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ABOUT BIFF MISSION: To advance the love of independent ďŹ lm from around the world in Bermuda and to encourage and inspire young Bermudians to capture their very special narrative through a camera lens.

FAST FACTS: Bermuda International Film Festival may not be as big as Sundance or Cannes but, what we lack in size, we make up for in spirit!

About BIFF

t 'PS UIF UI FEJUJPO XF IBWF QSPHSBNNFE NPSF UIBO JOEFQFOEFOU mMNT GSPN across the globe over 7 days to educate, entertain and enlighten. t 5IFSF BSF NPSF UIBO mMN GFTUJWBMT XPSMEXJEF 5IFSF BSF POMZ "DBEFNZ "XBSE RVBMJGZJOH GFTUJWBMT BOE #*'' JT POF GPS UIF 4IPSU 'JMN -JWF "DUJPO 0TDBS ÂŽ t #*'' IBT XFMDPNFE OVNFSPVT DFMFCSJUJFT BOE TUBST PG UIF mMN XPSME PWFS UIF ZFBST including Michael Douglas, Earl Cameron, Willem Defoe and Richard Dreyfuss. t .VDI NPSF UIBO BO BOOVBM FWFOU #*'' XPSLT BMM ZFBS SPVOE UP BDIJFWF JUT HPBMT *U IPTUT WBSJPVT #*'' 'JMN "DBEFNZ FWFOUT TVDI BT TDIPPM TDSFFOJOHT mMNNBLJOH BOE screenwriting workshops and summer camps to expose local people to the creative and dynamic world of independent cinema and nurture emerging homegrown talent. t #*'' IPTUT B NPOUIMZ mMN TFSJFT #*''MJY UP CSJOH UIF WFSZ MBUFTU NPWJF NPWFST BOE shakers to the big screen in Bermuda. t #F UIF mSTU UP mOE PVU BCPVU #*'' OFXT BOE FWFOUT BT B #*'' #6'' 0VS BOOVBM membership programme offers a whole host of beneďŹ ts such as ďŹ lm discounts, advance purchase options, invitations to exclusive events, a regular newsletter, plus extras discounts passed on by Friends of BIFF including 10% off food at Bistro Muse. "MM GPS KVTU B ZFBS 4JHO VQ UPEBZ BU XXX CJGG CN

WHO WE ARE: Board of Trustees

Management Committee (Pro Bono)

Susanne Notman – Chair %BWJE 0 #FJSOF o Founding Member & Director of Programming Patrice Horner Juan Wolffe Joe Gibbons Shelly Hamill "OESF 1FSF[

-BVSFO 'BSJT o Treasurer (Chair) "OESFX 4UPOFIBN o Associate Programmer "MJTPO )JDLT o Marketing & PR Director Callee Frith – Special Events Director Jean Flath – Volunteer Coordinator ,BZ "OOJF 3FJE :PVOH o Membership Coordinator Tim Stewart – Patron & Sponsor Liaison Jodi Szabo – Website Coordinator



BIFF 2012

Registered address: #*'' 4PNFST #VJMEJOH 'SPOU 4USFFU )BNJMUPO ). #FSNVEB Tel: t Fax: t Email: JOGP!CJGG CN t Web: www.biff.bm

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Welcome to the 15th Annual Bermuda International Film Festival!


