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April 11, 2014


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Industry sees spring renewal with new projects By Robyn Bardgett

It’s a spring awakening in the field of construction, as projects start to take shape, whether a largescale project like hotels or smaller projects, such as home renovations. Construction Association of Bermuda head Charles Dunstan starts the conversation about whether our labour force would be able to handle a mass of hotels and larger building projects if they were all to come into the pipe line all at the same time. It might be wishful thinking, he says, but it is also important to make sure we have all our ducks in a row before things start to escalate. At present, work is still going full force on the marina –– the first phase of renovations –– at the Fairmont Hamilton.

Money has been committed to renovate Pink Beach Club and just last week actor Michael Douglas left an exciting message on his Facebook page that seemed to allude the fact that Ariel Sands might be back in the tourism market. So it certainly seems like a lot of positive projects are starting to take shape. Take a look at Mr Dunstan’s further comments about the industry starting on page 2.

Salvaged For those thinking about starting a new home project, there are tons of resources available in this supplement. One unique way to give your house a facelift is by adding salvaged architectural pieces. It may sound counterintuitive to bring a piece of an old building into your

home to freshen it up. But there’s something really beautiful about some of the pieces that are available through Joshua Bate Trading. The details from these old pieces are absolutely phenomenal. Check out some of the available salvage items starting on page 6. Then head to the Joshua Bate showroom where they have samples on display as well as a salvaged door on the front of the building. n

FINAL TOUCH: The Waterloo House office and apartment building with the sculpture designed by Will Collieson at the front of the building, right, and sweeping views of Hamilton Harbour at the back, below. n Photos by robyn bardgett

Inside this supplement Hospitality construction gets another welcome boost Page 2 One-stop shopping for building control systems Page 3 Bermuda Sun 19 Elliott Street, Hamilton, Bermuda HM 10 Tel 295-3902 Fax 292-5597 E-mail This special supplement is produced and published by Bermuda Sun Limited and printed in Bermuda by Island Press Limited.

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Construction Association’s tenth year of scholarships Page 4 New Acute Wing moves rapidly towards completion Page 5 Incorporating architectural salvage as a focal point Pages 6-7 Downturn makes construction loans hard to come by Page 8 Summer is near so bring your property back to life Page 9 Power choices: look to the sun for inspiration Page 10 Science fiction future inspired us to move forward Page 12 Soundproofing makes sense if you want a stress-free zone Page 13 Bulk propane gas: the cost-effective, greener fuel Page 14 Major road works schedule for 2014-15 Page 16

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April 11, 2014


Hospitality construction gets another welcome boost Charles Dunstan President at Construction Association of Bermuda

The announcement by Pink Beach that they have a planning application in for $51.5 million of reconstruction is music to the ears of the local construction industry. Just as we are winding down on $60 million worth of construction cost at the beautiful and prestigious new Waterloo House, $90 million worth of renovation work at Fairmont Hamilton Princess, as well as the $300 million hospital project, this announcement has provided a bit of a lifeline to those who were wondering where the next big build was going to come from. Those of you who have read various editorials in preceding Construction editions will note we have been predicting for some time that impetus to our economic growth has to come from investment in our hospitality inventory, from a construction perspective anyway. While we have seen a recent resurgence of international business incorporations in our jurisdiction, the glut of unoccupied office space will remove the need for large-scale office building construction for a while yet. That, coupled with new impetus from a raft of interested developers to redevelop the various dormant tourism properties, as well as the long-awaited implementation of the Tourism Authority, means that we could be poised to realize our prediction.

Fresh approach I mention the Tourism Authority because this is an indication that the government is getting serious about a fresh approach to our ailing tourism industry. This semi-privatized entity should place a more entrepreneurial motivation behind development of the island’s hospitality product. In a similar vein, recent movement on changes to the act governing the land deals at Morgan’s Point and the Par-la-Ville Hotel mean that oft-publicized, and politicized, obstacles to development are slowly being removed. There are a number of projects in various stages of the process, Pink Beach having now emerged as potential leaders in this next wave. There is talk of a new Beach Club on the former Sonesta site with, perhaps, much more to come. Morgan’s Point is said to be awaiting the finalization of the land deal before moving ahead with a first phase of development of their 184-acre site. This will include a combined boutique hotel and sporty shoreline residential development. And Michael Douglas has recently indicated plans to redevelop the Ariel Sands cottage colony site. The long-proposed Parla-Ville Hotel now has a parliamentary-approved


CONSTRUCTION BOOST: Pink Beach announced recently that they have a planning application in for $51.5 million of reconstruction.

Charles Dunstan lease, which should remove the considerable uncertainty behind this project, and with which they can hopefully secure financing for their 300-room city hotel. At the same time, the government has two current RFP’s in process, requesting proposals for the development of the much-vaunted Club Med site, and the re-purposing of the ‘white elephant’ Grand Atlantic development. The latter is said to have received some serious interest from tourism developers, and to be in the closing stages of a potential deal. Other projects out there include the 60 room boutique hotel in the heart of St George’s, not to mention sites like Lantana, Coral Beach and Monroe Beaches, that could be revived should a surge in tourism investment become viable. Assuming developers can get past the myriad of

obstacles they must overcome before entering the construction phase of a development, like financing, planning approvals and other regulatory controls, it is worth examining the resources that will be required to execute a number of large-scale construction projects concurrently. The latest employment statistics show a workforce in the local construction industry of under 2,300. With approximately 70 per cent of local construction trades involved in the residential maintenance and construction sector, we can estimate the total local labour resource available for commercial construction to be in the region of 700 to 900 persons. The figure will fluctuate based on demand, as there is an overlap of trades suitable for working in both residential and commercial construction. Based on well established guidelines for commercial construction in Bermuda, we can estimate that construction of a relatively small boutique hotel would require 100 to 150 operatives at peak level; construction of a larger development like the proposed Par-la-Ville hotel would require 300 to 400 operatives at peak level. From this, we can see that the local workforce could absorb a number of these boutique-sized

