


Jaden Whiunui


TAFF S D IE IF L A U Q FULLY T WITH THE BES ENT M IP U Q E IC T S DIAGNO - servicing all brands including Evinrude E-tec

Cameron Gibson & Wells Ltd Consulting Engineers

Brad McNeill

Johnston Associates South Chartered Accountants


Johnston Associates South Chartered Accountants

Vern Mardon


Liz Clark


Specialist Life & Disability Insurance Adviser

Life & Disability Insurance Specialists

MORLEY MARINE 25 Elms St, Wakatu Industrial Estate, Richmond Ph (03) 5448703 -

Nelson Weekly


Your Community Newspaper

Big win for young golfer Now that he knows what winning feels like, Ryan Chisnall is aiming for more success on the golf green in 2014. The 19 year old, who plays out of Greenacres Golf Club, took out the South Island Championship in Dunedin last week -- the most significant win of his young career. Having been part of the New Zealand development squad for a number of years prior, and finishing second at the New Zealand Amateur Golf Championships last year, Ryan has always shown great potential. But he finally delivered on that at the St Clair course beating Canterbury number one Jordan Bakermans by one hole, to finish with an eightunder par 276 total and claim the title. “I had finished second place eight times or something stupid [at national events] so to actually win something felt pretty good,” he says. “To win one of the top tournaments in New Zealand meant even more.” Ryan is now hoping to crack the

top six ranked amateurs in New Zealand. “I’m ranked eighth in New Zealand but the top six, based on the world rankings, get invited to the Asian amateur, so I’ve got plenty of time to catch up and make some ground.” Ryan, who works part-time as a greenkeeper at Greenacres Golf Club, led from start to finish at the South Island Championship and he admits there was plenty of pressure to hold on and get his first big win. He shot 65, 68, 70 and then a round of 73 on the par 71 layout, and admits nerves certainly played their part in what he described as a “poor” finish. “The last day was pretty hard and I knew if I shot par then I’d be unlucky not to win, so for the last round I just wanted to stay around that par mark. But I finished poorly and finished two over, but I got there in the end.” Nelson’s Blair Riordan shot the only sub-70 score in the final round, with 69 to take fourth place.

TUESDAY 4 March 2014


READY TO ROLL: Mary Orbell of the Ngawahtu Bowling Club competes at the Pak & Save 2-4-2 Pairs competition on Thursday. The competition was held at the Richmond Bowling Club’s new home at Club Waimea, and was won by Jim Higgins and Ron Inglis of Motueka. Mary and her partner John Orbell finished second. Photo: Phillip Rollo.



Refurbished stoves at Grahams Trading Nelson

Ph 548 1811

Includes warranty, local delivery & swapover (or cash & carry discount) SP Workshop

Ryan Chisnall’s recent win at the South Island Championship was the biggest win of his young golfing career. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

027 548 6200

Play around on Sunday and Monday for only $25! The South Islands best course! best scenery • best fairways • best greens

$ Chawiwan Thakinbut



with member





non affiliated


½ hour $40 1 hour $60

Right here in Richmond!

022 694 2829

Phone 03 544 8420

231D Queen St, Richmond Behind Harvey World Travel

Mon – Sat 9.30am – 7pm

Best Island Richmond

Tasman Bay Sportfishing Guide Nelson Tides

5 4 3 2 1 0









Mar 4

Mar 5

Mar 6

Mar 7

Mar 8

Mar 9

Mar 10


pm am



Rise 7:10 Set 20:05 Ok


pm am


Best Times



Rise 7:12 Set 20:04 Ok

Best Times


Rise 10:11 Set 21:31

Moon Wind




pm am




pm am




pm am




pm am





H 0:35 4.4 H 12:46 4.4 H 1:15 4.3 H 13:27 4.2 H 1:54 4.1 H 14:09 4.0 H 2:34 3.8 H 14:52 3.7 H 3:16 3.6 H 15:40 3.4 H 4:06 3.3 H 16:36 3.2 H 5:13 3.1 H 17:41 3.1 L 6:33 0.2 L 18:50 0.4 L 7:12 0.4 L 19:30 0.6 L 7:51 0.7 L 20:09 0.8 L 8:32 0.9 L 20:50 1.0 L 9:21 1.2 L 21:37 1.3 L 10:25 1.5 L 22:34 1.5 L 11:47 1.6 L 23:52 1.6

Sun Fishing Guide


*Not for navigational purposes.