Film is about vision and telling a story; both are synonymous with the BIFF narrative, the concept for which was conceived by the late Stanley Ratteray and Stanley $IFULPXTLJ PG UIF #FSNVEB 'FTUJWBM PG UIF 1FSGPSNJOH "SUT 'JMN UP UIFN XBT BO FTTFOUJBM DPNQPOFOU PG UIF DSFBUJWF FYQFSJFODF XIFSF NZSJBE JNBHFT QSPKFDUFE PO the celluloid screen, articulating all the passion and pathos of life, were as vital as any live performance. The two Stanleys threw down the gauntlet to a group of ďŹ lm BmDJPOBEPT XIP QJDLFE VQ UIF JEFB BOE SBO XJUI JU GPVOEJOH #FSNVEB T WFSZ PXO AJOEFQFOEFOU GSFF PG MBSHF TUVEJP GVOEJOH mMN GFTUJWBM 0O .BZ "DU 0OF PG #*'' VOGPMEFE JO GSPOU PG B IVHFMZ FOUIVTJBTUJD BVEJFODF hungry for a meaningful cinematic experience. It is that local audience, loyal and supportive, that has been pivotal in keeping BIFF alive. The overseas ďŹ lm fans and ďŹ lmmakers continue to come to what Moviemaker NBHB[JOF UPVUFE iUIF CFTU SVO CFTU QSPHSBNNFE NJE TJ[FE GFTUJWBM w 8JUI an unbeatable location and the Bermudian attitude of gracious hospitality and JODMVTJWFOFTT #*'' T DBDIFU JT BT B HSFBU QMBDF UP OFUXPSL BOE GPS BTQJSJOH #FSNVEJBO ďŹ lmmakers, to make contact with industry professionals. 5IF TVDDFTT PG #*'' JT OPU TPMFMZ UIF TUVGG UIBU ESFBNT BSF NBEF PO -JLF TP NBOZ ďŹ lm festivals worldwide, BIFF is not immune to the current economic challenges. However, the extraordinary embrace of the corporate and private community continues to be phenomenal. We are so very grateful to our sponsors, patrons and NFNCFST GPS UIFJS TVQQPSU 0VS IFBSUGFMU UIBOLT BMTP HPFT UP PVS EFEJDBUFE WPMVOUFFST XIP HVBSBOUFF B TNPPUI QSPGFTTJPOBM FWFOU FBDI ZFBS "OE BU UIF IFMN UP PVS energetic volunteer Management Committee who, against all odds, vowed to make BIFF 2012 a resounding success. It would be remiss for us not to acknowledge at this point, the spirit and backbone PG #*'' GPVOEJOH NFNCFS "JEFFO 3BUUFSBZ 1SZTF *O 0DUPCFS "JEFFO TUFQQFE down as our Festival Director in order to devote time to her planning consultancy QSBDUJDF 8F UBLF UIJT PQQPSUVOJUZ UP FYUFOE UP "JEFFO PVS NPTU TJODFSF HSBUJUVEF BOE appreciation for her devotion over the years.

BIFF 2012

i5P MJF JO UIF TVO BOE XBUDI NPWJFT JO UIF EBSL o XIBU NPSF DPVME POF XBOU w XSPUF ďŹ lm industry writer, David Poland, on his ďŹ rst, but certainly not his last, visit to BIFF. While lying in the sun may not be an option for all of us, watching movies in the EBSL JT PVS SBJTPO E ÂşUSF 8F JOWJUF ZPV UP TJOL B MJUUMF GVSUIFS JOUP ZPVS TFBU NBZ you be entertained, surprised, moved and informed by the vision of each and every TUPSZUFMMFS UIBU IBT QSPKFDUFE UIFJS OBSSBUJWF CFGPSF ZPV &OKPZ

Susanne Notman Chair, Board of Trustees Bermuda International Film Festival

For taking BIFF 2012 from dream to reality, we thank our sponsors: Major partners LADY ANTOINETTE PEARMAN


Supporting partners

Contributing partners

Sustaining partners

Corporate partners

BIFF 2012


Our deepest gratitude also goes to our long list of Directors’ Circle, Platinum, Gold and Crystal patrons, without whose support, there would quite simply be no BIFF. They are all individually reconised on www.biff.bm.

