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Unleash Innovation for Wild Results magazine . Issue 3 . NOVEMBER 2014


You deserve to live a life that totally excites you

How I help

my clients

to manifest their dream

Once my clients are clear on what they want, I then teach them how to manifest it into their lives



We all have a message to share, a message as unique as ourselves, based on our own personal strengths and experiences

Creating a Loving

Supportive Space to

Thrive In

Christine Marmoy Your Best Seller Publisher



CHRISTINE Christine Marmoy

Today is a special day…a day where ‘Manifesting’ takes on its full meaning. I launched the first Women’s Edge Magazine a few years ago as the manifestation of a long awaited overdue dream. Today, I’m so proud to see that my dream serves as a platform to showcase several women who walk their talk and are able to manifest their dreams on a daily basis. As you read what they do, you’ll come to the understanding that the power of manifesting is not the panacea of one technique but the combination of several that when working together can propel you beyond your wildest dream. I was very fortunate to speak with every one of these powerful women, and I can bear witness to the fact that they have gone through quite a few hardships. Yet, lo and behold, they arrived on the other side enriched with wisdom and secrets that only the ones who walked the path can fully appreciate with regard to the amount of pain and the depth of the work that actually took place. Manifesting is not an ability reserved for a few privileged people, it is a skill that we are born with, but one that most of us have forgotten. Today’s Women’s Edge Magazine issue is about dissipating the doubts and giving you the opportunity to stand up for what you believe in and take responsibility to do whatever it takes to achieve all your dreams. If there is one thing I’m certain of, it is that all our dreams are meant to transcend our being to materialize into our reality; this is the reason we took on a human form to begin with. Our work into this realm is to remember and to create the life we decided we would have when we signed up to come back! If you are serious about manifesting the life you know deep down you should be living, then this issue is for you! Read it all, then go back to it as often as you like, then contact these experts… To your Successful Manifestation.



What’s in THIS issue? Women’s Edge Stories Share!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Noni Boon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Creating a Loving, Supportive Space to Thrive In. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lisa Nesser. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 How I Help my Clients to Manifest Their Dream Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patricia LeBlanc . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Tough Talk Network Helping with Growth and Visibility. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wendy Gambone. . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Where Words are Art. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Laurie Crookell . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Is Your Life’s Calling Calling You. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michelle Barr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Finding a Life of Inner Peace, Balance and Happiness is Possible. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Katrina Cavanough. . . . . . . . . 13 Paving the Way for Mothers to Step into Their Dreams. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Erica Gordon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Beyond Belief!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christine Marmoy. . . . . . . . . . 17 Speak in a Bold Way. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kim Boudreau Smith . . . . . . . 21 Create Abundance Sharing Your Gifts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Zahra Efan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Out of the Darkness Comes Light. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Polly Hadfield. . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Do You Choose the Blue Door or the Red One?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lisa Fitzpatrick . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Craniosacral and Myofascial. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barbara Boxwell . . . . . . . . . . . 29 You’re Part of the Business Revolution (whether you know it or not). . . . . . . . . . . . . Angella Johnson. . . . . . . . . . . . 31 What Are You Making Your Weight Mean?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jessica McCleskey Hood . . . . . 33 What Walks in the Mother Runs in the Child. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Catie Kirke. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Manifesting a Career Out of Passion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jessica Graves. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 With Love and Gratitude. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Adrienne Santana. . . . . . . . . . 39 Being Unapologetically, Authentically You. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Luv Alston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Embracing Your Divine Gifts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lindsey Rainwater. . . . . . . . . . 43 Ensure the Manifestation of Success in Your Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Audrey Woodley . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Enjoy Your Gift – Live Out Loud. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kendra R. Gainey . . . . . . . . . . 47 Time to Say “NO” to Suffering in Silence. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eda Hardy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 A Simple Question; a Practical Answer; a Massive Impact . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nicole van Hattem. . . . . . . . . . 51 Become the You, You Want to Be in 5 Easy Steps. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lisa Pattenden. . . . . . . . . . . . . 53

Women’s Edge Resources At Your Fingertips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56

www.coachingandsuccess.com www.coachingandsuccess.com

SHARE! By Noni Boon

My name is Noni Boon. I am a Wellbeing Coach and I improve the lives of women in ways they did not think possible. I wrote SHARE, a course that helps women to find themselves, feel good about themselves, and re-connect with their power, energy, and zest for living. SHARE addresses the ‘whole’ person – mind, body, and spirit. I am passionate about sharing the tools, knowledge, and wisdom I have gathered through working in the fitness industry, studying art, holistic counselling, archetypes, chakras, and positive psychology. Every topic included in SHARE is necessary to know. SHARE takes you through a process of ‘cleaning the slate’, ‘letting go of the past’, and ‘tidying up’ unfinished business. Before you can


go on to create a magical, inspiring life, you first need to remove the blocks and obstacles that have been holding you back. Chances are you don’t even really know what they are. Negativity becomes a subtle part of us and eventually SHARE becomes a way of life. Until addresses you pull back and really look the at yourself on a deep level, ‘whole’ unconscious patterns will person – control your success.

mind, body,

Through completing and spirit SHARE, whether you choose to work one-on-one with me, or subscribe to SHARE on-line and complete the twenty-hour video course, you will acquire everything you need to know to be able to re-create your life. Everybody has at least one thing they really want to change about


‘Everybody has at least one thing they really want to change about themselves or their life.’

and really figure out ‘how’ life works. I have included all of my findings in SHARE and I would love to share everything I know with you to help you grow in ways you never imagined possible.

themselves or their life. Everybody has parts or aspects of themselves that could be improved upon. SHARE is the answer to giving you an easy and complete overhaul and becoming the absolute best version of yourself. You deserve to live a life that totally excites you, fills your heart with passion, and gives you meaning and purpose. You were designed for something great. It is common to go ‘off track’, or lose touch with your authentic self, your higher self, and your source of inspiration. The fun really starts when you re-align yourself, and hone your creative skills. Being an artist has helped me to take an objective look at the world

NONI BOON Noni Boon is a Wellbeing Coach, writer for Nature & Health magazine, international bestselling author, and motivational speaker. Noni thrives on helping women to maximise their potential and empower themselves to live an amazing life. Noni has written a course for women entitled SHARE that helps the ‘whole’ person – mind, body, and spirit. SHARE guarantees improved performance and healthier relationships at work and in life; greater productivity, and an increase in self-love, zest, and vitality.

Resources Click here to learn more about SHARE: www.bidesignco.com/lifePrograms.html




Creating a Loving, Supportive Space to Thrive In By Lisa Nesser My long-standing interest in Eastern religions and culture with all of the seemingly magical rituals have definitely shaped my approach to manifestation in my personal life. My work is essentially an act of respect and adoration for what I hold most valuable in life; freedom,


the arts and communication. I founded Thai Freedom House, a free community learning center for Burmese refugees and minority groups in my tiny rented house in Northern


My work is essentially an act of respect and adoration

Thailand based on an immediate response to a need that I saw was not being met; providing a community space for people who have been torn from their homes and ancestral rights to land. It was all about the space; space to be themselves, speak their language without anyone looking down on them, wear their tribal dress without being shunned or targeted by the police, to celebrate their traditional festivals and eat food that brought back memories of their family and land. I created a safe environment for them to be themselves and watched as community activities flourished, volunteers came from around the world to join in supporting the project and eventually the social enterprise cafe; Free Bird Cafe that I opened to help support Thai Freedom House, became

popular the world over, people being attracted to the space that was created. People; the students themselves, volunteers, interns and visitors are always commenting on what a beautiful, clean, safe, inviting space I have It was all created. The fact is that about the even though we have five space language programs, a Mothers’ Circle project, hospitality vocational trainings, University preparation tutoring, art, yoga, computer skills, local history and drama workshops every week, people are first and foremost impressed by the feeling or energy of the space itself. I truly believe that without intention and concern going into creating the right environment for a project, it cannot thrive. I decided to use this concept of creating space for manifestation in my personal life and identify the key elements to creating a prosperous, thriving space. You can learn more about my technique and how it paid off in my personal and professional life in my contribution to Manifesting in (High) Heels. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you!

LISA NESSER Lisa Nesser is an educator and visionary who has lived in Thailand for the last ten years where she founded Thai Freedom House, a community language and arts learning center for Burmese Refugees and minority groups in Thailand. She also opened the internationally acclaimed social enterprise vegetarian restaurant, Free Bird Café, which aids in supporting the learning center. She strives to be an inspiration for living a life that is truly an emanation of Metta - Universal Love.

Resources Lisa Nesser, Thai Freedom House Founder and Executive Director Website: www.thaifreedomhouse.org Email: lisa@thaifreedomhouse.org FB: facebook.com/thaifreedomhousecm Twitter: @FreeBirdCafe




How I help my clients

to manifest their Dream life

by Patricia LeBlanc Hello, my name is Patricia LeBlanc and I help professional women go from feeling stuck, unhappy, miserable and lost to being happy, unstuck and discovering who they truly are while helping them manifest the life of their dreams. When my clients come to me, the first step we take is to make certain that they are really clear with what they want while remaining true to themselves. If they are not clear or have no idea about what they want, I then help them to discover it. I will run them through a meditation and also give them exercises so that they can discover who they are and what they truly do want. It is very important to be clear on what you want; if not then the Universe will not give it to you. It is as simple as that.


Once my clients are clear on After what they want, I then teach working them how to manifest it into with Mary their lives. I have a stepfor 6 by-step system that I use months, to help my clients manifest and make use of various she knew techniques depending on exactly my clients. I also help my what it was clients to let go of any fears that she or blockages that are holding wanted them back. Since I am trained in Law of Attraction, Life Coaching, Life Optimization Coaching, NLP, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Theta Healing and EFT,


I use a holistic and intuitive approach and personalize my coaching based on my clients’ needs.

