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PASTOR’S PEN We are at the end of another summer season. Vacation time is closing. Students are back in school. At this time, we are called to restart the ministries that we have been commissioned to provide. Let us get excited about the charge that God has assigned to His Church. Please note that we are working to re-establish a child development center in our church. This means that we must schedule, with the office, the activities that our ministries plan so that space can be assigned. Your cooperation will be needed so that we can have a pleasant experience with the church that will be joining us in establishing the child development center. First Baptist seeks to share the blessings that God has granted to us with our neighbors. That is indeed our joy as Christians. A part of our charge is to spread the love and grace within our sphere of influence to those who could be blessed by what God has extended to us. “The more we give, the more He gives us.” Giving to those who have suffered tragedies is likewise an expression of obedience to our fellowship in Christ. We show our loyalty to Him when we give freely to those who have lost all they have in the floods in Louisiana. Your contributions bring hope to persons whose homes were destroyed by the raging waters and will serve as a testimony to the love of God. Your prayers and tangible gifts are evidence that God’s Grace is still at work. It also assures us that our labor in the Lord is not in vain. We also have a Christian responsibility to be good citizens. We are moving into the season of national elections. We may have thought the election of the first Black man as President of the USA was of great historic progress. It did mark a notable step in the cultural growth of the nation. However, the coming national election will test the soul and moral character of the nation. Will we be a nation that moves backward to a reign of white supremacy or a nation that respects diversity? This election will determine the leaders who will guide the policies that will shape the nation for the next century. It will set the stage for living conditions even for our great-grandchildren. Please be a responsible citizen—get to the polls and vote. Local elections are important as well. We sometimes forget the relevance of selecting local leaders and holding them accountable. This requires us to be informed and involved in city and county politics. Our Men’s Ministry is providing leadership in educating and stimulating interest and involvement in local political activities. Let us support our Men’s Ministry. Finally, I am encouraging the Circle Ministry to eagerly engage our membership in the total ministry of First Baptist. Let us all become supporters of the spiritual and programmatic activities of our church. Participation is critical to the fulfillment of the commission given by Christ to go into all the world and spread the gospel of peace. May that peace abide in you.

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“ThESE MEN” (AcTS 17:1-9) (And Why They Are Absolutely Necessary) (By The Reverend Donald D. Robinson and Deacon Bruce Roberson) On the third Saturday in September (9-17-2016) from 9:00 a.m. until 11: a.m., The Men’s Ministry of First Baptist Church will resume their fall schedule of activates. In our first meeting we will focus on mentoring, what’s involved, who’s involved and why it’s especially important for the African-American Community. Our guest presenter will be Mr. Louis Henderson (Director of Quality Assurance) from Careco Mental Health Services. He will help us have an in-depth understanding of why it is critically important for African-American men to be present in their homes in the community and in the lives of their children. He will also remind us why it is even more important that “Christian Men” stand up and take their rightful roles in their communities, within their families and within the Church. Yes, he will help us to see why “These Men” (God’s Men) are absolutely necessary, wanted and invaluable! Speaking of “These Men,” let me share a story with you. Four men met for lunch each Friday afternoon at a neighborhood cafeteria. Each Friday as the men ate their lunch they discussed their goals, desires and plans for the future. One man was a gas station owner, one man was a salesman for an appliance company, one man was an accountant at a bank and one was a history school teacher. One Friday they decided to share with each other their goals for the next five years. The gas station owner said he wanted to own another station in five years. The appliance salesman said he wanted to be making at least $80,000 dollars in the next five years. The accountant said he wasn’t going to make any specific goals. He was indecisive; he said he just wanted to do a little better financially. The history teacher said he wanted to be a principal of a major high school within the next five years. Five years went by, the men had a reunion. They came back and shared their goals and dreams to see how effective they each had been in the attainment of their goals. The gas station owner said now he owned five (5) gas stations, the appliance salesperson said he was earning over $100,000 per year. The history teacher said he received his PhD with honors and became the president of a distinguished college. The accountant at the bank, who was indecisive and didn’t make any specific goals, said I’m still at the bank and some of my hours have been cut back. As a result, he now is making less money than he made five years ago. What a shame! This story reminds us that our aims determine our direction in life. If you aim in the wrong direction, after the wrong target, surely you’ll miss your intended target. In life we learn that, the conscious mind and our sub-conscious goals conspire and bring us to the places and situations we desire and find ourselves in today. Therefore, if we aim high, we are assured of reaching lofty goals. The late great Benjamin Elijah Mays reminds us……”low aim, not failure is sin”! In our text, we find, Paul and Silas had high goals, they desired to change the world upside down for Jesus Christ! The Bible says, as was his custom, Paul went into the synagogue on three consecutive “Sabbaths” to preach/teach to the Jewish religious leaders. Like a highly trained and skilled lawyer, Paul methodically demonstrated with great clarity and precision, the reason Jesus Christ had to suffer, die and be raised from the dead in order for all “Believers” to receive “Salvation.” Page 3


