Mossto Spring Summer 2012

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Mossto was born in 2008 after a party, after thinking about a solution to a common problem amongst women: how to bear high heels during hours without suffering in pain. But, actually, Mossto is the answer to a natural need, present in society since long ago: a claim to be able to choose, a change in the game. A game that started in 1660 with the crafts shoemaker Nicolås Lestage, the first shoemaker to design a pair of high heel shoes for King Louis XIV. The design soon became popular amongst women, and has since then been part of female’s clothing. Today, 350 years later, Mossto pays off an old debt with women developing its variable height heel. Mossto has placed heels at the height of actual women.


MOSSTO has been able to combine technology and style developing a product designed to make life easier for people. Our unique technology based on interchangeable heels makes it possible to vary the height of the heel in an easy and quick way without changing the aesthetics of the shoe. 1.- Improved materials Incorporating elastic properties to the best natural leather allows the shoe to transform and deliver a broad range of designs. 2.- Magnetic bond system The design of the parts and the use of new generation magnets allow a rapid and secure change in heel height. 3.- Optimized last We studied the foot morphology and plantar pressures at different heights to develop a last designed to maintain comfort in different positions

The eQual Collection by MOSSTO Work like you, have fun twice! The need to survive is what helps species to adapt to rougher territories. This theory gets going everyday in women’s shoe wear. eQual represents a way of being, of feeling and acting, where adaptability and feminity aren´t opposite concepts. Our eQual collection has a strong personality, without forgetting about comfort, quality and design. A commitment from MOSSTO to the women of XXI Century, where we promise that your shoes will follow your steps not the other way round.

MOSSTOCONCEPT Our logo, the cat, simbolices the flexibility, sensibility and elegance in movement. You can see its independence in the way it enjoys every moment. It is instinctive, and feline features are essential to be able to adapt to each and every situation. It represents curiosity, an interest in the surrounding world, a passion for observation. That’s the way we are in Mossto, different by nature.

MOSSTOPOWER Just as yours, our daily routine is also full of challenges, some of them easy, others difficult or even impossible.. or almost. In Mossto we have developed a product that no crafts shoemaker will believe without seeing it Our secret? An optimised, autoadaptable form and a heel with a magnetic system. Your Mossto will follow your steps, not the other way round.

MOSSTOQUALITY Happiness can be found in little details. This can seem easy, but can only be achieved living the best of ourselves. When we challenged ourselves to design a heel which was variable in height (from 8cm to 4cm), we knew just one thing: if we achieved this challenge, we had to do it with the best materials of the highest quality. Our shoes mean care and quality in every detail. We only use leather of the highest quality. Made in Spain 100%.

MOSSTOBEAUTY City, the new jungle. The need to survive is what helps species to adapt to rougher territories. This theory gets going everyday in women’s shoe wear. The City has become the new scenario from which women present themselves to the World, and a sophisticated, elegant woman must be able to overcome all the obstacles in her way. Our collection has a strong personality, without forgetting about comfort and quality in design. You choose when to sharpen your claws.

MOSSTOPLAY Each day is different, your shoes shoudn’t fall behind. Mossto not only adapts to the height you demand, but it also adapts to your life, to your state of mind, and even to the handbag you’ve decided to wear today! That’s because all our shoes can be customised, from colour or materials to different heels and applications. Because Mossto is Up to You.


Orquidea Pink

Dalia Black Pink & Pink Heel

Dalia Natural Orange

Dalia Black Green & Green Heel

Tulipan Natural

Tulipan Pink & Natural Heel

Petunia Multicolor

Petunia Pink

Petunia Electric Blue

Petunia Green

Margarita Electric Blue

Margarita Orange

Clavel Yellow & Multicolor Stripe

Azalea Orange Multicolor

Magnolia Green

Magnolia Yellow

Magnolia Natural

Iris Black

Iris Electric Blue

Lirio Green Multicolor

Lirio Orange Multicolor

Lirio Black Pink & Swarovski Heel

Lirio Electric Blue

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