8F BSF QSPVE UP CF TDSFFOJOH PWFS DBSFGVMMZ TFMFDUFE GFBUVSF MFOHUI BOE TIPSU mMNT GPS your viewing pleasure at BIFF 2012. The programme comprises six categories: World Cinema, #FSNVEB 4IPSUT .BTUFSXPSLT .PEFSO .BTUFST "GUFS )PVST BOE FTQFDJBMMZ GPS PVS ZPVOHFS BVEJFODF #*'' ,JET "MM UIJT QMVT PVS VTVBM QPXFSIPVTF QSFTFOUBUJPOT PO PVS PQFOJOH BOE DMPTJOH OJHIUT XJMM FOTVSF XF VOXSBQ BOE XSBQ UIF QSPDFFEJOHT XJUI QBOBDIF -PPL PVU GPS UIF POJPO symbol signifying ďŹ lms with a Bermuda connection! The 2012 programme, which is notably scaled down in comparison to prior years, will be shown FYDMVTJWFMZ BU -JCFSUZ 5IFBUSF IPXFWFS UIFSF IBT CFFO OP DPNQSPNJTF PO RVBMJUZ 8F IBWF brought together a diverse selection of ďŹ lms to inspire and engage. Have a great fest!

%BWJE 0 #FJSOF Director of Programming

OPENING NIGHT Darling Companion d. Lawrence Kasdan USA / 2012 / 103 minutes / Colour / NR / English

Darling Companion

BIFF 2012 Film Guide / Opening Night


#FUI "DBEFNZ "XBSE XJOOFS %JBOF ,FBUPO TBWFT B CFESBHHMFE MPTU EPH GSPN UIF TJEF PG B %FOWFS GSFFXBZ 4USVHHMJOH XJUI IFS EJTUSBDUFE TFMG JOWPMWFE IVTCBOE +PTFQI "DBEFNZ "XBSE XJOOFS ,FWJO ,MJOF BOE BO FNQUZ OFTU #FUI GPSNT B TQFDJBM CPOE XJUI UIF SFTDVFE BOJNBM When Joseph loses the dog at their vacation home in the Rockies, the distraught Beth enlists the help of several guests and a mysterious young woman. Each member of the search party is affected by the adventure, which takes them in unexpected directions – comic, harrowing, TPNFUJNFT EFFQMZ FNPUJPOBM BOE VMUJNBUFMZ UPXBSET MPWF #*'' GPMMPXT JO UIF XFMM USPE footsteps of Santa Barbara International Film Festival by opening with Darling Companion.

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BIFF 2012

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Not Rated General, all ages admitted Parental Guidance, some material may not be suitable for children PG-13 Parents strongly cautioned, some material may not be suitable for children under the BHF PG Restricted, under 17 years not permitted R without a parent or guardian NC-17 No one under 17 years admitted

A Separation

Corpo Celeste

d. Asghar Farhadi Iran / 2011/ 123 minutes / Colour / PG-13 Persian with English subtitles

d. Alice Rohrwacher Italy / 2011 / 100 minutes / Colour / NR Italian with English subtitles

4FU JO DPOUFNQPSBSZ *SBO " 4FQBSBUJPO JT B compelling drama about the dissolution of a marriage. Simin wants to leave Iran with her husband Nader and daughter Termeh, but ďŹ les for divorce when Nader refuses UP MFBWF CFIJOE IJT "M[IFJNFS TVGGFSJOH GBUIFS 4JNJO SFUVSOT UP IFS QBSFOUT IPNF while Termeh stays with Nader who hires a young woman to assist his father. He later discovers that the new maid has been lying to him and there is more on the line UIBO KVTU IJT NBSSJBHF " 4FQBSBUJPO XPO UIJT ZFBS T (PMEFO (MPCF GPS #FTU 'PSFJHO -BOHVBHF 'JMN BOE XBT OPNJOBUFE JO UIF TBNF DBUFHPSZ GPS B "DBEFNZ "XBSE

Having recently returned to her native Italy BGUFS MJWJOH JO 4XJU[FSMBOE GPS ZFBST RVJFU CVU DVSJPVT ZFBS PME .BSUB JT MFGU UP IFS PXO EFWJDFT XIJMF IFS MPWJOH CVU XPSO PVU mother toils away at an industrial bakery. .BSUB T POMZ TPVSDF PG TPDJBMJ[BUJPO JT UIF local church, where she is told to attend preparatory classes for her conďŹ rmation. But the doctrines of Roman Catholicism offer little in terms of life lessons or consolation. Rohrwacher won the prestigious Ingmar #FSHNBO *OUFSOBUJPOBM %FCVU "XBSE GPS Corpo Celeste at the 2012 GĂśteborg International Film Festival and a 2011 4JMWFS 3JCCPO "XBSE GPS #FTU /FX %JSFDUPS from the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists.

