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Volume 3, Issue 9

September 2010

Bill Murphy Documents the Strange & Unusual

Alaskan Abductions: Beyond The Fourth Kind

The Weirdness of Williamsburg Hill

Vampyres in

Rhode Island? Underground Alien Bases

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Ghost Tales of Quebec City TV Watch: My Ghost Story Movie Review: Inception Author Spotlight: Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman • Case Files: First Street Cemetery • Equipment Creepy Hollow 1 September 2010 Update: Paranormal Underground Infrared Illuminator

My name is Thomas “Mr.T” Perryman I am an Ex-Law Enforcement Officer and Private Investigator that will now concentrate on my examinations of the Paranormal and Crypto Zoology Mysteries.

Through my vast experience and resources I am performing field investigations on these subjects to provide a different approach than others. I have great stories from Past Cases and Current Cases to share. My discussions are Entertaining as well as informative. I have written many Books, appeared in Horror films, and host a Radio Show. I am available for Convention Bookings and Appearances.


If you have any questions please contact me personally. I look forward to your next Event and we are all on the Quest to find the Answers! Paranormal Underground

Phone (407) 416-4807

September 2010


Inside This Issue

FEATURES INVESTIGATOR SPOTLIGHT Bill Murphy Investigates Paranormal Files


AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman: 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon 16

SPECIAL REPORT Alaskan Abductions: Beyond The Fourth Kind


CASE FILES OF THE UNKNOWN Haunted Sites The Weirdness of Williamsburg Hill


Haunted History Ghost Tales of Quebec City


Cryptids & Mythological Creatures Vampyres in Rhode Island?


Are We Alone? What Horrors Lie Beneath?


PERSONAL EXPERIENCES Ghost Hunter Case Files: The First Street Cemetery of Waco, Texas My First Best Friend

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Contributors Ghost Hunter Comic Publisher’s Letter Calendar of Events TV Watch:

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My Ghost Story


Equipment Update: Creepy Hollow IR Illuminator


Reader Profile: Raven

Fiction: Featured Author “Whisper . . . ‘Thank You’” by Jon K.C. Kinstley



Review of the Month: 40 September 2010


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Contributors Heidi Ann Heidi Ann has been a paranormal enthusiast since childhood when she had her own encounter. Her personal experience led her to question the world around her. Heidi is a mother of three sons, works as a special education paraprofessional in a middle school, and loves watching television shows and reading books on the paranormal.

Shaun Belekurov Shaun has spent 18 years in the field investigating paranormal phenomena. This has taken him everywhere from investigating Chupacabra sightings outside Tijuana, Mexico; Bigfoot Hunting in Washington State; and most recently trailing the “Hellhound of the Ozarks” in his own backyard. His lifelong pursuit of all things strange has led him to recently publish 2012: The Paranormal Cookbook (Convergence of Reality and the Supernatural). Shaun founded S.P.O.O.K.S. (a paranormal field investigative unit based out of Springfield, Mo.). He enjoys riding his Harley and doing field work. His Website is

Paul Bottini Paul has written several eBooks about haunted sites, UFO sightings, and cryptid lore. When not writing, Paul travels the countryside in search of UFOs, hotspots of high strangeness, ethereal beasts, and anything remotely paranormal. Paul also designs Web graphics and animations. You can visit his MySpace page at

Lisa Cucciniello Lisa is a 27-year-old high school history teacher with a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Montclair State Uni-


Paranormal Underground

versity. She has a passion for writing, photography, and travel and has found a way to turn her hobbies into part-time occupations. Lisa grew up in Northern, New Jersey, where she currently resides.

Karen Frazier Karen is the managing editor of Paranormal Underground magazine. After living in a WWII-era apartment 20 years ago where unexplainable things happened, Karen began to search for answers about the paranormal. Now she combines that interest with her professional experience as a copy writer and technical writer to help bring Paranormal Underground to the public. Karen is a partner with Ghost Knight Media.

Terri J. Garofalo Terri is a paranormal investigator, as well as the author and illustrator of EntitiesR-Us, a Ghost Hunter Comic. For more information, visit

Rick E. Hale A native of Chicago, Rick investigates with the McHenry County Paranormal Research Group. He writes a biweekly blog for about his frequent investigations. A paranormal researcher since the age of eight, Rick is happily married and digs Jazz. He believes in the use of the scientific method in gathering evidence of paranormal claims. The first installment of Rick’s book series, The Geek’s Guide to the Strange and Unusual, will be released soon by Ghost Knight Media. Rick can be contacted at t_seeker@

September 2010

Jon K.C. Kinstley Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Jon works for a Texasbased petro-chemical storage and refining company. He and his oldest son, Samuel, have ghost hunted on the Dutch Caribbean Islands with an emphasis on historic sites not normally recognized by tourists. He enjoys blogging about everyday life events and occurrences while raising his son.

Cheryl Knight Cheryl is editorin-chief of Paranormal Underground magazine, director of Publications & Editing Services for Ghost Knight Media, and producer of Paranormal Underground Radio. She has been a professional writer and editor for more than 20 years, and has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from advanced technology to automotive fleet management to paranormal investigation. Cheryl is combining her writing, editing, and design talents — along with a fascination of the paranormal — to bring you Paranormal Underground each month. Her previous magazine experience includes roles as senior and managing editor for several business publications.

Michelle M. Pillow Michelle is an award-winning author writing in many romance fiction genres, including futuristic and paranormal. A skeptical believer, she has a fascination with anything paranormal. She’s also a photographer and cohost of Raven Radio. Readers and listeners can contact Michelle at You can catch her latest three book series, Realm Immortal (King of the Unblessed; Faery Queen; and Stone Queen) in bookstores now.

Ghost Hunter Comic

Andrew Selfridge Andrew is an investigator with the Oklahoma City Ghost Club. A police officer by trade, Andy brings seven years of law enforcement experience and critical thinking to his investigative approach, with a strong emphasis on the purity of data collection and preservation of evidence. Andrew says that a critical approach to paranormal phenomena is essential, but also believes that a human, compassionate mentality is required when dealing with clients living with anomalous activity.

Jill Stefko, Ph.D. Jill has studied the paranormal since 1957. Her expertise in the paranormal includes parapsychology, cryptozoology, Fortean

phenomena, anomalies, UFOs, aliens, demonic possession, and exorcism. She gives workshops and lectures and has been a guest on radio call-in talk shows and local TV as an expert in the paranormal. Jill investigates alleged cases of the paranormal and counsels experients. She is the Feature Writer in the paranormal topic for, an international ezine. Jill is the director and founder of FIRE-Psi, which was established in 1996.

Ryan Tackitt Ryan is the founder of Paranormal Investigators of Central Texas (PICT). He is a certified paramedic working in Waco, Texas, and a part-time EMS instructor at the local community college. He created PICT after meeting with coworkers who believed in the paranor-

September 2010

mal. Together, Ryan and his friends educate, investigate, and help people who have paranormal problems. Ryan has had many personal paranormal experiences over his lifetime and realizes that science can only explain so much.

Chad Wilson A writer of articles and fiction, Chad is the publisher of Paranormal Underground magazine and a partner for Ghost Knight Media ( He has parlayed his avid interest in the paranormal into a top-notch publication and Website — Chad has investigated with East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society and counts Waverly Hills, the Villisca Axe Murder House, the Queen Anne Hotel, the Queen Mary, and private residences among his investigations.

Paranormal Underground


Publisher’s Letter Paranormal Underground® Volume 3, Issue 9

September 2010

EDITORIAL Publisher Chad Wilson

Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Knight

Managing Editor Karen Frazier

Proofreader Heidi Ann

Contributors Heidi Ann Shaun Belekurov Paul Bottini Jillian Croft Lisa Cucciniello Terri J. Garofalo Jon K.C. Kinstley Cheryl Knight Karen Frazier Rick E. Hale Michelle M. Pillow Andrew Selfridge Jill Stefko, Ph.D. Ryan Tackitt Chad Wilson Copyright © 2008-2010 — Paranormal Underground® is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. As such, Paranormal Underground and its contents are the property of its owners. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This publication and all content within this publication may not be copied, quoted, distributed, modified, or reprinted without the express written consent of Paranormal Underground magazine. Paranormal Underground magazine is a publication of Ghost Knight Media, LLC.


Paranormal Underground

Keeping the Faith


hat if the universe does 2010 issue). How much stranger can not work the way we you get? From full-fledged alien abthink it does? What if duction to Romanek writing complex some of what we regard as fact today mathematic formulas in his sleep (he . . . isn’t? What if we are only on the only has a 5th grade level of math verge of discovering how our universe competency) to his channeling (as in really works? And what if the truly mediumistic ability) of an older alien strange encounters experienced by entity, dubbed lovingly as Grandpa. thousands, maybe even millions, The preceding case is full of plain worldwide aren’t just random personweirdness when examined in full. al experiences but something more? ***** And while some may scoff at these “grand and unbelievable” Our next bizarre paranormal experiences, brushing them case revolves around the off as misinterpreted peralien attack on the Sutton sonal experiences, psychoFarm on August 21, 1955, logical or physical illness or in the hills around Kelly condition, or outright lies, and Hopkinsville, Kentucky what if these experiences (as covered by Rick Hale are what they are — encounin our April 2009 issue). ters with the afterlife, beings What ensued was a flat-out Chad Wilson, from other galaxies, or a gun battle with an invading Publisher monster in the woods? force, which ended in evYes, most of the time eryone piling into their cars such ideas fall into the realm of and racing to the local police station. personal experience, and while valid When police arrived at the farm, no to the experiencer, how can one not evidence of the alleged intergalactic blame the non-believers for . . . not smack down could be found. Howbelieving? Many claims sound beyond ever, after the police left the area, belief, right? But, just maybe, claims the otherworldly battle resumed. of ghosts, UFOs, and strange creatures Neighbors testified that there aren’t that outlandish after all. had been strange lights in the sky The following are just a few brief and shots fired. These alleged events descriptions of infamous brushes make for a strange story indeed. with the paranormal that many label ***** “strange and unusual.” But just how unusual are they? And last, but certainly not least, let us not forget the Mothman case ***** from Point Pleasant, West Virginia (as First up is the case of Stan Rocovered by Rick Hale in our August manek and his “Alien in the Win2009 issue). Not only was a moth-type dow” video (as covered by Cheryl creature sighted, but there was also Knight in our February 2009 issue the strange and enigmatic “individual” and by Paul Bottini in our August named Indrid Cold who called and

September 2010

Paranormal Underground® Volume 3, Issue 9

September 2010

ART Art Director Chad Wilson

Design and Layout Cheryl Knight

On the Cover Bill Murphy

Promotions Promotions/Marketing Karen Frazier

From an alien war in Kentucky to the strange case of Stan Romanek to encounters with the Mothman, those coming face to face with the paranormal continue to bring us otherworldly personal experiences.

left mysterious messages for those involved in covering the story. There are many other strange, if not stranger, cases out there that are driven by personal experiences. Maybe these types of unusual experiences aren’t that unusual after all. ***** With encounters such as these, many of us are skeptical, and rightly so. Experiencer and skeptic alike must be patient. Rushing to judgment on either side will only hurt our mission to find out how the world really works. Right now, we only partially understand the universe around us. And while the “experiencers” need to understand that an intense examination into these personal experiences is required to find possible answers, skeptics need to realize that personal experiences need to

be taken seriously and not brushed aside, no matter how “outrageous” an experience may sound. And while some paranormal encounters will be debunked, others will not. Taking this analytical approach will lead all of us toward finding answers to the mysteries of our universe. Hopefully, someday, aliens, ghosts, and the paranormal in general will move more into mainstream science. It must truly be lonely and frightening to encounter a ghost, alien, or Bigfoot and feel that you can’t discuss what has happened for fear of ridicule by your family, friends, and peers. I look forward to the day when we can talk about the paranormal openly. We’ve made progress, but we still have a ways to go. I feel someday that day will come, but until then, keep the faith.