Best Times



Rise 7:14 Set 20:01


Best Times



Rise 7:15 Set 19:59


Best Times



Rise 7:16 Set 19:57 Good

Best Times



Rise 7:17 Set 19:56 Ok

Best Times



Rise 11:18 Set 22:08

Rise 12:21 Set 22:47

Rise 13:21 Set 23:30

Rise 14:16

Set 0:16 Rise 15:07

Set 1:04 Rise 15:52


Light SW turning SE

Light SE turning W

Light W

Light W turning SE

Moderate SE

Moderate E easing

W 2.7 m

W 2.5 m decreasing to 1.9 m

SW 2.1 m decreasing to 1.2 m

W 1.3 m

SW 1.1 m

E 1.8 m

E 1.9 m turning W 1.1 m

Light SW becoming moderate



Rise 7:13 Set 20:02

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Community Events HAMPDEN ST SCHOOL REUNION: Any pupils who attended Hampden St School during the years up to 1950 are invited to an informal reunion at the Suburban Club, 134 Tahunanui Dr from 3pm, Mon 10 March. Check with your class mates to see if they are going & invite them to come along. All welcome. Ron Marris 5467888 STRUGGLING FAMILIES NEED YOUR HELP: Volunteers required to serve on our committee and train as Budget Advisors. Please call 546 9021 THE MELROSE SOCIETY needs your unwanted treasure for their annual Heritage Week sale during April. All proceeds used for restoration/maintenance of historic Melrose House, Brougham St. Items may be left at the cafe - open daily 9am-5pm. Ph. 548 7269 RED PUPPY APPEAL Volunteers needed for an easy 2hrs of collecting for the Blind Foundation in Nelson & Richmond. Fri 28 & Sat 29 March. Contact Carl Horn at 539-1108. VOLUNTEERING with Red Cross Refugee Service is fun & rewarding & gives you an opportunity to work in a team & experience new cultures. Next Volunteer Training Course: 21-23 March. For info contact 548 4978 or COUCH STORIES True Stories Told Live. What DO politicians talk about when they CAN’T talk politics? Find out as a line-up of Labour MPs & local politicians tell true stories about anything EXCEPT politics! 7pm March 7 Old St John’s, Nelson. $15 Book at Everyman. For details of storytellers visit www. FOREST & BIRD: Sun 9 March - Join Sea Week activities at Cable Bay. Meet at 10am to see and identify life in amazing rock pools.. For info Julie ph 545 0989. FOREST & BIRD: Wed 12 March "Nelson runs on seawater" - a presentation by Richard de Hamel to encourage us to appreciate the ocean more. 7.30pm Tahunanui School Hall, Muritai St. PLUNKET BABY BONANZA: Sat 12 April, Hope Hall, 9am-12pm. Over 50 stalls of New, Near New & Secondhand Baby/Childrens Clothes, Toys & Nursery items. Table bookings now open, phone Lisa 5424496 or email MIDDAY MUSIC ON SATURDAY: Nelson Cathedral, Anna le Hair-piano. 8 March, 12pm. Hans Uwe HielscherOrgan. Admission by donation. INDOOR BOWLS: Join us for non-serious friday night indoor bowls at St Andrews, top of Songer St. Starting Friday 8 March 7pm. Good social activity with no previous experience needed. Enquiries ph 547 3329. FREE BEGINNERS TANGO CLASS: Sat 8 March, outdoors in the Queens Gardens (Bridge St) midday - 1pm. If raining go to Bar Berlin, 8 Church St. Bring a picnic for afterwards. Contact 027 238 0568, annemaree.therkleson@ INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY 8 March 10am-2pm. Sundial Sq, Richmond. Sponsored by Waimea Soroptomists Organisations, Supporting women & families in Nelson/Tasman. SELF PUBLISHING WORKSHOP: Prolific writer Wendy Scott, who is based on the West Coast, gives advice on self publishing & building an author platform. Constance Barnicoat Room,