Bullhead d. Michael R. Roskam Belgium / 2011 / 124 minutes / Colour / R Dutch and French with English subtitl 1FSIBQT UIF ZFBS T NPTU TUVOOJOH JOUFSOBUJPOBM EFCVU .JDIBFM 3 3PTLBN T Bullhead is a harrowing tale of revenge, redemption and fate. Domineering cattle farmer, Jacky Vanmarsenille, constantly pumped on steroids and hormones initiates a shady deal with a notorious MaďŹ oso meat trader. When an investigating federal agent is assassinated and a woman from his traumatic past resurfaces, Jacky must confront his demons and face the far reaching DPOTFRVFODFT PG IJT EFDJTJPOT $FMFCSBUFE at festivals worldwide including Berlinale, "'* 'FTU BOE 'BOUBTUJD 'FTU #VMMIFBE XBT OPNJOBUFE GPS B "DBEFNZ "XBSE GPS #FTU 'PSFJHO -BOHVBHF 'JMN

World Cinema


Declaration of War d. Valerie Donzelli France / 2011 / 100 minutes / Colour / NR French with English subtitles The opening night ďŹ lm of Critics Week at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and part of UIF 4VOEBODF 0GmDJBM 4FMFDUJPO UIJT exuberant and deeply moving ďŹ lm follows B OFX DPVQMF 3PNFP +šSšNJF &MLBÂżN BOE +VMJFUUF 7BMšSJF %PO[FMMJ XIP NVTU GBDF the ultimate test when they discover their newborn child is very ill. Gathering their friends and family together, they confront the ordeal together as a form of warfare, surprising themselves with their ability to ďŹ ght not only for the life of their child but GPS FBDI PUIFS " mMN UIBU XJMM CSJOH UFBST to your eyes yet dazzle with its contagious vitality for life.

BIFF 2012

The crowd-pleasing World Cinema line-up features heavy hitters from across the globe. Our programming team has been on the pulse of the international ďŹ lm festival circuit to identify the latest releases drawing critical acclaim and audience appreciation to bring to the big screen in Bermuda.



World Cinema



Beyond the simple sheer enjoyment factor that BIFF delivers to its adult audience, we also recognise the festival week as an opportunity to engage and inspire younger audiences. Yes, we want to create a supportive environment in which home-grown ďŹ lmmaking talent can ourish, which means we hope to spark the imaginations of Bermuda’s aspiring directors, actors, writers and ďŹ lm technicians. But, our aims are bigger than that. We want to actively demonstrate to each and every child that attends BIFF kids how they can use ďŹ lm as a learning tool. The silver screen is a powerful means of communication, full of messages, morals and metaphors that enable us all to gain knowledge about other people and places without ever leaving a cinema seat.

Peer Mediation (Short ďŹ lm)

My So-Called Enemy

d. Lucinda Spurling Bermuda / 2011 / 20 minutes / Colour

d. Lisa Gossels USA / 2010 / 89 minutes / Colour / NR Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles

"SJFMMF BOE 5SFZ TFFL IFMQ GSPN UIF 4BMUVT Grammar School Peer Mediation group UP TPSU PVU TPNF SFMBUJPOTIJQ JTTVFT 6TJOH real students as actors, this ďŹ lm carries important messages for teens.

Poverty in Paradise: The Price We Pay


BIFF 2012

d. Lucinda Spurling Bermuda / 2011 / 58 minutes / Colour / G This local production explores the causes BOE DPOTFRVFODFT PG UIF XJEFOJOH XFBMUI gap in Bermuda; the struggles families face in providing for themselves and their DIJMESFO BOE UIF DPOTFRVFOUJBM TQJSBM JO crime plaguing the community. In 2000, QFS DFOU PG IPVTFIPMET IFBEFE CZ black females with children were living at or below the poverty line and increasingly families are ďŹ nding it impossible to afford basic necessities such as rent, food and electricity. The documentary gives a voice UP UIF MJWFT PG IPNFMFTT MPX JODPNF and working class mothers, addressing assumptions held by many as to why particular people live in poverty. The ďŹ lm aimed to transform the way Bermudians understand their community and inuence the necessary policies to put Bermuda on a more positive and prosperous path for all.

