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DMITRY SHOLOKHOV Project runway winner 2013


HOW TO DATE MEN From #1 match maker


NIKITA VARMA From the fashion finds


COOKING FOR ONE ? How to make dining alone more enjoyable.


CESAR GALINDO MBFW spectacular designer


KNOW YOU KNOW THEM, GET YES ! From body language expert


Cover Story ANGELA SARAFYAN Actor - Beauty - Rebel




MINDFULL EATING MARATHON Changing the way you eat instead of what you eat.


JEN THE PEN From the VH1


BIBI MCGILL Rockstar unleased


THE FASHION FINDS Desingners coming your way !

ELUCID MAGAZINE ELUCID MAGAZINE wishes to give you, the reader, something new, fresh, surprising and FREE. Whether it’s about fashion, music, the arts, shopping or dining - we will not always go for the predicted content, but rather seek out stories and coverage we think you’ll enjoy and gain information from. The term “Elucid” is derived from “elucidate”, meaning to give out light, and throughElucid Magazine, we embellish the fashion, lifestyle, and culture of New York City in a unique experiential way. Elucid Magazine is New York, bringing you all the hottest fashion designers making a global name for themselves along with the complete lifestyle of New York City. Wether your a tourist or local, Elucid Magazine is a reader’s destination for true New York experience. Shopping, dinning, the arts, beauty, entertainment and everything in between - Elucid Magazine features them with creativity and showcases them to grab readers’ attention. Yes ! New York City secret hot spots, restaurant reviews, celebrity interviews, event listings and many more delights along the line are also flourished. Welcome to the movement of Elucid Magazine - the different NY experience.

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On a busy side street in Chelsea is a haven for anyone interested in pottery or sculpture. La Mano Pottery is a full service ceramic school and studio where beginners and advanced ARTISTS make

beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. The studio is huge, airy, and equipped with every pottery tool you can think of. They even supply aprons and towels, so students just come in ready to “GET DIRTY.”

Sign up for an 8 week courses in hand building and on the potter’s wheel --- available almost every night and throughout the week end. With the studio open every day, there is plenty of time to practice. An 8 week course is $300 including clay, glazes, and all materials (firing pieces is extra and depends on the size of what you make). For readers who are curious but want to try it out first, consider taking an introductory workshop. For $75, you can learn the basics about building pieces by hand from clay and, if you choose, La Mano will fire and glaze your masterpiece. Tell them you read about this in Elucid Magazine and they will waive the $15 handling/firing fee on the first piece you want to save. At the front of this street level studio is a gallery/store where works made of clay are on display --- both for inspiration and for sale. LA MANO IS LOCATED AT 110 W 26TH STREET, BETWEEN 6TH AND 7TH AVENUE.

DMITRY SHOLOKHOV When Project Runway season 10 winner was a kid, in his native Belarus, he used to spend hours staring at shapes and colors in the nature and finding beauty in them. “I still keep staring at shapes and colors and searching for beauty, and I believe that obsession will stay with me forever�, is what drives Dmitry. Dmitry Sholokhov was born in Belarus, to a family of intellectuals who introduced him to art, literature, music and dance. It is from early age that this was the world he chose to live in. When he decided to expend this world and make his mark in it, he moved to New York City, at the age of 19. He enrolled and graduated from Parsons School of Design, earning his BFA in Fashion Design. During his studies, he was offered internships at Calvin Klein and J. Mandel. Immediately after graduation he accepted a full-time position at Italian house of Domenico Vacca, and soon became Design Director.


ashion professionals recognized genuine talent, strong artistic presence and personal charm in Dmitry which resulted in offering him to create his own collection. The collection, which he made for Domenico Vacca was a huge success and was sold to the famous Harrods in London. That led to an even more challenging position at the Jones Apparel Group.

Photographer: Model: Make Up Artist: Hair Stylist: Wardrobe Stylist: Stylist Assistant:



Kristin Brynn Costello for kbcphoto.com Helena Prestes @ Muse Jenni Shaw Jenni Shaw Engie Hassan; EngieStyle Daphney Augustine; EngieStyle

Dress: Gloves: Shoes:

Dmitry Sholokhov Chanel Calvin Klein

Dress: Blazer: Gloves: Belt: Shoes:

Dmitry Sholokhov Dmitry Sholokhov Chanel Prada BCBG Max Azria

Photographer: Model: Make Up Artist: Hair Stylist: Wardrobe Stylist: Stylist Assistant:

Kristin Brynn Costello for kbcphoto.com Helena Prestes @ Muse Jenni Shaw Jenni Shaw Engie Hassan; EngieStyle Daphney Augustine; EngieStyle

Blazer: Dmitry Sholokhov Pants: Dmitry Sholokhov Shoes: BCBG Max Azria

“Project Runway winner 2013”


mitry speaks eloquently and confidently about his “metier”, but becomes shy when it comes to naming all the awards and prizes that he received. However, it’s worth mentioning GenART Award, Saga Furs Design Competition Award, Gap Design Competition Award, showcase at Debut, winner of 24 Hour Cat Walk (lifetime), winner of Project Runway season 10, amongst others. Dmitry has shown serious entrepreneurial initiative and accomplishments by creating his own brand Dmitry Sholokhov, which he showcased during MERCEDES-BENZ Fashion Week in Moscow, in March 2013. His designs will be selling in over 150 stores in Eastern Europe. Dmitry’s exclusive collection for Lord &Taylor was presented in this US based specialty-retail department store chain in April 2013.

When asked what made a difference in winning Project Runway and receiving all the prizes that came with it, Dmitry says that all the allocates he got from Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia inspired him and pushed him to “make it work”, as Tim Gunn noted. His life motto: “It’s not about winning. It’s about winning again”.

Dress: Gloves: Bracelet: Clutch:

Dmitry Sholokhov Chanel D&G Jimmy Choo



Top/blazer: Skirt: Gloves: Earrings: Belt:

Dmitry Sholokhov Dmitry Sholokhov Chanel Chanel Dmitry Sholokhov

Vest: Skirt: Necklace: Gloves:

Dmitry Sholokhov Dmitry Sholokhov Chanel Vintage Primo Luxe

How to date MEN ! Everybody and their mother has such a “great excuse” for why she’s
not dating... so tell me why these same ladies come to me, asking how
to land a date?? Well, I’m America’s #1 Matchmaker for a reason, I’m
here to help, and I’ve got 3 tips to share on how to date men.

TIP 1: MAKE THE FIRST MOVE. It seems like most women are terrified that expressing interest in a
man might come across as too aggressive, or maybe even desperate. But
if you’ve reached the stage in your life where you’re confident in who
you are, and comfortable with what you want in a man, there is NO
SHAME in making the first move! If you spot a hottie, make eye
contact and say something! A little bit of small talk goes a LONG
way. I gave this same advice to a pretty client of mine this summer.
Career-driven and a little shy, she was wondering why she hadn’t been
on a date in more than a year. But after taking my advice, she smiled
at a hottie in a suit on her subway train. That same night, she
emailed me to say that they had scheduled a date for that Friday
night!! Think about it: what is the worst that could happen? If he
says no, clearly he’s not “the one,” and you’re better off without
him. On to the next one, ladies.