Richmond Library, Sun, 9 March, 9.30am-1.30pm. Cost $20 payable at the door. Contact Chrissie ph 5469818. ROCK 'N' ROLL beginners classes begin 6 March 7pm, for 6 weeks.Nelson Suburban Club, $5 per lesson. All welcome, you do not have to be a couple. WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and work in a team to support former refugees to resettle in Nelson? It’s fun and rewarding. Full training is provided. Next training course: 21-23- March. For infor contact Red Cross Refugee Services jettie. or 548-4978 WRITERS AT LUNCHTIME: Everyone interested in writing is welcome. Wed 5 March, 11.30am-1.30pm, The Prince Albert Hotel, 113 Nile St. Guest speaker at 12.30pm: LaVerne Clark on ‘Breaking Into the American Market’. Admission free. Chrissie 546 9818. FOSTER PARENTS CHANGE LIVES & COMMUNITIES. Training for Child, Youth & Family foster parents is being held in Nelson on 11, 18 & 25 March, 9am-4pm. Ph 989 4200 for info. COMPLIMENTARY COFFEE and cake offered at Atawhai Playcentre on Fri 7 March to celebrate National Playcentre Awareness week. Come & enjoy a morning with us with your family 9.15 to 11.45am. 655 Atawhai Cres.545 0828. ART EXHIBITION at Chateau Rhubarbe, 7 Edward St, Wakefield, by Sandra Monro. Until 28 March. NELSON DOG TRAINING CLUB OPEN DAY: Sun 16 Mar, Hope Domain, 10am-1pm. Displays & participation in Obedience, RallyO, Working Trials, Agility, and Flyball. BBQ, games and prizes. Bring your dog for fun & learning! See our Facebook page or ring 548-1782. Supporting The Nelson Ark. NELSON SAVAGE CLUB Summer Social Variety Night, Wed 12 March, Stoke Primary School Hall. Please bring your own takeaway to eat @ 5.30pm & something for supper. $2 entry includes Raffle. Concert starts @ 7.30pm. Open mic. Enquiries to Anne PH: 547 2660 SOIREE MUSICALE (musical evening) The Playhouse, Mapua. Sun 9 March. Doors open 5pm. Admission by gold coin. Alfresco supper. Ph 9276237 or see for info. SAVE THE DATE! Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Open Day - Sun 16 March. Bug-man Ruud Klienpaste, themed guided walks, wildlife encounters, music, activities for children, delicious food & coffee available, fun for the whole family! NELSON HERITAGE ADVISORY GROUP FORUM 5.30pm, 12 March, Nelson City Council Chamber. Free, all welcome. Speaker Councillor Brian McGurk, Chair Planning & Regulatory Committee. Sarah 546 9187 STOKE SENIORS: Tues 4 Mar: Talented Pianist Warren Fenemor entertains; Weds 5 Mar: Cup Cake decorating Demo; Tues 11 Mar: HOUSIE $5 a card; Weds 12 Mar: The lovely Debbie Preest with sing-a-long piano. Most weekly concerts/events start @ 1.30pm - admission $3 (unless otherwise stated). Includes entertainment & Afternoon Tea. Stoke Seniors Hall, 548 Main Rd, PH: 547-2660 email: NELSON VETS GOLF OPEN Mixed Competition Mon 10 March Nelson Golf club for affiliated golfers 50 years up. Report at 9.30am for 10am start, $6