n Photo supplied

Morgan’s Point is said to be awaiting the finalization of the land deal before moving ahead with a first phase of development of their 184-acre site. projects, and in fact needs them. However, presented with a scenario of a simultaneous Pink Beach, Par-laVille and Morgan’s Point build-out, the local industry could quickly become saturated. As construction involves more and more specialty trades, we cannot quickly draw from local resources to expand our capacity. The larger subsequent phase of the Morgan’s Point development is touted to be more like an Atlantis-sized project, which could reach the billion-dollar scale of investment. This will require a workforce beyond the scale of anything previously under-

taken in Bermuda, indeed beyond our total available labour resources. Where will the necessary labour resources for such a development come from? Will our current immigration policy restrictions on the trades dominated by Bermudians, such as carpentry and masonry, become the next obstacle to a ready developer? As more imported labour becomes necessary, where will contractors house their workforces? What pace of development is best for all of Bermuda when the effects of a development boom are considered? While some will shrug these concerns off as being

premature, or perhaps positive thinking run wild, we need to consider these questions if we are serious about protecting Bermudian interests and producing a game changer for our Tourism industry. There is still a long way to go before these concerns materialize into social issues, but ensuring the most sustainable and broadly beneficial development of our island will require dialogue and shared goals between developers, the government, the unions and the construction industry. The Construction Association of Bermuda stands ready to fulfil its part in this discussion. n

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April 11, 2014



One-stop shopping for building control systems By Bryan Adams President, BESCO

Designing, constructing and implementing a new building is different now from even 10 years ago. Today’s technology brings a whole new realm of possibilities to how we build and how we use buildings. From the materials we use, to the various components within the design and how people work and live within the space, this industry is evolving quickly. One development we will see more and more is smart building technology, which integrates major devices that monitor and control mechanical and electrical systems including security, fire detection and protection, lighting, elevators, HVAC and ventilation systems. The integrated devices are run by a control system, through which the facilities manager can oversee everything within a building or even across multiple sites. Using a building control system, all systems are not only integrated into a single, unified platform, but are also connected to an IP network that allows remote access from any device, anywhere in the world. The user interface is easy to use, flexible and allows for real time access to every component on the system.

Monitoring This allows building managers to monitor and maintain the systems at any time. And it limits access to only approved employees, keeping the control over systems tight and manageable. What exactly does this involve? On a basic level it can incorporate anything electrical or mechanical, inside or outside the building. It can even include management of the flow of water in the bathrooms, digital signs throughout the facility and kitchen appliances. On a higher level, a building control system

Bryan Adams manages all major systems within a building to reduce energy consumption and maintenance and operating costs. It makes the building comfortable for the occupants and reduces the possibility of downtime. HVAC, ventilation and humidity control systems can be programmed to make areas within the building comfortable for how they are used.

Faults It also monitors for faults and fixes them before occupants are even aware there is an issue. Air quality is monitored, detecting gas, chemical or biological components and detaining them to a restricted area if discovered. Access control, security and surveillance including video monitoring, card or other access controls and visitor management are monitored and managed. Access control allows facility managers to not only control access but also monitor who is accessing the building. Interior lighting usage is managed depending on how areas are occupied and minimized during weekends and holidays. Exterior lighting for security and safety is also managed, as are parking gates, irrigation and other similar outdoor facilities. Mechanical systems such as elevators are monitored on a building control system and, if necessary, overridden remotely. Maintenance and fault detection limits downtime and improves efficiency. One building control system to monitor and manage various systems has numerous benefits.


building control system: All systems are not only integrated into a single, unified platform, but are also connected to an IP network that allows remote access from any device, anywhere in the world.

‘On a higher level, a building control system manages all major systems within a building to reduce energy consumption and maintenance and operating costs.’ It reduces energy consumption, lowers maintenance costs, ensures a safer, more comfortable and sustainable environment and delivers an exceptional return on investment. Building control systems today can integrate diverse products and protocols. We can make them work as a cohesive whole to make the building efficient. From the perspective of

the construction project manager, an integrated building control system has value in terms of efficiency and project delivery.

Management The ability to use one contractor for the control system and the various integrated elements reduces the number of resources required for selecting, implementing and managing various building

components. This approach of a one-stop-shop improves the scale of systems and how they integrate with each other, and it makes installation more efficient and less labour intensive. It allows for greater flexibility in implementation management and timing, training, service and maintenance. This enables the project manager to worry about other aspects of the construction, rather than having to manage several different contractors at different times. And for the building facilities manager, once the building is up and running, it means one point of contact for the various systems. In short, looking to one contractor to manage a building control system saves builders time, money and frustration.

One contractor can ensure all systems are the most efficient to not only do their job, but also to integrate with the overall facility. And once in place, the integrated systems make the building more efficient, more comfortable and a smarter investment. n

BESCO was founded in 1995 and is one of the largest electrical contractors on the island, having executed many technically complex projects. With five core divisions covering engineering, building control systems, power, renewables and maintenance, BESCO is an innovative company in Bermuda’s building services sector, providing commercial, industrial and residential solutions, and complete facility energy solutions to its clients.