MEN” (AcTS 17:1-9)

(And Why They Are Absolutely Necessary) (CONT’D)

Paul reminded the religious leaders that “Salvation” is a free grace gift to us, but it cost Jesus Christ His body, His Blood and His Very Life! As a result of the dynamic Preaching/Teaching of Paul and Silas and many people including some devout Greeks were interested in hearing more of the Gospel. However, there were also a few contrary persons who weren’t persuaded, but were encouraged to have Paul and Silas falsely accused, harassed, beaten and put in jail. The Religious Leaders claimed Paul and Silas were responsible for starting a civil disturbance. The question is what did Paul and Silas really do which caused them to be persecuted, harassed and jailed? I tell you what they did…..they spoke passionately about Jesus,…..they dared to proclaim the truth of Jesus, and they dared to speak truth to powerful men! Yes, my friends,” These Men” stood up for Jesus, and the cause of “Kingdom Building”! When is the last time you were accused of turning the world upside down or stirring up a ruckus for Jesus? Paul and Silas were very serious about planting churches, developing disciples and planting the faith. They didn’t use gimmicks, tricks or slick ads. They didn’t have multi million dollars budgets, they just believed on the Lord Jesus Christ! How did they have so much success? How did they build so many churches and cause so many people to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior? First, They Rightly Divided The Word of God Paul skillfully used “The Word of God” to make his case for Christ. He used the scriptures to expound upon familiar truths, which the religious leaders were already aware of. Paul didn’t take short cuts, he proclaimed “The Whole Counsel of God.” Paul took his time and methodically rightly divided the word, explaining “The Word” and connecting “The Theological dots” of “The Word”. Too often we can hear “The Word” but unless someone helps us interpret “The Word” and connect the dots, we don’t understand what we’ve been taught (or what it is we’re hearing)! However, Paul was patient, he explained “The Word” with great clarity and theological acumen. Because Paul understood the significance of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and how it impacted people’s salvation and redemption; many people were excited and wanted to hear more! Secondly, Paul’s Credibility Came From His Testimony As Paul shared the Gospel, he didn’t boast about himself. He could have boasted about being trained by Gamaliel, being a Pharisee, an Apostle, a Jew and A Roman citizen. However, he didn’t! Paul boasted about his encounter with Jesus on the Damascus Road and the impact it had on his life. Paul reminded the religious leaders that Jesus in fact changed his life! Paul confessed that he had harassed, threatened, jailed and killed many Christians because of their belief in Jesus Christ. However, after his encounter on “The Damascus Road,” Jesus changed his heart! Jesus said to Paul….. “you will go before Kings, rulers, Jews and Gentiles. And you will suffer much for my sake”! Yes, “those same Gentiles you tried to destroy, you will witness to them in my name”! Because of Paul’s transformation and spiritual encounter with Jesus, (Paul could now authentically preach about Jesus to people he had previously done great harm to.) When is the last time you shared your testimony and someone wanted to know more about Jesus? When is the last time you made someone cry because you told them how good Christ is to you? Page 4

“ThESE MEN” (AcTS 17:1-9) (And Why They Are Absolutely Necessary) (CONT’D)