Case Study: My VIP client, Mary, (name changed to protect her identity) came to me as she was not able to manifest what she thought she wanted. In reality, she was manifesting what she was thinking about subconsciously. After discovering this, I helped walk her thru a guided meditation where she was able to start discovering what it was that she truly wanted in her professional life, relationships, personal life, and lifestyle. This took several sessions as we covered one topic at a time and then put everything together to make sure it resonated with her. Once Mary discovered what she truly wanted, I went ahead and taught her the steps to manifest it into her life. It took several sessions as she

was completely new at manifesting. During our sessions together, we also discovered that Mary had energy blockages that were holding her back. I did 2 energy It is very sessions on her to help her clear the important to blockages that were be clear on holding her back. what you want;

if not then After working with Mary for 6 months, the Universe she knew exactly will not give what it was that she it to you wanted, knew how to manifest it into her life and was able to overcome a few of her fears. Mary is now truly happy as she is true to herself while living the life of her dreams. Remember that you deserve to live the life of your dreams and that everything is possible if you allow it to be! Happy Manifesting!

PATRICIA LEBLANC Patricia LeBlanc is a Manifesting and Life Optimization Coach, International BestSelling Author and Reiki Master/IET Master Instructor. Using a holistic and intuitive approach, Patricia helps women go from feeling stuck, unhappy, miserable, and lost to being happy, discovering who they are and helping them manifest the life of their dreams. To learn more about Patricia and how she can help you, please visit www.patriciaeleblanc.com Connect with Patricia on Facebook: www.facebook.com/leblancpatricia1

RESOURCES Free Offer: Sign up for Patricia’s complimentary course “How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams” at www.patriciaeleblanc.com/magazine Link for the Ad: www.patriciaeleblanc.com/ manifesting-coaching




Tough Talk Network

Helping with Growth and Visibility by Wendy Gambone Tough Talk Radio Network is a company that was started out of wanting to help others market themselves and their businesses without breaking their banks. My husband, Tony, started doing a blog talk radio show so he could invite business owners, speakers and authors to help promote what they were doing. It was such a passion that it turned into offering a done-foryou service to others who wanted to host their own shows. At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to work; I was a little skeptical about the Internet radio medium. Fortunately for us it is one of the fastest growing media outlets today. Not only


do we get the benefit of helping our guests It was such a Share Their Messages, passion that we also get to help it turned authors, speakers and into offering entrepreneurs become a done-forex-perts and thought leaders by hosting their you service own shows. We’ve had to others hosts who were able to grow their businesses substantially and we had some that went on to do bigger shows and even television. What a


The vision of Tough Talk Business Network is to provide and environment that promotes personal and business growth great feeling it is to know that we were part of such a great journey with them! Here is just part of what one of our hosts had to say: “I want to sincerely thank you for producing the Health Chat Radio Program. This has been one of the most incredible growth experiences of my entire life. Never in a million years did I think I could host a talk program. I’m not a great speaker but I love to learn and explore new information and ideas. Hosting this show most definitely helped with my fear of public speaking. I’ve gained so much more confidence and just the feeling that I can conquer anything. It has helped me grow both personally and professionally. Hosting Health Chat has made me a thought leader in my field, given me more respect professionally which in turn has enhanced my companies bottom line….” And this is why we do what we do!

WENDY GAMBONE Wendy Gambone has been an entrepreneur for more than 15 years. She has owned and operated several businesses in the Katy area. Prior to entrepreneurship, she worked in the casino industry as well as the restaurant industry. Wendy earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and currently runs the day-

Our mission with Tough Talk Radio Network is to help with the growth and visibility of business owners, authors, experts, speakers, trainers, teachers and professionals. We do this with our proven process of Build, Guide and Share. Helping Build a radio brand through logos, commercials and webpages. We Guide with Our mission training on flow, format and follow-up of shows. with Tough Finally, the host gets to Talk Radio Share useful, informative Network content live on air to a is to help large audience of listeners.

with the

Tough Talk has expanded growth and into another area where we vis-ibility think growth and visibility of business are important and that is owners in networking. Last year we started the Tough Talk Business Network to allow people to come together and build relationships and business. The vision of the Tough Talk Business Network is to provide an environment that promotes personal and business growth through education and collaboration. We have been blessed not only to be able to help people grow in their businesses but also to help them grow personally. There is nothing more satisfying than helping others be the best they can be! to-day operations of Tough Talk Network. Her greatest pride, joy and accomplishment is her family. www.toughtalkradionetwork.com




By Christine Marmoy


ARE ART by Laurie Crookell

Does the following scenario seem familiar to you? You’re sitting at your desk, dawdling, feeling fidgety. A blank computer screen dares you to write. You try to think, fingers nervously drumming on your chin. What do you want to say? The keyboard waits impatiently for you to type. Just type anything. Words drift in and out of your mind before tangling together into a muddled pile of letters. It’s only an article, you reassure yourself. How hard can it be? An idea pops into your mind. You type a few sentences. See? That’s not so bad. You can do


this. You type some more, deep breath, go back to the top of the screen, and read. Blah-blah-blah…. Sigh. Definitely not what you want! You want flare. Creativity. Energy. Flow.

The keyboard waits impatiently for you to type

How about this scenario? You’ve designed a brand new website. The graphics are snazzy. The colors are awesome. Your business values are clear. But what do you write on those beautiful pages?

You explore some ideas. Nothing clicks. You don’t feel inspired. Frustration creeps up on you.


So what should you do? Well, you could…


Continue your rhythmic fingertapping, hoping inspiration will flow through your fingers.

2 Blame everything on your dog, the 3 rain, and those awful Brussels sprouts

Try the nail-biting, stress-yourself-out strategy.

you were forced to eat as a child.

4 Beg your cat to write it for you. Or…. 5

Order in pizza and cookies, and hope your article will write itself.

Sit back, relax, eat some chocolate…. And hire a writer. Let her do the labor, while you enjoy your favorite things.


Humans are complex beings. We all communicate differently. We all have diverse abilities. We all have unique strengths. Some like playing with numbers. Others prefer solving problems. Some enjoy inspiring people.

LAURE CROOKELL Creative spark. Unique ideas. Rich imagination. Born to write. This is how people describe Laurie Crookell. An International BestSelling author, writer, and speaker, Laurie feels deeply moved by the emotive power of words. With a BA in Economics, she provides one-on-one math and literacy support for children with learning differences. She also owns a freelance writing company, Where Words Are Art. Her writing has been recognized in numerous writing competitions, for essays, prose, and children’s fiction.

Others love organizing things. Each of us has our own strengths. All of us have our areas of challenge. As a writer, book-lover, and literacy specialist, I feel passionately about inspiring children and adults to express their unique voice through the power of the written word. We all have a message to share, a message as unique as ourselves, based on our own personal strengths and experiences. Always a passion for me, creative writing stirs my imagination. Transforming words into art is like finding that perfect gift for a loved one. For years, I’ve watched friends, colleagues, and acquaintances struggle to find the right words to express their deepest thoughts and ideas. Bright, talented, competent people who felt daunted by the task of writing. They regularly sought my help. I realized a need existed out there for quality writing by people who loved to write. An idea was born. The seed was planted to open my freelance writing company, Where Words Are Art. Whether articles, blogs, copywriting, promotional writing, or coaching, I feel inspired when using my creativity to help people share their message to the world.

Resources Website: www.lauriecrookell.com Email: lauriecrookell@shaw.ca Facebook: www.facebook.com/laurie.crookell




Is Your Life’s Calling Calling You By Michelle Barr “Michelle Barr’s workshop for Conscious Entrepreneurs has had a dramatic impact on my business. Michelle helped me to see what was working and what was missing and how to get all of the pieces working together. What I enjoyed most about this workshop was the combination of energetic work and guided visualizations with the practical business knowledge. I don’t know of anyone else who combines information and energy in the same way that Michelle does. I was struggling to create my business by myself, through Michelle’s teaching and individual coaching I finally feel like I am on the right path!” – Minette Riordan This is exactly why I started doing what I am doing now, being The Business Coach for Intuitive Women, helping them turn their life’s calling into a profitable, freedom-based business


so they can make more money while making a bigger difference. I found out very quickly that building your own business is the most intensive, personal and spiritual growth and development course you could ever enroll in. For me, it’s not just work, it truly is my Spiritual Journey, and I needed to be able to integrate this experience in order to be fulfilled and in order to be successful at what I was doing. As Conscious Entrepreneurs, we have a calling and a mission, we have a big Vision, and all of that comes into the equation when we make the decision and the commitment to build a Spiritual Business. For most of us, we are already using


turn their life’s calling into a profitable, freedombased business

what you need to not only achieve Financial Freedom but also Spiritual Freedom. My business funds the Spiritual Journey I want to have while also allowing me to serve in bigger and greater ways every building your year as it grows and own business evolves.

our greatest gifts in the world, often giving them away for free, because they are just a part of us, and we wouldn’t know how to be without that expression. Then, we find ourselves in jobs we don’t love, in circumstances and situations that are not serving us, while the desire in our hearts and the calling in our Soul continues. I was living by default for so many years, and now I live my life consciously and by Divine design. The Freedom that comes to you when you take this path is that you first create a Vision of the life you want to live then you create a business that supports and sustains that life. You create

is the most intensive, personal and spiritual growth and development course you could ever enroll in

If so, I have a gift for you that will help you take that first step on this journey, and I would love to connect with you and share your journey and serve you in any way I can. Wishing You Absolute Joy In Your Journey!