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April 11, 2014


Construction Association’s tenth year of scholarships Three $15,000 scholarships awarded for education in construction-related professions Charles Dunstan President at Construction Association of Bermuda

The Construction Association of Bermuda (CAOB) are celebrating a milestone of sorts: this year will mark the tenth annual award of the Association’s full scholarship. While an award has been offered for some 20 years or more, it was previously in the form of a grant or bursary. Our partnership with the National Training Board (NTB) in 2004 was a game changer, eventually building the award to three $15,000 scholarships for education in constructionrelated professions. The multiple awards allow us to see a consistently successful candidate through their entire degree


programme and, at the same time, offer opportunities to new applicants. We encourage interested students to review the scholarship application requirements on our website at The CAOB continues to be the strong voice of construction in many spheres of influence. We are called on to participate in various immigration

initiatives, including the recent re-write of the Immigration Policy, as well as representation on the Immigration Board. We have productive relationships with the various employment groups, Bermuda Employers Council, Chamber of Commerce, and the unions, and represent construction on the Labour Advisory Council. We work closely with the Department of Education

in promoting the NCCER curriculum for Trades Education in the public schools, as well as other institutions such as the Bda College. We represent construction on the National Training Board, and are involved in development of the National Training Plan, as well as initiatives to move all trades toward certification, in order to make our tradesmen globally compet-

‘The multiple awards allow us to see a consistently successful candidate through their entire degree programme . . .’ itive. We also offer consultation to various other government departments, such as the Department of Statistics and Occupational Safety and Health, with analyses and input on various construction-related matters. The CAOB is working for you. If you want your voice heard, join us. We’re hosting a new members party on 24 April. You will get a

chance to hear more about what the association is doing for our industry. n

For details, like us on Facebook, or e-mail our administrator on caob@ It’s an exciting time to be involved in the effort to reclaim Bermuda’s title as the premier place to live, work and visit.


Call before you dig

Electrical hazards may be waiting underneath under Whether you are a contractor or homeowner, you must call BELCO before you start a job that involves excavation. Digging without calling can disrupt electricity service to an entire neighbourhood and poses a serious safety hazard to you and those around you. Every digging job requires a call to identify cable locations – even for small projects. Contact us at least five working days before any excavation, so that someone from our Records & Technical Services unit can mark the ground to indicate underground cable locations and provide any relevant drawings. Cable marking is free. If you have not called and your excavating results in damage, you may face paying fines and repair costs. Bermuda OSH Act 2009 law states that you must contact each of the Island’s utilities before you dig.

Safe Excavation

Notify your employees or subcontractors onsite of the procedure.

If in doubt, dig trial holes to establish exact cable position.

Hand dig near indicated cable locations.

Do not use picks, pins or forks in soft soils where cables are located.

When high-voltage transmission cables are in the vicinity, use extra caution and make sure everyone is aware of the cables.

BELCO CONTACTS Emergencies & Power Outages


Leave the cable markings in place until work is complete.

Cable Markings &

Make sure everyone involved in the project has the necessary

General Queries

documentation and is aware of any special precautions required.

296 3408

Stop and call BELCO if:

A cable is damaged.

You find a cable embedded in concrete, or other major obstacles to digging, so that BELCO can de-energise the cable.

You need advice about protection of exposed cables, including site restoration when excavation is complete to avoid damaging cables.

You have any questions at all.

Empowering Bermuda’s Progress



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April 11, 2014



New Acute Wing moves rapidly towards completion Submitted by Bermuda Hospitals Board Works on site are moving forward rapidly with most areas now in the final finishing stages. Now that protection is being removed and areas cleaned and access controlled you can see that what has been a building site for the past three years is finally revealing itself as the highquality hospital facility that Bermuda deserves. Completion of an induction programme, where the importance of infection control and other health and safety matters are addressed, is necessary to work on the site. To date 2,171 people have been inducted and 559 re-inducted after being on site more than a year. Well over two million hours have now been worked. Many of the recent inductions have been for cleaners to keep the completed areas clean and for specialist start-up engineers who are onsite for short durations to ensure the mechanical and electrical plant items are operating correctly prior to commissioning each system. Significant milestones: March n The sewage treatment plant is now receiving all waste water from the existing facility. n The data centre has achieved its early handover date and is linked to the data centre in the existing facility. n Two of the three chillers are now operational. n Level 1 & 2 Continuing Care Unit corridors in the existing General Wing have been closed to allow the connection works to be completed. n All seven elevators are now operational. What’s happening inside n Floor finishes are nearing completion. n Partitions are nearing completion. n Ceiling and light fixture installations are underway in completed areas and much of the permanent lighting is now operational. n Final fixtures and fittings are being installed to completed areas. n Final coats of paint and accent colours are being applied.

n Completed areas are being cleaned, protection removed and cordoned off as restricted-entry zones, to protect final finishes and allow testing of air conditioning and heating units. Restricted-entry areas n The Emergency department and Diagnostic Imaging on the ground floor; n Dialysis and Oncology departments on the first floor; n Outpatient Services department on the second floor; n The third floor turquoise ward and fourth floor blue ward. n Data Centre achieved its early handover date successfully on March 12 and is now available to BHB’s IT department for connectivity checks. Works to the associated data rooms on each floor are moving forward rapidly and BTC have commenced their installation of new telephone and data infrastructure. n The atrium has been cleared of all scaffolds and the terrazzo floor installed. n Works within the main entrance and link connections at all floor levels have moved forward significantly in the last month with final floor and wall finishes being installed. The final look and feel of the main entrance can now be seen and felt. What’s happening outside n The connecting bridge from the New Acute Care Wing to the existing KEMH is complete, with the external and internal finishes underway. n Curbs and block pavers for the main entrance footpath are complete and tarmacadam has commenced to the main entrance exit roadway and the new car park. n Stone cladding and EIFS work on the face of the building is nearing completion. n Bermuda stone wall work is nearing completion: n along the ramps for the physically challenged, leading to the main entrance; n near the south car park. n Curbs delineating parking areas in south car park are well advanced. n Planting is ongoing to landscaped areas. n


Above: Stonemasons build Bermuda stone walls for the entrance way ramps to the new Acute Care Wing. Below: The interior of the main entrance to the new Acute Care Wing.

General Contracting Ltd. Tony Cabral • Cell 704-8475 • Office 236-2843 Ricky Cabral • Cell 704-9682


ALMOST THERE: The exterior of the main entrance to the new Acute Care Wing.