Thirdly, Paul was Willing To Face The Haters Too often, as Christians we get excited about ministering to people, but at the first sign of opposition or trouble, we give up, give in or run for cover! However, that wasn’t Paul’s testimony. Paul was willing to face his haters and suffer much for Christ. Jesus is still looking for people who have counted the cost of discipleship and are willing to encounter suffering, inconvenience, discomfort and opposition for the cause of Christ and Kingdom building! The text says the Jewish religious leaders were angry and envious of Paul. Therefore, they organized some men of low moral character to start a riot and blamed Paul and Silas for it. Because of their faithfulness and willingness to suffer for Christ, Paul and Silas were then beaten and put in jail, just for standing up for Jesus! We thank God, Paul and Silas…..”These Men”…….were willing to stand up, suffer and experience inhumane treatment for Jesus! As I close, let me share a story about a painting that changed a man’s life. If you go to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, you might see an interesting portrait entitled….”A Portrait of Prayer.” In this portrait, a man is kneeling down and crying, as if he were confessing his sin to God. Although the man in the portrait was young, he was known for his compassion towards hurting people and his powerful prayers to God. A tour guide, who was an older Priest, began sharing some intimate details about the man and the portrait. He said, one day, three French students were walking down the road in Paris, discussing atheism, when they came near a small church, two of the young men, dared the other young man to go inside the church and tell the priest, they were atheists! The young man went into the Church and told the Priest, what his friends had dared him to say. The Priest smiled and said, well son, you have taken the foolish dare of your young friends, will you now take this wise dare from this old Priest. The young man said yes, why not! The older Priest then said, son, I want you to go into the Church, kneel down at the cross and say, Jesus, I understand you died for me, but I really don’t care what you’ve done and who you are! The young man repeated what the Priest told him to say. He later came back to the Priest but, nothing happened. The Priest sent the young man back, a 2nd and a 3rd time. On the 3rd time, the young man came back to the Priest with tears in his eyes and said, “something happened to me when I went back into the Temple. Please pray for me, I had an encounter back there, something touched me”! The tourist were fascinated, they said to the elderly Priest, how do you know if that story is true? The tour guide then said to the tourists, with tears in his eyes, that is a true story, for you see, I was that foolish young man who dared to take the dare from my friends and then from the older priest! Because Christ touched my heart that day, I became a priest! I am the young many in the portrait praying to God for mercy! We need more men, who will dare young men to have a divine encounter with Jesus! Join us on the 17th of September, as we dare to touch the lives of young men and turn the world upside down in the name of Jesus!

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“TEA FOR TwO ANd TwO FOR TEA “ The Deaconess Spiritual Tea

A tea party can be held at any time for any reason or no reason at all. For example, it can be a birthday or just a gathering to talk with old friends or best friends, a baby shower or just because. For this occasion, the Deaconess of First Baptist church wanted the members, to come together for an afternoon of food, fun, fellowship and spiritual uplifting. There is no special way to plan for a tea party. All that is needed are tea pots, tea cups, saucers and people. Food should be light and dessert could be of your own delectable choosing. Of course you can do your own decorations, or color schemes, as well as, include other fun things to do. A Spiritual Tea can also be a planned program with or without a speaker. But, for every SPIRITUAL TEA, there should always be some discussion about spiritual growth and how to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ! For our upcoming September “Spiritual Tea,” (September 10, 2016, 12 Noon) The Deaconesses of First Baptist Church will have the Reverend Peggy Miller as our speaker. She will talk to the women about personal spiritual growth and “Developing Disciples for Excellence.” This title is our church-wide theme and will help us accomplish our main goals and objectives as Christians.