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entry, good prizes. Val Wilson 5485558 STAR PARTY. View Jupiter, the moon & other stellar objects. Atkinson observatory, Clifton Terrace School. 8.30pm, Fri 7 March. All welcome. Gold coin. YOGA @ WOMAN DAY SPA: 98 Nile St, with Sue Fuller. Tues 9:30-11am $16 or 10 for $130 & Tues lunchtime 12:101pm $13 a class or 4 for $40. For info, call Sue 03 545 2565 or 0279 446 492 email REGULAR EVENTS NELSON COMMUNITY MARKET sells beautiful home grown produce every Friday, the Pocket Park next to Westpac, 53 Bridge St, 10am-2pm. Growers phone Sally 548 8403 or 0211 709 443. SWIMMING GROUP meets every Friday 12.30pm at Ngawhatu Pool. $3 donation to Cancer Society Nelson AqUAROBICS WITH PACIFICA WOMEN'S GROUP. Mon 3pm Ngawhatu Pool. Qualified instructor. Phone Lyn 5473263 or Sandy 5445993. PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP meets 1st Thurs of the month 1.30-3.30pm Broadgreen House. Phone Ian 547 3373 for more information. BADMINTON: Nelson Veterans Badminton. Thurs 7.30pm. Stoke Memorial Hall. $3 nightly. 30yrs+ welcome, any ability. Tracey 547 6460 / Janette 547 2366. TABLE TENNIS: Saxton Stadium. Enter your three player team. All levels of play welcome. Email: or Michael 547 3005, Stadium 5479479. NELSON BABYWEARING: Come try different baby carriers from ring slings to woven wraps to structured carriers! Or bring your own carrier if you would like some help. We meet the first Weds every month, 10am, Ecomoon's new Community room, 120 Bridge St. Gold coin Koha for the room hire. JOGGING: Entry level groups in Nelson, Richmond & Mot. Learn how to jog gradually & safely. We focus on enjoyment rather than distance Sarah.H@ sporttasman or Ph Sarah 923 2313. Free. CYCLING: Entry level groups in Nelson & Richmond. Join us for weekly cycles around our wonderful cycleways. Focus is on enjoyment rather than distance Sarah.H@sporttasman or Ph Sarah 923 2313 No Charge WALKING: Entry level groups in Nelson, Richmond & Mot. Join us for weekly walks around our wonderful shared pathways. Focus is enjoyment rather than distance Sarah.H@sporttasman or Ph Sarah 923 2313 No Charge ANTIqUE BOTTLE & COLLECTABLES CLUB meet first Tues every month 7.30pm Suburban Club, Tahunanui. All welcome. Bring your treasures. Phone Judy Pittman 545 2181. TENNIS DOUBLES: Sat, 1pm onwards, all levels catered for, Tahuna Tennis Club, Tahuna Drive. Mike 547 6562. NORDIC WALKING subsidized by the Parkinson's & MS Society. Weds 9:45am & Fri 9:15am. $5 includes pole rentalopen to anyone! Cher 021 872 460. WAIMARAMA COMMUNITY GARDENS "Coffee Morning" every Wednesday at 10:30-12:30 To explore, relax & enjoy the gardens. Waimarama Community Gardens welcomes visitors & volunteers any day. Come for a cuppa on Sun mornings & look around the gardens. Buy fresh produce from the kiosk. Tantragee Rd, The Brook LIGHTHOUSE SPIRITUAL AWARE-