September 2010



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Calendar of Events September 10–11

Paranormacon Masonic Temple Fundraiser Historic Fort Wayne, Indiana

September 11

Haunted West Virginia Ghost & Paranormal Conference Dils Center Parkersburg, West Virginia

September 18

The Learning Light Foundation w/the Close Encounters Resource Organization Presents . . . “Stan Romanek: World’s Most Documented UFO Contact Story” Anaheim, California, 1:00 p.m.

September 18–19

Pensacola Para Con Investigate at The Gray House, The Seville Quarter, and the Pensacola Little Theater Pensacola, Florida

October 16

Parafest 2010 The Ambassador Rooms Worksop Masonic Hall Worksop, Nottinghamshire, UK

October 16

Northern New York Paranormal EXPO Old Air Force Base Gym Plattsburgh, New York

October 22–24

Necronomicon: Science, Fantasy, and Horror Convention Hilton Bayfront St. Petersburg, Florida


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Port Gamble Ghost Conference The Pavilion, Port Gamble, Wash. asp?ID=126

Carnival of Fright Hudson Valley Resort & Spa Hudson Valley, New York

October 29–31

Haunted Horrors Paranormal and Film Convention The Marriott MeadowView Conference Resort and Convention Center Kingsport, Tennessee

September 2010

Southern Oklahoma PARACON Medicine Park Music Hall Medicine Park, Oklahoma

ScareFest Horror & Paranormal Convention Lexington Center Lexington, Kentucky

November 5–7

Haunted Ramblewood Paranormal Fall Fest Camp Ramblewood Darlington, Maryland www.hauntedramblewoodhouse. com/fallfest2010.html

September 2010

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TV Watch

“My Ghost Story” Investigates Personal Experiences By Heidi Ann


ost people know of at least one person who has one. Many have one of their own, and a lucky few have visual or audio proof of it. What is it? Their own ghost story. Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story gives those fortunate few who have evidence of their paranormal experience a place to share their story. Each week, My Ghost Story features several spooky stories from around the country. The evidence presented on each show ranges from photographs to recordings of EVPs and disembodied voices to even videos caught with personal cameras and business’ surveillance cameras. Recent cases featured on the show included “Demonic Voice” and “Gangster Ghost Bar.” Demonic Voice In “Demonic Voice,” radio show host Jimmy Chunga shared his ghost story from Salt Lake City, Utah. Chunga was visiting This Is the Place Heritage Park, a historical location that features many old homes in the location that the Mormons first settled. Chunga was in the Andrus Half Way House when he heard a noise in the closet of a small bedroom. When he entered the closet, he saw a small child in the corner. The child darted at him and then ran through Chunga and straight through the wall behind him. During the episode, listeners


Paranormal Underground

My Ghost Story features several spooky tales from around the country.

shared similar experiences at the Park. Chunga then called in local Paranormal Investigator Brendan Cook. While at the Andrus House, Cook recorded an EVP of a loud crash and then a deep grunting. He became convinced that he recorded sounds from a demon. Chunga later returned to the Park, and while at the Heber C. Kimball House doing an investigation, he heard and recorded a disembodied voice saying, “Not really,” in response to him asking, “Is there anything you would like us to know?” Gangster Ghost Bar South Plainfield, New Jersey, is the home of a haunted Gentleman’s Club. During a recent My Ghost Story episode, John Colasanti, owner of Liquid Assets, shared his ghost story, which began with an unusual object caught by his surveillance camera. A strange white blob can be seen flying around his parking lot.

September 2010

On the video, the blob darted away whenever trucks pulled into the lot. But it quickly returned after the vehicles left the premises. Also during the video, the blob appeared to change to a more “humanly” form. Becoming curious as to what he had caught on camera, Colasanti called in psychic Jane Doherty to investigate. Doherty quickly learned that many of the club’s dancers encountered paranormal experiences in the bathroom, so she decided to hold a séance, during which, one of the women present appeared to become possessed, and Colasanti himself also had a strong physical reaction. Doherty also claimed to have picked up the spirit of a man named Vincent. Colasanti was convinced the spirit was an old family friend, named Vincent — a gangster. My Ghost Story airs on the Biography Channel every Saturdays. Check your local listings for broadcast times.

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September 2010

Paranormal Underground 11

Investigator Spotlight

Bill Murphy Investigates Paranormal Files By Cheryl Knight


aranormal investigator Bill Murphy took notice of the “strange and unusual” more than 20 years ago when guests at his family home in New Orleans began reporting paranormal experiences. Since then, Bill’s fascination with experimental electronics developed for the purpose of Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) research has led to him documenting paranormal events. His projects and appearances have been broadcast on The Biography Channel, Discovery, and ABC News. And Bill’s independently released work is available through Bill recently took his passion for the paranormal to a new level and joined the Syfy reality docu-series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files as the lead scientist. Generating strong ratings since its debut, the series strives to validate or refute videos of mysterious events through experiments and field investigations. “If we’re not able to come up with a rational explanation during our review process, then we go into the field,” Bill said. “And if we’re doing an investigation on the science side, it can really help us, because aside from just using common sense and good judgment, the science allows us to extend our five senses beyond what we’re capable of doing naturally.” A video expert capable of spot-


Paranormal Underground

As Lead Scientist of the Syfy Channel’s new reality docu-series Fact of Faked: Paranormal Files, Bill Murphy brings his video expertise to the investigative table.

ting when digital manipulation has been used to create a hoax video, Bill provides the team with an encyclopedic knowledge of the unexplained. Bill recently joined us on Paranormal Underground Radio to talk about Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, what’s next for the show, his research into the paranormal, and his long-time paranormal investigations. Read on to find out more about Bill. ***** Q: What led you into the field of paranormal investigation? Bill: My curiosity about what may exist outside of the five senses began

September 2010

with having open-minded parents who considered all possibilities and taught me not to ignore alternative explanations. I folded that part of my background with a desire to document claims of the paranormal. Q: Can you tell us about your early paranormal experiences? Bill: My earliest experiences were listening to what visitors to our family home in New Orleans reported they were seeing in the house. Q: How long have you been investigating the paranormal and what areas do you investigate?

The new Syfy Channel series Fact of Faked: Paranormal Files strives to validate or refute videos of mysterious events through experiments and field investigations. The investigative team includes (pictured back row from L-R) Chi-Lan Lieu, Austin Porter, and Ben Hansen. Pictured front row from L-R are Jael De Pardo, Bill Murphy, and Larry Caughlan, Jr.

Bill: I began to really take note of the activity house guests of my parents claimed they were experiencing nearly 20 years ago. With the culturally rich environment of the Deep South, it wasn’t long before my interest broadened beyond traditional hauntings to include the possibility of interdimensionals and elementals. Q: Talk about your ITC research and findings. What types of electronics have you’ve used during your ITC research? Bill: My interest in ITC goes back to a time before I even knew the term Instrumental TransCommunication. It started as a child when my father placed a WWII-era shortwave radio in the upstairs guest room at home. I would open the window, look at the stars, sweep the dial, and just enjoy what happened between radio stations. I would also try to tune in distant stations in an effort to extend my reach into parts of the world unknown to me. It was that early experience that made me realize I was surrounded by energy from foreign lands and from sources I couldn’t imagine, such as the Earth’s own electromagnetic field. Since those early days I have experimented with many different types of ITC configurations with a variety of results. Q: You’ve shot several documentaries dealing with paranormal phenomena. Can you tell us about them?

tion. This one addresses the trauma signature that results from a largescale disaster. It is structured as six chapters, each focused on a different part of Louisiana after the great storm of 2005. There was the need to be sensitive to the loss of life and property, as well as the emotional impact of something of this magnitude affecting a population. But we were very much welcomed throughout the state, and it remains a testament to the enduring spirit of the residents who call Louisiana their home. Before I was finished with Ghost Town, I was invited by the management of the Queen Mary to cover the mysterious events that happen on the ship, which is docked in Long Beach, California. It became apparent that many visitors to the grand ocean liner have emotional

“I am intrigued with the notion of telekinesis.” Bill: My first formal documentary publically released is titled The World’s Largest Ghost Town: A post-Katrina Paranormal Investiga-

reactions while staying on board the more than 1,000-foot-long ship. To my surprise, there is no shortage of anomalous recordings that can

September 2010

be obtained there. It put me on the path of pursuing more knowledge of the effect the environment can have on paranormal activity. The third release is titled The Stanley Effect. It explores the connection between geology and physical sensations. The title is a combination of the name of the hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, and a natural event known as the piezoelectric effect. This project continued my quest to try to understand how people can experience the feeling of being touched by an unseen force. This title opened the door for me to propose an idea and then follow it up with theoretical science. In this case, it is the study of meta-materials. These are materials that convert energy from one form to another. I have more projects in development, and I am currently examining how a person’s perception affects their understanding of their own surroundings. Q: What area of the paranormal (UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, etc.) is your favorite to investigate? Bill: Although I don’t exclude any areas for consideration, I am intrigued with the notion of telekinesis.

Paranormal Underground 13

Investigator Spotlight Q: Does the team ever disagree about which cases to pursue? Bill: Sure. We sometimes have different opinions on which cases to work. It’s no different than any other group considering the options that lead to investing time and energy. But our criterion is to move forward on a case that has met three basic requirements: 1. Compelling video, 2. An available witness, and 3. A test to replicate the original footage. Q: Does the team go on an investigation to debunk or to prove? Bill: Our purpose is to try to recreate a video, not to go in with a preconceived notion of what it appears to be. Long-time paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker Bill Murphy says that attempting to replicate existing evidence is a good investigative technique.

Q: Are you encouraged by the advances made in paranormal investigations during your 20-plusyear investigative experience? Bill: What does encourage me is the continued development of basic instrumentation that can be adapted to the research. Just like thunder and lightning were not understood by our ancestors, we may someday be able to explain where consciousness resides. Q: Tell us about your new show, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, and how you joined the show. Bill: I was introduced to the people involved in the series through a colleague. An ongoing dialog resulted, and I was asked to participate in an initial test filming. I already had a body of work for people to see, and this made it easier for me to collaborate with the rest of the team since they could see what I was about. Q: Your role on Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files is that of Lead


Paranormal Underground

Scientist. Why were you cast in that role? Bill: Since I have been a presenter at paranormal-themed conferences for a number of years and have engaged audience members in live experiments, it was obvious to the network I could carry that into the series. The production company is great about putting my ideas and that of the others into motion, and what you see is a result of that process. Q: What methodologies does the team use during field investigations? Bill: Ask a question, do background research, construct a hypothesis, test your hypothesis by doing an experi-

Q: On your show, you sometimes examine “paranormal videos” from YouTube. At times, the team concludes that videos are faked or not compelling enough to investigate. Do you ever hear from the people who took or posted those videos insisting that they are true? Bill: Before a video is aired, release forms are sent so all parties know what the series is about beforehand. The person who recorded the video often wants to understand what it is they are looking at on tape just as much as we do. Q: One of my favorite cases that you investigated on the show dealt with the “Polaroid Ghost Writing” phenomena. Tell us a little about this case and what your opinion is on what caused the “ghost writing”?