In July 2002, 22 Palestinian, Israeli and Palestinian Israeli teenage girls traveled UP UIF 6 4 UP QBSUJDJQBUF JO B XPNFO T leadership program, Building Bridges for Peace. The ďŹ lm is the story of six of the girls and how the transformative FYQFSJFODF PG LOPXJOH UIFJS iFOFNJFTw BT human beings meets with the realities of their lives at home in the Middle East over UIF OFYU TFWFO ZFBST 5ISPVHI UIF DPNJOH PG BHF OBSSBUJWFT PG QBSUJDJQBOUT "EJ (BM Hanin, Inas, Rawan and Rezan, we see how creating relationships across personal, political and physical borders is a ďŹ rst step towards resolving conict.

Special Presentation Because You’re Too Nice d. Daniel Parra USA / 2011 / 89 minutes / Colour / NR 0O B TFFNJOHMZ OPSNBM EBUF XJUI IJT girlfriend, Karen, James gets smacked XJUI B CSFBL VQ CFDBVTF IF T iUPP OJDF w Devastated and not wanting to be alone, IF RVJDLMZ KVNQT CBDL JOUP UIF XPSME PG dating, much to the annoyance of the hostess of the restaurant he brings all his dates to. With help from his best friends and father, James must navigate through his insecurities to ďŹ nd a woman he can trust not to break his heart again. This ďŹ lm was edited by Bermudian, Chris Frith.



d. Joseph Cedar Israel / 2011 / 103 minutes / Colour / PG Hebrew with English subtitles The story of insane academic competition, the dichotomy between admiration and envy for a role model, and the very complicated relationship between a father BOE TPO &JF[FS BOE 6SJFM 4ILPMOJL BSF CPUI eccentric professors, who have dedicated their lives to their work in Talmudic Studies. The father, Eliezer, is a stubborn purist who fears the establishment and has never been recognized for his work. While his TPO 6SJFM JT BO VQ BOE DPNJOH TUBS JO UIF ďŹ eld, who appears to feed on accolades, endlessly seeking recognition. Then one day the tables turn when Eliezer learns that he is to be awarded the most valuable honor for scholarship in the country, and his vanity and desperate need for validation are FYQPTFE /PNJOBUFE GPS B "DBEFNZ "XBSE GPS #FTU 'PSFJHO -BOHVBHF 'JMN

d. Cyril Tuschi Germany / 2011 / 111 minutes / Colour / NR German, English, and Russian with English subtitles This exhilarating and controversial documentary chronicles Mikhail ,IPEPSLPWTLZ T USBOTGPSNBUJPO GSPN B TFMG QSPDMBJNFE TPDJBMJTU UP B GVMMZ SFBMJ[FE capitalist and recounts the stunning turn of FWFOUT UIBU NBEF IJN POF PG XPSME T NPTU famous political prisoners. Weaving together JO EFQUI JOUFSWJFXT JODMVEJOH UIF mSTU PO camera exchange with Khodorkovsky since IJT BSSFTU BSDIJWBM NBUFSJBM BOE TUZMJ[FE DPNQVUFS BOJNBUFE SFFOBDUNFOUT 5VTDIJ shows us a man who embodies the paradox that is modern Russia – condemning the very corruption that helped make his fortune and envisioning a new Russia with respect GPS UIF SVMF PG MBX 0OF PG UIF NPTU UBMLFE about ďŹ lms at 2012 Berlin Film Festival debut after it was stolen twice in the ďŹ nal months of production.