MICHELLE BARr Michelle Barr is a Business Coach for Intuitive Women. Michelle helps you translate your Soul Purpose into a tangible, step-by-step plan to create personal and business. Michelle supports and guides you to move forward in all areas of your life to create a life you love that supports and sustains you. Michelle has been a Personal Transformation Specialist for over 20 years and loves to help people create what she calls Sacred Success by offering Powerfully Practical and Spiritually Rich Tools to help you Create A Better Life and Create A Better Business Now! Connect with Michelle at www.michellebarr.com

My business grows and evolves at the level I grow and evolve. It’s a beautiful journey. Is it calling to you?

RESOURCES Michelle Barr’s Spiritual Business School presents: What You Need To Know First To Build Your Spirit-Led Business Here’s a Free Training Video to Guide You in Getting Started! www.michellebarr.com/freetrainingvideo




by Heather Petherick

by Katrina Cavanough

Finding a life

of Inner Peace, Balance and Happiness is Possible For 21 years, Katrina Cavanough has worked with thousands of people as a grief and trauma therapist. She is now an inspirational speaker, life strategist, and spirituality coach. Katrina has been featured successfully on major national TV, print and radio media in Australia. Katrina is the author of Wisdom for Your Life, in which she talks about her research and experience with the non-physical world at the time of more than 400 deaths in a busy ER. She is also the author of Happy Little Hearts, a health and healing meditation CD for children. Katrina is the spirituality coach and regular contributor to Balance by Deborah Hutton and is the creator and founder of Compassion999, a

one-hour global meditation to address the effects of bullying, abuse and trauma. She offers online e-courses, Coaching and Therapy to clients all over the world. She is also a regular contributor to www. MariaShriver.com. Katrina has two practices. One is traditional therapy for people who have experienced trauma, grief and loss and relationship therapy.

13 www.coachingandsuccess.com

When I sit with a coaching client, I hold the intention to be of service to that person

In her other practice – Katrina works more holistically and spiritually. “When I sit with a coaching client, I hold the intention to be of service to that person. From there everything else flows.” Katrina will support you to make changes to the way you experience your relationships - both your relationship with yourself and others. This includes love, family, children, parents, friends and work colleagues. Katrina believes that we are ‘in relationship’ with everyone and everything that surrounds us, both in the physical and non-physical world. Katrina offers The Truth About Money And Me – an online 30 day program – to support people to develop a more positive and nurturing relationship with money. Her signature program Heal Yourself – the NEW SPIRITUALITY - is a revolutionary new course that combines mind-work with energy-work – giving you the chance to create powerful, meaningful and long-lasting changes in your life.

As you work through Heal Yourself – The NEW Spirituality, Katrina Cavanough will help you to establish an active relationship with the spirit world. You’ll learn how to have real interactions with your energy guides on a daily basis – how to call on them for advice and support when you are feeling alone and in need. Throughout all her work she draws upon the laws of the universe, to support each person to manifest a life that feels safe, balanced and of value.

we are ‘in relationship’ with everyone and everything that surrounds us, both in the physical and non-physical world

Katrina’s favorite role is that of mother to her daughters, Phoebe aged 7 and Kate aged 5 and wife to her husband, Alan.

Katrina Cavanough Katrina is a grief and relationship therapist with 21 years experience. She is now a Life Strategist, Author and Spirituality Coach. Katrina has been featured successfully on major national TV, print and radio media in Australia. Katrina is the author of Wisdom for Your Life (Allen and Unwin) and Happy Little Hearts, a health and healing mediation CD for children. Katrina is the spirituality coach and regular contributor to Balance by Deborah Hutton also is also a regular contributor to www.MariaShriver.com and speaks internationally.

RESOURCES For more information visit www.katrinacavanough.com Email: connect@katrinacavanough.com Follow Katrina on Twitter: @katcavanough777




Paving the Way for Mothers to Step into Their Dreams By Erica Gordon

Erica Gordon is a Mom With Dreams Expert A divorcee and a mom of four, Ms. Gordon mastered the art of achieving personal dreams while raising her children. She is on a mission to share her expertise and teach women across the globe how they can achieve their dreams, without feeling guilty or selfish, by taking one step at a time. Erica earned her Masters degree in Psychology and Coaching so she could empower women to create the life they desire. She combines formal education with life experience and teaches women how to implement strategies for better

self-care, starting a new life after divorce and re-connecting with dreams after years of putting them on a shelf. Erica’s signature 3-month and 6-month programs for moms provide a highly personalized experience where clients receive one-to-one consulting and develop a customized roadmap to their dreams. Erica supports her clients while holding them accountable for taking intentional action to get where they want to go. Ms. Gordon recently launched Moms With Dreams University™, (MWDU) an online learning community with a holistic approach to education. At MWDU moms receive the

15 www.coachingandsuccess.com

Courses address students’ needs on personal and professional levels

current circumstances. They may have taken the traditional educational route and feel like they still don’t have all the information they need to start their dream business. Or they may not have had time to pursue a higher education because of their responsibilities as a mother.

tools, information and support they need to succeed. MWDU consists of two schools – The Incubator (School of Feminine Empowerment) and the Mompreneur Clinic (School of Business & Professional Development). Courses address students’ needs on personal and professional levels. As a result, students are empowered to walk confidently in the direction of their dreams. Erica created Moms With Dreams University™ to serve women who desire more out of life but aren’t sure where to start. At the same time they are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to take action to create what they want. Students can feel safe at MWDU, knowing they won’t be judged based on their past or

MWDU embraces each student and provides a superior level of support and interaction unlike any other online learning format. Qualified Erica instructors are dedicated supports her to student success and clients while are available to provide holding them additional support outside accountable of the classroom.

for taking

Fall 2014 session begins intentional on October 6th and classes action begin every eight weeks. In celebration of the grand opening, students who enroll for this session will receive special bonuses and gifts. You can take a closer look at MWDU Fall 2014 courses here and discover how easy it is to step into your dreams. You are worth it and you deserve it.

ERICA GORDON Erica Gordon is a “MomsWithDreams™ Expert”, #1 International Best Selling Author, an inspirational speaker and radio show host. She is the creator and founder of the MomsWithDreams™ University and the proud mother of 4 amazing kids. She believes that women should never give up on their dreams, no matter what. Erica passionately supports moms and emerging mompreneurs in achieving their dreams.

RESOURCES You can find Erica at www.momswithdreams.com on Twitter: @momswithdreams




Beyond Belief! by Christine Marmoy

Isn’t it amazing how the saying “Careful what you ask for because you just might get it!” is actually just as valid as stating 1 + 1 = 2. When I first started my business about 8 years ago, I never ever imagined that I’d be publishing books for a living and enjoying

every single minute of it. In retrospect it makes perfect sense; I love books, I’m always reading something or writing something, yet it never occurred to me that I Today, my could turn this passion into business a successful business and is the willingly go to the other side of result of the book….the publishing side! Today, my business is the result of what I had asked for 3 years ago. However, I had never actually asked the Universe to manifest that I would be

17 www.coachingandsuccess.com

what I had asked for 3 years ago

successful at publishing books. What I was thirsty for was a change; I wanted to find what I could be doing for the rest of my life. I love marketing, don’t get me wrong, but even though I enjoyed what I was doing, something was definitely missing. At that time (and the same still applies today) I was working with VIP clients (high level 1 on 1) and these women were coming to me for one thing and one thing only - they all wanted to become Internationally Visible, they wanted to enter the Global market with their business. My traditional consulting program for a full makeover and access to a worldwide platform is based on 10 months of intensive work. Yet, that wasn’t enough, because just like you, my clients wanted to have faster results and faster returns. This is when the idea of launching my first book “Success in (High) Heels” came into fruition. As with everything I do in my business, I tested the concept of an anthology on my own market with my own clients. Just 3 months later I was able to add another 6 figures to my business…. just like that! I’m not bragging, I’m simply very proud of our achievement. I say ‘our’ because this result is not just the fruit of my labors alone

but of my entire team. More than 10 people are behind Coaching & Success. Now it did happen very fast because when you work with the Universe, you don’t get regular shipping, you get Express Delivery! And the closer you are to your passion, the clearer your communication with the Universe is, the easier it is to manifest what you my clients dream about and the wanted to faster you get it.

have faster results and faster returns

After having published and launched more than 15 International Best Sellers, I can give you a guaranty that there is nothing that works better than a book to get the attention of your clients, the recognition of your peers and the credibility you need to build a successful business. Dreams are achievable, there is no question as to whether they are or not! The question is and will always be: “Do you really want it?” Because if you do, then just within the pages of this magazine you have access to an amazing source of information to help you find a way to manifest the life of your dreams!

CHRISTINE MARMOY Christine Marmoy, Innovative and Creative Edge Marketing Mentor who passionately inspires women in business worldwide to unleash their innovative edge to boost visibility, build credibility and get more clients through publishing their own Best Seller. Her own book ‘These Dreams Are Made for Walking’ was released in 2013 and was also a Best Seller. All the books published by Coaching and Success have hit the Best Seller list in a few hours.

RESOURCES Because that’s what we do! We don’t just publish books….we create Best Sellers! www.coachingandsuccess.com




“Raw Mom is more than just raw food, it’s more than just food – period. Raw Mom is a movement dedicated to sharing the idea that eating healthy is much more pleasurable than eating junk. Our ambition is to teach the new generation to love carrots and broccoli as much as Fries and Ketchup. Raw Mom is a huge community with more than 17,000 followers on Facebook, so do please come and join us and help us feed the World! www.Raw-Mom.com – check us out for innovative recipes, interesting articles, restaurant reviews and so much more still to come for your enjoyment ...”

21 www.coachingandsuccess.com



Speak in a Bold Way By Kim Boudreau Smith

I had the honor of seeing the Oprah live tour in Detroit recently. There were so many golden nuggets I took away from this amazing weekend. The speakers, the messages were all fantastic, however, one thing stood out and I mean really stood out. It was what Oprah said that really made an impact on me. She talked about her history, her childhood, her days after college and how she stepped into television. It was truly an amazing story which I had not heard before.

