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A New Educational Paradigm

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NO WALLS The “divide” between teacher and student is decreasing and blurring. Technology allows for both access to knowledge and delivery of that knowledge. There is no longer a “gatekeeper” in front of the house of knowledge. The classroom no longer has 4 walls. People do not need to enter and leave at set times. We are free to learn to the beat of our own drummer.

Learning is natural. Every student is always learning. But WHAT are they learning? Why not our curriculum?

The Digital Divide

What is Web 2.0?

Here are my recommended student / teacher websites for language education. All are beneficial to both instruction and learning, either alone or together.

Click on any picture to go to examples/sites

Voicethread: Speak and Share.

Discuss it online AND practice English

Post it notes for learning/sharing

Akinator will guess who!

Competitive Pictionary!

Make an online quiz easily!

Download the generator!

Test your vocabulary – help others!

Aid to Children (lower level)

Alice wants to talk to you!

Record a video postcard. It is so easy!

Make a comic, Print a comic Share a comic, Read a comic

iSpeech – give text a voice!

Download Deskbot and your computer speaks!

VOKI – make a talking character!

Anything made into text message!

English Tutor

Learn Online All levels in one place.

Click and Learn – All levels

Mingoville – Children love it!

Make mini courses. A little a day works wonders!

A free place to teach / learn Social Networks for classrooms

No online classroom? – try this.

Record your voice – get a grade! Track students / track learning.

Teacher’s area Demo

Videos with subtitles and quizzes!

Real English – videos and text.

How to videos – teach / learn something AND learn English

Create a Project Peace Video

Use Current Events! Practice and check your answers‌..

Inspiring speakers (subtitled)

Make a webpage instantly!

Get creative – make and share posters with others!

Karaoke – learn naturally. Sing!

Video Examples

Make a youtube playlist – share it!

Spoken Verse – Poetry alive!

Make flashcards, practice, play!

A picture speaks one word.

Wordle / Tagxdo Bring your vocab to life!

Visual Dictionary One word = a thousand pictures

Give words their context!

Video Vocabulary and Quizzes

Visualize the text so you can understand it!

Put on your page and every word is explained!

Students can blog!

Online Diaries for teachers and students to share

Many people writing making one document! Simple Google Docs.

Edit online and see the changed versions! We learn by our mistakes!

Learn / Teach online!

Draw / Write and Present!

Record your screen. Explain, share and present!

StorybirdMake stories and share, inspire!

Books that speak! Download too!

Make cartoon videos in English! Animate the textbook!

Perfect for making dialogues come alive!

All the tools for learning and teaching – in one spot!

Ask a question Get an answer Learn English Learn about each other

Bookmarking – share your links

Connect with like minds!

Highly Recommended eteachers!

Can you be a 21st century teacher?

Learning 2.0


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