Photographer : Designer: Model : Stylism :



AurÈlie Raidron Rose Carbone JÈrÙmine @Enjoy Models Rose Carbone ( Franck Meunier )

 Now that you’ve landed a hot date, you’re stressing over every
detail: location? What to wear? Arrive early, or fashionably late?
All of these are valid questions, but remember dates are fun. The
idea is to project the best version of YOU that YOU can be. If you
and your guy have an easy, comfortable connection, the rest won’t even
matter. So let’s start with location: chances are he’s picked a spot
already. If he tells you the name of the place, you can do a little
research - what to order, how to dress, etc. If he asks for your
input, don’t be afraid to suggest your favorite spot. For how to
dress, the key to a first-date outfit is simple: choose an outfit that
showcases your beauty but lets your personality speak for itself. The
little black dress is a classic favorite for a reason. Finally, do
not EVER arrive “fashionably late” for a first date. It’s RUDE! If you
put in a little extra time to ensure that you’ll be making a KILLER
first impression, the rest of the date should be smooth sailing.

 People just don’t like wasting time, and dating is no exception.
After your first date, if you’re really into the guy, say something
confident and direct to let him know you’d love to have Date #2.
“Tonight was great, I’d love to see you again next week.” A line like
that leaves no room for misinterpretation, and if he doesn’t call you
again, let it go. He didn’t lose your number, he isn’t “tied up at
work,” he just doesn’t want to waste your time. You’re better off
knowing it! Move on.

If he DOES call you back - congrats! You’re on your way to a love
connection... we hope. While it’s not advisable to lay out your
ten-year plan for marriage, kids, and a white picket fence, you SHOULD
be clear about your intentions. Don’t pretend you’re okay with minimal
commitment - guys will take a statement like that at face value! If
you get the sense that this guy isn’t as serious as you are, feel free
to clarify your own goals: “It seems like you’re looking for something
more casual. That’s okay, but not with me. Maybe we shouldn’t see each
other anymore.” Plenty of my clients knew their wife was “The One”
after the second or third date, maybe even the first. Don’t waste time
on poor communication!! Written by: Americas #1 Match maker - Janis Spindel



A suit and tie is his ultimate disguise. What is your Squiddledee personality?

Discover which tie suits you at squiddledee.com NEW YORK • NEW YORK

Nina Davuluri Miss New York 2013

Interview 1. What was the most important attribute that helped you win the miss new york competition? The most important attribute that helped me win Miss New York was that I stayed true to myself. The entire process is a journey of individual growth and improvement. I really discovered a lot about myself as a person and was able to carry that forward to the Miss New York stage. 2. What’s your next goal after Miss New York? If the odds are in my favor, I hope to be starting medical school after my year of service as Miss New York. 3. As you are 1st generation in US, both your parents are from India, growing up might not be that easy and simple. Because you are facing two different culture and value. How does that influence you reaching and achieving your goals? I grew up in a household where educational excellence was not a choice, but a requirement. I felt an immense amount of pressure to achieve a certain academic success. During my teenage years, academia was my priority, but I took part in numerous extracurricular activities, including the Miss America Organization, which helped build my personal characteristics. Through this process, I have taught my family that education is a term that encompasses multiple facets. While it was an enormous cultural barrier for me to break, they now understand I can pursue a dream that is consistent with my beliefs through avenues they never thought possible. 4. US is land of opportunity and there are so many immigrants coming in each and every day, and New York being a melting pot, what are some encouragement you can give to all immigrants? It’s an incredible opportunity to live in a country that is not only accepting of other cultures, but so welcoming and encouraging of people with different backgrounds. As an immigrant, it’s important to remember that we are all an integral part of the American fabric. While it’s important to stay true to one’s cultural traditions and values, it’s equally important to assimilate with the American culture as well.



5. What’s the reason for you to complete beauty pageant? Scholarship money. Through my 6 years competing in the Miss America Organization, I’ve gained $39,000 in scholarship monies which allowed me to graduate debt free from the University of Michigan. 6. If you can have any super power, which power would you want to have? I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so I would love to be able to “apparate” (teleport) to any place I want at any given time! It would be super convenient for my travels as Miss New York! 7. During the process of competing beauty pageant, when you are facing stress and obstacle, how do you deal with it? I take a minute to breathe, focus, and recollect my thoughts. We all face stressful situations and the best way for me to handle it is to just take a couple minutes and remind myself of how hard I have worked and how far I have come. 8. Who is your favorite Disney Princess and why? Belle from Beauty and the Beast! I dressed up as her for 5 consecutive Halloweens solely for the reason that I loved her yellow dress. 9. What’s the best present you ever given to anyone? I surprised my sister with tickets to the University of Michigan vs. Michigan State Football game. Watching the game with her at “The Big House” was priceless! 10. What was the last book you read? “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. Enlightening and empowering for women of all ages. 11. What does Miss New York 2013 mean to you? Beside scholarship and recognition? It provides me the opportunity to share my message with others. For me, Miss America has always been known as the “girl next door.’ However, as the diversity of America evolves, so does the image of the “girl next door.” I hope to be remembered as the Miss New York who celebrated her cultural roots and through dedicated service facilitated a movement to empower women to break down their own barriers and know that dreams can become goals, which can become reality. Interview by : Georgina Chen



Nina Davuluri

Miss America 2014

Photographer : Designer: Hairstylist & MUA :

Rebekah Mae www.rebekahmaephotography.com Henrioci by Catherine Henry Takashi Ashizawa

PR & Brand management : Marvel US Mgmt




Our artisan chocolates are handmade fresh from the finest ingredients in the world in our chocolate factory on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. There are no artificial colors, additives or flavorings in any of our chocolates.

Chocolate Truffle

35% milk or 75% dark chocolate, coated in 100% cacao or dipped in 75% dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate Fennel Truffle

75% dark chocolate chocolate truffle with fennel

Chocolate Ganache 35% milk or 75% dark chocolate

Gold Dusted Champagne Truffle

75% dark chocolate champagne ganache, dipped in 100% cacao and dusted in 24 carat edible gold glitter

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Heart

35% milk chocolate or 75% dark chocolate heart filled with dark chocolate raspberry jam

Bon Bons

75% dark chocolate or 35% milk chocolate bon bons filled with sweet caramel or a delicious praline center

Bourbon Caramel Truffle

A soft bourbon caramel center with a white chocolate shell, dipped in 75% dark chocolate, rolled in pecan

French Kiss

35% milk chocolate or 75% dark chocolate filled with sweet, soft caramel

Orange & Lemon Peel

Imported orange & lemon peel dipped in 35% milk chocolate or 75% dark chocolate

Born with an inherent talent for art and design, Nikita Varma, embarked upon her artistic journey early in her life. Nikita grew up as an artist but graduated with a degree in Business. A stint in the corporate world led her to realize her true passion and she changed gears to follow her dream of becoming a designer and moved to New York City to pursue Fashion. She graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design. She also apprenticed and worked with designers and brands like Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Luca Luca, Vera Wang, Bulgari and Donna Ricco.