When she got into television, she did it because she wanted to take television and make it a place where people can get inspired. Well, when I heard this I literally was taken aback. This is what I aspired to do with radio and right then and there I said to myself, oh my goodness, this is my dream with Bold Radio Station. This is my heart’s desire for my Internet Radio Station. I want to inspire business owners when they

21 www.coachingandsuccess.com

if we at Bold Radio can impact lives with one show at a time, then why not really make a difference on a grander scale? listen to Bold Radio while working to become more inspired, motivated, driven and gain more wisdom for themselves. It doesn’t hurt to have great music to dance away stress, work-out, or just plain move to keep the energy flowing as well! I want Bold Radio to inspire all of the amazing hosts as they speak their bold and beautiful voices to the world. They are experts in their field; they show up strong through their voice and showcase other professionals as their guests. The hosts amaze me in so many ways. The many people they have influenced and have positive impact on through their radio shows, through their voices! Watching these Bold Hosts step into their first show and come out the other side with more confidence and with so much excitement - and this is just

the beginning. Having a radio show is just the beginning of how people can change their businesses. It is a marketing platform that allows people to really hear you. Not only are we changing the lives of others, our lives change as well. My even bolder thinking is‌ if we at Bold Radio can impact lives with one show at a time, then why not really make a difference on a grander scale? So we launched Bold Radio Networks where a host can be a More visibility, leader of their own network of shows collaboration, and support 10 and more other hosts within of inspiring their network. This the world! is where someone else can provide a platform to empower others and support them as their business grows, all through a marketing platform of radio. Now the impact has been amplified. More visibility, collaboration, and more of inspiring the world! As a large village, together we can empower and grow through our bold voices. Sounds pretty inspiring, huh?

Kim Boudreau Smith Kim Boudreau Smith is the Proprietor for Bold Radio Station, a turn-key Radio Show Host Service for Business Owners, #1 International Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, International Business Consultant and Strategist. Kim provides a turn-key experience for business owners who want to market themselves as the expert that they are through their voice. Kim also teaches women how to sell like a woman and grow their business to gain their success.

RESOURCES If you are interested in becoming a leader and host of your own Radio Network, contact Kim: kim@boldradiostation.com




Create Abundance Sharing Your Gifts

By Zahra Efan Have you ever been in a situation when nothing was working, you couldn’t see the wisdom in your circumstances, you felt like screaming “Why me”? I hope you have found yourself on the other side of your circumstances. I also pray that looking back at your challenges you are now at a place where you can see the wisdom behind your pain. I also hope that you are using the challenges that you faced in your life as a catalyst for change for other people, and that you are using the gifts and nuggets of wisdom from those times to help others going

through similar challenges gain a perspective, find hope and create change. If you are a change agent, then let me tell you how we are connected and how I can be of service to you. I work with change agents who have the courage to not let their life

23 www.coachingandsuccess.com

Who are these change agents I work with?

challenges define or limit who they are. Instead, they are using their life challenges for their own growth and also for the growth of greater good to make a huge difference and a great impact. Who are these change agents I work with? They are Heart Cen-tered Women Business Owners who come from varied backgrounds. These women are healers, coaches, holistic practitioners, writers and they are also the ones who want to let their voices be heard. They want to let go of human limitations and are motivated by a bigger Soul purpose. I am an Abundance Business Coach and my name is Zahra Efan. When my clients come to me, they are looking for a way to share their gifts in a way that pulls their ideal clients towards them magnetically. They are also wanting to learn how to make a profit in their business so that they can be an example of abundance to their clients as well as for women all over the world. When these women come to me, they are looking for a way to be visible while honoring their heart, making a difference and creating

Zahra Efan Zahra support heart centered women entrepreneurs create success with ease by helping them connect with inner principles of abundance with outer practical marketing strategies. Her promise it to help her tribe create a business without overwhelm, overwork or experiencing a burnt out in their business. She is a published author, speaker, trainer and a business coach with extensive background in sales and marketing. She has done 30+ off and on-line media interviews including her interview speaking about Gratitude on National TV.

abundance through their life work. Since these women are really heart centered and their life experiences have made them vulnerable yet open, they have a difficult time putting a dollar value on their heart work as ‘heart is sensitive.’ It wants to be honored. By guarding and protecting their heart from rejection, it breaks my heart to see these amazing women going without sharing their valuable gifts. Heart work is invaluable, they are however we live in looking for a physical world a way to be and money is our visible. earthly currency. Therefore, to I take care of succeed in their heart business, we need to communicate our marketing message in a way that is profitable so that we can see the evidence of our value returned to us in financial abundance. When these amazing women come to me, I take care of their heart. I hold their hand and share a step-by-step heart cen-tered process of making a fabulous income while sharing their gifts and making a greater difference.

RESOURCES To download a free video series on ‘3 tips on how to transform your relationship with money,’ visit: www.zahraefan.com/abundance




Out of the Darkness By Polly Hadfield comes Light For the last 13 years, my husband and I have been educating homeowners on their insurance policies and assisting them to obtain the proper settlement on sudden and accidental damages such as cracked tiles or melted siding due to a grill being too close to the home, etc. Then, on October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy tore into the east coast of the United States with 100mph winds, rain and floods. The storm sparked fires and left many areas in darkness for days. Sandy left in its wake not only death and destruction, but countless images that now make up our collective memory of the event: the tangled remains of Atlantic City’s boardwalk, the aerial photo of Manhattan swathed in darkness, the ashen shells of dozens of homes in Breezy Point, Queens, New York.

The 1,000-mile-wide storm caused up to $50 billion in damage! All around us, there was furniture piled high on the sidewalks discarded by people whose homes had been flooded and belongings destroyed, as well as wood and siding from homes where a family had once lived safely together. The 1,000-mileHomes were leaning wide storm over and barely able to hang on another caused up to day. We found many $50 billion homeowners that in damage! couldn’t pry loose

25 www.coachingandsuccess.com

by their insurance company when they sustain covered damage. As a homeowner, you are responsible for understanding your policy in order to represent your claim properly which is why it is always best to have representation.

We found many homeowners that couldn’t pry loose insurance funds insurance funds while others were bounced from FEMA to banks to brokers. We worked for months to help people become whole again. Walking through Union Beach, NJ, a few months after Superstorm Sandy made landfall, we met a couple, Mr. and Mrs. X, who had lost almost everything. There was not much left standing of the building they once called home. We explained that we were public adjusters and were there to help. The looks on their faces told us that they had not been offered help up to this point – it had already been almost three months! They had been told by their insurance company that the extensive damage to the outside of their home was not covered and that much of the flood damage inside the home was also not covered. We explained that we work for the public to ensure they are properly paid

Polly Hadfield An administrator with an entrepreneurial spirit and more than 30 years’ experience, Polly Hadfield has led and trained successful teams in both the administrative arena and in network marketing. Polly and her husband run a successful home-based public adjusting business where they educate property owners about their insurance policies and, in the event of a covered loss, assist them in obtaining their full entitlement. They have built their business on integrity, hard work and respect.

We quickly worked with them and We explained helped them access that we their insurance were public information, etc. After several months adjusters and of negotiations with were there their insurance to help company, we got them paid properly for the loss they sustained. While they may never recover fully from the emotional experience they endured, at least they had a place to turn for assistance during one of the most devastating times of their lives. We were forever changed during the aftermath of this storm and are blessed to be able to help people when they think there is nowhere else to turn. Would you like a free policy review? Our company is currently operating in several states. Contact me to learn more.

RESOURCES www.metropa.com/kenandpolly Email: pollymetropa@gmail.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/pollyhadfield Facebook: www.facebook.com/polly.hadfield




Do You Choose the Blue Door or the Red One?

By Lisa Fitzpatrick

When sleeping women wake – mountains move – Chinese Proverb Sue had been living a life of quiet desperation for years. When she sought coaching, it became clear that Sue had chosen the blue door most of her adult life. The blue door is the path of safety and certainty. In Sue’s case, she had taken the blue door by studying a law degree to please her parents, even though she secretly desired to become a writer. Although she’d always had a quiet sense that there should be more to life, she’d unhappily stayed in the legal profession for years. To escape, she’d married a wealthy man. Her comfort zone soon became years of monotony as a stay-at-home mother: crying babies, piles of laundry, dirty dishes, making

beds and constant meal preparation. Sue had chosen marriage and motherhood in order to stay within her comfort zone. Deep within her, dreams of becoming a writer were still there but had become increasingly difficult for her to entertain. To escape, She was also secretly resentful she’d of her husband and blamed him for her unhappiness. married a

wealthy When she finally sent her man youngest child to school, Sue looked towards re-entering the workforce. Desperate to understand her lack of clarity and her feelings of deep depression, Sue came to me for coaching. Through coaching, I supported Sue to rediscover her strengths and gain clarity about her natural gifts. Sue was able to articulate her desire to be a writer aloud for the first time in years.

27 www.coachingandsuccess.com

Sue learnt how it felt to choose the red door instead of the blue one

where she’d been blaming others, Sue made a courageous paradigm shift. She started to take 100% responsibility for everything she was able to control and influence in her life.