“We may someday be able to explain where consciousness resides.” ment, analyze your data, draw a conclusion, and communicate results.

September 2010

Bill: Many people have liked this case; it’s been a subject of study for

years. Despite us trying to replicate the video using the popular theories of the Ghost Writer Polaroids, none of the methods proved satisfactory. It is not the only case where mysterious images have appeared on Polaroids, but this one has many photos available for examination and a complete unedited video of the entire process. Q: What has surprised you most about being on Fact or Faked? Bill: What has been a pleasant surprise is that attempting to replicate existing evidence is such a good investigative technique. The more common modus operandi is to try to record your own evidence based on the reports of others. We use an approach that really makes sense since many people ask the same questions we do when reviewing video of an unexplained event. Q: You just got the green light to shoot more episodes of Fact or Faked. What can you tell us about that? Bill: We’re looking at videos from all over the world, and many of them are certainly worthy of consideration. Q: Do you have any new devices or methods that you will be expanding on? Bill: I am always on the lookout for advances in technology, but it’s not always wise to complicate matters for the sake of showcasing new equipment. But there are some bright developers out there, and if you’ve got a good solution to a technical challenge, I hope to hear from you.

Join us for 100 Days of Namasté Seeing the Light in Every Person . . . Every Day


For more information about Bill, visit or September 2010

Paranormal Underground 15

Author Spotlight

Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman: 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon

By Michelle M. Pillow,


or several years, whenever I checked the clock, the time always had an 11 in it. I mentioned it to my mother, my husband, and even my friends. They thought it was just another funny Michelle quirk, and I became convinced it was happening because I had 11 on the brain and chose to ignore it until it went away. Besides, as a fiction author, I’m used to my brain fixating on weird ideas, and my thought processes not working quite like everyone else’s seem to. Imagine my surprise when I was invited to check out the book 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences, and Synchronicities, by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman. That’s right. My strange clock obsession with the number 11 isn’t uniquely mine. It turns out several people go through this fixation. So, is it a numerological power number? A magical number? A message from a secret society? The truth is, the theories are varied and so in depth that it would be impossible for me to outline them all in an article. So, I turned to the experts. I would like to welcome bestselling authors, radio show hosts, screenwriters, speakers, and paranormal researchers, Marie D. Jones


Paranormal Underground Founders Marie D. Jones (pictured above at left) and Larry Flaxman (pictured above at right) remain on the cutting edge of paranormal, metaphysical, and noetic studies.

and Larry Flaxman. They founded and are at the cutting edge of paranormal, metaphysical, and noetic studies. The duo just signed a two-book deal and are now developing feature films and television shows with a paranormal theme. You can check out their newest book, The Deja Vu Enigma: A Journey Through the Anomalies of Mind, Memory, and Time (June 2010), available at bookstores and online.

September 2010

***** Q: In your book, 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon, you discuss several interesting topics, including synchronicity, the God number, and numerology. What prompted you to write a book about mysterious numbers and sequences? Marie and Larry: Our publisher actually came to us with the idea to do something about the 11:11 phe-

nomenon. We both were not very familiar with the phenomenon at all, but when we looked into it we found that people all over the world were having this particular experience. And that led us into looking deeper into the importance of numbers and mathematics as the foundation of reality. The language of the universe is mathematics. Numbers seem to be at the heart of so many things; we had never thought much about it until we decided to do this book.

Then we started seeing them all the time, especially 11:11 when we would e-mail each other! It was like getting these little universal reminders that we could laugh over together, and we equated those with the book making us aware of it. Before that, neither of us placed much meaning on the time prompts we did have.

Q: On a personal note, I used to see the number 11 all the time but never knew there was a meaning to it. What is a time prompt? And, what is the importance of the numbers 11:11?

Marie and Larry: We are curious creatures by nature and have a longing to understand the world around us, and that includes the things we sense are real but cannot always see or prove. It is part of what it means to be human, to look beyond the ordinary and see what makes us, and our world, tick.

Marie and Larry: A time prompt is a number sequence that appears usually as a time, but not always, to someone over and over again. Sometimes it can appear on sales receipts, billboards and signs, computers, anywhere numbers show up. 11:11 is the most popular because of its direct association with the year 2012, which many fear might be the end of the world, mistakenly! 11:11 is the time that the Winter Solstice will begin on December 21 of that year, so this number has growing significance to those who are drawn to this being a potential time of transformation as well.

Q: Why do you think readers, and society in general, are fascinated by the unexplained?

The book 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon discusses synchronicity, the God number, and numerology.

always the sequence is not random. It has a discernible pattern. There are two theories behind time prompts and sequences people report. One: They are given to us via some “outside” force or influence that wants us to sit up and pay attention. Two: It is our brains creating pattern out of chaos by noticing something once, twice, three times, and then literally creating a new neural pathway or imprint in the brain that makes us continue to notice that same pattern.

“The language of the universe is mathematics.” Q: What other time prompts, sequences, or numbers are people widely reporting? Why do you think that people see these numbers over and over? Marie and Larry: Everything from 1:11 to 12:12 to 1234. It varies, but

Q: What are the prominent theories you explored in the book? Marie and Larry: Well, we start off examining the time prompt phenomenon and then move into a wide field of topics involving numbers. I think the bottom line is, number is everything. It literally is at the heart of science, nature, and even reality itself. Number is profound. The theories ran the gamut from looking at brain patterns and matrixing, to synchronicity and cause and effect, to sacred geometry and numerology, to the Just Six Numbers theory that states the universe is a finely tuned mathematical model.

Q: Have you had a time prompt experience? What happened, and what meaning did it have for you?

Q: What is sacred geometry? Are some locations, buildings, and structures inspired by higher knowledge?

Marie and Larry: We have both had a few in the past, but never gave them much thought or attention until we started to work on the book.

Marie and Larry: Sacred geometry is the ancient art of “as above, so below” applied to architecture and design. Ancient civilizations believed

September 2010

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Author Spotlight that it was important to build their temples, churches, holy edifices, monuments, etc., in accordance with points of power here on Earth that would amplify what was going on in the heavens. It was a way of bringing the divine “down to Earth.” We today build for functionality only. Rarely do modern humans take divine proportion or location into consideration, which is a shame.

would that be? We both, in the book, use our names as examples, finding our Master Numbers, and we both found that some of the associated characteristics were right on the mark, and others were totally off base. Q: How might the universe act like a giant computer? Explain the theory behind a finely tuned universe and the numbers that make up all mathematical law.

“It is part of what it means to be human, to look beyond the ordinary and see what makes us, and our world, tick.” Q: What is numerology, and is it accepted by modern science? How do numbers influence our behavior, characteristics, and beliefs? Marie and Larry: Numerology is a school of divination if you will, not at all accepted by modern science. It is like astrology. Many people swear by it, but science sees no valid evidence that it works. But at the heart of numerology is the same belief scientists have that number and measurement and time and distance and ratio is profound and, therefore, the “energy” of our birth name must have some kind of power to influence or dictate our destinies. The problem we have with numerology is that there are so many different systems, and not all use the birth name, or some can use a variation of birth name, married name, etc. So, there is no strict system that every numerologist follows. And of course, the results of a reading are all based upon interpretation, and we all know where that gets us. You could go to 10 different numerologists and end up with 10 different readings. How confusing


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Marie and Larry: The universe seems to follow a handful of very basic mathematical ratios that, if at all tweaked ever so slightly, would have resulted in no life, no planets, no galaxies, etc. It seems that there is an intelligence behind the intricacy by which the universe formed, and life itself. This intelligence has the qualities of a massive computer that takes in information and processes it, then puts out more information, in a snowball effect. All it is really is information, if you think about it — bits and bits of information that make up every particle and object in the universe. So what is computing this giant program of ever-evolving progress and expansion? Who is the Master Programmer or Mathematician? The evolution of our universe is just too detailed and fine-tuned to be explained by randomness or chaos. There is incredible order here. Q: Is there a mathematic foundation to the creationary force? Is God a number? Marie and Larry: There absolutely is a mathematical foundation to creation itself. Again, it all comes down

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to number and ratio and measurement. But is there a God number? Some will claim there is, usually a profoundly mystical number like 1 or 3 or 7. But think about it, if God is our idea of All, how could one number encompass that? Maybe infinity . . . Q: Do you have any pet projects? Marie and Larry: We are both so incredibly busy with all kinds of projects. We are writing books, books, and more books. We wrote a screenplay, which is now in development, with a paranormal theme (“19 Hz” — The Movie). We are in talks to do a radio show on the Para X Network. We both speak at events, are all over radio, TV . . . it never ends! We became staff writers for TAPS ParaMagazine, and contribute a lot of articles to New Dawn Magazine, Phenomena, etc. Larry also runs his organization, ARPAST (, and Marie ( has other film and TV projects in development. We stay beyond busy. Q: What does the future hold for your career/writing? Marie and Larry: We signed a twobook deal, so we have two more non-fiction books coming down the pike in 2011. And depending on how our movie does, we may be doing more films and developing TV shows too. Not necessarily reality shows. We also want to get into more multimedia and educational projects, so the sky is the limit for us! ***** For more information about Mary and Larry, visit Individually, you can find Larry at and Marie at

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Special Report

Alaskan Abductions: Beyond the Fourth Kind By Shaun Belekurov, Spooksfield Investigative Unit


lmost as soon as it hit theaters, Universal Pictures’ movie The Fourth Kind met suspicious criticisms. Questions arose as to the legitimacy of the film’s “based on true events” claim. Since then, new information seems to support the initial skepticism. The movie revolves around “Dr. Abigail Tyler” and her treatment of the people of Nome, Alaska. In studying the sleep disorders of her patients, Dr. Tyler begins to identify recurring patterns (the night-time visits from an owl invoking the image of a grey alien in the mind’s eye) and comes to believe these encounters are actually screen memories of alien abductions. One interesting ”by-the-way” feature in the movie had the “abductors” as the Annunaki, who would naturally be interested in Nome because of its claim of having “the world’s biggest gold vein.” Interest in the case prompted the search for the “real” Dr. Tyler, which yielded no results. Then in November 2009, Universal Pictures agreed to pay a $20,000 settlement to the Alaska Press Club in regards to “complaints about fake news archives used to promote the movie.” Universal Pictures admitted to planting fake online news articles and obituaries to bolster its claim of “based on true events.”


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The Universal Pictures’ movie The Fourth Kind, which is loosely based on true events, focuses on alien abduction in Nome, Alaska. Just how close to the truth is the movie?