Looking back at her achievements, besides being selected to show her collection at the highly competitive Parsons Line debut show and the coveted Parsons Mid-Season Preview Gallery show, she has also been recognized by CIAE (Confederation of Indian Apparel Exporters) in a contest, as a promising ‘Young International Fashion Designer’. In addition, she was also selected by GLOBUS, one of India’s largest fashion departmental store, in a nationwide contest to design and show a collection for the store.

Designer Jewelry designer : Photographer : Stylist : Hairstylist : MUA : Model :

Nikita Varma Phil Harris Elina Paliakova Georgina Chen JT Franchuk Mikaila Hutchens Katia Brytsko

Photographer : Designer: Stylist : Hairstylist : MUA : Model :

Elina Paliakova Nikita Varma Georgina Chen JT Franchuk Mikaila Hutchens Katia Brytsko

Nikita branched out as an Independent designer, and launched her eponymous label ‘NIKITTA’, a ready-to-wear contemporary designer label in the year 2011. Every NIKITTA creation exudes glamor, luxury and femininity, often with an edge and strives to harmonize art and fashion in an intriguing balance, expressing the designer’s unique creative sensibilities and vision through modern, innovative and alluring designs.

Photographer : Designer : Stylist : Hairstylist : MUA : Model :

Elina Paliakova Nikita Varma Georgina Chen JT Franchuk Mikaila Hutchens Solveiga Mykolaityte

Her recent collection was showcased at the Bangalore Fashion Week, India and has been featured on the cover of FEMINA magazine, one of the most widely read women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine in India. Her collection is sold at luxury multidesigner stores in India and now making inroads into New York.

Dress : Jewelry designer : Photographer : Stylist : Hairstylist : MUA : Model :

Nikita Varma Phil Harris Elina Paliakova Georgina Chen JT Franchuk Mikaila Hutchens Solveiga Mykolaityte

Photographer : Designer : Jewelry designer : Stylist : Hairstylist : MUA : Model :

Elina Paliakova Nikita Varma Phil Harris Georgina Chen JT Franchuk Mikaila Hutchens Solveiga Mykolaityte

Nikita live and works in New York, continuously endeavoring to translate her talent into sartorial excellence.

COOKING FOR ONE : How to Make Dining Alone More Enjoyable

These days, there are many people who live alone and numbers have grown from 7 percent in the sixties to 27 percent of the total today. Many of those who dine alone are deficient in calcium, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals because they choose to skip meals and eat snacks as meals.

Research has shown that people who live by themselves are more likely to have vitamin and mineral deficiencies than those who live with others. I want to show you that eating alone can also be an enjoyable and healthy activity, as long as you plan ahead and make an effort. Here is a list of things you can do:

Stock your kitchen with a variety 1. of staples with a long shelf-life, such as brown rice, oatmeal and other whole grains. If you stock your pantry with these foods, you will be less inclined to go out to the drive-through for a quick (and unhealthy) meal. Chop up vegetables, such a 2. broccoli and lettuce, in advance so you always have them on hand. You can also stock up on easily accessible foods such as low-fat yogurt to go to when you are too hungry to wait. Prepare your meals in advance 3. and freeze them so you won’t have to waste time throughout the week. Portion the individual meals into zip lock bags and defrost them when you are ready. Don’t underestimate the uses of your freezer and microwave. You can defrost bags of frozen vegetables when fresh produce is not easily within your reach. Also, rice and pasta can be frozen for later use. Photo by : Elina Paliakova

4. Some people don’t like to venture into the supermarket salad bars, but I say take full advantage of them. They are a great resource for single diners who may have avoided fresh fruits and vegetables they couldn’t use fast enough. Be sure to skip the mayonnaise-based salads and high-fat dressings, but load up on fresh vegetables and fruits. You can even add low-fat meat or favorite low-fat dressing when you get home. If you’re tired of eating alone, try 5. getting together with a group of friends on a regular basis by setting up dinner or supper clubs. You can rotate homes and have everyone host a themed potluck or go out and try a new restaurant in your town. Another great way to prepare your 6. meals in advance is to plan a day with a friend who also enjoys cooking and make a whole week’s worth of good and healthy food that you can split. Lastly, don’t be afraid to eat out 7. and dine alone! There are many people who enjoy dining and trying new foods by themselves and you can be one of them.

Written by: Dr. Mike Moreno



Independent Marketing Reps needed for an established San Diego Fitness and Nutrition are needed now across New York City, ahead of a USA Launch occurring early 2014.

CESAR GALINDO Cesar Galindo, a self-taught designer and the youngest of eleven children, began his career in fashion designing corsets and period costumes for The Miami City Ballet, and then for The Houston Grand Opera in his hometown. He moved to New York in the mid 1980’s to continue his work as a designer and started in the fashion industry at TSE Cashmere as a show room manager. After a year, he went on to design for Carmelo Pomodoro, a then rising international sportswear designer. During this time, Cesar began developing his own line, a signature collection specializing in dresses for social and evening events.



Photographer : Hairstylist : Make up : Stylist : Model :

Elina Paliakova Joey Oso Sasha Marie Badillo Danielle Sosalski Danielle Doughty

Photographer : Hairstylist : Make up : Stylist : Model : Model :

Elina Paliakova Joey Oso Sasha Marie Badillo Danielle Sosalski Naomi Cosman Chelsea Elizabeth @ LJE Model Agency

Cesar achieved notoriety when his washed silk kimono dress made the cover of Elle magazine, July 1993, on supermodel Karen Mulder. Once America and the rest of the world caught a glimpse of his designs, they wanted more. Galindo’s first trunk show was at the renowned Martha’s International on Park Avenue and was followed at New York City retail institution, Henri Bendel. Over the next decade, the brand CESAR GALINDO developed in distribution domestically and internationally at select retailers. For the last twenty-two years, Cesar has balanced his time designing his own collection as well as working as a contract designer for private clients and for established labels including Dolce & Gabbana where he designed predominately for celebrities for nine years followed by seven seasons for Calvin Klein Collection under the design direction of Francisco Costa. His most recent assignment was at L.A.M.B., a contemporary women’s collection launched by Gwen Stefani. In October 2011, Galindo launched CZAR by Cesar Galindo, his secondary women’s collection consisting predominately of dresses and soft separate components and varied edgier statement items. CZAR offers a younger sophisticated version of his signature collection at a contemporary price point. Neiman Marcus’s online store, Cusp, launched CZAR S12, with a successful overall selling performance. Femininity, social occasion dresses, architecturally draped hems and necklines and a rich color palette are inherent of Galindo and will remain present to both CESAR GALINDO Collection and CZAR. For Spring 2013, Galindo introduced “day to evening” bags in unique form and in exotic skins to compliment his ready-to-wear collections. To preview the upcoming F13 season of CZAR by Cesar Galindo, please contact our showroom to schedule an appointment.