NESS: Mon 7.30pm. Trafalgar St Hall, opp Trailways. Healing, meditation, clairvoyance, talks. All Welcome. Donations appreciated. FB: Lighthouse Nelson CRISIS PREGNANCY SUPPORT: An unexpected pregnancy can be a scary time but there are people who can help. Crisis Pregnancy Support offers a free, confidential service to help you discover the support there is available to enable you to continue with your pregnancy. Call St Luke’s Health centre on 0800 004 277 or visit NELSON CITY LUNCHEON CLUB meets 2nd & 4th Mon each month for a meal & invited speaker. Programme at http://nelsoncityluncheonclub.blogspot. Contact Kathleen 548 2342. ZEN MEDITATION: Every weekday morning 6:25-7:30am at our central city zendo. Also Mon evenings, 7:308:35pm. Instruction given to beginners, Mon evenings. Authentic training in the Mountains & Rivers Order. Contact Gwitha or Nick, Ph 548 9969 FRIENDS OF THE qUEENS GARDENS help keep the Gardens looking their best. We meet weekly to rake & groom. Ellen 546 6533. SOCIAL INDOOR BOWLS: Trafalgar St Hall (opp Trailways) Weds 1.15pm, Fri 1.45pm. No experience necessary. Come check us out. Lea 548 0668. STOKE BOWLING CLUB: Ph 547 7440, 18a Ranui Rd. (behind Stoke School) Mufti bowls every Fri. Names in by 12.45pm STOKE SIT & BE FIT: For men & women. Newcomers welcome Tues 10am, Indoor Bowls stadium Songer St. opp Neale Ave. Contact 5464670/ 0276221878. TOASTMASTERS Develop your personal social confidence by learning the art and skills of public speaking at Madhatters Toastmasters Club. Meetings every Fri 7-8:30am. Kate 548-6636. PRESCHOOLERS AND PARENTS welcome to CHILL-baby boogie followed by time out for parents (child care provided). Morning tea & chat time for parents with regular guest speakers. Newcomers welcome. Mons 9.45am St Stephens Church 65 Tahunanui Dr (opp McD's). VICTORY PLAYCENTRE: 255 Vanguard St, Ph 546 7100 - We offer involvement in your child's learning, freindship, time for yourself, fun, free parent education and more. Come in & see what we can offer. Mon - Fri 9.30 - 12. FOUNDERS PLAYGROUP. 9am12.30pm. Rudolf Steiner based, with qualified co-ordinator. Jaycee room. All welcome. Sandra 9276248 or 027 355 4415 SPACE welcomes babies aged 0-12 months to join our programmes in the Nelson region. SPACE is for first time parents & their babies-weekly sessions include opportunities to meet other parents, discussions on child development & parenting, music & activities. Contact Marie Lenihan 03 545 2017 or MONEY EDUCATION: Free, fun, informative talks available to groups. Learn some tricks and tips. Money topic and duration is flexible. Call Lisa - Nelson Budget Service Ph. 5469021 to book for your group. SPEED SKATING: Interested in having a go, come along Mon 6:30pm for an hour of speed. Bring bike helmet. Tahunanui Skating rink near back beach. Phone 538 0013.

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PoDiATriST Births

Lost a loved one?

DAVEY Niki, Lawson and the Labradors welcome Caroline Kate into their lives. A beautiful wee girl born on the 6th February, 2014. Many thanks to Kathy, Sarndra & the staff at Nelson Maternity and SCBU.

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Melrose Society AGM

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Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

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155 Trafalgar St

59 Quarantine Rd, Nelson Phone : 03 547 4567

(opp Westpac)


Walls, Bathrooms House Washing

541 0008 027 650 5605


Adult Learning Support Call 03 548 3041


Feeling woolly when looking at your garden? Then it’s time to call

Crazy Sheep Landscapes For the ‘baa-ack’ yard ewe deserve Call Caleb 022 122 5013 Email

New Homes & BuildiNgs ReNovatioNs aNd alteRatioNs PlaNs aNd CoNseNt For quotes call Ross

Ph: 027 244 8870 A/h: 547 1389


DESign & BUilD

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Vivianne Mail T: 03 989 5200 C: 021 050 6193

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Phoenix Arcade, 16 Bridge Street, Nelson

%Call Now 021 130 4130


Floor SAnDing


Domestic and Commercial Wiring Maintenance and Repairs Registered Electrician

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328

ELITE FLOORING SERVICES Member NZ National Flooring Assn.

 99% Dust Free  All Wooden Flooring  Residential & Commercial  Prestige Timber Floor Laying  Your choice of Coatings Over 20 years Experience

Dave 0274 296 669 A/H (03) 541 9777

MAChinE hirE


Duane Whiting

on site off site


hi for



Tree Topping / Removal

Hedge & Shrub Trimming Nelson’s home of Nelson’s home of� Landscaping Work custom-made furniture and joinery� custom-made � Commercial� � Tables� Lawn Mowing / Weed Spraying furniture &� joinery. Bookcases� � Desks� � Bedside tables� � Wardrobes� Rental Tidy-ups � Beds & bunk beds� � Laundry units� � Entertainment � Kitchens� Free quotes, qualityunits� Pre Sale Grooming � Much much more!� General Gardening workmanship. Sorry we’ve missed you! Please give us a call�

Marty & Di Wells - Ph: 546 4500 Di: 027 779 4333 545 2523 or 021 02723585 Marty: 027 779 5333 or check out our website.� Phone 021 02723585 or 5452523� Website�

MobilE outboard sErviciNG aNd boat rEPairs

Ph 022 307 3986 or 539 0953

Builder / Handyman

Materials at Trade Cost • Fences • Decks • House Repairs • Doors • Flatpack Kitchens • Concrete / paving • Landscaping

Quality workmanship guaranteed Richard 021 118 1183 or 545 2298

Your trade or service right here? Single column x 6cm only $19 +gst pw Ph 548 4949

gArDEn ToolS


lawnmower services We sharpen & Fix:

Grace Hairdresser

Low cost

Rotary Mowers Hand Mowers Reel Mowers Hedge Trimmer Line Trimmers Hand Tools Chainsaws

Women - $20 Men - $10 ½ Foils $60 Perms $69

Based in Stoke

Free pick-up & Delivery (conditions apply)

Coupon required for discount 10 Kebal Place, Stoke

80b Vanguard Street

0274 071 328

or 547 4038

547 1500




• 15 years experience • Great rates • Genuine parts

Ph 027 444 3225 Fax 03 547 1075


0800 455 141 Phone Hans today

Excavators, dozers & trucks

Ph: 021 143 9380 A/h: 547 7509

paint, oil & stain restoration

Email: 4 Coach Pl, Brightwater

Contractors Ltd

Plans Drawn - your design or ours Alterations and Extensions Building Permits Ongoing Home Maintenance Residential and Commercial Project Management



Can’t read? Can’t write? Call us It’s free!


We Restore Weathered Decks

Window Cleaning

Oven Cleaning




Marks Off Professional Window Cleaning


Plymouth Contracting Ltd

NelSoN TailorS MeNSwear

Gutter Cleaning





AlTErATionS For all women’s & men’s alterations come and see the experts

Baby&Mobility HIRE

Stephen Halcrow Painter and decorator

Carseats | Push Chairs | High Chairs Cots | Porta Cots | Bassinets Mobility Scooters | Walking Frames Lift Chairs | Wheelchairs | Power Chairs


Rather nice interior and exterior house painting 027 2300146


269 Queen St Richmond. Ph 544 6603 NOW OPEN SATURDAYS

Interior & exterior New homes Wall papering Repaints & renovations Check out our new website

Ph: 548 3836 or

021 0235 2728

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2 Echodale Place - off Nayland Road

13 Packham Cres.

- off Echodale Place

Peter Ph (03) 547 9191

Work Place First Aid Courses

Mar: Apr: May: June:

20, 27, 28, 29 3, 5, 10, 15, 29 1, 6, 20, 29, 30, 31 5, 10, 26, 27, 28

Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available


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Nelson Weekly

Trades & Services

Your Community Newspaper


CArpET & VinYl

Ph: Aaron 027 248 6042 A/h: 547 0075



Drainage & a Construction T


• Registered drainlayers

(Residential & Commercial)

• Sewage treatment - design, supply & install • Video camera & drain inspection • Excavator & truck hire • Residential & rural earthworks • Retaining walls, house slabs, commercial concrete

Phone Wayne 021 751 633 For FREE Quote

Uni Tutor 4 U

Management & Marketing

Level: Certificate / Diploma / Degree / Post Grad • Full Tutoring / Assignment Assistance / Examination Prep / Course-program mentoring to completion • Individual or small groups (4 or less) Reasonable hourly rates We will come to you

027 256 6107


Phone now on

C a l l 0 8 0 0 - 2 5 5 - 8 5 5 no w f o r a f r e e m e a s ur e a nd q uo t e .


545 1053

Fully Trained, Security Screened

Quick - Efficient Professional


34 Tasman St



Need help? Get those Jobs done at Affordable rates to Make your life Easier! So why not ..

Just Call James today!