Of course the media gleefully denounced the film as another Blair Witch Project. But in doing so they threw out the baby with the proverbial bath water, ignoring the history of the area. And that is a much more interesting story, with several layers that we will now examine. The FBI, Serial Killers, and Little Green Men Since 1960, at least 24 people (all natives) have disappeared in Nome, Alaska, (population 3,500) — with 10 occurring since 1990: 17 men, seven women, with nine bodies still unaccounted for. Many died under “suspicious circumstances.” This case

September 2010

has been ignored almost entirely by the media in the lower 48 until the release of The Fourth Kind. Contrary to claims made in The Fourth Kind, the FBI did not visit Nome “over 2,000” times. In fact, the disappearances were getting little attention from the FBI. Their involvement was primarily in thanks to council member Delbert Pungowiyi of the Savoonga tribe (whose brother disappeared in Nome in 2004). Pungowiyi felt that “more than one person” was preying on the native folk in Nome. Pungowiyi stated, “It should have been given attention years ago . . . The region is just overwhelmed with this. They’re tired

Do nighttime visits from owls and owl-like creatures represent alien abduction? Some say yes.

of living with these big gaping holes and no closure.” Local law enforcement is viewed with distrust to say the least. The Norton Sound Health Corporation passed a resolution seeking a federal rights investigation due to “extraordinarily high” numbers of missing and dead and “discriminatory harassment and excessive force” by the Nome police. Trust was at an alltime low after Nome police officer Matthew Owens was convicted of the murder of local resident Sonya Ivanoff. Finally, the Feds responded, reviewing the 24 cases. And while the Feds did receive a little more cooperation from the understandably skeptical natives, they quickly ruled the disappearances

declared, “We’re trying to separate this urban legend from fact.” To me, “urban legend” has the same connotations as “native superstitions”; it’s just a little more PC sounding. This declaration ignores an interesting and possibly relevant history; but that too seems to be nothing new. For five consecutive days in 1988, there were encounters with “little green men” witnessed by dozens of Nome residents. Researcher Mark Chorvinsky related some of these encounters in an article for Fate magazine in January 1990. • August 24, 1988, at approximately 3 a.m. Several witnesses were driving on Beltz Road outside of town when

Witnesses observed a strange glow in their rear-view mirror. to be related to “alcohol and exposure.” They concluded that a serial killer was not at work. The new chief of police in Nome, Craig Moates, discounted the alien abduction scenario, and in a telling statement

they observed a strange glow in their rear-view mirror. The group turned around, driving toward the source of the glow, which was a short, muscular man surrounded by a greenish glow with red eyes. The group began

September 2010

to chase the entity, who then ran out in front of their vehicle. The entity was run over but no sound was heard. The creature seemed to flatten itself out and vanish. The group drove into Nome, gathered more witnesses, and returned to the scene. Several of the witnesses then chased the little man on foot, but then were in turn chased by him, at which point they returned to their vehicles and left. • August 25, 1988, at approximately 2:30 a.m. Three car-loads of witnesses encountered a little, green, glowing man standing in the middle of a roadway. Again, a vehicle ran over the creature with no apparent ill effects. A witness claimed the car “ran right through him.” • August 26, 1988, at approximately 2:30 a.m. Another group witnessed three little, glowing men standing in the middle of the road. The group pulled over and the entities changed colors three times during the encounter. Some of the witnesses compared them to “holographic projections,” but others were convinced they were flesh and blood (so to speak).

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Special Report

The biggest mystery of the North is probably the case of the “Disappearing Village at Lake Anjikuni.” Could this be a forgotten link to the Nome disappearances?

• August 26 1988, at approximately 2:30 a.m. A number of people gathered on Beltz Road observed three of the little men standing on the side of the road. One was silver, another black, and the third was blue-green in color. They all had a green glow surrounding them. • August 27, 1988, at approximately 2 a.m. Several witnesses gathered on Beltz Road sighted two little, glowing, green men with red eyes that “seemed to dance in the middle of the road.” Witnesses who approached the pair reported a whistling or hissing sound. (This is a recurring element in the para-world.) Reporter Janet Ahmasuk, of the Nome Nugget, quipped, “I have heard little, green men stories as long as I have lived here. From reindeer herders, miners, highway camp workers, village folk, folks who just moved here.” In other words, not only natives but also people unaware


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of the native history, which is replete with stories of the little, green men. Chorvinsky also cited a story told by Lois Foster, whose family originates in the nearby village of Koyuk. For as long as she could remember, Foster’s great-great-grandmother told the family of the three little men who came to the village of Koyuk in a “silvery looking disc that sailed through the air.” Chorvinsky put this date between 1795 and 1805. Foster’s grandmother also talked about the three little men who she encountered when she was a little girl. They were old but still alive. This would have been around 1913. According to the great-great-grandmother, the little men were extremely strong for their size and able to carry large logs without assistance. They lived in the area, and over the years learned the native tongue. They explained to the townspeople that “some mechanism had broken down in their craft permanently disabling it.”

September 2010

A Forgotten Link? The biggest mystery of the North is probably the case of the “Disappearing Village at Lake Anjikuni.” It is either a hoax that has been reported as fact over the years, or a genuinely fascinating case. Some of the criticisms seem valid, and it has been “debunked” a couple of times over the years. The world famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has labeled the case as, again, an “urban legend.” However, given the treatment of the Native folk, from the forced relocations and discriminatory policies of the past to present day native disappearances and allegations of “police brutality” in Nome, and the systematic ignoring of “little green men” tales for more than 200 years, we should proceed with an open mind. The story was originally reported by Emmett E. Keller, whom the RCMP label, with some justice, as a “journalist of some repute.” The picture that was run with the story was a photo taken in 1905 not at the date of the story (however, this is a fairly common news practice). It ran in the Toronto Daily Star on November 23, 1930, but was largely forgotten until it was included in “occult investigator” Frank Edwards’ book, Stranger Than Science, in 1959. And supporting the “urban legend” status that the RCMP claims, the tale has grown. The missing went from 30 to 1,200 to 2,000. How’s that for a bump? So we will use what we found in the older sources, tell the tale, and try to keep the personal commentary to a minimum. On a cold November night in 1930, a fur trapper named Armand Laurent was traveling with his two teenage sons. The trio witnessed a “huge light, for it seemed to be as big as a steamship, changed shape from moment to moment . . . it was as

100 Years After a Devastating Avalanche Took Their Lives, the “Spirits” of Wellington, Washington, Still Remain. Read One Investigator’s Account of How She Met . . . “The Ghosts of Wellington.”

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Special Report

Since 1960, at least 24 people have disappeared in Nome, Alaska, far fewer than the thousands reported in the dramatized movie The Fourth Kind.

round as a ball, now like an enormous bullet, now shaped like a star. The light changed course in the sky many times before streaking at a great speed, straight as an arrow, towards the north and out of our sight.” A couple of days later, a pair of Mounties were said to stop at Laurent’s isolated home. As they partook of hot coffee, biscuits, and homemade honey, Laurent inquired what brought them out his way. They are rumored to have replied, “Eskimos disappearing, stuff like that. Nothing important.” Now we include this hearsay to show the perception (if not the reality) of the disregard toward the Natives. Laurent is said to have related his tale and informed the Mounties that the “light seemed to be heading in the direction of the lake.” Laurent was never questioned further, a disappointing but understandable oversight. Enter French Canadian trapper Joe Labelle (who the Mounties said was “new to the area” (i.e., an outsider). Labelle claimed to snow shoe to the remote Eskimo village near Lake


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Anjikuni (Angkun). Normally greeted by the barking of sled dogs and children begging for hard candy, he was instead met with silence. The village of approximately 30 people was deserted. It was the manner in which the village was left that has been the source of the long-lived mystery. Labelle found “pots of stewed caribou with a thick layer of ice . . . children’s toys were scattered on the floor.” He found a seal-skin parka with two bone needles still in it. Labelle continued, “The boats and the kayaks were tied at the shore. Even the harpoons were still on board, and the half-stripped carcass of a walrus was just as the men left it.” Even the rifles were left behind. Some hanging over makeshift fireplaces and others propped next to the caribou flap doors of empty homes. Labelle informed the Mounties (who acknowledged contact and claimed they asked the neighbors of Lake Village and decided it was false information), and as the “story” goes, the Mounties came out and investigated the village. They found the

September 2010

missing sled dogs tied to some trees under a snow drift (at this point the village men would be without their guns, sleds, kayaks, and harpoons — not one of these items would have been left behind in the village). The Native folk are nomadic, but according to the tale, the place seemed abandoned in the middle of a normal day. There were no signs of a struggle and no footprints that led away from the scene. Supposedly, the RCMP employed some of the best trackers in a search that spanned all of Canada and even ventured into the Northwest United States — but to no avail. The most disturbing claim in this case is the apparent exhumation of an Eskimo grave(s). The rocks marking the grave were undisturbed, but the grave had been dug up. If this is true, it would be quite the feat. The land was in a state of permafrost. One account tells of an unnamed Mountie who said it would have required a jack-hammer and weeks of back-breaking work to empty the grave. A Freedom of Information Act request regarding this case has been filed, with no reply back yet. Urban Legend? Sensationalism? Or Something Else? So what do we make of all of this? Is it all sensationalized stories with no basis in reality, churned out solely to enthrall readers? Is there a grain of truth and history behind this so-called “urban legend/native superstition”? Was there a cover up and disinformation campaign, or even more likely just a dereliction of duty in dealing with Native matters like we see today in Nome? Whatever conclusion you come to ultimately only raises more questions. So maybe the one thing we can take away from The Fourth Kind is that, in the end, it is up to each of us to decide for ourselves.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites

The Weirdness of Williamsburg Hill By Rick E. Hale, McHenry County Paranormal Research Group


ll around our planet reside certain locations that many claim are imbued with certain mystical properties, as well as paranormal phenomenon. One example includes Glastonbury Tor in Great Britain. So many stories of the Tor (which means hill in Gaelic) and its lone sentinel, Glastonbury Abbey, have been told over the centuries that it has become almost impossible to separate fact from fiction. The Tor is said to be the burial site of the remains of the greatest of all kings, Arthur. And as legend has it, Arthur rides forth on Christmas Eve to protect his beloved country. Another tale claims that Joseph of Arimathea established the first Christian church in England, and later hid the Holy Grail somewhere in the church — or buried it on the Tor. The Tor is also supposedly the doorway that leads to Annwn, or the kingdom of the fairy realm. Another one of these mystical sites is in France. We are told that the water at the grotto of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes has miraculous healing powers. The water has reportedly healed everything from cataracts to cancer after the affected individual drinks the mystical water. Millions of pilgrims knock back a glass a year just to be made whole of whatever ails them. Sedona, Arizona, is another place that is said to have properties


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Williamsburg Hill in South Central Illinois is said to be a beacon of all sorts of weirdness and negativity.

that heal mind, body, and soul. It is also considered a doorway into another realm of consciousness. Of course, such locations and the reports that are told about them are highly subjective and have a tendency to be a little New Agey. But millions swear that some kind of positive influence is at work and has made a positive change in their lives. These locations seem amazing and do appear to have some kind of positive energy flowing through them. So would you believe that such a place exists in Illinois? However, the “problem” with our next and final entry is that this location does not appear to be blessed with the positive energy said to permeate the above-mentioned locations. Instead, Williamsburg Hill in South Central Illinois is said to be a beacon of all sorts of weirdness

September 2010

and negativity, sort of like the Sith tree on the planet Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back. The Beginnings of Williamsburg Hill Rising 810 feet above the small ghost towns of Tower Hill and Shelbyville, Williamsburg Hill is quite possibly the spookiest place in Illinois. So many reports of hauntings, strange creatures, and UFOs have been reported here over the years, it is difficult to pin down why Williamsburg Hill has such a bad reputation. Perhaps the trouble started sometime in 1839, when the town of Tower Hill was founded by Dr. Thomas Williams. When Dr. Williams first rolled into the area, he was warned by the local Native American tribes that the hill and the surrounding area were home to evil

spirits. Although the natives were afraid to step foot near the hill, Dr. Williams ignored the warnings of the local tribes and established his town. For a little over 40 years, Tower Hill became a bustling metropolis of more than 2,000 people and enjoyed incredible prosperity, thanks in part to the town being smack dab in the path of the busy stagecoach line that brought the rich, famous, and sometimes infamous to the town. However, it seemed the party was over for the small town in 1881 when the stagecoach line was retired and the new railroad completely bypassed the town. Virtually overnight the town of Tower Hill became a ghost town when many citizens felt they needed to be closer to the railroad and moved east to Vandalia. As of 1900, all that remained of the town were a few folks eking out an existence, a Methodist church, and a few shops that were quickly failing. The high times were over with a vengeance for Tower Hill. However, as time rolled by, folks who were seeking a more quiet, genteel life began to move back to the shadow of Williamsburg Hill, and this is perhaps when all the weirdness began. Paranormal Phenomena of Ridge Cemetery Many of the stories of strange and terrifying apparitions are associated with the small, overgrown cemetery that sits on the highest summit in the area. Ridge Cemetery, home to the eternal remains of many of the early settlers of Tower Hill, would have been completely forgotten if it were not for the vandalism that had been committed against the cemetery over the years, as well as the much darker rumors of occult rituals being practiced in the cemetery. Many folks have claimed to hear bizarre chanting coming from the hill and the sounds of humans and animals in distress.