Photographer : Hairstylist : Make up : Stylist : Model :

Elina Paliakova Joey Oso Sasha Marie Badillo Danielle Sosalski Danielle Doughty

270 W. 38th Street (bet 7/8) 9th floor, Suite 904 New York, NY 10018 212.398.8188 info@cesargalindonyc.com



Photographer : Hairstylist : Make up : Stylist : Model :

Elina Paliakova Joey Oso Sasha Marie Badillo Danielle Sosalski Naomi Cosman




















Photographer : Designer: Model : Stylism :

AurÈlie Raidron Rose Carbone JÈrÙmine @Enjoy Models Rose Carbone ( Franck Meunier )

Know You ! Know them ! Get YES !

Body Language expert - TONYA REIMAN





ince childhood, you’ve been learning how to become self-aware of your actions and to adjust them according to your surroundings (and according to what you wanted), but sometimes, these behaviors become so deeply imbedded in our subconscious that we’re unaware of the impressions we make when we fail to adjust according to circumstances. To further develop this idea of self-awareness beginning in childhood, you were rewarded when you sat and ate all of your peas at the family dinner table. You were also rewarded when you acted like a wild ape on the jungle gym down the block. Approval came from two difference audiences, in two very different situations, but you learned through these experiences that different behaviors netted different, but equally wonderful rewards. In my one-on-one work with clients, I am never surprised to hear a man or woman say, “Is that really how I come across?” This simple question/response is the beginning of the solving of a number of problems. A significant number of people have little or no selfawareness about how they’re being perceived by others – or how they should adjust their behavior according to their audience, surroundings, and desired rewards. For instance, a man may be very good at netting females in a club situation, but has yet to experience any real success in a professional situation. Here are some examples of how he might act during happy hour: >>> Body Posture/Position: Legs spread, hands clasped behind the head, chin up. >>> Movement: Invasion of personal space, touching. >>> Verbals: Critical remarks, comments based on appearance.



Photographer : Designer: Model : Stylism :

AurÈlie Raidron Rose Carbone JÈrÙmine @Enjoy Models Rose Carbone ( Franck Meunier )

These behaviors may help him to bed insecure women; however, if he doesn’t become self-aware and shift both his verbals and non-verbals in professional settings, he will not experience the same level of success in that arena. Here are some examples of how he’ll come across: >> A dominant body posture will tell business associates that he’s a shallow jerk. >> Inappropriate touching and similar courting behaviors are sleazy in the wrong settings. >> His verbal language should spur people to give him the “Yes.” Controlling comments, in a professional situation, force the “No.”

Awareness of self, in conjunction with an awareness of the body language of others, can help anyone to reach their goals in any situation. We all use masks – we’re all the same people every day in every circumstance, but we use masks (dictated by self-awareness) to help us to reach our goals.



Focus on these areas and you’ll increase self-awareness:


Take notice to the way you walk (If you can catch glimpses of yourself in storefronts or mirrors that will help.) Walk tall and avoid leading with your head, shoulders, hips, or feet. Instead, lead with your upper torso or walk with no lead at all. Remember that a slow to medium gait implies control; however, a feminine wiggle or a masculine swagger can be counterproductive in professional settings.


Many of us tend to slouch, but self-awareness will remind you to stand tall with your shoulders back and down and with your feel hip-distance apart. To appear open and approachable, avoid closing off your torso with your arms.

Eye Contact:

Depending upon the situation, you want to hold eye contact the majority of the time (culture dependent). Eye contact can be uncomfortable if you are not used to it, however, it is an essential component in most countries. Gaze while speaking is more important than while listening as it will have the biggest impact on your ability to persuade. Gaze has a powerful influence on other people’s willingness to comply with a request.


Practice your smile in a mirror to avoid coming across as inauthentic. Take notice of your natural, social smile in a mirror and to how it feels. Your cheeks should rise and your lips should part slightly. Smiling not only demonstrates confidence, it shows openness, warmth, and energy.


The handshake is typically the first contact you share with another. Be aware of what your handshake says about your intentions. If your hand is on top, you’re taking a dominant position. If your handshake is weak, you appear insecure and apprehensive. We all have a handshake style – take notice of yours and keep in mind how modifications change its message.


How does your voice sound when you’re annoyed? How about when you’re overjoyed or disheartened? Take multiple opportunities to record yourself. Note the auditory qualities (volume, tempo, pitch, etc.) that accompany each emotion. ELUCID MAGAZINE SUMMER 2013


Photographer : Designer: Model : Stylism :

AurÈlie Raidron Rose Carbone JÈrÙmine @Enjoy Models Rose Carbone ( Franck Meunier )


ow that you’ve established the body language cues and verbals that are normal for you (and how you can adjust them to change your message), you can move on to “norming” or “baselining” others in an effort to detect when they move from an agreeable state to one that will keep you from your goals. Start by interacting casually, asking questions that are inconsequential (think weather, sports, and entertainment). Take mental notes of how he or she behaves while in this agreeable, neutral state.

Here are some areas on which to focus: Handshake: How does he normally shake your hand? Firmly or weakly? What’s the thumb position? The hand placement?

Truth Clues: Does

he look to the right or left when telling the truth? Does he normally scratch his nose when answering questions?

Posture: In a

Gestures: Are his

Eye Contact:

Facial Expression:

Body Orientation:

Voice: What

Does she usually hold your gaze while talking with you? Does she look upward or downward during eye contact?

Does her face usually appear happy, sad, or introspective when at rest?

relaxed situation, does he stand and sit tall or does he slouch? Does he cross his legs? How?

Is this person accustomed to standing with her torso squarely pointed in your direction? How about her feet? Do they point toward you or toward the door?

hand movements generally high (chest level), middle (torso level), or low (waist level)?

are her normal tempo, volume, tone, and pitch? How many speech disturbances are normal for her? Is she longwinded or abrupt when answering questions?

Once you have baselined a person using the above questions, you’ll be ready to take notice to any actions and words that are contrary to his or her normal, relaxed behavior. If body language and verbal cues shift, that’s your prompt to stop, consult your selfawareness, and change your approach as seamlessly as possible. Then watch for his or her baseline (positive/neutral) verbal and non-verbal cues to return.




he big question is: How do I know when to change, and which mask to use? The answer lies in self awareness as well as the ability to read others’ body language and verbal cues. Let’s assume you’re working on closing a deal with a client. There are a number of possible happenings that should trigger your self-awareness to make a shift in your own body language and verbals: When you gain ample self-awareness, learn to baseline others, and learn to maintain the type of verbal and non-verbal communication that will deliver the “Yes!” you’re hoping for, you will be well-equipped for reaching all your goals. In other words, use body language fluency in your everday life, put on the appropriate mask and incorporate a seamless shift that will automatically put your prospect into a Yes mode – no matter the setting or the people with whom you’re interacting.