d. Agnieszka Holland Poland / 2011 / 145 minutes / Colour / R Polish and Ukrainian and Yiddish and German with English subtitles #BTFE PO B USVF TUPSZ -FPQPME 4PDIB B TFXFS worker and petty thief in a Nazi occupied city in Poland, one day encounters a group PG +FXT USZJOH UP FTDBQF UIF MJRVJEBUJPO PG the ghetto. He hides them for money in the MBCZSJOUI PG UIF UPXO T TFXFST 8IBU TUBSUT out as a straightforward and cynical business arrangement turns into something very unexpected. The ďŹ lm is also an extraordinary story of survival as these men, women, and children all try to outwit certain death during 14 months PG FWFS increasing and intense danger. Nominated for a 2012 "DBEFNZ "XBSE GPS In Darkness Best Foreign -BOHVBHF 'JMN

Putin’s Kiss d. Lise Birk Pedersen Denmark, Russia / 2012 / 85 minutes / Colour / NR Russian with English subtitles Nashi is an increasingly popular political youth organization in Russia with direct UJFT UP UIF ,SFNMJO 0GmDJBMMZ JUT HPBM JT to support the current political system by creating a future elite among the brightest and most loyal Russian teenagers. But the organization also works to prevent the political opposition from spreading their WJFXT BNPOH ZPVOH QFPQMF ZFBS PME Masha Drokova, a Nashi commissar and TQPLFTQFSTPO JT BO BNCJUJPVT NJEEMF DMBTT TUVEFOU GSPN UIF PVUTLJSUT PG .PTDPX "GUFS KPJOJOH /BTIJ BU UIF BHF PG TIF NPWFT to the very top of the organization, and is rewarded for her dedication. Everything DIBOHFT XIFO %SPLPWB CFDPNFT BDRVBJOUFE XJUI B HSPVQ PG MJCFSBM KPVSOBMJTUT 1VUJO T Kiss won the Documentary Cinematography "XBSE BU UIJT ZFBS T 4VOEBODF

BIFF 2012

In Darkness

World Cinema



World Cinema

d. Michael Glawogger Germany, Austria / 2011 / 110 minutes / Colour / NR German, French, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, and Bengali with English subtitles " DJOFNBUJD USJQUZDI PO QSPTUJUVUJPO three countries, languages and religions. In Thailand, women wait for clients behind glass panes, staring at reections of themselves. In Bangladesh, men go to a ghetto of love to satisfy their unfulďŹ lled EFTJSFT PO JOEFOUVSFE HJSMT "OE JO .FYJDP women pray to a female deity to avoid facing their own reality. In worlds where the most intimate act has become a commodity, these women have physically and emotionally experienced everything that can happen between a man and a woman. For this they have always received money, but it has not made their lives rich in anything but stories. Special Jury Prize winner at Venice Film Festival.

Wuthering Heights d. Andrea Arnold UK / 2011 / 129 minutes / NR


BIFF 2012

"O FYDJUJOHMZ GSFTI BOE EJTUJODU UBLF PO the classic novel by Emily BrontĂŤ, an epic love story that spans childhood well into the young adult years, the ďŹ lm follows Heathcliff, a boy taken in by a benevolent :PSLTIJSF GBSNFS &BSOTIBX -JWJOH JO &BSOTIBX T IPNF )FBUIDMJGG EFWFMPQT B QBTTJPOBUF SFMBUJPOTIJQ XJUI UIF GBSNFS T teenage daughter, Catherine, inspiring the envy and mistrust of his son, Hindley. 8IFO &BSOTIBX QBTTFT BXBZ UIF OPX

Wuthering Heights

grown characters must ďŹ nally confront the intense feelings and rivalries that have built VQ UISPVHIPVU UIFJS ZFBST UPHFUIFS "SOPME XPO UIF 4IPSU 'JMN -JWF "DUJPO "DBEFNZ "XBSE GPS 8BTQ XIJDI TDSFFOFE BU #*'' 2004.