Renovations Residential Driveways Windows Doors Custom Carpentry



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April 11, 2014


Incorporating architectural salvage as a focal point Submitted by Joshua Bate Trading Using texture in design is nothing new. Fashion designers, interior decorators and artists of all mediums have recognized the power of texture to add visual interest, more detail and even evoke an emotional response to make a creation more memorable. Adding a piece of architectural salvage to the interior or exterior of a project is a simple way to enhance and add character to any design. Architectural salvage is usually something that has been torn out of a building or an item that barely escaped the wrecking ball of demolition. It can be made from wood, stone, marble, metal, wrought iron, glass, rock or even concrete. Some pieces are considered historical or antique, while others may simply come from an interesting location. It is common for salvaged items to be refurbished, for a second chance at survival. They are objects of quality, originality and soul. Imagine using a set of heavy oak and wrought iron doors, which come from the country of your ancestors, to welcome family to your newly renovated home. Or a bathroom vanity, built from materials from a place that’s on your bucket list. Using a vintage, one-of-akind piece to add character and history to an industrial-looking kitchen full of stainless steel. Or even incorporating salvage for an interesting focal point to a glass and steel commercial building. These types of additions enhance a design that people never forget. The architectural salvage industry was born out of a sense that beautiful things were going to waste, due to demolition or progression of time. From an environmental point of view, salvage is a form of recycling, but better. It gives new life to existing items in their original form, rather than like chipping the branches of a tree to make wood pellets, it allows the tree to stay intact, and live another life. Joshua Bate Trading Bermuda Ltd recently teamed up with Amighini Architectural to bring architectural salvage to Bermuda. Amighini offers doors, windows, wood floors, stained glass, vintage


RECLAIMING THE PAST: With Joshua Bate Trading teaming up with Amighini Architectural islanders, now have access to doors, windows, wood floors, stained glass, vintage decor, gates, iron, hardware and other reclaimed artefacts from all over the world (see further samples from Amighini below).

‘It is common for salvaged items to be refurbished, for a second chance at survival. They are objects of quality, originality and soul.’ decor, gates, iron, hardware and other reclaimed artefacts from all over the world. Visit their website at to see their unique items, available to enrich your current construction venture. You will also find fireplaces, furniture, lighting, mirrors, antique mosaics and more. Warning . . . you may find a treasure to inspire an exciting new project you hadn’t thought of previously. Once you find a piece (or more) of interest, simply e-mail the link to josh@ and you will be provided with a landed quote, to bring the item(s) to Bermuda. There are also several samples from Amighini on display at the Bate’s show-

room on Cemetery Road in Pembroke, to see and touch the quality of their products. The entrance of Bate’s is actually constructed of heavy, antique pine double doors from the 1910s, with hand-carved details and wrought iron inserts, sourced from Amighini Architectural’s abundant inventory. It truly brings unique warmth and an air of elegance to the cold, concrete walls of the Somers Warehouse. “Eclectic” describes the trend of design that combines elements such as textures, time periods, styles, colours and the perfect example of mixing old with new. Integrating modern furniture with rustic, vintage accessory tables and décor adds interest and depth to any room. Salvage pieces truly stand out against sleek surfaces and backgrounds. Mixing modern with traditional and contemporary with vintage is the new style. The only rule is that there are no rules. Stop by Bate’s showroom and get inspired. Visit Amighini’s website to find the perfect piece of history, destined for your unique project in Bermuda. Create your very own masterpiece . . . the possibilities are endless. n


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April 11, 2014




PIECES OF INTEREST: Amighini Architectural has many inspiring pieces which allow you to mix modern with traditional and contemporary with vintage.



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April 11, 2014


Downturn makes construction loans hard to come by The promise of risk and reward within new models of Bermuda construction projects By Steve Woodward Managing Director, KPMG Enterprise

Bermuda’s construction industry has never been for the risk adverse. Even during boom periods, Bermuda companies faced rising insurance costs, limited real estate and fierce competition. It is no secret that the recent economic downturn has produced a tight financing environment, making construction loans more difficult to come by through traditional means. Moreover, demand has sharply decreased, significantly contributing to the slowdown of the island’s construction industry. This issue may now be the largest challenge to be faced by the industry, as one by one, Bermuda’s largest projects are completed, with very few left in the project pipeline.

Stagnation A dwindling pipeline is obviously a concern for contractors as work will undoubtedly be scarce across the affected sector and those that service it, but equally, the fallout from impending industrial stagnation has the potential to significantly reduce Bermuda’s overall economic recovery, reaching well beyond Bermuda’s construction industry. However, the good news is that this outcome can almost certainly be averted.

Infrastructure and other public projects have the potential to reinvigorate Bermuda’s construction industry, driven by alternative financing models such as public private partnerships (PPP). A successful PPP project benefits both sides of the financing equation. Private investors can expect a stable investment opportunity with sustainable revenue streams in an otherwise uncertain market. From the government’s perspective, essential public works and infrastructure redevelopment projects are able to go ahead without placing undue pressure on already strapped government coffers. Jobs are created and returned to the local labour force, improving consumer spending and stimulating economic growth. Notably, Bermuda construction projects are already occurring that have been financed via the PPP model, including The King Edward VII Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Project –– being Bermuda’s first such public private partnership.

Infrastructure Bermuda has many of the same drivers for infrastructure projects as other jurisdictions. Replacement of the aging or obsolete assets creates continued demand for infrastructure in all forms.

n PHOTO BY Nicola Muirhead

PARTNERSHIP: Economic relationships between government and private investors can be seen through the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital redevelopment project. Given that Bermuda is already highly developed, future redevelopments, instead of greenfield projects, can reasonably be expected. Outside of financing, the PPP model has been shown to incentivise private sector partners to deliver innovative solutions and to take on risks associated

with on-time delivery and budget that the private sector may be in a better position to manage. Transferring risks to the private sector comes with a cost (also known as the risk premium). A recent trend in the international infrastructure market is a growing reluctance by private

sector partners to accept certain risks, which has resulted in increased risk premiums –– though it should be noted that the benefits often outweigh the negatives. A PPP is managed by a private sector partner, whose greater focus is on lifecycle maintenance which can avoid costly

repairs and replacement of assets due to years of cutting corners on maintenance. Ultimately, a PPP requires careful consideration of the inherent risks and assignment of risks to the parties best placed to manage the risks in order to achieve an optimal result for the parties. n

Ready to help, whatever it takes. KPMG Enterprise is devoted to your business. We’ll even help you build it. KPMG Enterprise believes that performance is not only measured by the service provided, but also by how well we understand our clients’ business and their needs. We go to great lengths to engage with your business in order to deliver clear customised solutions to our broad spectrum of Bermuda clients. Key Contact: Steve Woodward Managing Director, KPMG Enterprise +1 441 294 2675 KPMG ENTERPRISE. YOUR TRUSTED BUSINESS ADVISOR. © 2014 KPMG, a group of Bermuda limited liability companies which are member firms of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved.