Body Language: The prospect’s arms are crossed, lips are pursed, the feet are pointed away from you, body is turned away or leaning away from you, legs are crossed, and the blink rate is faster than normal or increasing as time passes.

Verbals: Answers are curt and hold

connotations similar or identical to the word “No.” Conversely, if the person you’re speaking with, in any situation, is displaying these types of behaviors, I would suggest that you keep on keepin’ on:

Written by: Tonya Reiman



Body Language: The torso is

unobstructed by the limbs, the mouth is relaxed, eye contact is steady (but not glaring), and the legs are uncrossed or crossed loosely.

Verbals: Answers to questions are positive, with a “Yes” connotation.

ACTOR - BEAUTY - REBEL How did you feel about being chosen for the cover of our Summer 2013 issue? I love New York City, so being on the cover of a NY based magazine is awesome. Thank you. Prior to portraying Tia who stems from the Egyptian Coven in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, what role had you been most eager to take on? Lady Macbeth. Have there been any positive career changes since moving into the world of cinema? This is your time to tell us what is next on the acting agenda, plug yourself! Working in a film like Paranoia was a very memorable experience. I saw how the producers, director and writers all worked so hard to make a great film. It was unpredictable and spontaneous and really fun. It’s fun when you can surprise yourself. The transition from television to film to a non-actor is a big deal. Did you feel that your move to the big screen was an adjustment? It’s a strange time in our business, where the line has become thinner between actors in film and television. I’ve worked in both, from the beginning of my career, and I base my choice to work on a project on the story that’s being told, and not so much the vehicle it’s told through. Even the most well known celebrities can still get star-struck. Have you experienced such a fascination while working with another actor? Yes, I have. I’ve been lucky to work with very talented actors that I truly admire, and a lot have surprised me with their generosity. All in different ways.

Photographer : Nelson Blanton Stylehouse Productions Inc. Hairstylist : Steve Manson Make up : Kristee Liu Stylist : Charity Baker & Vanessa Perez Stylehouse Productions Inc. Assist: Robert Katrikh Dress: H&M Shoes: Luchiny




Dress: Olena Dats Shoes: Steve Madden Earrings: Vintage

Dress: Rings,earring and belt: Shoes:

Parker Vintage Luchiny

What is one thing that you would like aspiring actresses to understand about their career goals? I really don’t know the answer to that. I’d say my advice to anyone would be to persevere and work in the right way when you find what it is you love to do in life. It’s not in working hard, but rather, having enough self-awareness to find what you love and going after it. Describe your style. Do you have a fashion icon that inspires you? Is Gena Rowlands a fashion icon? I admire her. Acting is certainly not your normal 9-5 job. A well-rounded person should have after work interests that motivate their inner world to thrive. What are yours? I’d like to learn French, I love swimming in the ocean, and traveling to different parts of the world (that is if I am fortunate enough), to see how people live and how a city functions. I LOVE New York City because of its energy, the people, life, culture, love, food, humanity. It’s so different from my home in Los Angeles, yet I live like a New Yorker here. I walk or ride my bike everywhere. I’m in the minority, walking the streets of LA.

Photographer : Nelson Blanton Stylehouse Productions Inc. Hairstylist : Steve Manson Make up : Kristee Liu Stylist : Charity Baker & Vanessa Perez Stylehouse Productions Inc. Assist: Robert Katrikh

Dress: Rings,earring and belt: Shoes:

Parker Vintage Luchiny



Pantsuit Pink Basis Shoes BCBG Earrings Aldo Ring H&M

What would you like to achieve in the next 10 years?  Could you have pictured yourself where you are now 10 years ago? I couldn’t have pictured myself where I am now, 10 years ago. I just hope to be healthy, happy, full of love to give, and hopefully continue to act because there is so much I want to do.

Are you caught up in the grasp of social media? If so, tell us your favorite outlet. Twitter, follow me! @AngelaSarafyan

Photographer : Nelson Blanton Stylehouse Productions Inc. Hairstylist : Steve Manson Make up : Kristee Liu Stylist : Charity Baker & Vanessa Perez Stylehouse Productions Inc. Assist: Robert Katrikh



Dress Bracelet and Ring Shoes

Val Stefani Sazingg Luchiny

The streets of New York City are swarmed with internationally diverse food. Elucid Magazine’s crew loves to embark on tasty adventures! Dish on your top 3 favorite places to chow down. Eataly is one of my favorite places to go to in NYC, for the chocolate, the coffee and the cheese. I love going to the Library and Bryant Park, to sit and watch old films in the summer, or read books in that beautiful library. I love walking in the village, all the way to NYU near Washington Square Park, and getting yogurt at Yogorino on Bleecker Street. Did I mention I love that city? I can’t wait to visit soon.

What is your next big project you are excited to tell us about ? I worked on a film called “The Immigrant,” and it was shot in NYC, with some very talented people. I think the film will be out hopefully at the end of this year, or early next year. Interviewed by: Amber Sweet









ISSN 2329-6399

COVER Vintage pantsuit and earrings provided by Moksha Seattle Ring: Confection Jewels Shoes: Steve Madden


Twitter @ AngelaSarafyan

Managing your mood with YOGA The practice of yoga is much more than the postures, called asana, or even the breathing exercises, called pranayama, that most yoga schools teach. There is a rich, nearly 5000 year-old tradition of yoga that does not even include most of the postures we learn in our various yoga classes. The ancient yogis understood that emotional and mental wellbeing were possible through yoga practices that did not require a mat, blocks, straps, eye pillows, or even cushions. These practices are simple to learn and within moments can help you break through whatever mood clouds have rolled in to obscure your happiness and ease. New evidence shows that certain techniques like chanting “OM” stimulate vagal nerve activity, which calms you down by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and deactivating the over-stimulated limbic (emotional) brain. Take Joy Bennett, for example, a yoga therapist in Southern Massachusetts, who spent a large part of her life struggling with a genetic pre-disposition to depression, and “like many of my relatives,” she says, “I also happen to be wired for anxiety.” After years of emotional upheaval, discovering yoga in her 40’s brought her “out of the brain fog and tears.” Later, in her 50’s, Joy began experiencing panic attacks she associates with the hormonal changes of menopause. “I was a yoga teacher by this time. I wasn’t supposed to feel this way!” Joy added what she was learning in her training as a LifeForce Yoga Practitioner to her daily practice. She added the daily practice of the LifeForce Yoga Chakra Clearing Meditation (LFYCCM) to her routine, which incorporates a breathing practice called Bee Breath, mantra tones and hand gestures called mudras. “I kept up with the chakra-clearing consistently—in the shower, no less! Between the steam, the breathing and the sounding, I was feeling mighty clear when I toweled down and started my day feeling focused and fresh!”

