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People Care PDC (Permaculture Design Course) “Most permaculturists are expert at understanding the relationships between landforms and water harvesting or between soil microorganisms and plant health.

2015, 17. - 31. 07

But when it comes to our human relationships, we often founder. Nurturing the vegetables in the garden is a lot easier than nurturing our connections to the people who

 Bosnia and Herzegovina

decide where to plant the vegetables and who will water them.” ― Juliana Birnbaum Fox, Sustainable Revolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms, and Communities Worldwide



Permaculture : for human and sustainable living 


We increasingly recognize the vital

People Care PDC is devoted to the so-

relationships, work and project teams,

role of a healthy community in addi-

cial demands of our time and offers

schools etc.

tion to raising awareness of the sus-

practical impetus to dealing with in-

tainable ecosystem. We recognize the

terpersonal challenges both in the pri-

importance of effective interpersonal

vate and professional environment.

relationships and also the relationship

These includes conflict resolution, de-

of the individual to him/herself .

cision-making processes, organic planning and development processes,

Usually the focus of the PDC is to


strengthen the ecosystem. From there, the pattern is transferred to other sys-

The course offers useful tools of per-

tems such as the social, the monetary

maculture design in theory and prac-

system, the educational system, etc.

tice and connects them with adjacent systems and methods .

By designing the People Care PDC we have developed a workshop in which

The aim of the course is to prepare

we put the development of sustainable

and qualify the participants for

social systems at the center.

strengthening and developing their social environment in communities,





Course content: The course includes the basics of Permaculture • History of permaculture and its role in today's society • Permaculture ethics and principles • Basic Permaculture design for ecosystems (permaculture and its connection to ecosystems) • Development and implementation of concrete designs for an ecosystem (for example garden, compost, animals, water)

Methods and practices for strengthening social systems • Preparing social design according to the permaculture design tools (zoning, resource analysis and flows) • Developing a strategy and ethics for implementation • Monitoring: analysis of results and preparation of the closure phase as well as the preparation for the start of a new cycle • What does sustainability mean in a social system? • Disaster Design: How do you prepare for a col-




Basic timetable: • Arriving on Friday 17th by 18.00: dinner and introduction, evening by the fire. • Saturday-Wednesday: we will start with the "Dream Circle" (a tool for harvesting energy of all group members and finding common direction) for the whole PDC. Then we will cre-

ate a plan and start implementing it. We will start with an introduction to permaculture through creating concrete design on the venue. We will recognize permaculture principles and learn how to use permaculture design tools. It will be a beginning of switching between the normal way of approaching the organic and everything including mindset. The course will be practical-

All participants will get a 72h PDC certificate as well as a certificat for the Dragon Dreaming Introduction.


Course Registration The course will take place from July 17th to 31st in retreat heaven Zelenkovac. 
 The workshop language is serbo-croatian/bosnian. Optionally English or German translation can be organized. 
 Please inform us in advance if needed. All the participants who do not live in the countries of the former Yugoslavia are asked to pay the full participation fee of 550€. (Early Bird 480€ until June 17th). Participants from Eastern Europe and Slovenia will be ask for 380€ (Early Bird 310€) The reduced fee of the (former Yugoslavia’s participants) course is 190 € (Early Bird 150€ ). The course fee includes room and board. After registration you will be asked to pay 100€ (50€ for reduced fee) to express your seriousness.(Please let us know, if you are not able to pay the Course fee. We are willing to find a solution with you.) Workshop leader: Tomislav Gjerkeš ( Dipl. Physicist, Dipl. Permaculture Designer , Dragon Dreaming Trainer ) and Ulrike Reimann ( Dipl. Educator, Trainer for Nonviolent Communication and Dragon Dreaming )

Registration until 03.07.2015 to The number of participants is limited to 20!





Organized by:

Supported by:

"Factory of Joy" Foundation 
 Jevrejska 30, 78000 Banja Luka 
 Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Global Greengrants Fond Mikrokozmos
 Tomislav Gjerkeš s.p. Emotionskultur
 Ulrike Reimann


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Pdc bih english  

Permacultur course Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pdc bih english  

Permacultur course Bosnia and Herzegovina


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