April/May 2017

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• NCH Europe a lancé le produit Chelade pour l’élimination de rouille et la prévention de la corrosion. • Le spécialiste en logiciel TemplaCMS a lancé le Roster Manager pour aider les entreprises de propreté à gérer les vacances et les couvertures. • Le Claro est un nouveau purificateur d’air produit par Signature Aromas pour détruire les bactéries et virus. • Le nouveau système HydroPower RO de la société Unger est capable de déminéraliser 400 litres d’eau à l’heure par un procédé en trois étapes. • VTVe est le nouvel aspirateur compact à cuve signé Truvox, destiné aux spécialistes de la propreté. • Staffcheck a ajouté une nouvelle fonction à son application mobile de localisation des employés.

• NCH Europe hat Chelade zum Entfernen von Rost und Schutz gegen zukünftige Korrosion vorgestellt. • Software-Spezialist TemplaCMS hat Roster Manager vorgestellt, das konzipiert wurde, um Reinigungsunternehmen bei der Verwaltung von Urlaub und Urlaubsvertretung der Mitarbeiter zu helfen. • Neu von Signature Aromas ist Claro, eine Luftreinigungseinheit, die zur Vernichtung von Bakterien und Viren konzipiert wurde. • Das neue HydroPower ROSystem von Unger entmineralisiert bis zu 400 Liter Wasser pro Stunde in einem dreistufigen Verfahren. • Beim VTVe handelt es sich um den neuen kompakten Bodenstaubsauger von Truvox, der für Vertragsreiniger entwickelt wurde. • Staffcheck hat seiner mobilen App eine neue Funktion hinzugefügt, mit der geprüft werden kann, dass Mitarbeiter wirklich da sind, wo sie sich nach eigenen Angaben befinden.

• La NCH Europe ha lanciato il prodotto Chelade per la rimozione della ruggine e per la protezione contro la corrosione futura. • La TemplaCMS, specializzata in software, ha lanciato Roster Manager, progettato per aiutare le imprese di pulizia a gestire le ferie del personale e le sostituzioni. • Il nuovo prodotto della Signature Aromas è Claro, un’unità di purificazione dell’aria progettata per distruggere i batteri e i virus. • Il nuovo sistema HydroPower RO della Unger demineralizza fino a 400 litri di acqua all’ora mediante un procedimento a tre fasi. • VTVe è il nuovo aspirapolvere compatto a cilindro prodotto dalla Truvox e sviluppato per le pulizie professionali a contratto. • La Staffcheck ha aggiunto una nuova funzione alla sua applicazione mobile che controlla che il personale sia esattamente dove dichiara di essere.

April/May 2017 | ECJ | 72

Rust remover Water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched Chelade, a chelating agent designed to simplify rust removal. This can be applied directly to rust-coated surfaces, which eliminates the need for scraping or sandblasts. It also protects against future corrosion.

NCH Europe says chelating agents offer a more surfacefriendly approach to corrosion control - others contain an acidic composition that can cause damage. Chelade is a water-based polymeric rust converter that can be painted on directly without pre-treatment as it encapsulates and dissolves rust, converting it into a heavyduty primer. www.ncheurope.com

Manage holidays Roster Manager is a new feature that sits over the real-time time sheets of TemplaCMS Pay software and links dynamically through to them in order to enable operations managers to manage staff holiday and cover. The system boasts touch-ofa-button visibility, in the form of a colour-coded time line, of currently planned holidays or other absence. To update absence on the time line and arrange cover there is a simple click-and-drag feature. And once a change to a roster is confirmed any affected time sheet in a current or future pay period is automatically updated. www.templacms.co.uk

Kills germs New from Signature Aromas is Claro, an air-purifying unit that is said to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses within seconds. The rocket-shaped unit can be placed on a floor or table where it will constantly detect for

VOCs, gases or particles in the atmosphere. Available in a white or black housing, Claro displays a green light when the air is clear and this turns red when harmful particles are detected. Managing director Brian Chappell explained: “At the moment it simply purifies the air but we want to incorporate a fragrance by means of water filtration. The fragrance to be incorporated will be either Summer Orange or Green Apple. The unit destroys bacteria and viruses via an internal plate that is heated to 250 degrees centigrade. It has a sleep mode for quieter operation in noisesensitive environments. www.signaturearomas.co.uk

Remember to submit your entry to ECJ’s European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards deadline July 20. Visit echawards.com

Pure water

when it is in use and guarantees the user has access to pure water at all times. The condition and performance status of all filter components are shown on the display. A traffic light display provides information about when the filter cartridges must be replaced. An automatic flushing function is performed each time the HydroPower RO is turned on and off, which improves efficiency and contributes towards extending the service life of the filter components. www.ungerglobal.com

Compact tub

New from Truvox International is the compact tub vacuum VTVe, said to be light and highly manoeuvrable with a weight of six kg. It uses standard 32 mm vacuum consumables and offers an A energy rating. High filtration – using a four-stage HEPA 13 filter – ensures particles of 0.3 microns and larger are trapped. Capacity is 11.5 litre. Crevice and brush tools are stored at the back of the machine, and there’s a tidy cable wrap at the top of the unit to prevent tangling. www.truvox.com

Locate cleaners Unger has expanded its pure water cleaning range with the new HydroPower RO, which boasts powerful performance capacity and an electronic assistance system. Capacity is up to 400 litres per hour and the device can be used by up to three people at the same time. Unger says this unit is also particularly user-friendly. The HydroPower RO is equipped with an electronic assistance system called RO Smartguard which monitors the performance of the filter system

Staffcheck has added a function to its mobile application that checks whether cleaning staff are where they say they are. Managers can now track their staff through geofencing. This means they can pinpoint exactly where staff have logged in rather than merely in the vicinity. The new function also enables managers to better protect their staff. For example if there is a fire and the alarm goes off, they check accurately whether or not the cleaner has logged out. staffcheck.com