Photographer : Model : Stylist : Wardrobe : Jewelry : Make up :

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For most of us, beginning a meditation practice reveals how unfocused and unnecessary many of our thoughts can be. We want to reap all those great benefits researchers tell us are the likely result of a daily meditation practice — a thickened right cerebral cortex, lowered blood pressure, a decrease in cortisol, decreased feelings of anxiety and depression—but we’re soon frustrated by our mind’s unwillingness to go along with the program. For people like Joy who are suffering from mood disorders, meditation can be especially difficult, because depression is often accompanied by a lot of negative self-talk. Joy gained a sense of mastery over her over-wrought emotions with the LFYCCM, which is one of a number of more active meditation techniques that can help even the most agitated and ruminative mind settle down. Think of it as offering your rambunctious puppy a bone to gnaw on, so that you can have a few minutes of peace. [The LifeForce Yoga Chakra Clearing Meditation is among many yoga practices for mood management that can be found at www.yogafordepression.com.]

Amy Weintraub E-RYT, MFA directs the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, which trains yoga and health professionals internationally, and the author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists. The LifeForce Yoga protocol is used by health care providers worldwide. She is involved in ongoing research on the effects of yoga on mood. www.yogafordepression.com


Practice 3 rounds of a modified Bee Breath (Brahmari) on exhale only to calm the sympathetic nervous system A: B. C.

Constrict the glottis at the back of your throat by drawing the base of the tongue back and slightly tilting the chin. Your lips are closed throughout the practice. Inhale through the nostrils. Exhale slowly through the nostrils, making a deep buzzing sound in your throat like a bee. With the lips closed, your bee will sound like an entire hive. You will feel the buzzing-like vibration in your throat.

2. Practice the Bija mantras above from the back of the throat, emphasizing the consonant. One long consonant on one long breath, closing the consonant with “mmm.” EX: For the first chakra, pronounce “Lum” as Llllllllllllllllummm. 3.

Lift arms over head, creating an open channel. Practice 3x, using one long breath to chant through all the tones.

4. Inhale arms over hear, interlacing fingers with index extended. Hold the breath. On exhale with “Ng” sound, float your arms down, palms open on your knees. 5. Upon completion, sit observing the effects. You may sit for as long as you wish in meditation, observing the breath or using your own meditation technique.



LifeForce Yoga速 Chakra Clearing Meditation ~ Energizing Chakra


Chakra One Muladhara Lum (Base of red spine)

Mudra Hasta Mudra 1 Link the two little fingers together close to the base of the spine and pull.

Chakra Two

Vum orange

Hasta Mudra 2 Link the two ring fingers in front of the low abdomen and pull.

Chakra Three Manipura (Solar plexus)

Rum yellow

Hasta Mudra 3 Link the two middle fingers in front of the solar plexus and pull.

Yum green

Dove (Kaputa) Mudra Palms together as in prayer. Keep the base of the palms and the tips of the fingers together but cup the palms.

Chakra Four Anahata (Heart)

Chakra Five Vissudha (Throat)

Hum blue

Chakra Six Ajna (Third Eye)

Om violet

Chakra Seven Sahasrara (Crown of head)

Nnng white

Lotus (Padma) Mudra Bring the hands together as in prayer, hovering in front of the throat. Keep the base of the palms, the little fingers and the thumbs together. Open all the other fingers wide like petals. Kali Mudra Clasp your hands together with hands cupped, hovering close to forehead without touching, and with your index finger extended forward horizontally. Elbows out to the sides. Kali Mudra Clasp your hands together hovering above your crown with hands cupped, and extend your index finger vertically. Elbows out to the sides.

Written by: Amy Weintraub



Designer Yelena Mna M.Y. Accessories myaccessories.CO Manhattan, NY

WL International For more information, please contact 516.308.6029

MINDFULL EATING MARATHON Photographer : Designer : Stylist: Hairstylist: MUA: Models:



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very summer, Dr. Susan Albers, a clinical psychologist and author of five books on mindful eating gears people up to train for a marathon. No, it’s not the NYC marathon. Instead, it is what she calls a Mindful Eating Marathon—26 days of mindful eating. In her philosophy, healthy eating is a marathon not a sprint. If you’ve engaged in dieting, you know what she means. Dieters get motivated for a day a two, restrict what they eat and then get tired and stop.

Mindful eating is not a diet. There are no menus or recipes. It’s about changing the way you eat instead of what you eat for the long run. We all have mindless eating habits. Whether it is sitting on the couch mindlessly popping potato chips into your mouth or eating at noon whether you are hungry or not. In Dr. Susan Albers’ opinion, “we become very disconnected from ourselves and our bodies. Many of my clients have no idea when they are genuinely hungry and when they are full. This approach teaches them to be in tune with their bodies and enjoy food again and stop emotional eating.”

If you want to try a mindful eating marathon, here are tips--try one each day and master it. It may just be your first steps toward managing your weight, eating better, stop stress eating and living more mindfully. 1) Take mindful bites. Eat like a gourmet. Smell, touch and savor each bite. We often are thinking about the next bite before really finishing the one that we have. Enjoy this bite one before moving onto the next.

4) Don’t multitask while you eat. You lose touch with how much you are eating. When you eat, just eat—let that be your motto. Put down your book. Push away your computer keyboard. Focus on just driving.

7) Eat foods with fiber to help regulate your blood sugar levels. Whole wheat foods such as oatmeal , corn, beans, brown rice etc. Fiber is also filling which helps you to hear your fullness cues more accurately.

2) Sit down. Avoid eating standing up, walking or nibbling in front of the fridge. It’s easy to lose track of how much you eat when you are on your feet.

5) Turn off the TV. Research indicates that TV significantly prompts mindless eating (by approximately 14%).

8) Put your fork down between bites. Slowing down helps you to eat more mindfully.

3) Dine. Use a real plate. A fork can feel like a luxury in our fast food culture. A nice plate makes your meal feel special and encourages you to take your time.

6) Move mindfully. Yoga is clinically proven to help people become more mindful eaters. Walking 20 minutes also help reduce cravings (particularly those for chocolate research indicates).

9) Eat with your nondominate hand (this can reduce how much you eat by 30%). It breaks up autopilot eating and the automatic hand to mouth flow of eating.