Economical Reliable Efficient & Green Just a few of the reasons to incorporate propane gas in your next building project. Whether remodeling or starting from the underground up, contractors and home owners alike can reap the many benefits of propane. Contact Ernest Marshall Dedicated Commercial Representative on 299-2838 or 325-1812


We know propane 25 Serpentine Road / / 295-3111/

BdaGas Propane ad 3x7 BS SW_2014.indd 1

4/2/14 4:20 PM

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April 11, 2014



Summer is near so bring your property back to life Submitted by Renew Ltd It has been a long winter with lots of rain and cold, damp weather, a perfect breeding ground for mould, algae and mildew. Now is the time to get ready for the long overdue summer ahead. If your home or property is anything like ours, it's in need of a good bath. Walls, windows, blinds and walkways are moulding over and the patio is filthy. The best way to bring your property (residential or commercial) back to life is with Renew’s Restoration & Pressure Washing Services. From the roof all the way to the tank, Renew can help.

Starting at the roof Green algae and general pollutants can easily be removed with a safe ‘low’ pressure wash-down system followed by a mild sanitizing rinse. Ensuring that all roof gutters are well sealed and items surrounding the property are protected, a low pressure wash can either get you ready for re-paint or simply get you through another year or two of looking fresh and new if your coatings are still sound. Inspection of the roof after cleaning should be

carried out with photos and updates on any issues found reported to the client for peace of mind and follow-up as needed. Rinse down and clean up throughout so as to ensure the environment is kept as clean as when the project started.

House wash and bath Walls, windows, blinds, rafters and doors can all receive either a simple low pressure safe rinse or a foaming detergent washdown to remove debris that can cause damage, premature failure and/or erosion of the finished surfaces. To gain maximum lifespan of any surfaces, they should be kept clean; that goes for any coated surfaces, various metals and, of course, untreated wood.

Hard surface cleaning Mould and algae will form quickly in Bermuda during various times of the year and even though there are various products on the market today that claim to deter mould growth, there is no miracle cure for stopping long-term growth that we have found. Tests have revealed that products like Moldex Protectant can add a longer life to cleaned surfaces, but results can vary depending on exposure, surface


PRESSURE WASH: Hard surfaces around the exterior of a home, like concrete, brick and tile, can be cleaned with equipment designed to use up to 12 times less water than traditional methods. type and other factors. Like lawn care, hard surfaces around the exterior of a home, like concrete, brick and tile, can be seen in the same light. With an annual maintenance plan, you can avoid costly issues and keep


LIKE NEW: These before-and-after photos demonstrates what can be achieved with Renew’s Restoration & Pressure Washing Services.

a like-new appearance throughout. With equipment designed to use up to 12 times less water than traditional methods, wastage is minimal.

Water tanks If your tank isn't full after this long rainy season, then you’re either enjoying your bathtub often or you may have a leak somewhere. If you’re unsure as to which it could be, then the first thing to do is check that your system isn't

leaking water. To do this you can either contact a reputable plumber or you could even do it yourself. Simply ensure all water is turned off throughout the property and monitor the pressure gauge at the pump location for roughly 10 to 20 minutes. If your pump goes off or you see your pressure gauge dropping without any water being used, then you may have a leak. If so, call a plumber to inspect further. If you have no drop

in pressure, then your next logical step is your tank may be leaking and calling Renew or any other experienced tank service specialist to inspect and repair will be needed. n

For more information on Renew Ltd and our full line of services including Xypex and General Waterproofing, Abrasive Blasting, Non-Slip treatments and more, please visit www.renewbermuda. com.



April 11, 2014

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Power choices: look to the sun for inspiration By Tim Madeiros Founder and CEO of Alternative Energy Systems (Bermuda) Ltd.

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular among Bermuda’s savvy home and business owners and AES (Alternative Energy Solutions) is recognized as Bermuda’s leader in Tim Madeiros the solar energy industry. Since being founded in 2007, AES has installed over 5,000 solar panels; that’s over 1.2mW of solar energy capacity. AES attributes its leading authority status to its high level of knowledge, experience and innovative approach in the solar industry, combined with being able to supply its customers with the world’s most powerful, efficient and reliable solar energy system. When making the decision to invest in solar energy, there are a few key points to ask yourself at the outset: 1. Am I getting the most energy for my money? 2. Does the system have a 25-year power guarantee and product warranty? 3. Is the installer qualified and certified? AES has the answer to these critical questions. SunPower solar panels deliver more power, more efficiency and more reliability than any other solar panel in the world, and AES delivers these systems at the lowest cost of energy per kWh (kilowatt hour). Fact: SunPower panels are the world’s most powerful. In 2013 SunPower announced the release of its X-Series solar panels. The X-Series 345 watt solar panel surpasses the performance of all other solar panels in the world, including the BenQ SunForte panel. SunPower solar panels placed first, second and third in the 2012 testing


FULLY COVERED: Gorhams currently has a 186kW SunPower system installed. AES is installing an additional 300kW of the SunPower X21 345 watt panels on Gorham’s in the summer of 2014. conducted by third-party Photon International magazine for its annual field performance test. The additional energy generated by the X-Series results in approximately 75 per cent more energy production over the first 25 years, when compared to a conventional solar system covering the same-sized roof. Fact: SunPower panels are the worlds most efficient. The X-Series delivers approximately 8 to 10 per cent more energy per rated watt when compared with

all other conventional solar panels. Features include: n High energy output with no light-induced degradation n Better low-light and spectral response, generating electricity earlier in the morning and longer in the evening n Low temperature coefficient, allowing for more electricity generation on hot rooftops Fact: SunPower panels are the world’s most reliable. The X-Series is made with SunPower’s thirdgeneration Maxeon solar

‘As important as the taps and lights you choose, you now have the power to choose the power you use.’ cells, which are built on a solid copper foundation for high reliability and performance. This foundation makes them virtually impervious to the salt spray, corrosion and cracking that typically degrade conventional panels. As a result, SunPower solar panels are backed by the industry’s first combined 25-year product and power warranty. No other solar panels in the world are backed by a 25-year product warranty.

