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Journeys Peter Stanway

Peter Stanway’s life has been made up of a series of fantastic journeys some of which have been scarcely believable, others mind-blowing all of them life-changing. Stanway has travelled the world and gained insight and experiences that have made him the intriguing man that he is today. His journeys continue and so too do the changes, more subtle now and less extreme. Both time and maturity have become key elements on Stanway’s life journey, however, they serve to add a richness and depth that only they can bring; as they would with a well-seasoned Stradivarius. Stanway is letting his artist loose. He absolutely believes that every single human being has an artist inside that’s just waiting to be identified and released. It is part of our DNA, he believes, and, once discovered, we will not only find great satisfaction but fulfilment 22

on our own particular and highly personal journey through life.

book in various hotels. Dates and locations to be announced.

Glasgow born artist, Peter Stanway, recently put together an exciting and inspiring collection of artwork from pieces that he has been working on for the past year. In total, there are twenty-seven images. Stanway has sent them on a journey.

‘Runway’ “Who has passed this way? It was you and me, on a journey. Read the signs, they tell a tale. Did we go far or stay close by? Distance is not the issue, neither is destination. Where did we go on our journey, did we ever arrive? I hope so.”

For some, their journey began in Mijas Town Hall, others have journeyed to exhibitions in Frankfurt, Paris and Madrid. Happily, there is currently a collection of eight magnificent pieces that showcase the diversity and range of Stanway’s work on show in the Tamisa Golf Hotel on Mijas Costa. This exhibition of Limited Edition Archival Digital Pigment Prints opened on August 20th and will run for the next few weeks. On September 6th, an exhibition of ten pieces, seven of which have not yet been seen will open in the Mijas Hotel until September 30th. Stanway is also launching his acclaimed autobiography, “Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry” in both English and Spanish (“De la Muerte a la Vida”). Much of Stanway’s incredible story takes place in Andalucia in particular around Mijas. He will be organising a series of public readings from his

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