April/May 2017

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• Fab 30 est un écran antiéclaboussures parfumé pour urinoirs, mis au point par FDT. • Unicorn Hygienics affirme que sa gamme de produits vise la cohérence des fragrances, l’élégance de la finition, et l’intelligence pour la vente de produits. • Excel Dryer souligne que son sèche-mains grande vitesse Xlerator est aussi hygiénique que les autres méthodes de séchage des mains. • Bei Fab 30, entwickelt von FDT, handelt es sich um eine deodorierende Urinaleinlage, die ein Zurückspritzen verhindert. • Unicorn Hygienics teilt mit, dass seine Produktreihe unter Berücksichtigung der Ziele beständige Beduftung, elegantes Finish und intelligente Spenderlösungen zu bieten konzipiert wurde. • Excel Dryer betont, dass sein Hochgeschwindigkeits-Handtrockner Xlerator ebenso hygienisch ist wie andere Arten des Händetrocknens. • Fab 30 è uno schermo anti-schizzi per gli urinatoi sviluppato dalla FDT. • La Unicorn Hygienics afferma che la sua gamma di prodotti è progettata per offrire uniformità di fragranza, finiture di classe e soluzioni intelligenti di erogazione. • La Excel Dryer afferma che il suo asciugamani ad alta velocità Xlerator è igienico come altri metodi di asciugatura delle mani.

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Fab scent

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Fab 30 is an anti splash back 30 days fragrance screen for use in urinals. Its flexible design, says manufacturer Fragrance Delivery Technologies (FDT), makes it easy to install in urinals of any shape or size. The mesh design with angled grooves eliminates splash-back and keeps the urinal area clean while the screen also provides drain protection by trapping debris. Each screen is packed individually with a protective glove for simple replacement. Fab 30 screens are impregnated with fragrances incorporating Neutra-lox malodour eliminator, a proprietary odour neutralising agent that eliminates bad odours. Ten fragrances are available. www.oxygenpowered.com

Excel Dryer says it is committed to providing hygienic, energyefficient hand drying solutions with its Xlerator hand dryer. This patented unit uses a focused, high-velocity, heated stream of air to dry hands quickly. Optional accessories include the new HEPA filtration system, which can also be retrofitted to existing dryers.

Intelligent Unicorn Hygienics says its washroom range is designed to

provide fragrance consistency, stylish finishes and intelligent vending solutions. Intensifying and matching the perfume of dispensers is possible with the company’s urinal mats, cleaner and deodoriser and air freshener systems, with all refills being available in the same 13 fragrances. And all dispensers, including vending machines, are available in the same finishes to create a positive visual impact. Unicorn’s washroom vending machines dispense products including tampons, sanitary towels, paracetemol and deodorant. www.unicorn-hygienics.com

Xlerator features a hands-under design for touchfree drying. www.exceldryer.com

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