Through the coaching process, Sue learnt how it felt to choose the red door instead of the blue one. Choosing the red door meant stepping into uncertainty. It meant moving toward her dreams and desires which was frightening and exciting. Taking the red door meant taking the road less travelled She started by not settling for the to take 100% status quo and reaching responsibility for her highest potential. Choosing the red door also meant that the mountain of fear, desperation and the resentment that she held towards her husband started to shift and in its place stood a new world of possibilities. Finally able to see

With coaching and encouragement, Sue Through started a new blog about professional coaching, I women’s domestic supported Sue challenges. Soon, she to rediscover was getting feedback her strengths from her followers and gain about how her writing clarity about had inspired them. Stepping into her her natural genius zone and gifts writing a book didn’t seem so frightening, so she did it. Sue found herself walking alongside other courageous souls who had also chosen the red door instead of the blue one. Some of her old blue-door friends resisted the changes she was making and drifted away. But by honouring the calling on her life, no matter how scary or uncertain it felt, Sue was finally able to embrace the music that wanted to play itself out in the world through the gift of her writing.

Lisa Fitzpatrick Lisa Fitzpatrick revels in supporting women to find their unique life purpose and heal their businesses so that they can enjoy holistic success. She is the author of Healing the Heart of Your Business and the founder of Sacred Women’s Business. Lisa is a certified coach, writer, yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, speaker, registered Physiotherapist and mother. She lives in a subtropical paradise near Byron Bay, Australia with her two sons.

RESOURCES For your free audio The Seven Keys to Your Successful Soul Purpose and free weekly e-zines full of tools, articles: www.lisafitzpatrick.com.au/join




Craniosacral and Myofascial By Barbara Boxwell

Release Therapy As a practicing licensed massage therapist focusing on Craniosacral and Myofascial Release Therapy, I am primarily concerned with the body and how it functions. Both Dr. John Upledger, DO, OMM and John Barnes, PT have shown me techniques that can be used on clients who have chronic conditions not subject to solutions offered by traditional means. Ruth (not her real name) came to me several years ago. She had fallen on her left elbow and the impact caused pain in her shoulder. Ruth’s previous treatments before coming to me included cortisone shots, deep tissue massage which caused full body spasms, and three months of physical therapy twice a week. With

the physical therapy, she was told that the only thing which would really give her relief was surgery. These treatments, as good as they are in many situations, did not help her. When Ruth came to see me, she was in enough pain that she was not able to extend her arm sideways more than 35 degrees. I had her demonstrate this for me. She lay on the table on her back and I began to work on the left shoulder. I gently placed one hand under her shoulder and the other one on top, melding and blending my hands with the muscles in between them.

29 www.coachingandsuccess.com

There was no more pain

there was little to no pain during the procedure which took about twenty minutes in total.

she was in enough pain that she was not able to extend her arm sideways more than 35 degrees

Ruth returned one more time to be sure that there were no further restrictions. This was about four years ago and the pain has never returned.

This gentle touch is not forceful. It is supportive. Supportive enough to give the client’s body the reassurance that it can do what needs to be done to heal. Soon the muscles between my hands began to throb. This is known as a therapeutic pulse. About ten minutes later, the throbbing diminished and the tissue had released the restrictions in the muscles. I held Ruth’s arm at the elbow and wrist and slowly moved the arm above her head to determine whether the issue was indeed freed from its tightness. As I did this I asked Ruth to please stop me if she felt any pain. There was no more pain. She was amazed at this process as

Dr. John Upledger would have described this situation as an energy cyst created by the impact of the elbow hitting the ground during Ruth’s fall. The physical energy created by the impact had nowhere else to go but into the shoulder. At the present time, there are no tests to see or verify energy cysts, but I facilitate they do exist and they the healing can be dispelled. I have process of seen and experienced people who this again and again with come to me my clients.

with pain

This is what I do: I facilitate the healing process of people who come to me with pain or other chronic issues. I help my clients’ bodies heal themselves.

BARBARA BOXWELL I am a therapeutic massage therapist specializing in Myofascial Release Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy to help bring pain relief to people who cannot get relief through conventional methods. I have spoken and continue to speak to groups about clinical research and case studies that indicate positive results for muscle weakness and other chronic conditions. www.facebook.com/midlandmfr www.twitter.com/MidlandMFR

RESOURCES For a free consultation, visit my website at: www.midlandmfr.com For further information contact me at: bpboxwell@juno.com




You’re Part of the Business Revolution (whether you know it or not)

by Angella Johnson

You can feel it, can’t you? It’s time to do business differently. What used to work, no longer works. Following someone else’s formula for success equals disaster every single time. What happens often is this cycle of doing oldschool business: You think you know what your message is, so you throw something together and put up a website. You may even put together some Facebook ads (or think you should) and put some posts out on social media. You create an e-book or

video as your opt-in gift for your website to start building your email list. You are officially open for business right? So you wait. And wait……. Why aren’t the clients beating down your door? Why aren’t people calling you to do business with you after you meet them at a networking event?

Why isn’t this working?!!! It must be your message. So three weeks into your business, you go back to your message and you change it. This is after spending months on your website. You may even tell yourself that you could work with “anyone” because everyone needs what you have.

31 www.coachingandsuccess.com

You start marketing yourself again. But it’s really not marketing, it’s more like subtle suggestions and hinting. People don’t really know what you do and you start getting frustrated and worried about money. You say things like “Marketing doesn’t work,” “Networking doesn’t work…” Any of this sound familiar? Throughout this process, people lose their faith, their income, their passion and vision, and if they don’t break the cycle, they’ll eventually quit. Over 50% of businesses fail within three years and it’s a higher percentage for women.

Do businesses fail? Or do people just quit? Here are the steps to build your business to be sustainable, profitable and create a big impact in the world.


Connect with your big vision. My big vision is to forever change how we heal abuse in addiction in our society. I have a plan to create a holistic retreat center for people experiencing drug and alcohol addiction. This is not my core business; it’s my give-back project because after all,

Angella Johnson Angella Johnson is a business visionary, and a marketing and messaging strategist with an intuitive flair. She is the secret weapon behind conscious businesses that are committed to change the world and also make great money.

how much STUFF do you really need to buy with millions of dollars?


Craft your authentic and compelling message. What are the exact words you use to describe what you do and who you serve?


Create a marketing plan that aligns with your soul purpose and take action. Not everyone should be building strictly offline businesses. What resonates with you? Stop following gurus and their one-size-fits-all formulas.

4 Master your money. Your money habits will 5 not change when you make more money – Package your services into irresistible programs and products.

they just get amplified.


Face your fear of being visible. You can blend into the crowd or you can stand out. People who stand out change more lives and make more money. These are the money gateways to your business and to receive a free training on how to build your business, make real money, and live your purpose, visit www.SoulVisionBusinessSchool.com. See you on the inside!

RESOURCES Unleash your profits by getting your free training on how to make more money with more purpose at www.SoulVisionBusinessSchool.com




What Are You Making

Your Weight Mean?

Are you struggling to lose 10-50lbs? Weight never means just weight. We often make our extra weight mean some-thing about our self-worth. When we make our weight mean we are awful or ugly or inadequate, then we go off and binge eat or emotionally eat or starve ourselves. Many of my clients come to me initially with this perspective, and they do not even realize it. They have been on the hamster wheel of weight loss diets, trends, powders, pills…….. Nothing works. Do you feel like you have tried everything? I was once there myself. I would go to work, come home, binge eat, sleep, and wake up only to find life on repeat.

By Jessica McCleskey Hood The more I was fearful of REALLY living my life, the more weight I gained. And the more I gained, the more I wanted to HIDE, and the more failure and depres-sion I experienced. A vicious cycle, indeed! Are you making your weight mean something negative about you? Imagine. What if weight was just weight? What I’ve found is that this is the case with myself as well as the hundreds of women I’ve worked with.

I was once there myself

Who we are inside is untouchable and no matter what size you are, the more you realize how valuable you are, the more energy and optimism you will have. The more you will live your life! And, guess what?! The more you live your life, the easier it is to release your weight!

I held nearly 60 extra pounds on my body while going through this process.

33 www.coachingandsuccess.com

My most EFFECTIVE SECRET to sensual, sustainable weight loss is this:

And then one day, the bingeing no longer matched self-love.


The sabotaging based on fear and lack began to recede, and self-love was on the rise.


Deeply penetrating, unwavering, orgasmic, creative, mystical self-love, and weight loss.

EVERY TIME. APPLY AND REPEAT. OFTEN. AND, WITH GRATITUDE FOR YOUR CHOICE. In the days of my incessant binge eating, I finally hit a point where I was ready to wake up. Exhausted by my reality, I CHOSE to reevaluate the root of my almost 60 pounds of extra padding. It all began with telling myself, “Even though I am choosing to binge eat on raw cookie dough or muffin batter, I love who I am.” This went on for months. I was the nanny scarfing down the kids’ Halloween candy while hiding in the kitchen, but with, “I love myself. I trust my process.”

If you are FINALLY ready to lose the weight, I invite you to a complimentary Sensual Weight Loss Breakthrough Session.

The more I was fearful of REALLY living my life, the more weight I gained

We will go into your personal weight story and you will receive unique tips that you can implement right away! I want to connect with you on a personal level so that you may start living your life more fully and lose the weight permanently! Please email jessicamccleskey@gmail.com Sending love and abundance your way!

Jessica McCleskey Hood Jessica is a Women’s Weight Loss Expert who has radically cracked the code on losing weight permanently. After struggling with body image issues for 15 years, she crafted her own weight-loss system, lost 60lbs, and has kept it off for years! In her thriving practice, she shows sophisticated, lovely women struggling to lose 10lbs or more a gentle, feminine and permanent solution to weight loss that shrinks bodies and creates sensually divine living.