The Island President d. Jon Shenk USA / 2011 / 101 minutes / Colour / PG English The Island President is the story of Mohamed Nasheed, a complex and charismatic young leader of the Maldives, who rose from the trenches of democratic activism to become head of state of the nation most urgently threatened by climate change. Nasheed refuses to give up in this epic, new ďŹ ght. To have any chance of saving his country, this leader to a tiny, island nation, goes to the Copenhagen $MJNBUF 4VNNJU UP DPOWJODF UIF 6 4 $IJOB UIF & 6 BOE IJT DMPTFTU BMMZ *OEJB to cut carbon emissions dramatically and JNNFEJBUFMZ *G IF GBJMT IF MM CF GPSDFE to ďŹ gure out where his children and grandchildren will live in the future. The mMN UPPL UIF 1FPQMF T $IPJDF "XBSE BU Toronto International Film Festival 2011 BOE B 4VTUBJOBCJMJUZ "XBSE BU 4VOEBODF 2012.

Where Do We Go Now? d. Nadine Labaki Lebanon / 2011 / 110 minutes / Colour / PG-13 Arabic with English subtitles Set in a remote village where the church BOE UIF NPTRVF TUBOE TJEF CZ TJEF UIJT mMN GPMMPXT UIF BOUJDT PG UIF UPXO T XPNFO to keep their blowhard men from starting a religious war. Women heartsick over sons, IVTCBOET BOE GBUIFST MPTU UP QSFWJPVT nBSF ups unite to distract their men with clever ruses, from faking a miracle to hiring a USPPQ PG 6LSBJOJBO TUSJQQFST 5IF mMN XFOU down well with the crowds at Toronto, San 4FCBTUJBO BOE 0TMP mMN GFTUJWBMT XJOOJOH audience choice awards at each one.



In this brand new strand for BIFF 2012 we screen ďŹ lms made by the most inuential auteurs living today.

Le Havre


d. Aki Kaurismaki Finland / 2011 / 93 minutes / Colour / NR French with English subtitles *O UIJT XBSN IFBSUFE QPSUSBJU PG UIF 'SFODI harbor city that gives the ďŹ lm its name, fate UISPXT ZPVOH "GSJDBO SFGVHFF *ESJTTB JOUP UIF QBUI PG .BSDFM .BSY B XFMM TQPLFO bohemian who works as a shoe shiner. With innate optimism and the unwavering support of his community, Marcel stands up to ofďŹ cials doggedly pursuing the boy for Le Havre deportation. Kaurrismaki was nominated for a 2011 European Film "XBSE GPS IJT EJSFDUJPO PG -F )BWSF BOE UIF ďŹ lm swept the board at the national Jussi ďŹ lm awards in Finland including Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay, as well BT TDPPQJOH B (PME )VHP "XBSE BU $IJDBHP International Film Festival last year.

d. Wim Wenders Germany/ 2011 / 103 minutes / Colour / PG (FSNBO NBTUFS 8JN 8FOEFST 8JOHT PG %FTJSF 5IF #VFOB 7JTUB 4PDJBM $MVC captures the brilliantly inventive dance world of legendary choreographer, the late Pina Bausch. Wenders had conceived with Bausch a dance ďŹ lm like none seen before, one which would put the viewer deep inside #BVTDI T QMBZGVM UISJMMJOHMZ VOQSFEJDUBCMF QJFDFT "GUFS IFS VOUJNFMZ EFBUI JO 8FOEFST DPOUJOVFE XJUI UIF QSPKFDU UVSOJOH it into the most exciting tribute he could imagine. Sensual and visually stunning, Pina UBLFT UIF BVEJFODF JOUP #BVTDI T XPSL JO IFS imaginative sets and powerfully renders the beauty and sheer physicality of the dances and dancers of her Tanztheater Wuppertal FOTFNCMF 5IJT ZFBS 1JOB XBT "DBEFNZ "XBSE OPNJOBUFE GPS #FTU %PDVNFOUSZ Feature, having already been awarded Best Documentary by the European Film "DBEFNZ