Over the years, citizens of Tower Hill have reported seeing the apparition of an old man on the Hill and near the cemetery. The old man is said to be mad and frightens those brave enough to step foot upon the slope of Williamsburg Hill. The apparition comes screaming out of the woods and disappears before he can

Hill, leading many to believe that the Hill is actually home to an alien base. One witness claimed to have seen a large, red ball descend out of the sky and land on top of the Hill. The witness then reported watching as the large, red ball took off from the Hill and flew over his car, causing the car to stall. When you read the stories and

Certain areas are doorways to other dimensions. assault the witnesses. One citizen claimed that she witnessed a ghostly funeral procession in the vicinity of Ridge Cemetery. The witness, who was a little girl at the time, said she watched as a group of black-garbed figures materialized out of the fog and followed behind a black casket. She could hear weeping and sobs coming from the ghostly procession and watched as the party vanished into thin air before her eyes. Others brave enough to explore the Hill and Ridge Cemetery have reported seeing large, dark shadows and apparitions that attempt to entice people to commit suicide within the gates of Ridge Cemetery. One witness reported a strange occurrence one day when her daughter claimed that the people who lived in the ground wanted her to come live with them. The terrifying experience caused the woman never to come near the cemetery again. Other witnesses reported seeing a tall, hairy, bipedal creature haunting the mists and forest of Williamsburg Hill. Teenagers have claimed that as they walked along the Hill path, they would catch fleeting glimpses of the Sasquatch-like creature following alongside them, darting from tree to tree. Many citizens of the surrounding area have reported seeing strange, bright lights hovering over or near the

September 2010

eyewitness accounts of the bevy of bizarre phenomenon associated with Williamsburg Hill, one cannot help but wonder what caused this seemingly innocent hill to have such a crappy disposition. Perhaps the native tribes that warned Dr. Williams were right; maybe this place is cursed. Native American tribes seemed well aware of places to avoid because they were believed to be an abode of really bad things, and Williamsburg Hill appears to be such a place. Differing Theories About Williamsburg Hill One theory in the field of paranormal research is that certain areas are vortices, or doorways, to other dimensions, from which spirits, demons, and strange creatures are able to gain access to our world. Many researchers believe that Williamsburg Hill is one such vortex, and beings from other dimensions are able to pop in anytime they want. One other theory we must consider about Williamsburg Hill is that all the phenomena associated with the hill is pure crapola, and the Hill is a victim of the ever-popular urban legend. However, I respectfully disagree with this latter theory, as the phenomenon of Williamsburg Hill has been reported by very sane, credible witnesses who have absolutely nothing to gain by reporting their experiences.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted History

Ghost Tales of Quebec City By Lisa Cucciniello


very city has its ghoulish history, ghostly tales, and eerie occurrences. Quebec City is no different. One of Canada’s oldest cities does indeed have its own sampling of eerie occurrences that would make anyone shiver. The following are three legends of haunted Quebec City. A Failed Conspiracy Quebec City was founded for the French in 1608 by explorer Samuel de Champlain, who also became known as “The Father of New France.” However, Champlain had barely settled in when four men in the new colony set out to murder him. The ringleader of the conspiracy was locksmith Jean Duval, and he set plans in motion to quickly assassinate Champlain. Champlain found out about the plot and made plans of his own. He invited Duval and his cohorts to dinner one evening. Duval, not realizing that Champlain was on to his devious plan, decided it would be the perfect opportunity to carry out his murderous plan. He planned to kill Champlain at the dinner. Instead, Champlain beat Duval to the punch and had him arrested for treason, a charge that resulted in Duval’s own hang-


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Visitors to Quebec City can enjoy a full walking tour of the haunted city, led by Ghost Tours of Quebec.

ing and beheading. The gruesome execution took place near a small gate at Quebec’s cobbled Place Royale, after which Duval’s head was deposited on a pike and displayed in Quebec as a warning to others who might entertain committing treason in the future. And, of course, this legend isn’t complete without a ghost story . . . It is said that on certain nights, a shadowy figure can be seen lurking in the entranceway of the gate near where

September 2010

Duval was hung. Some believe the figure is that of Duval himself. Madame Jean Gatier’s Revenge In March 1680, two women in Quebec City were involved in a quarrel that resulted in the death of a girl. The murderer was set to be executed; however, the executioner died of natural causes before the execution could take place. Monsieur Jean Gatier was appointed the new slayer and was

Pictured above at left: Fictional portrait of Samuel de Champlain by Théophile Hamel (1817-1870). Pictured above at right: The Empress of Ireland sank in the Saint Lawrence River after being struck by the SS Storstad.

subsequently told to move outside the city limits since it was dangerous for an executioner to live among those he might be called on to deal with later. He did so and was later involved in a case where he had to hang an individual who was convicted of stealing goods from a merchant. The only problem was that the convicted felon was his own wife, Madame Jean Gatier. In the end, he was forced to execute her. Madame Jean Gatier’s apparition is still seen near the church Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, looking for her executioner husband. The Empress of Ireland In 1914, a group of stage actors were set to return to England on an ocean liner called the Empress of Ireland. English dramatist and novelist Laurence Irving and his actress wife, Mabel Hackney, were aboard the vessel. Mabel was leery to sail because of the tragedy of the Titanic two years earlier. Sure enough, on May 29, 1914, at 2 a.m., a Norwegian coal freighter, called the SS Storstad, collided with the Empress of Ireland in heavy fog, causing an explosion and the ship to sink. The Storstad was not significantly

damaged in the collision, and its crew frantically tried to save those drowning in the Saint Lawrence River. However, in the end, 1,012 passengers and crew died, of which 134 were children. Only 465 survived, four of whom were children. This event is the deadliest maritime disaster in Canadian history. Accounts of the tragedy reported that while the Empress was sinking, Laurence Irving and Mabel Hackney became separated, and after Laurence reached safety, he jumped back into the river to try to save Mabel because she did not know how to swim. Unfortunately, neither made it out of the river, and their bodies were never recovered. This accident is said to be linked to the captain of the Empress of Ireland, Captain Henry Kendall. One year prior, Kendall was responsible for the arrest of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippin, a London doctor who was said to have murdered his wife. He fled to Canada via ship. However, Kendall alerted Scotland Yard, and detectives ultimately arrested Crippin in Canada and returned him to London. Crippin was said to have cursed Kendall, and one year later the Empress sank, though Kendall did survive.

September 2010

In August 2002, one more tragedy befell the lifeless Empress. This was the most recent time that an attempt was made to raise the ship from its watery grave. Each time that a rescue is attempted, someone dies, and 2002 was no different. A 33-year-old diver investigating the wreck never made it back to the surface. Unfortunately, this is not a legend, but fact. There are still 700 bodies that remain in the St. Lawrence River from the original sinking. Some believe that mass death, such as what happened on the Empress, leads to a mass haunting. Have the ghosts of the Empress moved on? Or do they still linger in a watery grave? Today, many question why the story of the Empress of Ireland is not well known even though the magnitude of the tragedy equaled that of the Titanic. Three weeks after the accident of the Empress, World War I broke out, therefore trumping much of what was being said about the Empress of Ireland’s accident.

Visitors to Quebec City can enjoy a full walking tour of the haunted city, led by Ghost Tours of Quebec. Source:

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Case Files of the Unknown: Cryptids & Mythological Creatures

Vampyres in Rhode Island? By Jill Stefko, Ph.D.,


here are at least five suspected cases of vampyres living in “Little Rhody.” Some are, most likely, legends, including a story that originated from the 1700s about Snuffy Stukeley or Stukely “Snuffy” Tillinghast, depending on the source, and his family. Snuffy was a prosperous Exeter, Rhode Island, farmer who had 14 children. One night, he had a dream that half of the trees in his orchard died. He believed it was an ill omen. The Stukeley Vampyre Not long after Snuffy’s dream, his eldest daughter, Sarah, died — some say from tuberculosis. Soon, other children became ill and told their parents that Sarah visited them at night and pressed on their chests. One by one, five more of the family’s children perished. After another child fell ill and Mrs. Stukeley began experiencing strange visitations, neighbors convinced the farmer to dig up the bodies of the six children who had died. All of the children, except for Sarah, were in a state of decomposition. Sarah was found to have fresh blood and hair and nail growth. The community deemed Sarah a vampyre. Snuffy removed Sarah’s heart and promptly burned it. All of Snuffy’s children were re-interred. Accounts vary of how many of the family children died. Some say six,


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Le Vampire, lithograph by R. de Moraine in Féval (1851–1852).

while others say the seventh ailing child died soon after the re-interments. Still, other reports put the number at four dead children. Other vampyre legends of the area include the following: • The vampyre of Foster, Rhode Island: In 1827, Captain Levi Young’s daughter, Nancy, died of consumption at the age of 19. After other family members became ill and no cause for the illness was found, the Captain exhumed and burned Nancy’s body. Unfortunately, five more of the Captain’s children died afterward. • The vampyre of Peace Dale, Rhode Island: In 1874, William

September 2010

Rose’s 15-year-old daughter, Ruth Ellen, died. William soon came to believe Ruth Ellen was a vampyre and was causing the bodies of her relatives to waste away. He exhumed his daughter’s remains and burned her heart. • The vampyre of West Greenwich, Rhode Island: In 1889, Nellie Vaughn died of pneumonia at the age of 19. She was buried on the Vaughn family homestead, and her body was later moved to the West Greenwich Cemetery when her family moved. A local legend claims that Nellie’s grave is cursed and nothing will grow on it. An epitaph on Nelly’s gravestone indicates she is “waiting and watching for you.” Mercy Lena Brown While the accounts above might well be legend, some people are convinced that the Mercy Brown Vampire Incident of 1892 is not a legend at all. The Mercy Brown story is said to be one of the best documented cases of the exhumation of a corpse in order to perform rituals to banish an undead manifestation. Accounts in the Providence Journal about Mercy say she died in the winter of 1892 after her mother and sister had predeceased her in the1880s. All three died of a mysterious illness. Mercy’s body was put into a crypt in Exeter, Rhode Island, because at the time of her death, the ground was frozen and digging a

grave was impossible. People began to report seeing Mercy. Her brother, Edwin, had been in Rhode Island when Mercy died. He had been strong and healthy, but after Mercy’s death, Edwin became sickly and moved to Colorado looking for a cure. He later returned to Rhode Island, but his health continued to decline. Friends and family believed that a vampire was draining Edwin of his blood. They decided to exhume mother Mary and daughters Mary Olive and Mercy. Both Marys were skeletons, but Mercy had blood in her body, and her corpse was not in the same position as it was when she was placed in her coffin. To the friends and family of the Browns, it proved that Mercy was a vampyre. Her heart was burned, and the ashes were given, mixed with medicine, to Edwin to cure him. He died two months later. A Brief History of Vampyre Beliefs People throughout Europe and in Ireland believed wholeheartedly in the existence of vampyres. The belief dates back to ancient Rome and Greece. And while there was an epidemic of vampirism in Eastern Europe in the 1600s and 1700s, the practice of burning a vampyre’s heart is unique to New England. The Pennsylvania Dutch believe in the opnema — a wasting away of the body that it is caused by a hex. Could this and the sicknesses the Rhode Island vampyres had been a form of a physical disease, such as tuberculosis? Some resources state that the Browns had died of tuberculosis. Maybe there is a scientific explanation for corpses not deteriorating. Mercy Brown is the last recorded vampyre case in Rhode Island.