Internationally recognized installation quality


SunPower solar panels are backed by the industry’s first combined 25-year product and power warranty

Making the choice to select the highest quality solar panels for your home or business is easy, but your installer should also be selected with the same level of care. AES is a member of the SunPower international network of solar power dealers and was chosen as SunPower Dealer of the Year out of over 2,000 dealers worldwide. You can count on AES to provide the highest standard of quality and customer service when it comes to the installation of solar panels for your home or business. The experienced engi-

neers and certified solar specialists at AES will install your system to the highest specifications to ensure electrical safety and roof integrity. Our installations are backed by a Bermuda industry-leading eight-year warranty against cracks and leaks.

Value you can bank on Fact: AES systems have the lowest cost per kWh than any other installer. When considering the investment value of a solar energy system, the cost of repairing and replacing the system must be taken into consideration. In Bermuda, salt, humidity and wind are tough on everything and conventional solar panels are no exception. The SunPower product warranty covers the cost of labour and shipping, should anything go wrong with your solar system during the 25-year warranty period. This no-risk warranty brings the 25-year energy production cost per kWh down to lower than $0.10 per kWh. No other solar panels can offer a levelized cost of energy at this low rate. Additionally, In July

2011, AES partnered with Butterfield Bank to offer Bermuda’s first financing deal for solar panels. This partnership enables AES residential and commercial customers to take advantage of financing options to avoid the up-front cost of owning a solar energy system and become cash-flow-positive in the first month of operation. If you are building a house, new business or remodelling your current premises, look to the sun for inspiration in making smart choices. As important as the taps and lights you choose, you now have the power to choose the power you use. AES will handle all of the permitting and application processes and will provide a turn-key system that comes complete with a Belco Net Meter and SunPower web-based monitoring kit so you can watch your investment grow. Please call Tim Madeiros at 505-0804 or email tim. for more information and a free site assessment. n

AES was founded in 2008 by Tim Madeiros, who has more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry and previously worked for Belco. Tim is a chartered engineer with the UK Council of Engineering and is registered in Bermuda with the Bermuda Association of Professional Engineers. AES is proud to be Bermuda’s only SunPower Premier Dealer and Installer.


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April 11, 2014



n New and ongoing construction work / Reid Street


DERELICT: One of the derelict buildings on Reid Street Extension is currently being excavated. According to Planning Department documents plans include construction of a new building housing commercial and residential with two below grade levels for parking, storage, water tanks and physical plant. The land excavation work can be seen here, just off Joell’s Alley.



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April 11, 2014


Science fiction future inspired us to move forward Submitted by BAC Group of Companies Do you remember the Jetsons animated sitcom back in the 60s and 70s –– the family who lived in a future that consisted of whimsical inventions and robotic contraptions? Or perhaps the Star Trek series that started in the 60s and was later produced as films was more to your taste. Either way, both productions looked to a fictional future filled with elaborate technologies and things that went whoosh rather than clunk. But unrealistic? Not so much. In fact, Star Trek is cited as being an inspiration for several technological inventions, including the cell phone. Imagine, therefore, the influence that science fiction series and movies have had on new building infrastructures today! Overwhelming, is the answer. Because it’s not only what you can see (think swipe pads and iris recognition software to enter an elevator or airport immigration), it’s also what you can’t see that has been influenced by Star Trek and the like. The evolution of the mechanical workings of a building’s infrastructure means that we’re no longer only talking about the plumbing …

we’re talking about incorporating and infusing technology into business processes and corporate cultures. Technology is what will continue to shape the future of the construction and mechanical industries, which is why it is critical for companies to take note of future trends seriously. One such company is the BAC Group. What started as a one-man-band salesman selling vacuum cleaners has become the “Modern Supply Company” that, in turn, invested in the new technology of the day –– as air conditioning. In the 50 years since then, the company evolved and became Bermuda Air Conditioning Limited, and subsequently a group of companies that now designs and installs the entire mechanical infrastructure of a building. This Group has the technology to not only deal with the plumbing and air conditioning, but to install building automation systems that control and manage the building’s energy and indoor air quality, both onsite and from afar. Energy conservation plays strongly into BAC’s vision of the future, in which Energy Management


energy conservation: BAC Group’s solar and renewable energy technologies division, Bermuda Alternate Energy (BAE) Ltd, is growing substantially in the local residential and commercial market. Systems (EMS) Ltd. and Bermuda Insulation Ltd (BIL) both contribute through their “green technology” products and services. In addition, BAC’s membership with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), helps to provide the training and pull on expertise from other members, which enables them to perform faster and more accurately –– another vital factor for future business growth.