10) Take a drink of water between bites. Starting a meal with a bowl of soup or a glass of water has been shown to help people eat less at meals (begins to stimulate fullness cues). 11) Ask yourself on a scale from 1-10 how hungry are you before you eat. This can help reduce emotional eating. 12) Take a deep breath before eating to help bring your mind back to the present moment. It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts while eating. Be physically and mentally present while you eat. 13) Say a prayer or quote expressing gratitude before you eat. This shifts you into a mindful mindset before consuming food. 14) Compassionate words help you to eat more mindfully instead of self-criticism (how dumb could I be for eating that!). Criticism shuts down our thinking, self-compassion (it’s okay, I’ll do better next time) has been clinically proven to make us work harder and better. 15) Stay hydrated. Thirst can masquerade as hunger.


16) Get more sleep. Sleep loss can skew your appetite and fullness cues making you feel hungrier. 6-9 hours is optimal. 17) Mindfully answer cravings rather than fighting them off. Research indicates trying to ignore them makes the cravings stronger. Acknowledge the craving. Be curious about it (where did that craving for chocolate come from). Ask yourself how you can satisfy it mindfully. 18) Eat your favorite food last. Our memories encode the last bit of the best. You are less likely to reach for a treat later if you have a strong memory of enjoying your last bite. 19) Use distraction to help allow time to pass before eating. Set your timer for five minutes if you suspect emotional eating may be creeping up. The best distraction are things that keep you out of the kitchen and is incompatable with eating (in other words you can’t do it at the same time like taking a bath and eating). Try cleaning out a drawer, puzzle, knitting (visual spatial tasks engage your mind well) and


20) Mindfully cook. Cooking makes you appreciate food more and gives you more control over your portion sizes. Even stirring can be meditative if you allow it to be. Make cooking is an art and a gift rather than a neusance. It doesn’t have to be complex, three ingredients counts as cooking). 21) Plan for tomorrow. Get what you need for tomorrow ready today. We eat what we have. Always leave the house with one snack. 22) Location! Place healthy foods in an easy to see location and unhealthy foods out of sight. 23) Try new foods. Get out of mindless eating ruts. 24) Be mindful of your dining companions. People tend to unconsciously eat in tandem with their significant others, friends and family. Intentionally eat at a different pace. 25) Work on doing what you already do well even better instead of trying to change what you struggle with. Healthy habits sometimes naturally change the unhealthy ones with little effort (little room left for them!)

26) Focus on nourishing foods, those that give you more bang for the buck rather than empty calories 26.2) Write encouraging reminders to eat mindfully on your calendar to keep your mindful eating going. Try “Mindful Mondays” or join with a friend to do a 1/2 mindful eating marathon. Written by : Dr. Susan Albers.

26.2 roads to success Photographer : Designer : Stylist: Hairstylist: MUA: Models:

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Diego Alejandro Design Interior DĂŠsign | DiseĂąo de Interiores

+ PROFILE Trained as an architect, Diego now focuses on residential interiors. His style may be loosely defined as modern and urban, yet always fluid and not constrained by one aesthetic.

Photography by Elk Studios.

DiegoAlejandroDesign.com drincon@diegoalejandrodesign.com T 347.819.1919 | 22 W. 21st Street, 8th Floor | New York, NY 10010

Visit Online : www.gkcosmetics.bigcartel.com

Interview JEN THE PEN Where did you grow up? I was born in Brooklyn, but the majority of my life was spent growing up in Staten Island. What is your # 1 motivation? Now that I’m a mother I would automatically say Caiden, before Caiden my motivation was the idea of one day coming into people’s lives whether it was via radio or some form of television. How was your nick name “The Pen” coined? Jen the Pen was born in 2005 when I appeared on Dame Dash’s reality show “The Ultimate Hustler” . During filming he said I literally wrote everything down, and that he was gonna call me “Jen the Pen”


Does media pressure ever cause you to rethink your dream of becoming a renowned radio personality? Absolutely not. I believe I’m a completely grounded person , I know where I stand and I know where I am headed. If not media, what other career would you pursue? Entertainment had been my dream since I was a little girl ( running around my dads house pretending to be a talk show host while he recorded me with his 1985 video recorder) Entertainment has always been the pursuit. What projects are you currently working on? My swap and shop events throughout NYC, more television opportunities and I would honestly love to team up with a baby product line in the near future.


Photographer : Lead Stylist: Stylist: Hairstylist: MUA:

Alex Borghi Fatiah Rebbekkah Jewell Tracey Tony Motta Letycia

Fuchsia Dress: Studed Collar:

H&M Created by Fortune

How do you handle the expectation of remaining fashion forward while being a mom? Now that’s pressure! Haha! I love to get dressed , I love Accesories , so when it matters I make sure I am on point style wise, but lets be honest when I’m running around the park after my toddler I’m your average mommy , with a good watch on and stackable bracelets haha, I don’t leave home without those pieces on

Who’s your favorite designer? I love Stella McCartney, Derek Lam, Theory, Alexander Wang, Cushnie Et Ochs, but trust me when I say I am a forever 21 and TopShop kind of girl as well. I believe it’s not always about labels but about the style that cos from within.

What items of makeup do you refuse to leave your house without wearing? Bronzed and My signature color of St. Germaine by MAC

Is it true that you are the ultimate definition of a home body? Definitely! I love being home! I’m a cancer we love to be in our shells!!

How important is the phrase “to thyself be true” to you & why? I live by it! My mom taught me from a very young age to always follow your heart no matter where it takes you... I lived my entire adult life by that notion.

Interview by : Nastassia Murray

Fuchsia Dress: Studed Collar:


H&M Created by Fortune


Jen The Pen Photographer : Lead Stylist: Stylist: Hairstylist: MUA:

Alex Borghi Fatiah Rebbekkah Jewell Tracey Tony Motta Letycia

Dress: Bracelet:

www.muehleder.com Jacob Taylor Brand

Independent Marketing Reps for an established San Diego Fitness and Nutrition company needed now across New York City, ahead of a US launch occurring early 2014. Across New York City, ahead of a USA Launch, occurring early 2014. All training is provided online at no cost to you. Please listen to a 2-minute pre-recorded overview at 618-355-1511 AVAILABLE 24/7, THEN ENROLL FOR FREE AT www.hugesuccess.net


BIBI MCGILL Rockstar unleased

What´s been your experience as an allfemale band member?
 Hmmmm? It’s been extremely powerful and inspiring, not only to young girls and women but to young men and men and people from
all different walks of life. It’s been incredibly powerful and inspiring for me as well. The energy coming off the stage with women behind
the instruments is different and refreshing from what we’ve been told. It’s not so much ego based but is comes more from the heart. 
 Working with top stars such as Beyoncé and Pink sure have been amazing achievements. How did it all start? I started playing guitar when I was 12 and studied music for 4 1/2 years at the University of Colorado in Denver.
My family always supported me playing music. After getting my Bachelors of Science in Music: Scoring and Arranging,
I moved to Los Angeles where I worked really hard for many years. Finally in 2001 I got the gig with Pink. After Pink
I toured with Paulina Rubio and La Ley. In 2006 I got the gig with Beyonce and have been with her ever since.