The Deaconess Ministry

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Back to School Again To everything there is a season‌ A time to sow, and a time to reap‌Ecclesiastes 3:1, 2 (By Brother Kevin Shamblee) Once again the month of September is upon us! It seems as though the late days of spring and the early days of summer were just a few moments ago. Again, we are witnesses to the last minute dashes to purchase items needed for our children, grandchildren, or other less fortunate students to return to school. The roaring engines of the school buses (or the Metro if you reside in the District) also signal the impending closure of summer and the onset of fall. It always appears as though the seasons are coming and going so very fast. It seems it was only yesterday, the fall planting and fertilizing of last year took place. Before you or I can blink, fallen leaves, baseball pennant races, football, Christmas and the snow of winter will be upon just as fast. I guess, to everything there is a season! The writer of Ecclesiastes (3:1, 2) recognized the fundamental principle that there are different times in life, even times to sow and reap. For instance, the seeds we planted yesterday will come back in due time tomorrow. This signals, perhaps the time of harvest is right around the corner. This principle is true for agriculture, as well as the attainment of knowledge. Knowledge wise, we have sown wonderful seeds throughout this past year, while studying and learning to be approved by God as good workers. We have also had opportunities during the various Bible studies, Church Schools and Sunday worship experiences to watch, as these seeds grew to fruition. In order to help us sow into our lives, the seeds of faith and live fruitfully in our appointed seasons, the Board of Christian Education at First Baptist Church will be offering opportunities to enhance our spiritual learning this coming year. As we enter this upcoming Fall season with great expectations at First Baptist Church, our prayers are that you, your children, grandchildren and other faithful believers will prosper tremendously from the wonderful seeds of faith, which have already been planted through worship, Bible study and other spiritual opportunities for enrichment. In conclusion, we pray, through all of the changing seasons that you and your children will experience the bountiful harvest we all can receive through our faith in Jesus Christ. Enjoy these back to school days.

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“YOuTh NEwS, YOu cAN uSE” (By Sister Kareema Robinson and Minister Reggie Williams)

Self Management Tips For All Students As our students return to school, here are a few Essential Self-Management Tips They Should Know Being a student, especially in the later years of high school, as well as the college years, can be a time when students are finally given the independence they have craved. At the same time students realize they haven’t learned how to balance and manage their lives between their educational pursuits and their personal development goals. For instance, getting all of their plans and schedules sorted out is vital to their success in these educational years. Therefore, if they are looking for guidance on how best to arrange their lives, here are seven of the best self-management tips all students should know: 1. Sleep - First and foremost, students need to get a good night’s sleep, as often as possible. After all, their brain needs just as much rest as any other organ to operate at its full capacity. If their brains are running on empty, it is not going to serve them in the best way possible. 2. Eat - A healthy diet is also essential during these stressful times at school. The more good fuel their bodies intake, the more inspired and motivated they are going to be to. Good food intake will enable students to get their work done and allow them to perform at a high energy level. Lots of fruit and vegetables will also keep students feeling good and strong. 3. No Skipping Classes – Most educational experts cannot stress enough just how important it is that students do not skip any of their classes. There will always be vital information given out in every class which could be the key to unlocking the idea for their final projects. Therefore, students should always be ready and present for all of their classes. 4. Calendar – Students should buy calendars and make notes of every single deadline and class they have. This way they will always be on top of the places they have to be, as well as the times they need to be there. One of the worst things that could happen to students is for them to complete an assignment but hand it in a day too late. 5. Technology Balance – Students should make the effort to balance out their use of certain technology and social media platforms. Technology gadgets are the number one culprit for procrastination amongst today’s student body. Learning to train oneself to stay away from technology when they are writing their assignments can be really beneficial. 6. Study Groups - If students are the kind of students who find it nearly impossible to be productive alone, then make the most of all the different study groups that their school offers. There, students will be able to work alongside others who are more highly motivated. Perhaps their enthusiasm and motivation can spur them into action and make them much more productive.

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7. Don’t Over Commit - The mixture of personal and professional life demands at school can sometimes be overwhelming. Balancing these two aspects can be tough, but it is important to try not to over commit to activities on either side. Students should always leave time at the end of a day to review their studies, that they can go in to the next day’s classes ready and prepared.

“YOuTh NEwS, YOu cAN uSE” (cONT’d) If our students utilize these tips, as well as other helpful tools, we know and expect all of our students to have a successful school year! Back To School We are very excited school is starting back up, this means our youth will have opportunities to further develop the knowledge and skills they have learned over the summer. As a result, we want to be intentionally proactive this school year, especially regarding students who may require additional academic assistance. Please ask early for help as soon as you realize you need help with a given subject(s). If you see that your youth might need academic assistance as the year is progressing, please contact Minister Reggie Williams or Sister Kareema Robinson. They will be able to find assistance early. We believe all of our youth are capable of reaching honor roll status. We are here to assist in any way necessary. Let’s work together to help students attain their desired academic and personal goals. As the new school year begins we want to remind our youth, this is the time to set their sights on being the best students they can be. In fact, today is a good day to make sure students stay focused and are determined to study hard and reach the highest level of achievements, we know they are capable of. Yes it’s that time again! Our College Prep Ministry (CPM) is seeking new mentors for our 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. The CPM meets every fourth Sunday immediately after our 10:50 am worship service. In addition to mentors, the CPM is also looking for persons interested in helping to coordinate this ministry. Please contact Sister Kareema Robinson or Sister Marilyn Thomas, if you have a desire to assist our youth, as they prepare for their post high school educational pursuits. Girl Scouts That’s right; it is Girl Scout season once again! Starting Saturday, September 10 th, all of our Girl Scout troops will launch their 2016-17 year of activities at FBC. Girls in grades kindergarten through 12th are welcomed and encouraged to join. Through Girl Scouting leaders of the future are cultivated, nurtured and mentored to be honest, resourceful, intelligent and civic minded persons. Let’s work together to enhance our girls, that they can be assured of a brighter future! For more information please contact Sister Terri Echols

