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A not-for-profit independent school, Hillfield Strathallan College is a registered charity. Our operating budget is primarily determined by our tuition fee revenue. We operate our classrooms, repair our buildings and facilities, and maintain our grounds and playing fields with our annual operating budget. Our future fees are set once a year based on forecasted annual operating expenses for the corresponding school year.

EXPLAINING OUR FEE SCHEDULE The College has a fee schedule with various payment plans to assist parents with tuition expenses over the year. Plans B, C and D are subject to College approval and include a monthly administrative fee. All payments are due by July 31 and must be paid to complete acceptance or ongoing enrolment so that a student may attend the College in September. Students enrolling after October 31 are only eligible for Plan A with all funds being due upon enrolment. Students residing in Canada under a parent’s work visa or students who will be attending HSC on a study permit are required to pay fees as set out in the International Fee Schedule (Plan I). Late payment charges on overdue account balances will be assessed, and as stipulated in the student’s enrolment contract, HSC reserves the right to withdraw services if accounts are not paid by the established due dates. The College prefers tuition fees to be paid by preauthorized bank payment. Payments on account balances may also be made by cash, cheque, internet banking or Interac at the HSC Business Office. The College does not accept any form of credit cards for payment of tuition; however, does have a relationship with a third party provider, Plastiq, to facilitate the use of credit cards. Visit hsc.on.ca/payment for information on payment options.

Tuition payment plans offered PLAN A

One payment due July 31

PLAN B Three payments due

July 31, October 31, January 31


Nine monthly payments due July 31 through March 31


Twelve monthly payments due June 30 through May 31


International, one payment due upon enrolment

NEW STUDENT APPLICATION AND REGISTRATION FEES A non-refundable admission application fee will apply upon submission of your online application. When your child is offered a place at HSC, you must complete an online ongoing enrolment form and contract, and you must pay a registration fee. The registration fee is a one-time, nonrefundable additional fee and is not applied to the tuition fee.

ongoing enrolment DEPOSITS FOR RETURNING STUDENTS Once the student is enrolled, they will continue to remain enrolled for subsequent years, so long as the student continues to meet HSC’s academic requirements and financial obligations. A $1,000 deposit will be applied to your February statement to secure enrolment for the coming school year. This deposit is then allocated to the following academic year’s tuition fees on July 31.

NEW AND RETURNING STUDENT WITHDRAWALS/ TUITION REFUNDS Families who choose to withdraw from the upcoming school year are asked to do so prior to April 1, via the HSC Withdrawal Form. After April 1, you will be fully committed to having your child return to HSC with all the associated privileges and obligations.

TUITION REFUND INSURANCE The College recognizes that making an investment in tuition is a very important financial decision. Occasionally circumstances arise where a family must withdraw, and to assist in safeguarding and potentially lessening any financial losses, the College offers insurance for these situations through our Tuition Refund Insurance Plan. This plan helps to protect against the loss of unused fees for the year the student is in attendance. We strongly encourage families to take advantage of this plan and recommend it to parents in occupations with high transfer rates.

understanding your fees The annual tuition fees include many programs, options and services. It is important to understand the items that are included with the payment of annual tuition fees and what may be subject to incidental fees. Included items and those considered incidentals (items that require additional fees) are outlined below:

Included Daily hot lunch (EATSMART-certified) Technology access, including school email and network access campus wide Comprehensive student services and professional counselling and health services

Our annual tuition includes numerous services and supports. Note: these items are not rebated or refunded should a family not require them. They are included as a component of our holistic style of service delivery.

Transportation program for main route pickups, drop off and most local trips Before-school and after-school care Co-curricular programming (ages 6 and up)

Extras (required) School uniforms (including athletic uniforms) Laptop (Grades 5–12) Education week trip Textbooks and course materials

Optional Advanced Placement (AP) examination fees Athletic tournaments Athletic uniforms Duke of Edinburgh program Campus Store purchases Yearbook and annual school photo packages Participation in optional trips and exchange programs

TRIPS AND E-WEEK ACTIVITIES: All students in M9/Grade 4 through Grade 12 are expected to participate in a program-based field trip each year. There are no classes offered during this period. Each trip has a cost structure that will be shared with the students participating. The approximate costs of the trips range from $250–$800. These activities offer students the opportunity to learn through experience, in such areas as Canadian history, French Canadian culture, environmental awareness, and curriculumbased outdoor education. The College may offer other special trips and events (athletics, arts and service). Charges for entrance fees, accommodations, transportation etc. will be determined per trip and be billed to your student account.

INCOME TAX BENEFITS: CHILD-CARE EXPENSES There are some expenses that may be claimed by parents as child-care expenses. A receipt is issued to the parent/ sponsor who has paid the fees. Child-care receipts are issued based on the calendar year and not the school year. Only the components of the tuition pertaining to child-care expenses qualify for a receipt. In addition, those students completing Advanced Placement Courses will receive a T2202A with respect to the tuition payments paid for those particular courses.