Pensioner discounts Free consultation Experienced Reliable 539 6489 or 021 370 059 Email:

pAnEl rEpAirS


Small Dent

Nelson City Cameras

Nelson (Head Office) 136 Vanguard Street Phone: 546 6188 e:

hEAT pUMpS Best Summer Deals

Save Money


Pan CSE 15 $2390 (5.5kw) Mits GE50 $2650 (5.8kw) Mits FB35 hyp $2390 (4kw) Inc installation & gst

Call Steve Fletcher

0800 448 446


Quick, Low coSt RemovaL

Mobile Service Serving Nelson for 15 years

call Richard

027 279 5605 we GuaRantee aLL ouR RepaiRS

Passport photos Camera repairs VHS-DVD transfers 191 Trafalgar St, Ph: 548 9886

Your trade or service right here? Single column x 6cm only $19 +gst pw Ph 548 4949



Furniture Squabs Marine Commercial Lazy-boy agents

546 6977

For all maintenance on; • • • • •

Blocked Drains Domestic Work New Housing Industrial Properties Leaking Taps & Pipes

EnEall FaR l e v o

• • • • • •


carpet s* repair laying/ y

ons appl

* Conditi


Pre/end of tenancy cleaning Carpet laying/repairs Curtain Alterations Roman Blind Restringing Light gardening/lawn mowing Oven & window clean




027 842 1780 or 539 0531

DriVing lESSonS

• Friendly & Patient • Female Instructor • Gift Vouchers available

Dynamic Balancing Drive Shaft Repairs

Ph: 548 4524 or 027 5484 524

on your car?


Stephen Oliver

Eveningwear Daywear Weddings Children’s wear Soft furnishings Alterations

ph 5468680

90 VAngUArD ST nElSon ph: 548 3954 027 548 3954

Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service

Marine & Industrial Turbochargers

68 Buxton Square, Nelson

Call Tony Johnston

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

W e c o m e t o yo u !

Sandy D Dressmaking

Aboki Hairdressers

All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups

C a rp e t f ro m j u s t $ 1 1 / S . Q. M V i n yl f ro m j u s t $ 1 9 . 5 0 / S . Q. M


(Adult prices only - new clients only upon presenting this ad)

• • • • • •



Need a new Stylist? $20 off any service



M o b i l e C a rp e t a n d V i n yl S h o w ro o m i n yo u r a re a !

37 Years Experience

Ph: 03 543 8243 hAirDrESSEr

Specialising in 10%


Kitchens Bathrooms Decks Pagodas Fencing Maintenance


CArpET & winDow ClEAnEr

Aaron Barber • New Roofing • Re roofing • Repairs & maintenance • Decks • Bathrooms • Renovations


Trades & Services BUilDEr

Roofing Building


Phone Caress 021 270 6124 www.streetsahead



Heatpump Servicing

85 Improve the performance $

and the life of your heatpump Phone

0800 448 446 Steve Fletcher



• Leaks • Repairs Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters • Maintenance Since 1915 Since 1915 Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes • ReRoofs Jobs • KitchensJobs & • New Roofs Welcome bathrooms Welcome • Solar • Drainage

Kevin Harris Kevin Harris


Proudly supplying Orange Residential Homes roofing requirements for over 10 years

RUST REPAIRS Spraypainting Panelbeating

Unit 10 150 Vanguard St


• Keys • Locksmiths • Safes • Alarms • Access Control • CCTV 24HR FREEPHONE

Ph: 538 0824 544 8059 Ph: 543 8090 Ph: 543 8090 VEhiClE MAinTEnAnCE

Your trade or service right here? Single column x 6cm only $19 +gst pw Ph 548 4949

wATCh rEpAirS

Watch and Clock Repairs

Rod Clark

Overhauls Repairs ● All watches and clocks

Rise & shine

275A High St, Motueka

• House washing • Roof & gutters • M

Jeff N

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Window Cleaning


Jeff NeilsoN

Mobile 0220 649 WaterblastiNg

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Av House washing Roof & gutters Mobile 0220 822removal (24hr) Specialising in Windows Moss649 & algae A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson Over 10yrs professional Driveways, paths & decks experience Boats & caravans

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths 176 Bridge Street, Nelson (opposite Graham’s Trading Post)

Residential or Commercial

03 546 9137

126 Tahunanui Dr, Nelson

• Driveways, paths & decks • Bo winDow ClEAning wATErBlASTing

qualified watchmaker ●

0800 506 111

Call Brandon 022 0984 167

0220 649 822 A/H 547 7856


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