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“YOuTh NEwS, YOu cAN uSE” (cONT’d) 2016 Summer Activities Over the summer many of our youth were able to experience some exciting adventures, here’s a few: To kick start the summer vacation, our Brownie, Daisy and a few Junior scouts ventured out on the Boomerang Pirate Ship in early June for a fun filled day on the Potomac River. Leaving from the Georgetown Harbor, the ship encountered would be pirates, who the scouts successfully fought off in water cannon battles. In addition, there was a treasure hunt on board, as well as face painting. In June, several FBC Girl Scouts along with other girl scouts from the greater Washington D.C. area traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This trip provided the girls with an enriching opportunity to experience domestic travel in a safe setting. The trip also provided opportunities to share their experiences with other girl scouts from throughout the DC area. This excursion gave the girls an opportunity to access information, which is needed to earn Badges and Journeys within the Girl Scouts. As you may know, Girl Scouts earn badges for experiencing a variety of activities. Girl Scout journey awards link experiences, discussions and ideas in which girls can explore together. As girls progress through the various levels from Daisy to Ambassador, their awards signify the achievement of new and higher levels of knowledge and skills. Ultimately the girls gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a caring leader, who makes a difference in the world. Additionally, while in Florida, the girls participated in two workshops, “Energy and Ways Physics Lab” and “Exploring Careers” in Zoological Science. Each girl had the opportunity to explore what goes on behind the scenes with Disney employees. Although a lot of fun was had, some of time was also spent learning and exploring new horizons in science and technology. A total of 55 girls and adults were fortunate enough to enjoy this trip, including troop leaders Sister Yvonne Murphy and Sister Mary Martin.

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“YOuTh NEwS, YOu cAN uSE” (cONT’d) CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Kayln Murphy and Kenna Brooks who both not only recently graduated from high school but also participated in the Congressional Aide program on Capitol Hill this summer. Kalyn volunteered in the office of Congresswoman Michelle Grisham for a week in June. Grisham is serving her second term representing New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District. Kayln was extremely excited about this opportunity. The congressional staff were so impressed with Kayln’s work, she was asked to return for an additional week in July and another week in August. Kenna spent a week in August volunteering for Congressman Ed Perlmutter, who serves the 7th District of Colorado. Kudos, to both of these young ladies, for a job well done. We look forward to the awesome experiences they undoubtedly will have in years to come. This summer Jackson Frame (pictured second from right) was selected to participate in the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) High School Journalism Workshop (JSHOP). The JSHOP is a free five-day workshop for local high school students in the host city of NABJ’s Annual Convention and Career Fair. This year the NABJ Annual conference was held in Washington, D.C. “The JSHOP's goal is to provide an enlightening, informative, hands-on, and challenging introduction into the journalism profession. This workshop included a multicultural mix of high school students. The workshop also provided interactive learning opportunities through lectures, presentations, hands-on training and field trips. The students also learned multimedia, journalism fundamentals for newsgathering, writing, photography, video production, radio, graphic design, editing, and social media. Professional journalists, educators, and journalism college students provided mentorship and supervision for the youth. Thanks to Sister Doxie McCoy, (a long time NABJ member), for serving as a reference for Jackson to participate in this program which took place August 1-5. Our next Total Youth Experience will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 12 noon. Parents are encouraged to join us for an afternoon of food, fun and fellowship with their children. “Pray often; for prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God and a scourge for Satan.” Page 11

