Neoflex Premium Gym Tile Brochure

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Neoflex Premium Gym Tiles Neoflex Premium Gym Tiles are highly durable, dualdurometer, resilient, slip- resistant rubber tiles suitable for Home or Garage Gyms, as well as home-based Crossfit and functional training spaces. These 15 mm thick tiles are easily installed and are a cost effective choice for where a very tough, sound deadening, anti-vibration and comfortable tile surface is preferred.

Dimensions Thickness: 15mm Size: 1010 mm x 1010mm






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Martial Armour Taipei, Taiwan Color 500HD

Exceptional Performance Highly durable, synthetic EPDM rubber surface, with very low abrasion properties Permenantly elastic, flexible, comfortable under foot and no black rub-off Sound & Vibration Deadening Anti-static and slip-resistant Environmentally friendly - made from 90% recycled material No Smell, VOC Compliant, Halogen Free, Formaldehyde Free, Phthalate Free Anti-microbial Treated - Easy to clean and easy to maintain Meets European Fire Standard EN 13501-1 Cfl-s2

Only Fitness by Migros Bern, Switzerland Color 500HD

Superior Construction Neoflex Premium Gym Tiles are manufactured using an extremely high-density sythentic EPDM Rubber Sheet Top, that is fused to a force-reducing recycled rubber base during manufacture. The end result is a rubber tile with 2 layers that have been optimised with exceptional properties in order to significantly outperform traditional, rubber-granule gym tiles. The EPDM Rubber Sheet Top is easier to keep clean, more durable, more flexible and more resistant to damage than traditional rubber-granule gym tiles. Additionally, the force-reducing rubber base is softer, and more compliant than rubber-granule gym tiles resulting in a more comfortable, and shock-absorbing gym tile - that remains permanently resilient.

High-Density Synthetic EPDM Rubber Sheet Top

Shock-Absorbing Recycled Rubber Base Layer

Crossfit Potsdam Potsdam, Germany Color 554HD

Dubai Crossfit Championships Dubai, United Arab Emirates Color 500HD, 909HD, 922HD

Tested By The Best Neoflex™ Premium Gym Tiles are used by some of the world’s strongest and most competitive athletes.

Torian Pro Brisbane, Australia Color 500HD, 901HD, 913HD

Photographer: Will Steele

Ideal For Crossfit WODs Free Weight Areas Functional Training Under Weightlifting Platforms Treadmills and Elipticals Spinning and Cycling Equipment

Home Gym Phuket, Thailand Color 500HD

World Class Arena Vasteras, Sweden Color 500HD

Banteay Center Phnom Penh, Cambodia Color 500HD

Photographer: Kevin Miller

Snap Fitness Oamaru Oamaru, New Zealand Color 500HD

Park24 Condominium Bangkok, Thailand Color 500HD

Selfit Academias Piedade, Brazil Color 554HD

Lifetraining by Fabio Bellach, Switzerland Color 500HD

Crossfit 069 Frankfurt, Germany Color 554HD

Habitat Condos Phnom Penh, Cambodia Color 554HD

Victory Bespoke Fitness Bathgate, United Kingdom Color 554HD

Sports Fit Lab Rotterdam, The Netherlands Color 554HD

Hitachi IT Services Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Color 553HD

Crossfit Aros Aarhus, Denmark Color 554HD

Actic Munktell Eskilstuna Eskilstuna, Sweden Color 554HD

Functional Training Markings Bring an extra dimension to your training by incorporating a range of functional training markers into your Neoflex™ Premium Gym Tile floor. Inlaid with long lasting EPDM rubber, the markings will not fade or wear out.

Type A - Agility Ladder

Type B - Agility Dots

Type C - The Grid

Type D - The Target

Type E - Box Ladder

Type F - Hurdles & Handle Bars

Set of 4 Tiles

Set of 4 Tiles

Don’t see a functional marking that suits your training program? Or want a specific combination of colors to suit your venue? Design your own! Type G - Lines

Neoflex™ Premium Gym Tiles can be completely customized. Build your training program from the ground up!

Jetts Fitness Bangkok, Thailand Color 554HD

Hunger Ground Bangkok, Thailand Color 500HD

Salt Ayre Leisure Centre Lancaster, United Kingdom Color 554HD

GM Life Fitness Krabi, Thailand Color 519HD

Logos & Branding Customize the look and feel of your club, home gym or box with your brand’s logo. Talk to us about making your venue truely immersive and unique!

Snap Fitness Wan Chai Wan Chai, Hong Kong Color 554HD

Fitter Futures Indooropilly, Australia Color 519HD

Base Thonglor Bangkok, Thailand Color 500HD

O2 Performance Bokarina, Australia Color 500HD

Ultraflex Leeds Pudsey, United Kingdom Color 553HD

Motivational Slogans Encourage your training by incorporating a range of motivational slogans into your Neoflex™ Premium Gym Tile floor. Inlaid with long lasting EPDM rubber, the markings will not fade or wear out.

Type “Yesterday”

Type “Count”

Type “More”

Type “Ever”

Type “Strength”

Type “Everything”

Type “Mean It”

Type “Enjoy”

Crossfit Quicksand Amman, Jordan Color 554HD

Standard 500HD Series Colors Neoflex Premium Gym Tiles are available in 6 Standard 500HD Series Colors. With 15% color content, the tiles produce subtle color tones, designed to suit your facility’s image.

Color 500HD

Color 503HD

Color 504HD

Color 519HD

Color 553HD

Color 554HD

Royal Bangkok Sports Club Bangkok, Thailand Color 553HD

Standard 900HD Series Colors Neoflex Premium Gym Tiles are also available in 14 Standard 900HD Series Colors. With 50% color content, these colors produce vibrant, dynamic possibilties without much additional cost.

Color 901HD

Color 905HD

Color 906HD

Color 909HD

Color 910HD

Color 911HD

Color 913HD

Color 917HD

Color 918HD

Color 920HD

Color 921HD

Color 922HD

Color 923HD

Color 924HD