RESOURCES GIFT of 10 Sensual Secrets That Helped Me Lose 50lbs AND 10 Sensual Recipes For Craving Reduction And Easy Goddess Food Integration here! www.sensualweightloss.com/#!program/c1pjm




What Walks in the Mother Runs in the Child By Catie Kirke A couple of years ago, when she was a teenager, my daughter started saying “I feel fat”, “I don’t look good in these clothes” and “I need to lose weight”. It was history repeating itself as I had said the same things to myself as a teenager and, in reality, had also said them as a woman. I remember saying to her “Honey, you are beautiful. It’s not about the size of your bum,

it’s about the size of your heart and the purpose that you have in life. It’s about self-respect and self-love”. Here I was saying this to my daughter but the cold hard truth was that I was not truly living it. And I never had. They were just words. It was this significant moment in my life that beckoned me to walk a different path - as I believe that what walks in the mother runs in the child. It was time for me to draw a line It was time in the sand and walk for me to my talk. I needed to draw a line in learn to love myself and to discover more the sand and of the person I was walk my talk inside - what drove me to behave in certain ways and why I did what I did (and why I didn’t do what I didn’t do).

35 www.coachingandsuccess.com

it’s all possible when you decide to make your life a masterpiece and learn to love yourself I began studying human behaviour and life coaching at Australia’s leading coaching institute and created my signature coaching program, which was the genesis of the ‘ART Your Life’ phenomenon. I became a learning machine and expanded my knowledge and skills by becoming an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Trainer, Extended Disc Behavioural Profile Specialist and Trainer and Values Pendulum Practitioner. I now proudly own and manage one of Australia’s most successful life coaching businesses. ART Your Life is about profound change - it’s all possible when you decide to make your life a masterpiece and learn to love yourself, your body and your life from the inside out. The program’s unique mindset and mindfulness

workshops, personal coaching, functional fitness, diet-free philosophy, accountability and motivation, ignites personal power and completely transforms lifestyles, health and happiness. ART has opened the door for women to learn, share and express themselves in a safe and non-judgemental environment. It is cutting-edge, contemporary and as real as it gets.

I finally understood how I worked and what I needed to do to be happy

Solo mother of two Tammy, 35, says “This program helped me turn my whole life around.” After countless programs and ‘self-help’ Leanne, 46, says “I finally understood how I worked and what I needed to do to be happy. I have completely changed my mindset and it has changed my life.” Shirley, 58, spent the last three decades of her marriage ‘going through the motions’ and now says “The intimacy is back and the spark has well and truly been rekindled.”

Catie Kirke When the negative selftalk about body image, size and weight was parroted back to her by her daughter, Catie Kirke from Australia knew she needed to make a change. Now she helps women all around Australia and beyond to rediscover their appetite for life, and to love their bodies and themselves. She has become known as the ‘Ultimate Go To Woman’ by females looking to create a life they love.

RESOURCES Download my e-book to discover the simple mindset strategies you can use right now to love, accept and celebrate YOU and live more mindfully every day. Get your free copy:





Manifesting a Career By Jessica Graves Out of Passion Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” I love this quote because it is SO TRUE! And the truth in this quote is one reason why I love my work. I love the rush of creativity feeding off of creativity. I also love working with people— brainstorming to cultivate a creative force that we can all benefit from. I started Graves Writing & Publishing, Inc. because I wanted to bring this perspective to clients who want big business writing expertise with a more personal touch. Some of my biggest passions, besides my family, include writing, books, organization, and helping others. My dream is to manifest a career out of these passions. I also want to focus on being creative and helping others do the same.

To understand how I got here, I’ll provide a little background. I began my career as a scientist, working in a research lab for two years. While I enjoyed certain aspects of this job, like the problem solving and the collaboration with other scientists, I knew this position wasn’t fulfilling me in the way I wanted. I was looking for something that allowed me utilize my science background, but was more focused on writing. So I joined a My dream is technical writing team at my company. As a member to manifest of this team, I became the a career out primary writer for a large of these project, developing all of passions the user documentation for

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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” – Maya Angelou

their developing instruments. With my science background, I became a primary resource for the team, frequently performing tasks outside of my job scope. This job highlighted my love of working as part of a team to bring a product to market. At the beginning of 2013, I decided to begin a career as a consultant and founded Graves Writing & Publishing, Inc. In this new role, I bring a distinctive view to my clients because of my wide range of experience with people, communication, and writing, and my ability to work as a key team member to get results. The largest part of my business to-date is writing and designing instructions, user guides, and other customer-facing documentation.

JESSICA GRAVES Jessica is a wife, mom, book-lover, and freelancer/ business owner. She has always been drawn to live a creative life, particularly as a writer. As an outlet and direction for her creativity, she started a blog where she works to refocus her efforts to live creatively. She started Graves Writing & Publishing, Inc. to provide teams with high quality documentation, desktop publishing, and project management services.

The newest part of my business on which I am excited to expand my focus is organization and, particularly, project management. As I said above, one of my great passions is working with people. I’ve gained wonderful experience I’m in the working as a Book Coordinator with process of Coaching & Success creating by helping the authors an ultraachieve their dreams of personalized publication. As another life part of this focus, I’m in the process of creating management an ultra-personalized planner. life management planner—whether you need to organize your business life, personal life, or whatever else, I can help! Visit my website—www.graveswriting-publishing.com— for some organizational freebies! I love to collaborate on projects, even if you have needs related to, but outside of my experience, I enjoy a challenge and learn quickly on the job. Contact me at jessica@graveswriting-publishing.com so we can discuss the specifics!

RESOURCES Find her at www.graveswriting-publishing.com or www.creativerecentering.wordpress.com




e v o L With and itude Grat By Adrienne Santana In June of 2014, I became a best-selling internationally published author. As founder of Legacy of the Lotus, I had originally set my goals on raising funds for non-profit organizations involved in giving children who are currently in or leaving adverse circumstances at home, the much needed support in their community. However, it was through the experience of writing my own chapter for Motherhood Dreams & Success that I became inspired to help others obtain the same feeling of empowerment and triumph I had found.

Now, as a Creative Legacy Guide, in addition to raising funds, I not only offer my skills as a writer and an editor, I also help others find empowerment by writing we must their legacies. I believe first change as we speak from the the way abundance of our hearts we have the power to manifest we think and bring to life our heart’s most simple and greatest

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I also help others find empowerment by writing their legacies desires. Through my experience, in order to heal from any type of emotional turmoil, or to change a characteristic within ourselves, we must first change the way we think. This is where I developed a Creative Legacy Catalyst Program. I take four basic fundamentals and a creative approach by applying them not only to what we write, but also showing how these very principles, when applied to our writing, can bring a new understanding of our past, present and future, thus bringing about healing and change. In essence, you not only learn how to write, you also learn your “truth” and heal with the change. The more you write, the more you learn. I must admit that being a part of an anthology has brought even more to me than just

empowerment. It has also opened up a door to another passion I never knew existed, a new dream, to work with high school students in developing their writing skills and giving them the opportunity to publish their writings in anthologies. The larger dream in all of this for me The more is to eventually be able to you write, offer scholarships in the liberal and literary arts the more fields. This, I believe, would you learn give students an edge as they enter college and the work force, not only in their written communication skills but also the confidence and empowerment of knowing they too can achieve their dreams. If there were a word of advice I could give to you, it would be “Patience Makes Her Perfect Work” and if there were one gift I could give, it would be for the state of the heart to be one of love and gratitude. Those two mottos are what I do my best to live by every day now and I have learned that for as long as I stick to the truth, God grants the desires of my heart every time.

Adrienne Santana Adrienne Santana and her husband, Tony, share three wonderful children and two grandchildren. Adrienne attributes all the honor to God for the life he has given her. As founder of “Legacy of The Lotus Fund” she works to raise funds for organizations which support children in need and offers her skills as a writer and editor. However, it is through her Creative Legacy Catalyst program that she shows others how to find empowerment through writing.

RESOURCES Email: mysantana69@gmail.com www.facebook.com/femwhispers www.linkedin.com/in/adriennesantana plus.google.com/+AdrienneSantana5





Being Unapologetically, Authentically You By Luv Alston Being Your most Authentic Self is realizing that You Matter! What You think, feel, create and experience Matters. Then, Embracing Your Choice of “You” as a precious and important gift! Authenticity is about unearthing Your most genuine, true, real and undoubted Self in Your most Imperfect Perfection. From birth throughout Our young adulthood, others Imprint on Us Their belief of who We are or “should” be. Some healthy and wonderful imprinting occurs as do unhealthy thoughts and beliefs about who Others see Us as. Unhealthy imprinting is often born out of: fear, intimidation, rejection, anger, abandonment, jealousy, pain and misery. We often experience Our world, environment and Others as happening to Us as adults. Our lack of Self-study ensures that We harbor subconscious beliefs that are often untrue

and can show up as a lack of ability to take responsibility for Our adult choices in Our own lives. Many Women tell Me that They feel as though They have lost Themselves to children, spouses, family, friends, their job and the world... What They are really saying is that They are choosing to get with someone else’s idea of who They “should” Be! For You My Dearest Heart! Your most Authentic You requires: Courage and diligence to emerge to undertake intense Self-Study.


41 www.coachingandsuccess.com

We require no need for forgiveness for being a Woman


Understand that Being Your most Authentic Self also requires patience, desire, ability to choose Your behaviors, work through Your fears of rejection, abandonment and people pleasing.


Realizing We require no need for forgiveness for being a Woman, a gift, a light and fabulous, We are tapping Our authenticity!


Authenticity propels Us beyond what Others and We ourselves are comfy Being!


It stretches, prunes, deepens and upends subconscious beliefs. Authenticity drives Us beyond Our fears of rejection allowing Us the courage to give and receive Agape - Love unconditionally. How does one obtain this magical elixir? What are the steps to let go of those behaviors that no longer serve Us and transform Our minds through balance into an ability to abolish Our own “upper-limiting” behaviors; thus emerging Our most brilliant, authentic Selves?