As the Group continues to add to their efficiency capabilities and future trends, their solar and renewable energy technologies division, Bermuda Alternate Energy (BAE) Ltd, is growing substantially in the local residential and commercial market. With grid-tied photovoltaic solar panels, electricity can flow both into and out of a building to a local energy provider’s electrical distribution system and, as it is expected that net metering or buy back rates

will be established in the near future — the energy provider will pay for excess renewable energy. In 1960, who would have thought that the sun powering a building would become reality within the next 50 years and that “green” would be more than just a colour? And now, in 2014, the BAC Group remains true to their mission in the present and for the future, as each company therein continues to follow trends and seek ways to improve

systems and adopt changes into their own infrastructure, so that they, too, can provide the same to their customers. And who knows, one day we really might be able to walk into a building and say, in true Trekkie form, “Beam me up, Scottie”. n

Contact the BAC Group at 292-0881 or go to www. to find out more about their integrated HVAC mechanical services for any size construction project.


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April 11, 2014



Soundproofing makes sense if you want a stress-free zone Supplied by Atlantic Ceilings Ltd Peace of Mind is the result when Atlantic Ceilings Limited soundproofs your home or business –– the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can’t hear the neighbours or your tenants, and that they can’t hear you. Make your home or office a “stress free zone” by eliminating the noise; traffic, barking dogs, footsteps, loud music, raised voices, and even mechanical systems like plumbing or air conditioning. These are the sounds of modern living but we can mitigate their effect on your ability to enjoy your home, or to run your business. Increasing land costs have resulted in larger amounts of high-density, multi-family housing in a growing number of Bermudian neighbourhoods. The result of high-density housing is individual living units such as condominiums positioned closer together than traditional single-family, stand-alone housing. Additionally, home theatre systems are becoming more prevalent in use and sophistication, resulting in the potential for more noise being transmitted between rooms. Commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals and hotels also have an increasing need to control sound between areas of a building. All of these changing market dynamics have resulted in an increased need for higher-rated Sound Transmission Class (STC) wall partitions, which reduce the transmission of airborne sound between living spaces within buildings.

Design considerations in acoustical wall partitions The goal of a high rated STC wall partition (STC>60) is to decrease the amount of sound transmission through the partition. The following five variables can have an impact on the ability of the partition to provide this loss. Mass: Increasing the mass of a wall partition increases the amount of sound transmission loss. Stiffness: increasing the stiffness of a wall partition will decrease the amount of sound transmission loss. For that reason metal studs outperform wood studs, and 24 o.c. framing spacing outperforms 16 o.c. framing spacing. Damping: Introduction of damping will increase the amount of sound transmission loss. In particular, constrained layer damping can be effective for structure-type applications. Cavity depth: Increasing the depth of the cavity of the partition can increase the amount of sound transmission loss, especially when the cavity is filled with acoustical insulation. Cavity absorption: Adding sound-absorbing material such as fibreglass or mineral fibre insulation to the cavity of a partition will increase the amount of

‘Whether you want to keep the noise in, out or both, call the noise pollution experts and get the perfect solution.’ sound transmission loss. The sound-absorbing material should completely fill the cavity but not be compacted or compressed in any way. Drywall can deaden sounds; however, when installed with little or no insulation or sounddeadening features inside the walls themselves, it can actually have the opposite effect. When sound waves carry through drywall into the wall and reflect off the surface of the opposing sheet, standing waves occur in the sound travel and standing waves greatly contribute to the overall audible level of sound. The easiest way to stop sound waves from becoming standing waves inside a wall is to place sound-deadening insulation between the drywall sheets. We carry a wide range of insulation types and sound control sealants but depending on the particular application, this may not be enough. One of the most effective ways to soundproof your home or business is to use a sound-dampening product that we carry called Quietrock. Quietrock is an acoustically enhanced gypsum board that can be used for walls or ceilings with superior sound-damping qualities. It is acoustically enhanced for high rated STC wall assemblies. The added benefit, especially for Bermuda’s climate, is that it is mould, mildew and moisture resistant. This innovative gypsum board allows for construction of high STC wall assemblies that are thinner, cost effective and more reliable than traditional methods for constructing these types of assemblies. Quietrock Gypsum Board has a high density gypsum core encased in a heavy, abrasion and mould/ mildew/moisture resistant, 100 per cent recycled, purple paper on both sides. It also has a layer of viscoelastic damping polymer sandwiched between two pieces of high-density, mould-resistant gypsum board to provide additional layer damping. Peace and quiet is a precious commodity and one that Atlantic Ceilings Soundproofing Solutions can deliver with precision. We have cutting-edge technical solutions for every noise problem area, residential or commercial, and for every type and era of structure. Whether you want to keep the noise in, out or both, call the noise pollution experts and get the perfect solution. We can soundproof any home, office, mechanical

room or business, whether new construction or an existing retrofit. The most efficient way to address sound transmission issues is during construction; however, we have aftermarket solutions that can reduce noise throughout your existing home or business. We have many different scenarios and ways to soundproof. Every job is different and we can customize your project to fit your needs


and budget. Atlantic Ceilings Limited has Bermuda’s largest selection of quality soundproofing

products and installation materials. n

For further information

contact Werner Stegmann, president, at 505-0841 or



April 11, 2014

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Bulk propane gas: the cost-effective, greener fuel Copy supplied by Bermuda Gas Propane is increasingly becoming a popular fuel choice for residences and businesses, as it possesses many benefits for today’s energy-conscious world, and, when supplied in bulk, will create significant cost savings. Not to mention, you will never run out of gas again! No longer exclusively for business owners, bulk propane gas is now available to property owners as well. Whether you’re looking to renovate or remodel, or considering a new build, you can enjoy the many benefits that a bulk propane tank offers. Residential bulk tanks can be used to power most appliances, as well as to heat tap water, circulate swimming pool water and run a generator. The convenience of regularly scheduled tank top-ups is, in itself, a major advantage. Bulk gas customers also save money over the cost of cylinder-supplied gas; they gain the reliability of never running out of gas and enjoy the dependable efficiency of propane-powered appliances. As the island’s foremost propane provider, Bermuda Gas is an advocate for this versatile fuel choice. Dedicated commercial representative, Ernest Marshall, explains some of the many benefits of propane: n Propane is a cleaner-