SCHOLARSHIPS HSC offers a broad range of merit based scholarships. Interested students must submit a scholarship application and write the scholarship exams. External candidates must be enrolled to be eligible. To learn more, visit hsc.on.ca/ scholarships.

FINANCIAL AID BURSARY (F.A.) The financial aid program is designed to assist parents who expect their annual family income to grow as their children grow. Provided for up to a maximum of four years, bursaries afford parents an opportunity to enrol their children immediately and transition to paying full fees within several years of enrolment. In addition, the program provides short-term assistance to existing families who encounter temporary unforeseen financial difficulties. Please click here to review the financial aid process.

PRIVACY STATEMENT Hillfield Strathallan College is committed to protecting the privacy of our families, students, employees, alumni, donors, stakeholders and other individuals about or from whom we collect personal information. We value the trust of those we deal with, and of the public, and recognize that maintaining this trust requires that we be transparent and accountable in how we treat the information that you choose to share with us. To learn more about HSC’s privacy policy please view the College Handbook.

STUDENT PHOTOS AND IMAGES Images of our daily activities and student participation are a large part of our community sharing and celebration. Images may be shared in print publications, the College website, internal media screens, promotional videos and all types of social media (e.g., Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). Concerns should be brought to the Director of Advancement and Communications at communications@hsc.on.ca.



HSC offers a comprehensive academic and cocurricular program for a select and limited group of international study permit students annually. Our faculty support international students in a program that gives our visiting students, as well as our domestic students, the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures, gain new perspectives and meet friends.

International study permit students will be asked to live with an HSC host family unless they will be residing with a family who;

An international student is defined as a non-permanent resident of Canada. International study permit students are required to pay the total of annual HSC tuition, expansion fees, registration fees and, if applicable, all fees required by our third-party homestay, guardian and international health insurance providers. Acting as a facilitator, HSC will remit the homestay and insurance fees directly to these third parties on the students’ behalf. The total amount payable to HSC upon enrolment is found in the International Fee Schedule. A “full fees paid letter” will be issued for immigration purposes following the confirmed receipt of payment and completed enrolment documents. Late payment charges on overdue account balances will be assessed, and HSC reserves the right to withdraw services if accounts are not paid in accordance with the established due dates. Enrolment and reenrolment fees may be wired, or paid by Canadian bank draft. Please contact finance@hsc.on.ca for our wire transfer information.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT WITHDRAWAL POLICY Students who choose to withdraw a confirmed enrolment or ongoing enrolment to the College must do so prior to April 1 in order to be released from the obligations of the upcoming school year’s enrolment contract. All HSC students who withdraw after April 1, will be responsible for the next school year’s tuition fees as outlined in the enrolment contract. An exception to this policy may be granted if Immigration Canada (IRCC) does not approve the student’s study permit. This request must be made to admissions@hsc.on.ca and include a copy of the original letter of refusal from IRCC.

a) holds citizenship or permanent residency in Canada, or b) can show proof of visitor status for the consecutive time of the child’s academic program. Our host family program is provided by a third party, Canada Homestay Network (CHN). Additional services (airport pickup, etc.) are offered by CHN at an additional fee to the student. Further, all international students living with a host family will receive Guardianship Services via Canadian Education Student Services (CESS). This service is also available for parents in the country who may require translation support for school interactions including emergency support 24/7.

THE CANADA HOMESTAY NETWORK Students aged 14 and up are eligible to become a part of HSC’s host family program. The Canada Homestay Network (CHN) works with HSC to place our students with host families in the local area accessible by HSC’s transportation routes. Once a student is placed with a host family, supervision and support are provided by CHN’s Relationship Manager 24 hours a day. The HSC Senior School’s International Student Specialist also supports students to ensure that homestay accommodations are meeting their needs.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT GUARDIANSHIP Each of our international study permit students, living with a host family, will have a Canadian guardian from Canada Education Student Services (CESS) who will support the child’s success during his or her time at HSC. More information on CESS’s offerings may be found here.

ADMISSIONS DEPARTMENT INFORMATION The Admissions Department is always happy to assist you with enrolment and re-enrolment questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us. www.hsc.on.ca admissions@hsc.on.ca 905-389-1367

Sheriann Heath-Johnston Director of Admissions n ext. 106 Vanessa Ferguson Admissions Officer n ext. 191 Rachel Fortune Enrolment Officer n ext. 137 Tara Meyer Registrar n ext. 160 Delia Stapleford Business Office n ext. 110

Respect. Integrity. Community. Individuality. Determination. Our core mission is to develop joyful and engaged students who live life with purpose. The best learning happens when students are happy to come to school, have opportunities to follow their passions, and participate in deep learning experiences that challenge them. Joyful, engaged students develop strong relationships with their peers and with the caring adults who spark and support their learning both inside the classroom and beyond. Their journey at HSC prepares students to live with purpose—to understand their world, inspire, lead, act, and make a difference in their own unique ways.