Luv Alston Founder/CEO of Luv Is The Word. An Alchemist and creator of Agape Intelligence (AI), Luv possesses a gift for deeply connecting with people at laser speed, helping Others do the same. A Professor, Radio Host, RN, certified coach, speaker, Luv is an international best-selling author; She worked full-time as a single Mom, until marrying her bestie, Gary. Luv shares her calling using principles of (AI) with Women internationally. She is a lively and experienced keynote. Her gift creates a warm, fun environment to empower Women’s lives and workplaces.

I developed Agape Intelligence - AI solutions - so that We feel what We feel; experience emotions and find freedom in learning to choose behaviors through which We arrive at Our intended outcome. As an alchemist, it is all about learning how to choose healthy, happy relationships.


You learn to love You for You with daily practices.


AI molds itself to the needs of the individual, family unit and group. Choose when Your feelings and emotions serve You.

Damn, I‘m a Bossass Chick!


Also learn to act opposite to emotion or feelings as needed. Living an Authentic life allows doubts, fears and pain to be a sign of Our evolution, understanding, and deeper Self development. You too can live in a new reality of healthy, happy relationships with Your-Self. When You can embrace Your perfect imperfections and announce “Damn, I‘m a Boss-ass Chick!” So put on your high heels and manifest Your most Authentic Self.

RESOURCES Email: luvleighalston@gmail.com Website: stoa.vpweb.com Twitter: Luv Is The Word @peters12Nikki YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/ UCwa2okOL9CIlk9_6o5y6gJA




Embracing Your Divine Gifts If someone were to ask me, “What is the one thing the world needs more of?” I think I would have to answer that the world needs more people to tap into their Divine Gifts. I know that isn’t what would normally pop into the mind of most people, but it’s something I think about a lot, being a Divine Gifts Coach, and I’ve decided that embracing and learning how to use their spiritual gifts would be the thing that would make the most difference in people’s lives on an individual basis – and hence, if everybody did it, it would change the world.

By Lindsey Rainwater a very empowering step. More and more people are waking up to the fact that they have gifts, and many of them are deciding to try to learn more about them, even though society still shuns the subject for the most part. But accepting this unseen part of you is just another step in loving yourself completely, and saying ‘yes’ to your needs and making the best life possible for yourself and those around you.

When you make a decision to discover, embrace, and hone your Divine Gifts, you take

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“What is the one thing the world needs more of?”

Everybody has gifts, but most people are not encouraged to use them

a lot of baggage, which allows them to move forward with confidence.

As a coach, I take you by the hand and help you to dig into your mind and spirit to find what kind of potential resides in there. Everybody has gifts, but most people are not encouraged to use them, and some are even forced to shut their gifts away and ignore them. This leads to a lot of frustration, anger, and confusion surrounding the topic of Gifts, and that is one of the main things that we tackle. Through the process of bringing your natural Gifts forward and dealing with any negative emotions that you may have associated with your Gifts, we clean out a lot of past issues and energy blockages. This will really help you to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. People often feel much lighter by the time we’re done, because they’ve succeeded in dropping

After that, our work together is all about empowering you to hone your Gifts, and find ways to use them in everyday life so that they can benefit you. People have completely changed their lives by we clean embracing their out a lot of gifts, sometimes past issues just because they no and energy longer feel like they blockages are living with a void where their gifts ought to be. Deciding to embrace your Gifts is the first step, and so I invite you to visit my website at http:// lindseyrainwater.com and sign up for a free Divine Gifts cheat-sheet and meditation. These tools will start you down the path to finding and developing your gifts, and so they are a great start for anyone interested in the topic. Blessings, and I look forward to seeing your Gifts bloom!

Lindsey Rainwater Lindsey Rainwater is a Divine Gifts Coach, and is also known as the Archangel’s Emissary. She coaches people on discovering, embracing, and utilizing their spiritual gifts. She also helps her clients to cleanse, heal, and protect themselves from negative energy. Finally, she helps to get people in touch with their angels, and receive the messages the angels send us. Get more information on her services, along with a free Divine Gifts meditation by visiting

RESOURCES Website: www.lindseyrainwater.com FB: facebook.com/lindseyrainwaterangels Twitter: twitter.com/LindseyAngels




Ensure the Manifestation

of Success in your


By Audrey Woodley

How? Hire a Life Coach. Why? Because you have a dream and you want to see it come to fruition. When? Starting today! Life will bring its fair share of challenges and you might even think that you’ve been burdened with more hardships than most. But it is not how many challenges you’ve faced in the past or will face in the future; instead, your success in life is determined by how well you meet those challenges. Successfully meeting life challenges requires you to use your own specialized problem-solving skills. You even have to learn new ones to appropriately address

unfamiliar situations so that you can advance to a higher level of achievement. Solution: You have to make plans to succeed. If you do nothing, you are inviting failure. Change your “Do-Nothing” Who will personality. Also, applaud my in order to achieve accomplishment? your lifelong goals, you have to identify and complete small projects that are a part of the bigger goal. Accountability requires you to measure your progress and

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your success in life is determined by how well you meet those challenges set benchmarks. This approach is solutiondriven, provides assessment and is dedicated to motivating and helping you stay on track to achieving your goals in a timely manner. As a child, I use to love dancing, singing, and acting. I found these activities to be a lot of fun. My dance instructor would make me and my team members practice every day until we got the moves just right. We didn’t like the long practice hours but the activity became even more enriching and enjoyable when we got the chance to perform our dance moves in front of an applauding and cheering audience. In short, we got to show off our talent! This is one of the most important aspects of success. Who will applaud my accomplishment? In others words: Who will validate me? Some people may frown upon the idea that most people need validation to feel that they have succeeded at something.

Audrey Woodley Audrey Woodley, Founder of Changing Oasis, Inc. and Better Destination Media, Inc., a social media boutique, is a motivational speaker, publisher, blogger, life coach, radio talk show host and mother. Changing Oasis, Inc. is a nonprofit community based organization that takes an active role in improving and enhancing the quality of life of parents and youths in the urban communities. It offers entrepreneurial training, career and life coaching, and high school diplomas.

But please remember that validation comes in various forms such as: a job promotion, a raise, recognition, gratitude, admiration, attaining wealth, etc.; these are nevertheless different forms of validation. I am a life coach and I am skilled at redirecting a person’s need for please validation from an remember external need (needing that the validation from validation people) to an internal need (the need to utilize comes in one’s inherent strengths various forms and skills to overcome obstacles and live up to one’s potential while living out one’s purpose). Every challenge you begin should start with “get ready, get set, go!” and will end with accolades reserved for champions. Wake up to a brave new attitude and by using my system called CPR. I created it; so, I have the power to keep making it better. Today, I am smarter and more successful. I’ve trained myself to use my skills and talents as a ladder to climb over brick walls. I can train, coach, and mentor you and show you how to tap in to your own personal power and meet your life’s challenges and succeed.

RESOURCES Start your Success with the link below for a 15 min free assessment. squareup.com/market/changing-oasis-inc www.changingoasis.com




Enjoy Your Gift – Live Out Loud By Kendra R. Gainey

Greetings “beautiful one!” My name is Kendra R. Gainey and I am a woman who truly believes that each new day is a gift to enjoy! In my busy everyday life, I am an international best selling author, speaker, entrepreneur extraordinaire, wife and mother! My passion is to inspire women to Dare2Own! I have the pleasure and honor of owning and running two very different kinds of businesses; a women’s clothing store (Gainey Girl Boutique) and a family day-care (Angel Care, A Family Child Care Place) yet they both stand on the same foundation of SERVICE and RELATIONSHIP! In my Boutique, I have

been able to encourage women to take a second look at themselves and fall in love all over again! As women, we tend to put everyone and everything before ourselves, at times often neglecting self and not always feeling too good about ourselves. In the space and time a woman spends in my Boutique looking around, touching, talking, sharing and trying on something new, I get My passion to encourage her by is to inspire reminding her of her women to inner strength, her true Dare2Own! beauty! Helping her try on something new

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I have been able to encourage women to take a second look at themselves and fall in love all over again! as far as the latest fashion trend goes, because sometimes as women we get stuck in a look and forget that we should be willing to tweak something about ourselves and look every so often even if we have it all together! In my family day-care business, I’m blessed to love and nurture young minds (my Angels)! Working with newly married first-time parents mostly has proven to be joyful! Helping to ease the mind of a firsttime mom who has to return to never work to help provide for the family ever, is truly a very sensitive matter that ever can’t be taken lightly and I have QUIT been gifted in this area of service. Walking with a young couple

in the early stages of marriage has helped to strengthen my marriage and in return we get to sow back into the lives of the parents that find their way to In both me for child care.


In both businesses it’s a pretty it’s a pretty good fair good fair exchange of give and exchange of take! What I’ve been able to impart to both give and take! my customers and my parents is that with a clear plan and determination for an expected outcome you will get there! Things will change and grow as you nurture yourself and that’s okay! Nothing happens overnight except in the movies! Success, whatever you determine success to be, is built one step at a time with some mishaps along the way but no-one gets successful by quitting! I’m always sure to share that you may have to re-evaluate or re-adjust you plan but you never ever, ever QUIT because you are just one step away from reaching your true POTENTIAL!

Kendra R. Gainey Kendra R. Gainey is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, international bestselling author and speaker whose passion is to inspire women to Dare2Own! She is the proprietor and CEO of Gainey Girl Boutique, LLC, a women’s specialty clothing store, and Angel Care, A Family Child Care Place, LLC. Kendra lives to inspire, encourage and empower women to turn their hobbies into businesses that provide financial relief and stability. She believes each woman is just one step away from reaching her true

potential. Kendra lives in New Jersey with her husband Bo, and daughter.

