Compounding Matters Quarterly Winter 2015

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Let’s face it people always say, “I wake up in the morning and immediately start going over the list of things to accomplish for the day.” Truth be told how many of you wake up and immediately start thinking about how soon you can crawl back in bed and hide from everything requested of you. We eye the clock and count down... 3PM only a few more hours... 6PM.... not too much longer before I can shut my eyes... Let me say, I hear ya. I’ve been there. Heck, I’m STILL there some days. It’s scary out there. And I guess I have this ongoing fight with myself in which I am frustrated that I can’t do everything myself but also struggle because, at a subconscious level, I don’t want to do everything by myself. Let me offer a little background here. I am an only child. I am a single mom. I am an independent pharmacist. Do you see a pattern here? It has taken me quite a while, but I’m here now to testify “you can’t do it alone”. Maybe I’m a walking contradiction here, but I did come to a breaking point. As much as I have just described myself as “only,” “single,” and “independent,” I reached a point in my life where I realized that these monikers were not absolute. That was my breaking point. And I mean a real, literal breaking point. I broke my leg. Long story short: #WarriorDash2012. Adrenaline pumping, wall climbing, Pharmacist Jamie the Conqueror. Then I discovered that Redbull does NOT give you wings. My breaking point involved a compound fracture of the tibia and fibula. One rod and three pins later, I arrived at my epiphany: You can’t do it alone. No matter who you are or what you do. Personal, professional, life in general. And thinking about it now, why in the world would we want to do it alone?


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We have built our entire civilization on the premise of cooperation. Early tribes were able to thrive because we learned to communicate best practices amongst each other. We partnered on the hunt, we partnered on the gather, and we partnered on the bounty. We as humans are unique among the creatures of this Earth as we are all blessed with the dual elements of personal drive tempered by the ability and need to engage in collaboration. So, from my painful yet constructive revelation, here are the are five things I want you to keep in mind when you feel like you may be alone on an island out there: There is strength in numbers. I know that this sounds cliche. Sometimes things are cliched for a reason... because the things are true. I have found a renewed sense of purpose by connecting with like minded people. Yes, most of this was accomplished through social media (Twitter), and I’m not ashamed to admit that. Why would I be? Social media have provided me a window to find so many pharmacists and others invested in the future of the profession. It’s refreshing. I discovered that if I start sharing my passion and ideas that my peers do want to listen. More importantly so much support has come from my buds that I am more inspired to continue blogging and reaching out. We are not meant to be alone. We were created to develop relationships with others. It’s fun. It’s ok to play. You cannot work all the time. Companionship is good for the soul. Laughing and sharing experiences with other people will continue to drive the “why” we go through this crazy life. I work hard so I can play equally as hard with my family and friends. And sometimes I play while I work. Yes, this is OK too. 3. If you try and take on everything on your own, you will be overwhelmed. Period. No denying it. You can spend