Do you think female rock artists still have to “prove themselves to the world” more than their male colleagues?
 Hmmm? I don’t think you can clump all female artists or musicians together. Some may need to prove themselves more than others.
For me personally I don’t feel that way. I’m not here for anyone’s approval. I just do the best I can and try to enjoy my life.
 How do you prepare, mentally and physically, before a show?
 Before a tour like this you definitely have to psych yourself up. Being on the road is extremely challenging and demanding and you have to get
your head prepared for it. As well you have to get your energy up and your overall health strong. I do as much yoga as I can before and during 
tour. I also take a lot of superfoods and supplements to keep the vibes high!!! It’s not always easy but I do the best I can. I don’t get too
hard on myself when I’m not able to make the healthiest choses do to circumstances. You are always promoting a balanced, healthy life. How do you balance all your hats, as a rockstar, yoga instructor, entrepreneur and the other projects you have under your sleeve? How do you find the time to do it all?
 Like I said, I do the best I can. I honestly don’t know how I juggle so many hats at a time. I just stay focused and do what needs to be done in that
moment and when that task is checked off, I move on to the next you. You have to be disciplined and present. You have to have a good
work ethic and integrity. Being lazy and expecting things to just come to you will get you know where. You have to set your intentions and
follow thru with actions until you get to where you want to be.
 How does your yoga practice influence your performance onstage?
 It’s good to move your body and be active. On tours in the past I’ve done yoga every single day. On this tour I’ve brought a fold up
bicycle with me and I ride it everyday. I only do yoga a couple times a week. What’s most Bibi important is that I make time for myself
to have my own energetic space which is the most important. This can be called meditation or grounding which are both Yogic practices.
Being around a lot of people all the time, you absorb some of their energy. You need to make time to let some of that energy fall off and get back to Self. 
When I ground down and empty myself of energy build up, this allows me be be a clear vessel for new fresh energy to be channeled thru my music
to those who are open and available to receive.

Is it difficult to be a super energetic guitarist one day, and a calm yogi the next one?
 For me it is more automatic. After being on stage and performing I have to decompress and bring it down.
I like to allow as much peace as I can in my life. It is not a good feeling to have to be “up” or “on” all the time.
This is why during my breaks I go away and spend a lot of time alone in nature, whether it be the beach,
the mountains, the desert or the forest.



Tell us something our readers would never guess about you.
 I’m human just like everyone else and I feel. I’m not to be put up on a pedestal as someone who should be looked up to.
I fall down and make mistakes just like everyone and this “showbiz” life is not as glamorous as you may think. I AM NOT RICH
except in Truth and Integrity. I still have much room to grow!!! What are the things that define you to your very core?
 Living a life of Integrity and Authenticity with the intention to grow and evolve consistently.
 Who are your biggest inspirations, both in and out of the rock scene? 
 Randy Rhoads from Ozzy Osbourne, my family and The Divine within....I AM.
 What´s your typical day like when you´re not on tour?
 It changes based on the dynamics of the day. I like to hang with my dog, family and very few friends. I do a lot of yoga
when I’m not touring and like to kayak, camp, do nature walks and be by the water as well. I love my new hobby DJ’ing
and I like to be around like minded people who gather as community to share enlightening ways of living and being.
 When did you start defining your personal style, with your tattoos, the afro, accessories, etc.? How did you do it? Do you have any favorite designers?
 I started doing this when I was born. I’ve always had my own style and my parents encouraged or at least allowed it. Got my first tattoo when I was 18.
 You once said that being black has actually helped your career, because it gives you the advantage of being “different”. What would you tell someone who may have a hard time accepting who they are, or a particular aspect of their appearance?
 I’m not sure I said being black made me different but being African American has not really hurt me when it comes to my success in life.
I think it is “the whole package” of who I am that makes me different. I would encourage everyone to embrace the things that make them
different instead of trying to be like others. It’s ok to be inspired by things that others are great at but, be yourself. Be Authentic. What´s been your most memorable performance so far, and why?
 Hmmmmm? Too many to recall. I try to stay present and not live in the past.
 How do you unwind after being on tour for a long time?
 I answered this above.
 You seem to be very passionate about everything you do. What would you say to someone who´s struggling between “making a living” and following her dreams?
 Follow your dreams, especially if you can honestly say the serve the Highest Good of ALL. If you do this, you are more likely to make a living doing what your love.

What other interests or hobbies do you have?
 Nature, Animals, Peace and seeking Higher Consciousness
 Tell us about your future plans like becoming a DJ, expand Bibi Kale Chips, and any others you have.
 I DJ now because I love it. I have no desire to be the best DJ in the world or compete with a lot of the great DJ’s out there.
I have my niche which is throwing my own DJ events which are substance free....no alcohol or drugs. All ages of people are
welcome and I take people on a short journey thru dance, movement, connecting with the heart and healing.
 As for Bibi KALE Chips and Bibi Food Enterprises, I’m always looking to connect with like minded people to would like to support me in making
BKC and my other high vibrational foods available to the World so we can all heal and expand on our quality of life and happiness.
 Interview by: Gabi Desand



Lady M has recently opened its third location at 36 West 40th Street next to the Bryant Park Hotel. Rated a 29 out of 30 on Zagat, Lady M Confections prides itself on creating the freshest and finest cakes and confectionary delights. Lady M cakes are hand-made following recipes that have been refined over the years to provide the highest quality in taste and appearance. The special care and attention in creating Lady M cakes has led to a loyal following. The Bryant Park location is exclusively serving a new Green Tea Éclair.


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Studded Turban Jewelry Halter Crop Top Tye Dye Wide Leg Pants Shoes

Created by Fortune Tuleste Samantha Black Karens Closet NYC karensclosetny.com Qupid karensclosetny.com



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The Fashion Find Sequin Crop Top Shoes Earings

Samantha Black Princess London Tuleste



Fantacy girl

Photographer : Designer : Jewelry Designer: Model : Make up : Hair : Stylist :

Oz Millennia Jhony Calderon Samantha Cham Olga Kunina Neenee Salfelder Dill Lanita Lola Lewis Danielle Sosalski

High profile

Photographer : Designer : Jewelry Designer: Model : Make up : Hair : Stylist :

Oz Millennia Jhony Calderon Samantha Cham Olga Kunina Neenee Salfelder Dill Lanita Lola Lewis Danielle Sosalski

Designer : Photographer : Model : Make up : Hair : Stylist : Jewelry Designer:

A fine romance

Jhony Calderon Oz Millennia Katelyn O’Donnell @Spike Models Neenee Salfelder Dill Lanita Lola Lewis Danielle Sosalski Samantha Cham

Designer : Photographer : Model : Make up : Hair : Stylist : Jewelry Designer:

Jhony Calderon Oz Millennia Katelyn O’Donnell @Spike Models Neenee Salfelder Dill Lanita Lola Lewis Danielle Sosalski Samantha Cham

Fairly lady

Nina Davuluri