September 2010

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Case Files of the Unknown: Are We Alone?

What Horrors Lie

Beneath? By Paul Bottini,


ou’ve just tasted a Left Hook from the “Manassa Mauler.” You spent the previous evening watching spook lights dance around a rural graveyard in Silver Cliff, Colorado. You’ve scanned the skies for extraterrestrial spacecraft at the UFO Watchtower. You’re tired. Dog damned tired. So tired, in fact, you hop on the wrong freeway in your travels back to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Your lids become heavy as you merge west on the 17. Fate eases you over the magnetic asphalt of Highway 64. By now, you have no idea you’re way off course. Your face protrudes from the open driver’s side window. You slap yourself silly, whilst feebly singing along to Wang Chung’s greatest hit, emanating from your vintage AM radio. You need sleep, but instead you get an eyeful of something hideous lumbering through your headlight beams that will keep you awake for days on end. Your brake pedal finds floorboard as you narrowly miss hitting the seven-foot-tall, half-bat, half-man limping across the asphalt in front of your vehicle. Fear can’t begin to describe your overall reaction as you watch the abomination vanish


Paranormal Underground

According to tale, buried deep beneath Archuleta Mesa in Dulce dwells a top-secret base, run jointly by humans and extraterrestrials.

into the dense underbrush on the opposite side of the road. You come to grips with the fact you’re in the middle of nowhere and the sun set miles ago. Tentatively, you glance around for some point of reference. Nothing. And then, the full moon illuminates it like the glowing beacon it is.

September 2010

That’s the signpost up ahead. No, it doesn’t read “The Twilight Zone,” but it may as well. You’ve just entered Dulce, New Mexico. Subsurface Bases and Underground Tunnels Similar to legends of a hidden society beneath Kokoweef Peak in

Southern California, Dulce, New Mexico, may be home to a subterranean world of epic proportions. To date, numerous nations, including the United States, have constructed underground tunnels and, more than likely, subsurface bases. In fact, it is common knowledge our very own administration long ago implemented a program known as “Continuity of Government,” or COG, which provides life-preserving accommodations for high-ranking officials throughout 50 underground facilities in the event of a catastrophic disaster. The idea of subterranean passageways is nothing new. Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and Norway, to name just a few countries, are currently developing underground access between their respective nations and those adjacent them. And as we speak, the possibility of subsurface bases on the Moon is being devised by top theoretical minds. Although underground dwelling seems like a concept straight off the screen of a Star Trek episode, the advantages of living within the Earth, as opposed to on top of it, are innumerable. The surface of the planet would no longer be plagued by deterioration due to human existence. Beneath the soil, the climate could easily be controlled. Every-

Do thousands of grey aliens and humans dwell in an underground city beneath Dulce, New Mexico?

they would aboveground. Human existence is no longer dominated by the cycle of the Sun, allowing one to sleep far less and, thereby, become more productive. Widely accepted among the conspiracy-minded is the belief that Area 51 in Nevada houses an underground facility accommodating an Olympic-sized pool and full-scale baseball diamond, among other indulgences. If speculation surrounding a subterranean base at Groom Lake, a.k.a. Area 51, is to be

Bennewitz claimed to be receiving frequency signals from extraterrestrials beneath Archuleta Mesa. where becomes a tropical paradise with moderate temperatures both day and night. Hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes diminish into mere words in a forgotten dictionary. Massive earthquakes are reduced to minor tremors, as shifting tectonic plates cause one-fifth the damage

believed, then it isn’t hard to visualize a similar clandestine installation beneath the sparsely populated Dulce, New Mexico. More than 3,000 robust souls call the diminutive confines of this particular outpost “home.” One corporate motel is all that links this

September 2010

burg with the modern world . . . or so it seems. Is Dulce, NM, Home to an Underground Alien/Human Base? According to tales, buried deep beneath Archuleta Mesa in Dulce dwells a top-secret base, run jointly by humans and extraterrestrials. Within this fantastic setting, grotesque bioengineering experiments are purportedly carried out day and night. Such claims might seem fanatical, but evidence from reliable sources could prove otherwise. During the late 1980s, New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez reported witnessing unidentified, aerial vehicles approximately every other night in the skies above Dulce. Furthermore, Officer Valdez claimed to have uncovered the landing demarcations of these aircraft near known cattle mutilations. Enter Paul Bennewitz, president of Thunder Scientific Labs, a thencutting-edge experimental facility adjoining nearby Kirtland Air Force Base in southwest Albuquerque. Ben-

Paranormal Underground 33

Case Files of the Unknown: Are We Alone? newitz claimed to be receiving frequency signals from extraterrestrials beneath Archuleta Mesa. Intrigued by what he was hearing, he began researching numerous alien abductee reports stemming from Dulce. One such recount was given by Christa Tilton, a woman who purportedly viewed alien beings and inexplicable aircraft after she was forcibly taken inside the base below Archuleta Mesa. Corroborating Tilton’s claims were the allegations of a security guard, known only as Thomas, who supposedly worked at the underground facility until 1979. It was during that year said sentry took more than 30 photographs, a handful of top-secret documents, and security videotape detailing the base beneath Dulce.

base at Dulce is comprised of at least seven subterranean levels. Upwards of 18,000 “grey” aliens are said to be housed on floors five, six, and seven. An intricate maze of tunnels supposedly connects the compound, with similar installations nationwide. Nightmare Hall The most infamous portion of the Dulce base is Level Six, dubbed “Nightmare Hall.” Described as a vast freak show of genetically engineered mutations, Nightmare Hall is supposedly home to half-bat, half-humanoid creatures standing upwards of seven feet tall. Living anthropomorphic beings sporting additional limbs, as well as species mutated from their primordial states,

Are humans incarcerated as lab rats in cages deep below Dulce? Thomas asserted the world needed to understand the atrocities being committed below ground in Northern New Mexico. The security guard’s cache of evidence became known in UFO circles as the Dulce Papers. Planning to bring the government to task for its crimes against humanity, Thomas made numerous duplicates of his original proof. He then prepared to disappear with his family until it was safe to release his irrefutable substantiation to the populace. Unfortunately, after being tipped-off by one of Thomas’ coworkers, the government reached the whistle-blower’s wife and son before he could. The powers that be then threatened to use the woman and child as lab rats for inhumane experiments should the security guard fail to return the material he had stolen. Since then, the mysterious Thomas simply vanished. According to his allegations, the


Paranormal Underground

have also been reported roaming this sixth level. According to Thomas, thousands of humans are incarcerated in cages as lab rats, awaiting testing on the floor beneath Nightmare Hall. During 1978, a group of lower-level, government employees uncovered the pending fate of those imprisoned at Dulce and decided to take preventative action. That response came in the form of The Dulce Wars, an underground battle between extraterrestrial and human forces, during which 66 U.S. soldiers were reportedly killed. Of course, there’s also the story of investigator John Anderson, who followed a motorcade of mysterious vehicles to a cordoned-off installation on the outskirts of Dulce. Upon arriving at the compound, Anderson claimed that six UFOs simultaneously appeared, floating above the base while he hastily fired off a photograph. Allegedly, in the same breath

September 2010

they materialized, the anomalous aircraft suddenly vanished. Certain he had witnessed something inexplicable, Anderson drove back into town where he stopped at a local convenience store and began relating his fantastic tale to the shop owner. Part way through the conversation, the store’s phone rang. Moments after answering, the proprietor’s expression changed to one of dread as he demanded Anderson vacate the premises. Confused, but complying, Anderson hopped in his car and sped out of town. In the reflection of his rearview mirror, Anderson witnessed a mysterious van parking in front of the store. An anomalous man stepped from the vehicle and entered the shop. Immediately, a car erased the scene from John’s view as it sped in line behind his automobile and followed him the entire way past city limits. Adding fuel to this conspiratorial fire is the fact that research groups taking sonar readings of the Earth beneath Archuleta Mesa have discovered large, unexplainable hollows within the ground. Take a Ride to Dulce Does a secret, subterranean base, known as “Section D,” actually reside below the parched soil of Dulce, New Mexico? Are the tales emanating from this region taller than the Lompoc Giant? To determine the truth, simply hop in the old roadster and visit this forgotten fleck of dust on the map yourself. Dulce is located in the central, most northern section of New Mexico, a mere jump from the southern border of Colorado. Perched off Highway 64, this minute town is easily accessible from all directions. UFO sightings are prevalent in and around city limits, as are unaccountable cattle mutilations, so keep your eyes peeled for the strange.

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Personal Experiences: Ghost Hunter Case Files

The First Street Cemetery of Waco, Texas

By Ryan Tackitt, Paranormal Investigators of Central Texas


estled under the majestic oak trees near the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame sits the first cemetery in the city of Waco, purchased by the town in 1852. Located at Interstate 35 and University Parks Drive, the First Street Cemetery is now closed, obscured by all the trees and buildings of Baylor University. The cemetery was only open for 55 years before the city outgrew it and had to purchase more land elsewhere. Many notables from Waco’s past are buried at the First Street Cemetery. The site, which contains many strange and interesting headstones, was originally seven acres but was expanded to nine acres 15 years after its development. Recent development next door at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame has uncovered numerous unmarked graves. According to a map from 1869, the cemetery extended all the way to the banks of the Brazos River. The Ranger Hall of Fame was built directly on top of this land after the graves had been moved. Unmarked graves were found during expansion of the museum. With all the storied history of Waco — some dark — it is no


Paranormal Underground

I have had many encounters at this beautiful cemetery — the First Street Cemetery of Waco, Texas — and collected some interesting evidence.

wonder that some spirits within the First Street Cemetery are not resting. I have had many encounters at this beautiful cemetery and collected some interesting evidence. While there is some debate in the paranormal community about conducting investigations at cemeteries, I’ll leave that up to the individual person to decide. I don’t see a problem with investigating at a cemetery as long as rules are applied, including treating the area with respect.

