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Environmental Monitoring

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Environment Monitoring

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Environmental Perimeter Testing

Noise and Vibration

Dust Monitoring

Gravimetric Dust Sampling

Frisbee Dust Sampling

Recent Project

Contact Us Envirochem 12 The Gardens Broadcut Fareham Hampshire PO16 8SS Tel: 01329 287777 Fax: 01329 287755

Envirochem can now offer their clients a variety of new services that includes perimeter monitoring equipment, used to measure dust, noise, and vibration at specified locations throughout the site and can be used to provide environmental data during site activities or demonstrate compliance, in line with BS 5228 and the local Environmental Authority

Static monitors positioned at the site boundary are capable of measuring ambient noise and vibration levels over a specified time period. Data is recorded at pre-set intervals and statistically analysed to generate a weekly report. The report will provide analytical data assisting in the management of noise and vibration produced from demolition or high impact site activities, and will demonstrate compliance with agreed limits or operating conditions stipulated by the local authority. Both noise and vibration monitors are capable of sending text alerts to inform site managers if a pre-defined trigger level is breached and conforms to the Class 1 accuracy standard of IEC 61672. Proposed Testing Equipment  Vibrosound noise monitors with real time analyser  Magnus TA1 Transducers  Castle acoustic calibrator All noise survey equipment proposed conforms to Type 1 accuracy standard of IEC 60651

Environmental Monitoring

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Light scattering technology can be used to determine the ambient concentration of airborne particles. The results of which are used to react to incidents of elevated dust as they occur. Monitors can also be programmed to send text alerts to site staff, should predetermined levels be exceeded. Envirochem would propose using Osiris light meters to automatically measure airborne particulates in real time. These monitors can simultaneously measure the concentrations of Total Suspended Particles (TSP), and are sensitive to airborne concentrations down to a fraction of a microgram per cubic meter. An optional weather sensor can also be fitted and is capable of measuring and recording wind speed and wind direction.

Involves the collection of a physical sample of the airborne particles, that can be analysed for chemical composition and concentration. Inhalable dust is defined as less than 100 Âľm and approximates to the fraction of airborne material which enters the nose and mouth during normal breathing and is therefore available for deposition in the respirable tract. Designed for short term testing of up to 4 hours, pumps can be deployed both in the morning and afternoon on a daily basis to give accurate dust measurements of total inhalable dust over a short term period. Pumps can be deployed in any location, from the site boundary to the cab of demolition machinery during works.

A Dust Frisbee utilises a collecting bowl made of anodized spun aluminium, and is designed to collect airborne dust over a long term period of generally up to 1 month. Measurements of total inhalable dust may then be calculated for the duration of the sampling. The sample face is supported to a height of 1.7m above the ground and is connected to a rain water vessel at its base. The collection bowl is lined with a 10mm thick foam disc and also incorporates a bird strike preventer comprising of a ring of fine fishing line supported 5cm above the sampling bowl. If you have any further questions regarding sampling costs, or would like to arrange sampling on site, please do not hesitate to call.

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Environmental Monitoring


Site Former Ordnance Survey Site, Southampton

Project Highlights Envirochem carried out environmental perimeter monitoring during the demolition of the former Ordnance survey site in Southampton. Airborne Dust, noise and vibration levels were all monitored using state of the art equipment.

Project Description Three monitoring stations were identified in conjunction with the client and the Environmental Health officer (EHO). Monitoring instruments were installed in these locations by our environmental consultants, with the equipment going live on the same day. Dust, noise and vibration limits set by the EHO were programmed into the instruments, allowing text alerts to be sent to site staff if any parameter limit was exceeded. Weekly reports were generated and sent directly to site management. The combination of reports and real time text alerts formed the basis of a management plan communicated to local business and residents.

Former Ordnance Survey Site, Southampton

Equipment Description The vibrosound noise and vibration monitors are used in conjunction with a Magnus TA1 Transducer and a Type 1 accuracy sensor conforming to IEC 60651. Dust monitoring ultilises Light scattering technology using Osiris light meters, which automatically measures the airborne particulates in real time. An optional weather station measuring wind speed and direction can also be fitted, providing further useful environmental conditions.

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