RESOURCES www.gaineygirlboutique.com www.facebook.com/gaineygirlboutique




Time to say “NO” to Suffering in Silence By Eda Hardy Perhaps you’ve felt frustrated, insecure, and emotionally traumatised as if you’ve lost your resilience. To make things worse, perhaps feelings of depression, helplessness and loneliness have arisen for no apparent reason. These are the roadblocks that most people face in this fast-paced world. I see many clients experience more than two or more of these symptoms, usually an indication of losing the connection with your inner self. However, after even just one session with me, my customers see the difference in their lives. They become lighter, happier and feel more at ease. They often say “What did you do? I haven’t felt this good in years” which is music to my ears. It is an honour to see that my private Skype sessions, programs, transformational day and healing retreats transform people and they feel

alive once again. I also assure them that they will get all the necessary tools to help them stay happy and healthy. The result is never temporary; it is for an entire lifetime. You can always book a no-obligation 20 minute discovery session with me to find out how I can help you to find happiness and fulfilment in your life. I am an emotional wellness practitioner. I help people overcome their emotional challenges to give them the freedom to follow their passion so that they

49 www.coachingandsuccess.com

“What did you do? I haven’t felt this good in years”

can lead a happy and fulfilling life and achieve their life mission. I will guide you through the right steps to happiness and fulfilment that you deserve. The emotional state that you will reach will be beyond your wildest dreams. I want to give you an opportunity to master your happiness and therefore your future. No matter what storms life brings your way, you will know how to get up and feel good again. Due to our very busy lives, we tend to become disconnected from our true selves and rely on outside sources to find contentment and happiness; this sort of happiness doesn’t last long. We start creating barriers and walls within that stop us from living fully. Most people have forgotten who they are, where they come from, and how far they have made it. They don’t recognise the person they’ve become for better or for worse and neither are they aware of their beliefs or values. I help people break through self-imposed barriers and limiting beliefs, and support them as they identify with their values

and beliefs, thereby attaining happiness. I also have various structured Emotional Mastery Programs which are very popular. The first action I want you to take is to make a choice and decide what you want to change in your life right now. Not tomorrow or next week - right now.

Most people have forgotten who they are, where they come from, and how far they have made it

Please also check my website http://www.masteryourfuture.co.uk/ for Emotional Healing Retreats, Transformational Healing days, Emotional Mastery Programs and various transformational private healing (Skype or 1-2-1) sessions. Remember to book your 20 minute discovery session to find out how I can help you to find happiness and fulfilment in your life. (http:// www.masteryourfuture.co.uk ) Always remember, you can turn your dreams into reality.

Eda Hardy Eda Hardy is an award winning emotional wellness practitioner. She is an expert at removing emotional barriers, facilitating emotional healing and increasing selfesteem. She is an NLP Master Practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, Mentor, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist and Reiki Master. Website: www.edahardy.com Email: masteryourfuturenow@gmail.com

RESOURCES Claim Eda’s information-packed book, “5 Important Steps to Creating a Happy and Fulfilling Life” www.masteryourfuture.co.uk




a practical answer a massive A simple impact question

By Nicole van Hattem In my own mind, I bravely called out to the Universe - “Show me the next step!” Now that might not seem such a brave question to ask, but I knew that I would get an answer, and that getting an answer would compel me to create more changes in my life. Changes that, quite frankly, scared the heck out of me! I knew from experience that simple questions, asked with great seriousness and total commitment to whatever answer may come, have a huge impact on our lives. I also knew that I was destined to leave my corporate killer career and move into health and healing. What I didn’t know was how to take the next step. So I asked. At the time, it seemed such a simple question, but within days of asking that question, I got the answer. Within weeks I had signed up for a coach training course

that would see me not only transform my own health but equip me to educate, inspire and coach change in the lives of thousands of my clients. Through my coaching, I have helped my clients discover the deeply honest, heartfelt questions they needed to ask themselves in order to overcome depression, eating disorders, lose weight, heal chronic health conditions, rekindle love in their At the time, relationships, create it seemed lives they love, change such a simple careers, transform their question finances and many other successes.

51 www.coachingandsuccess.com

you must create silence in your mind

The secret to success is to make space to hear the right questions, to ask the questions with intense desire for the answer, and to take committed action when the answer comes. To know the questions which are right for you, you must create silence in your mind. In that silence you can listen to your inner voice, because you already know your truth but perhaps you have forgotten to believe in and trust yourself. In a world filled with constant distractions, it can seem like an impossible task to clear the mental clutter and listen to our inner guiding voice, but here are two simple ways to get you started:

Switch off! Turn off the computer, internet, TV and radio. Remove Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter,

Pinterest, Facebook, and any online games from your smart phone. For a few hours, a day, a few days…… or even longer.

Get naked!

you are brave, whole and perfect exactly as you are right now

NO! I’m not talking about taking all your clothes off but about becoming bare, simple, natural. Get out into a natural earthy environment. Anywhere where you can immerse yourself in the natural rhythms and vibrations of the planet, to breathe, to rest and realign yourself.

Even these two simple regular practices will begin to create energetic space where you can observe your mind, gently discover the questions you need to ask and to invite the answers. You will soon remember that you are brave, whole and perfect exactly as you are right now, and that you can manifest your greatest joy and success. It all begins with a simple question.

Nicole van Hattem Nicole van Hattem HHC/AADP is a workplace wellness warrior, international speaker, published author, success coach, detox specialist and entrepreneur. After her 25 years in the corporate world resulted in burn out, Nicole transformed her body and mind, shrank 3 dress sizes, gained vibrant energy, joy, and success – all without dieting. She passionately believes that you can thrive, not just survive, in the modern workplace and her unique coaching, corporate events, and detox programs will inspire you to your greatest healthy success.

RESOURCES www.nicolevanhattem.com www.linked.com/nicolevanhattem www.facebook.com/nicole.vanhattem.5




Become the You, You Want to Be in 5 Easy Steps

By Lisa Pattenden

Help, I’ve Found a Lump! My first experience of finding a lump was so scary, after having just watched my mother pass away from it. The family history is high with breast cancer on both sides so finding a lump for the first time was a massive scare. I wasn’t sure what to do; obviously you go and get a mammogram and have experts figure it out but I really felt frozen. As if maybe it was not really there and maybe if I ignore it, it won’t really be there. So, after a lot of processing (I was 35 when I found the first lump) I finally made an appointment and went in to get a

mammogram. It was not fun. My sister said ‘prepare to feel like your boob was just put under a car tire and run over a few times.’ She was not lying about that! They put you in a hospital gown and move you around in the cold x-ray room into many different positions. You end up being more personal with the technician than you cared to be. After she was done, I changed into my clothes and I was asked to wait in a different waiting room - another cold and ‘clinical’ looking room. Plastic chairs

53 www.coachingandsuccess.com

maybe if I ignore it, it won’t really be there

You end up being more personal with the technician than you cared to be

and generic walls that don’t speak to anyone. It screamed of people being sick. They called me back in to get an ultrasound done. When they did the ultrasound they confirmed that my lump was a cyst. It was 13cms long going from the left side of my breast into the back of my breast. It was large. The doctor told me that it was normal, that as women get older it happens. The technician working with him asked if I wanted her to drain it. She did it while I looked at the screen and I watched it disappear. The technician then asked me if I wanted to see what came out. I told her ‘Not unless you want me to vomit on you!’ It didn’t help that she said, ‘It’s only green stuff.’ Yeah, that did it for me, I vomited! I definitely did not need to hear that!

I asked the doctor what causes these I am a firm cysts and could I prevent them? He believer in said, ‘There’s nothing you knowing you can do about what it is them, it just happens that you will as you get older.’ I told flow with him ‘I will Google it then, and find answers.’ A shame really because there are loads of resources when you look. I thought it would be a good idea to pass this information on. I find cysts now and actually go through the same thing over and over again when I do. I thought it would be helpful for everyone to have this information so there are no surprises for you. I have had some considerable results with my 5 step program. I am a firm believer in you knowing what it is that you will flow with. I am happy to work until you are more confident in moving forward. I’d love to hear from you.

I will Google it then, and find answers

Lisa Pattenden Lisa Pattenden owns and operates My Absolute Image. She is known as the Trauma Transformer for survivors of trauma and, in particular, breast cancer. Lisa’s talent is in having the ability to connect with people who have gone through traumatic events. She is able to help you find yourself again, to embrace your new life by creating a personalized plan using her 5 step process that leaves you confident and in control of your new life.

RESOURCES Sign Up For Your Discounted 5 Step Trauma Transformation Program: p1.pagewiz.net/Magazine%20Offer-book




IMAGINE living THE LIFE of your DREAMS Discover life DESIGN Life Design is a program using 5 Design Principles that Noni Boon created in order to re-design her life when everything fell apart. She now teaches these steps to women around the world so that they can take an easier, safer path and excavate their wisdom to design the life of their dreams. You don’t have to take the hard road and do it on your own. Noni can guide and support you. Email now to book a free ½ hour session. nonib@ozemail.com.au

biDesign creative wisdom


NONI BOON Designer T

+ 61 417 287428




Women’s Edge Resources At Your Fingertips

Christine Marmoy


Christine Marmoy




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You Dream of being Published? What I enjoy the most about my business is being able to collaborate with so many different women all over the world. And the best part? When I get to help them organize their very own collaborative work. That is where my real talent lies. Without doubt, a book is THE ‘Asset’ to have to increase your visibility tenfold, to gain instant credibility and to increase your clientele. So if you want to turn your dream of publishing your own anthology book into reality, get in touch with me and I’ll show you how, together, we can accomplish this in 90 days, cost-free, going through everything from A to Z..... and how you can actually make money right from the very start. Sounds good? Then email me at


Have a wonderful and successful life! Christine Marmoy

3rd AntholoGy – 3rd Best Seller! This book is amazing‌. true testimonials that you can manifest anything you want in your life! Available on Amazon

Christine Marmoy

Your Magnetic Marketing Mentor & Dream Team Designer