TANKED UP: Propane gas is becoming a more popular choice for residences and businesses, as it possesses many benefits for today’s energy-conscious world, and, when supplied in bulk, will create significant cost savings. burning fuel, and emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fuels, like gasoline and diesel. n Propane poses no threat to Bermuda’s marine ecosystems or topsoil, as it is non-toxic and insoluble in water. In the unlikely event of a leak or spill, propane would dissipate into the air, and would not pool on

the ground or diffuse into water. n In many cases, propane performs more efficiently than electric appliances. A propane clothes dryer, for instance, can finish a load of laundry 25 per cent faster than an electric dryer. n Most propane appliances can be operated independent of any electric power sources, making it

an ideal energy choice for hurricane season. n Propane is, on the whole, cheaper than conventional electricity –– from 10-20 per cent in Bermuda. Bermuda Gas also recently debuted an exciting new product to make bulk propane available to even more residences –– the Mini-Bulk Tank. Their new Mini-Tanks enjoy the same automatic top-up service, ensuring that your gas supply is available at home right when you need it. What’s more, the sleek design is attractive, with a lower centre of gravity that enhances stability, and replaces the two cylinders you likely have on your property currently. High winds and hurricanes are

no longer a threat to your gas tank. When you’re ready to explore the bulk gas option, the experienced team at Bermuda Gas can help you determine the most suitable size and location for your installation. And, offering more than 50 different product lines, Bermuda Gas can help you select the right gaspowered appliances for all your needs. For commercial users, as always, bulk gas is the most cost-effective option. Bulk tanks do not require much in the way of infrastructure to begin using them, and come with service from certified technicians that are trained for the installation and upkeep of the commercial appliances your business relies on. In addition, commercial

bulk tanks are paired with gas volume discounts, preferential repair rates and a preventative maintenance programme, allowing your business an affordable, dependable energy solution. Contact Bermuda Gas today to begin saving money and enjoying the immeasurable value of never running out of propane again! For residential and commercial bulk gas service, contact Bermuda Gas Dedicated Commercial Representative, Ernest Marshall, at 299-2838, 325-1812 or emarshall@ For residential Mini-Bulk Tank e-mail neverrunout@ or call 295-3111. n


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April 11, 2014



n ongoing Road works / Princess Street


resurfacing: Road works have been underway throughout Princess Street, as well as both sides of Elliott Street. Resurfacing work was taking place along Princess Street last week.



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April 11, 2014


Ministry of Public Works major road works schedule for 2014-15 By Robyn Bardgett

Road works can spell long waits at lights, especially during rush hour traffic. But the waits and traffic management are all part of making the roads a bit safer and a little easier to navigate, so they come as a necessary evil. According to the Ministry of Public Works, the following road works are scheduled for 2014-2015: A roundabout at the junction of Middle Road and North Shore in Flatts. The existing junction is confusing. Even though North Shore is the main road, motorists going towards town need to indicate to show their intentions. Realignment of St David’s Road between number 1 and number two gates to use the old base road. The existing junction at number 2 gate is confusing. Baselands Road has better alignment than the existing St David’s Road, which has a sharp bend at Stocks Point. Utilizing the Baselands Road will create more parkland/land for development . Widening of Middle Road Warwick east of Burnt House Hill. The road is narrow, which means large vehicles and buses cannot pass each other safely. The Ministry plans to widen rock cut and to place a sidewalk. Work has already started at the Burnt House Hill junction. The next phase is to place a wall/sidewalk between the former White’s supermarket and St Anthony’s Church. Traffic light control at the junction of Middle Road

Southampton and Rockaway. Adding lights at this junction will help to reduce excessive queues at peak times. A roundabout at the junction of Blackwatch Pass and North Shore in Pembroke. This junction is confusing, however the design for a roundabout here is being finalized. n

BLACK WATCH: Designs are being finalized to help clear up the confusion at the Blackwatch Pass junction. n Photos by ROBYN BARDGETT

More security, more service with Colonial.

Business Insurance

insurance, health, pensions, life

Business solutions are more cost-effective with Colonial! Over 25 years, Colonial has grown from a $5 million turnover local insurance provider, to a company managing in excess of $300 million insurance premiums and pension contributions, Colonial Group International (CGI). With good advice and competitive rates, you can create insurance cover that is ideal for your business needs. Savings can be made and the service is second to none. Insurance. Flexible office and business protection. Pensions. Simple billing, lowest long term costs, excellent investment returns. Health Insurance. 95% claims settled 3-5 days. On-line access for members, employers and providers. Affordable individual health insurance. Effective and tested business continuity plan.

CALL 296-3700 or visit

Ask about


individual health insurance COM P RA ETITIV CON TES FOR E TRAC INSU RANTORS CE!

COLONIAL INSURANCE CO. LTD. Jardine House, 33-35 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12 Tel. 296-3700 A member of Colonial Group International insurance, health, pensions, life

New! Impact-resistant vinyl French doors – protect yourself against hurricane force winds and flying golf balls! Hurricane protection is just the beginning. These custom vinyl doors and windows provide year round security against intruders, stray golf balls and UFO’s. They dramatically reduce outdoor noise and filter out 99% of the UV light, significantly reducing cooling and heating costs. It’s continuous, 24/7 protection without having to think twice for a lifetime. For more information, call one of TreeCon’s technical representatives at 295-4771.


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and Vinyl Windows

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TEL: 295-4771

FA X : 2 9 5 - 4 7 7 4 O P E N : M O N D AY – F R I D AY: 8 : 0 0 A M – 5 : 0 0 P M

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Bermuda True Roof

BERMUDA’S BEST ROOFING SYSTEM! · Proven to help reduce heating & cooling · Long lasting/reduces maintenance costs · Planning Approved & Engineer Reviewed

· Reduces labour & installation costs with easy 3 step installation process · Specially formulated elastomeric coating results in a superior membrane system Don’t be fooled by imitation roofing products use only the very best: Bermuda True Roof!

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ROOFING SYSTEM Bermuda Paint Company Ltd. Brighton Hill, Devonshire Tel. 236.4662

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