A Time For Readjustment (Leviticus 25:1-7) September 2016 By Missionary Colleen Sweatt The earth’s solar orbit takes 365 and a quarter days to conclude its rotation. Because of this, every four years an extra day is added to the calendar that we don’t fall behind in the natural cycle of things. This sequence is called “Leap Year,” this is the reason we add that extra day onto the end of February. In this way, the calendar is readjusted to the “Leap Year” astronomical timetable. Therefore, every four years we have “29” days in February rather than just “28” days. In the calendar of ancient Israel, God set up a remarkable means of readjusting things. Just as mankind was commanded to rest every seventh day (Exodus 20:8-10), God also requires that the land should also rest. Because the soil on the land is rested, the land replenishes itself during this seventh year (Leviticus 25-4). This sabbatical year slowed down the use of the farmland, that it could replenish itself and produce a greater harvest of crops. In addition, debts were cancelled (Deuteronomy 1:15:1-11) and Hebrew slaves were set free (vv.12-18) this special season of God’s great grace was called “Jubilee”! With our busy schedules and the hectic pace of our lives, we too need to readjust the demands of work, family and church. We also need to re-evaluate our priorities and schedules. One way we can do this is by observing the Sabbath principle, which means making sure we set aside time to rest and prayerfully refocus our priorities on the things of God (and what “He” has determined should be our priorities.). Jesus for example, went “to a solitary place and there He prayed” (Mark 1:15) and experienced what monks, priests and prayer warriors call “Monasticism.” This means quiet, reflective, focused time with God with no gadgets, people or interruptions. When can you pull aside from your activities and prayerfully ask God to reset your spiritual calendar, so that you can focus on “His Word” and “His Will”? It is time for a readjustment? According to writer Dennis Fisher, in “Our Daily Bread,” he says “To face life’s many challenges and overcome each test, The Lord tells us to take the time to stop, to pray and to rest! “He also reminds us, “To Make The Most Of Your Time, Take Time to Pray”.

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A Time For Readjustment (Leviticus 25:1-7) SEPTEMbER 2016 (cONT’d) Upcoming Events For The Fall Of 2016: 

October 1, 2016 – 12:00 Noon, The Women In Service Everywhere (W.I.S.E.) will host a prayer luncheon at the Vermont Avenue Baptist Church (1630 Vermont Avenue, NW, Washington, DC) On the first Sunday of each month “FBC Missionaries” invite you to attend the Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home with us. We lead the Sunday service and participate in rich fellowship with the residents, their families and the staff. Please also remember to visit our sick and shut in members and make calls to them as often as possible. “FBC Missionaries” will be feeding the homeless during the month of September. The date is pending.

Recently, during August 13-19, 2016 The Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention of American was held. This was our 119th Annual Session which was held in Philadelphia. Our Convention President is Pastor Alyn E. Waller from Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. David Emmanuel Goatley is our Executive Secretary-Treasurer and Mrs. Debra G. Garner is our President of The Women in Service Everywhere. Lott Carey continues to help churches to expand their Christian witness and make disciples of Jesus Christ, throughout the world. Lott Carey’s global network of partners continues to serve faithfully, in spite of the reality that many are living through the global recession, wars, growing terrorism, political instability and international uncertainty. Global Leaders were present and welcomed at the Annual Session. This year some were from places such as Canada, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kenya, Liberia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The purpose of these rich Lott Carey Annual Sessions is to inform, inspire and make disciples of Jesus, as well as, to invest in Christian Mission work in churches throughout the world. Our theme for this year is “Missions Matters for Justice.” Unrest and injustice in the United States and “Around The World Are Ever Before Us,” therefore, let us be reminded, Jesus has commanded us to be “salt and light,” in a distasteful and dark world! Some of the classes and events included: 

A Mission Prayer Breakfast; Prayer Support Classes; Mission Educational Classes; Women in Service Meetings; Community Feast with the Homeless; Worship Services; A Gospel Concert; Prayer and Praise Services; Health Fair; Witness and Worship Sessions; Men on Mission Sessions and many more

Missionary Shirley Lambert and Missionary Colleen Sweatt represented First Baptist Church at this august assembly.

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