September 2010

My First Encounter at the First Street Cemetery My first encounter occurred while I was working as a paramedic for the local ambulance service. We were down at the cemetery awaiting the next call when I felt like getting out and going for a walk. The two others that I was working with remained in the ambulance. I was walking along the wrought iron fence outside the cemetery when I stopped and looked toward some trees inside

Finding out what was inside this bricked-up mausoleum proved harder than expected. But, ultimately, we found out what was inside.

the fence. About 30 yards in front of me, I saw a brown mass, or mist, move along the ground. It was about the size of a large dog, not anything like the squirrels that are seen at the location regularly. The mass, or mist, moved behind a tree and disappeared. I saw it for a few seconds, so I didn’t think I was imagining things. A couple of seconds after it disappeared, I heard a female voice behind me say, “Excuse me.” I turned around and found that I was still alone. I decided at that time I needed to get back to the ambulance. My first experience there happened before I formed my paranormal investigative group, Paranormal Investigators of Central Texas (PICT). After the cofounder became my partner on the ambulance, we used the cemetery as a training ground for new equipment and procedures. We tested out Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors, Digital Audio Recorders (DARs), and camcorders at the location — with some success. Still, the place wasn’t finished with me. After purchasing a new EMF detector, a Cell Sensor model, we

went to the cemetery that night to try it out. We experimented with it numerous times, and several of those times we got EMF spikes when we first entered the cemetery. The spikes were brief, and only when we first entered the grounds. We couldn’t explain these happenings. There were only a few underground power lines to supply electricity to a few lights that were mounted up in the trees. I have never seen them work at night. It didn’t matter what gate we entered in, because as soon as we stepped foot inside the fence, a single EMF spike would go off. Stepping back outside the fence and coming back in didn’t replicate this spike. It was like there was a barrier protecting either the surrounding land or the cemetery that one must step through. Next came our Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) sessions. We tested out my new DARs as we walked around the cemetery. Since we were on duty, our time was limited at the cemetery. Sometimes we would be there an hour and sometimes five minutes. The first EVP we collected was on a cold December night. We were

September 2010

walking back to the ambulance when I told my partner to stop walking. Why? I don’t remember, but right before I told her to stop, we recorded a voice saying three words. Those three words still scare me to this day. Many have listened to them and support two different conclusions of what is being said. The first conclusion is that it’s saying, “Let’s go right,” which I am fine with, and this is what I think the ghost was saying. The other is that it is saying, “Get out Ryan,” which is not exactly what I want to hear. The other EVP is hard to make out, and it was recorded when I was trying out a homemade Infrared (IR) light for my camcorder. I announced out loud that I was leaving and asked if anyone had any final words. From what I can make out of the EVP, it sounds like I’m getting a reply saying, “Don’t stop!” Of course, with EVPs we don’t hear them until we play back the recording and listen for them after the fact. These two EVPs are located on the PICT Website ( RyanNREMTP/PICT), so everyone is free to listen to them. I would like to hear others’ opinions on what they hear.

Paranormal Underground 37

Personal Experiences: Ghost Hunter Case Files

I hatched a plan to mount a camera onto a pole and stick it through one of the holes to see what was inside the mausoleum.

Who’s Inside the Mausoleum? There is one mausoleum located in the cemetery that has always interested me. It’s large, made of red brick, and has the single entrance bricked up. There is nothing marking who might be inside. There are two small holes on the outside, somewhat high up, which we could look into. However, we couldn’t see anything very clearly. One hole appeared to be manmade, while the other looked like nature was taking its course on the mausoleum. Of course, as a paranormal investigator, curiosity got the better of me. I hatched a plan to mount a camera onto a pole and stick it through one of the holes to see what was inside. So I gathered up my equipment and headed over to the cemetery one evening. This is where the ghost of “Murphy” got me. Everything that could go wrong did. At first, the camera wouldn’t work for some unknown reason.


Paranormal Underground

I had tested it at home, and it had worked fine. After fiddling with it for a bit, I finally got it working. So off I went to the hole that I wanted to put the camera into. But when I got there, I realized the entire setup was too big. The camera would only go in halfway before getting stuck. No amount of maneuvering could get it to advance through the hole. I finally gave up and decided to work on a smaller setup. I packed up my gear and drove over to the parking lot, where I watched the video that I recorded. I quickly came up with ideas for the future. From there, I intended to walk around a bit and take pictures for this article. I managed to shoot about 140 photos before calling it a night. “Murphy” had other plans. I walked over to my car, and it wouldn’t start. The battery was dead. Now, I’m not a big believer in paranormal battery drain. I have never had it happen before, and when I

September 2010

have had similar experiences I could always find a reasonable explanation. In this case I knew the battery wasn’t in its prime anymore. It was about five years old, and I was recently told that it needed to be replaced soon. I was hoping later and not this soon. A quick phone call to my loving wife got me a jump start and a trip to the local Wal-Mart to get a new battery. While doing research on the First Street Cemetery I did find out more information on the mausoleum. It once held the remains of one of the richest men in Waco. Telephus Telemachus Louis Augustus Albartus Johnson was at one time buried inside of the mausoleum, but his remains were later moved to the Oakwood Cemetery. Research led me to find out that many of the citizens that were buried in the First Street Cemetery were later moved to the Oakwood Cemetery for reasons I couldn’t find. Final Thoughts Each time I visit this cemetery I eagerly await for something new to happen to me. It has been a great place to visit and learn a bit about the history of the town that I live near. Plus, it has provided a place to test out gear while still collecting some evidence. I plan to visit other cemeteries nearby and learn more of my community’s history. I think this is something others should do as well. Finally, I must stress that no one should ever do anything illegal while visiting a cemetery. Treat them as historical markers (First Street Cemetery is listed as one), and take care of them. Don’t disturb those who are visiting, and do not damage any of the headstone. Many of them are very old. Also remember that anything you take in, please take out with you. Cemeteries are great places to visit during the daytime, but if you want to go at night, please get permission from the sexton or owners of the property.


Personal Experiences

My First Best Friend By Jillian Croft


ike many others, I can’t say that any single moment defined what has become my tumultuous relationship with the paranormal. My first best friend was a ghost, so that was definitely the start of it, but it really was a culmination of things over the years that solidified my interest. I think the biggest thing that always got me was how the paranormal always seemed to find me. It’s something that has intrigued, scared, and at times even annoyed me. Every time I think I’ve finally shaken the experiences, something else happens. As for that first experience . . . My home was built on land that showed signs of early settlement — bottles, nails, spoons, graves. I was about two years old when I met Lou (which I later learned was short for Louise). She was older than me, but much nicer to me than my big sister, so she was alright in my book. Best part is she had a grandpa just like mine who she always went home to. He was tall, with a hat and old farmer clothes. ***** Lou was my constant companion over the next few years. It drove my mother nuts, convinced Lou was a figment of my wild imagination. As I got older, I insisted on a seat at the table for Lou, or for her to be included in family plans. Lou was so nice and super pretty. I wanted to be just like her. My hair was long and blonde,

like hers, but not quite as blonde. She had blue eyes; I had green. I had freckles; she had none. So I asked my mom for “old fashioned” pajamas for Christmas so I could be more like Lou, which I got. My favorite present. By the time I was four, I was teaching Lou all about pop culture — from Rainbow Brite to Madonna. We danced to music, played in the yard —

Lou was my constant companion over the next few years. It drove my mother nuts, convinced Lou was a figment of my wild imagination.

everything. I even introduced my first “real” friend from pre-school to her. How disappointed was I that this new friend couldn’t see her — kind of like the rest of my family. I figured it was just a problem with them. I was seven when I had the “talk” with Lou. I explained it was harder to see her, and I was older than her now (she was always six) and had school friends. It was basically a little kid break up. It was awful.

September 2010

***** Time passed. Strange paranormal things always seemed to happen at my house, but were mostly ignored or not talked about. When I went away to college, my mom was left alone in the house (my parents had divorced years earlier). I received a 2 a.m. call from her — she was crying and frantic. She heard some rustling in her room and woke up to see the glowing, sheer silhouette of a young girl sitting on the edge of the bed. The girl was in an old-fashioned night gown with long, flowing blonde hair. My mom put her hand out thinking it was a dream and tried touching her — the little girl vanished, and all my mom felt was coldness. That’s when she placed the call. My instant reaction was, “Mom! That was Lou! She misses me. Oh mom, please tell her I’ll be back to visit soon.” The good news is that my mom finally believes me. Since then, I’ve married and purchased the house with my husband. Every so often, people, myself included, will hear a small, questioning voice or laughter. My friends know about Lou and know it is probably her. I generally talk to her like she’s a real, living child. I’ve also had many more experiences with her grandfather, John, in my adult years. These are my most pleasant paranormal experience, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Others, however, well, those are stories for another day.

Paranormal Underground 39

Fiction: Featured Author

Whisper . . . “Thank You” By Jon K.C. Kinstley


ave you ever had a motor talk to you? Have you ever looked at a cold, unused relic of automotive engineering and heard it whisper? I ran across an old 283 small block Chevy motor back in the early part of 2004. The small block was in the corner of a local asphalt track racer’s shop. I inquired as to its availability and was informed that it was currently for sale. I loaded it in the back of my old Dodge and took it away right then. Over the next few months, I tore it down to see exactly what the roundy racers had changed to obtain the unnaturally high RPMs the little motor was capable of. Little did I know but I was on the cusp of my first paranormal experience. ***** After reassembling the little motor, plus a few internal personal touches, I ran across an old metricbodied Oldsmobile for real cheap . . . and it whispered to me . . . “Thank you.” That whisper told me that it weighed too much and needed to be lightened and repowered. I started by removing the engine and every marketable amenity that made it a passenger car worth own-


Paranormal Underground

ing. The AC, instrument cluster, power steering, and any wire not terminated at an outside light or the ignition system. Once the weight had been trimmed to an acceptable level, the little Olds whispered . . . “Thank you.” The fun started the same night the evaporative box under the hood came out. After fabricating a cover plate to fill this huge hole in the firewall, insomnia kicked in as the little 283 was lowered into place. The next few weeks were spent guessing at how fast the little motor would actually push a near stock ’80s Oldsmobile with a metric 200 transmission and a stock rear end.

September 2010

Exhaust and finishing touches were even more satisfying after the little motor barked to life one night at 3 a.m. A box full of leftover gauges, tachometer, and speedometer were fitted into the remnants of the dash. A set of old, 15-inch full disc covers were fastened to the 15-inch wheels and a test drive was in order. I drove the Olds around the block a few times to set timing and tweak the carburetor to where it needed to be. After the test, it was late and I needed rest, not the car, so I said, “Thank you.” *****

The next few weeks were a blur of family events and honey do’s to make up for the month that I had disappeared for no explainable reason. After an evening in the shop cleaning the mechanical mess from the benches and floor, I looked at the wall clock and it was well after 2 a.m. I was going to shut off the lights when the car whispered to me . . . “Let’s go now.” I pushed the Olds from the garage so as not to wake my pregnant wife. I started the car at the base of the drive, and I headed for an allnight convenience store gas pump. After buying $10 worth of 93 octane fuel, I figured it was time to stretch it out and see if there was a voice to put with the whispers. I found myself outside of town a couple of miles when I edged onto the go pedal. Nothing serious at first, I only wanted to warm the little car up a little. The next lights were a church almost five miles away in the next little town. This is when I had to know. I buried the foot feet to what was left of the old red, stained carpet and watched the needle on the tachometer slowly climb to the 9,000 mark. To my utter amazement, the needle on the speedometer climbed as well. It was for sure no Bonneville run that evening, but the ticket would have been jail time and a fine for sure.

blurry speed. I was alone on the road, and I could have sworn I heard the car whisper . . . “Thank You!” I never heard the voice of the car, and I don’t really know what I expected the Olds to say for that matter. The reason I think I wasn’t scared of the whispers was the fact that they were so serene and appreciative. The Olds sat in a corner of my shop for years afterward — covered with dust and neglected with excuses. I would stop and stare at the car some days waiting for another whisper. The whispers never happened again.

I was going to shut off the lights when the car whispered to me . . . “Let’s go now.” I’ll never forget the sound of that little 283 turning at such a dizzy speed, the feel of the wind roaring into the driver side window, or the sound of the gear drive when I decided to coast back to a less-than-

As more time passed, components of the car became useful on other projects or as trading material. Every time I would begin to cleave the Olds closer to its frame, I would strain to hear a whisper or anything

September 2010

that would stop me from vanishing its memories. ***** I never knew the history of the little car or where its last remnants were laid to rest. No piece of machinery has whispered to me either before or since the little Olds. Could it have been my mind? Does an inanimate piece of machinery have a soul? I have created countless, garage-born, mechanized wonders, but to date the only one that whispered to me was the little Olds. I could try to recreate the Olds and reclaim the magic of a whispering machine. My better judgment tells me to enjoy the memory and take comfort in that. Answers aren’t always what we really want in life. The little car taught me that, sometimes, listening is its own reward, and sometimes, just letting mysteries lie is a good idea. Perhaps someday, though, when I am just listening, I will hear another whisper . . . I wonder what it will say?

Paranormal Underground 41

Equipment Update

Creepy Hollow IR Illuminator By Andrew Selfridge, Oklahoma City Ghost Club


nfrared (IR) illumination (and full-spectrum illumination) is critical to video investigation if you wish to film at night. I had heard of the Creepy Hollow Gear (CHG) IR Illuminator for awhile but never got the chance to put one through its paces . . . until recently. Designed and built by Paul Bradford of Ghost Hunters International and Sonoran Paranormal Investigations, this little jewel provides strong IR light on just one 9v battery (and lasts for hours). This simple, yet proven, design seems to receive praise from all investigators who have the chance to use it. At the heart of the system are the triple-chip, 10MM, IR LEDs (850nm range). These LED’s are workhorses that, in this configuration, only sip power from the 9v. Beware of Clones! I bought a clone of this design on eBay awhile back (although at the time I didn’t know it was a clone, I thought it was used CHG gear, so buyer beware). Although it did its job, the spacing of the LEDs combined with shoddy construction left me wanting more. I did emulate the design and built a few


Paranormal Underground

The Creepy Hollow Infrared Illuminator was designed and built by Paul Bradford of Sonoran Paranormal Investigations and the Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters International.

of my own, but they were not of CHG quality. About quality. My first impression upon receiving the CHG illuminator was that it was built like a tank. The enclosure is heartier than those from radio shack, and the whole case has little flexure.

September 2010

The LED’s are arranged in more of a spot pattern than the clone I bought or the ones that I later built. The unit is attached to a universal hot-shoe mount, and it’s very sturdy. Paul included an external battery housing, so the unit does not need to be opened to swap out batteries. The Creepy Hollow’s Performance What about performance? When placed side by side with the Sony HVL-IRM, several things become apparent. The harsh, “tunnel

vision� effect of the IRMs is a lot less pronounced on the CHG unit. The light covers a wider FOV and is a bit softer (not less intense, just softer). More of the image is illuminated with the CHG unit, and it seems to be the perfect amount of light as not to oversaturate indoors (hence, no need for the dimmer as in the HVLIRMs that can heavily oversaturate smaller areas). As with any single-point illuminator, it is a given that the center of the screen or image will receive more illumination than the edges. This is much more tolerable with the CHG unit than the HVL-IRM. You can always get two units, but I have found one to be sufficient for most shooting situations. The broader FOV of the CHG unit means one can be used in place of two (narrow FOV) HVL-IRMs.

My Overall Evaluation of the CR IR Illuminator I am very pleased with this unit. It is a robust and simple design that does what it is meant to, and does it well. It is available at a substantial savings over the Sony HVL-IRM, which it outperforms with little effort. If you plan to shoot IR photography or video at night, several of these should be in your toolbox. It is an exciting time right now as several companies are throwing their designs into the mix, and all have something to offer. I am also excited to get to test out other designs, but make no mistake, the CHG illuminator has earned its place in my equipment arsenal. I have been informed that Paul will be offering a limited number of UV illuminators using a similar design in the near future. I look forward to their release.

September 2010

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and go to the beach in the summer. My husband and I also like to make wine when we can get a group together. When we can, we like to travel.

Born/Currently Resides: North Jersey/ On the East Coast of New Jersey, close to the beach.

Q: What would our readers be surprised to find out about you?

Status: Married. Education: College.

Raven: I think I would be a very good private investigator.

Zodiac Sign: Libra (I need everything in balance).

Q: Are you a skeptic or believer?

Occupation: I was a Realtor but recently got out of the business. I am now looking into another business.

Raven: Total believer! Q: What areas of the paranormal interest you the most?


Raven: Haunted places, the afterlife, and connecting with the other side.

Q: What brought you to Paranormal Underground? Raven: I basically always had an interest in the strange and unknown. Even as a kid, a group of us would get together and investigate the town’s vacant haunted house. Once, when I was in grammar school, I had a sleepover at a family friend’s house and actually saw ghosts in the bedroom. From what I remember, they were transparent and floating. It was very strange. . What does your forum name mean? Raven: I always liked the name, and I do feel it borders on my witchy and intuitive side. Q: How would you describe yourself?


Paranormal Underground

Q: Talk about any paranormal experiences you have had and how they affected you. Raven is a paranormal believer who has had several personal experiences. When it comes to the paranormal, she is most interested in haunted places, the afterlife, and connecting with the other side.

Raven: I think I am fairly outgoing and easy to get along with. Q: Tell us about your family and what you like to do. Raven: My immediate family consists of my husband, 16-year-old son, and three cats. We love to ski in the winter

September 2010

Raven: About 14 years ago, one of my favorite cats died. She was a unique cat. I swear she was part human, and she and I always had a special bond. She was actually a wild cat, and I had taken her in. She had gotten sick, and I did everything to keep her going. She always used to sit in this old rocking chair that I have. I remember when she knew I was getting her food ready, you could hear the thump on the floor as she got off the chair to get her food. Well, about a week after she died, I was sitting in our office. At the time, it was in the loft area upstairs. From across the loft I could see the

top part of the chair. All of a sudden I heard a thump, and I looked up and the chair was rocking back and forth. I knew she was still around, and it made me feel very comforted. There are times I feel she visits us. Another experience (really my son’s experience) was . . . I had an aunt who I was very close with, and she adored my son. She was always kissing and hugging him, and she loved to play with him and spent a lot of time with him. She was his great aunt but was more like a grandmother to him. She had been sick and died when she was 92. My son was four years old then. Well, one afternoon, my husband and I took our son to the movies. Once the movie started it was dark, and out of the clear blue my son says, “Hey, someone kissed my cheek.” I knew it was her. I also know she is still around looking out for him. I have other experiences, but I guess I need to write a book. Ha!

Q: How long have you been investigating paranormal phenomena? Raven: I have had the interest since childhood. Q: Are you a member of a paranormal group? Raven: No, but I would love to be. I always say to my husband when we retire and our son is in college, that’s what we should do with our extra time. Q: What is the best paranormal evidence you’ve captured to date? Raven: I have mostly captured orbs in pictures. And one time I was at this old cemetery and a friend took a picture. We found that there was a white blur in part of the picture, and it looked creepy. Q: Who are your heroes?

Raven and her husband enjoy skiing in the winter and going to the beach in the summer. They also like to travel and make wine when they can get a group together.

Raven: My mom and my husband. Q: What are your favorite books, movies, TV shows, and paranormal shows? Raven: I just finished the book Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill, which someone on one of the forums had recommended. It was good. I enjoy anything in mystery or suspense — the scarier the better. Movies . . . one that comes to mind is What Lies Beneath with Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford. I loved that movie. I also have seen Avatar, which I thought was excellent. When I do watch TV, I watch Ghost Hunters, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Castle, America’s Most Wanted, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and some cooking shows. I used to love that old vampire show Moonlight. Q: Favorite music? Raven: I like everything really. Country, Jazz, Opera, Pop, Rock. My iPod has it all. Q: Other favorites? Raven: Working out at the gym in the morning, riding horses, cooking,

September 2010

trying different wines, Italian food, getting together with my best friends for some girl time, having a date and movie night with my husband, and hanging out with my son when he’s in the mood. (He’s a teen, lol.)

Q: What are your pet peeves? Raven: Rude or inconsiderate people. People that can’t live without their cell phone attached to their ear. Q: What do you think happens to us when we die? Raven: I totally believe in the afterlife. I feel very strongly that there is something out there when we die, and there is a thin veil between this life and the afterlife. I also believe that you do see relatives and friends that have passed on. Although there are a few relatives I’d rather not see. lol. Q: Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by? Raven: Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Q: Any exciting plans for the future? Raven: A possible trip to Italy.

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Review of the Month

Inception Genre: Sci-fi Movie Written, Produced, and directed by: Christopher Nolan Reviewer Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars

Review By Karen Frazier


f you haven’t seen Inception yet, then get ready to have your mind boggled. While the movie isn’t difficult to follow, it does take a while to sort out, and I’m still sifting through it this morning after seeing it last night. Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is a man with a dark past, which is slowly revealed throughout the movie. He works in dream corporate espionage — obtaining corporate secrets through the experience of shared dreaming. He is also a fugitive expat, unable to return to the United States without facing charges for killing his wife. Cobb meets Saito (Ken Watanabe), a powerful and wealthy Japanese businessman who wants Cobb to use his gifts in a different way — inception, or the process of implanting an idea through shared dreaming. Saito promises that if Cobb can plant an idea in the subconscious of the son of his chief business rival, he will make sure that all of Cobb’s problems in the United States will disappear, and Cobb will be able to return home to his children. Cobb and Saito assemble a team and begin to plan the process


Paranormal Underground

Starring in this mind-spinner of a movie are Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Michael Caine.

of inception by creating a threelevel dream within a dream within a dream scenario in order to plant Saito’s idea. At its heart, Inception centers on a theme common in movies — the long con. Where it is brilliant, however, is in its implementation. It weaves together multiple layers into a single, complex story line that will leave you thinking about it long after you’re done watching the movie. The movie is well acted by a

September 2010

terrific cast — Ellen Page, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, and Dileep Rao play the inception team convincingly, and each moves the action forward well. Inception isn’t mindless escapism. There is a lot here that will leave you wondering about the nature of dreams and the nature of reality. It is well worth the price of admission. Inception will keep your mind spinning long after you leave the theater.

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September 2010

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