BIFF 2012

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia d. Nuri Bilge Ceylan Turkey / 2011 / 150 minutes / Colour / NR Turkish with English subtitles Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2011 $BOOFT 'JMN 'FTUJWBM 0ODF 6QPO B 5JNF JO "OBUPMJB JT UIF OFX mMN GSPN /VSJ #JMHF Ceylan, the celebrated director of Distant and Climates. In the dead of the night, a group of men – among them, a police commissioner, a prosecutor, a doctor and a NVSEFS TVTQFDU ESJWF UISPVHI UIF "OBUPMJB countryside, the serpentine roads and rolling hills lit only by the headlight of their cars. They are searching for a corpse, the WJDUJN PG B CSVUBM NVSEFS "T OJHIU XFBST on, details about the murder emerge and UIF JOWFTUJHBUPST PXO TFDSFUT DPNF UP MJHIU 8IFO UIF CPEZ JT GPVOE UIF SFBM RVFTUJPO begins. The ďŹ lm swept up three gongs at the "TJB 1BDJmD 'JMN "XBSET

The Turin Horse d. Bela Tarr & Agnes Hranitzky Hungary / 2011 / 146 minutes / Black & White / NR Hungarian and German with English subtitles 0O +BOVBSZ JO 5VSJO *UBMZ 'SJFESJDI Nietzsche steps out of the doorway of OVNCFS TJY 7JB $BSMP "MCFSU /PU GBS GSPN him, a cab driver is having trouble with a stubborn horse. The horse refuses to move, whereupon the driver loses his patience and takes his whip to it. Nietzche puts an end to the brutal scene, throwing his arms BSPVOE UIF IPSTFT OFDL TPCCJOH "GUFS UIJT he lies motionless and silent for two days on a divan, until he loses consciousness and his mind. Eventually missing out on the top spots following its three 2011 European Film "XBSE OPNJOBUJPOT 5IF 5VSJO )PSTF UPPL both the Grand Jury prize and Competition Prize at Berlin International Film Festival last year.

MODERN MASTERS Damsels in Distress

The Day He Arrives

d. Whit Stillman USA / 2011 / 99 minutes / Colour / NR " DPNFEZ BCPVU B USJP PG CFBVUJGVM HJSMT BT they set out to revolutionize life at a grungy "NFSJDBO VOJWFSTJUZ EZOBNJD MFBEFS 7JPMFU 8JTUFS (SFUB (FSXJH QSJODJQMFE 3PTF .FHBMZO &DIJLVOXPLF BOE TFYZ )FBUIFS $BSSJF .BD-FNPSF 5IFZ XFMDPNF USBOTGFS TUVEFOU -JMZ "OBMFJHI 5JQUPO JOUP their group, which seeks to help severely depressed students with a program of good hygiene and musical dance numbers. The girls become romantically entangled with a series of men, including smooth Charlie "ESBN #SPEZ ESFBNCPBU 9BWJFS BOE the mad frat pack of Frank and Thor, who UISFBUFO UIF HJSMT GSJFOETIJQ BOE TBOJUZ The ďŹ lm closed the 2011 Venice Film Festival and has been busy on the festival circuit since, screening at Toronto and Rotterdam to name two.

d. Sang-soo Hong South Korea / 2011 / 79 minutes / Black & White / NR Korean with English subtitles

In his fascinating examination of a triple homicide case in Conroe, Texas, Werner Herzog probes the human psyche to explore why people, and a state, kills. In intimate conversations with those involved, JODMVEJOH ZFBS PME EFBUI SPX JONBUF Michael Perry, the ďŹ lmmaker achieves what he describes as “a gaze into the abyss of UIF IVNBO TPVM w )FS[PH T JORVJSJFT BMTP extend to the other convicted killer, Jason Burkett; his father, also incarcerated; a woman who lost both her mother and brother in the crime; as well as a chaplain BOE GPSNFS FYFDVUJPOFS XIP WF CFFO XJUI EFBUI SPX QSJTPOFST BT UIFZ WF UBLFO UIFJS mOBM CSFBUIT %FCVUJOH BU UIF VQ BOE coming Telluride Film Festival, Herzog captured the British Film Institute to win JUT (SJFSTPO "XBSE GPS #FTU %PDVNFOUBSZ of 2011.

d. Lynee Ramsay UK, USA / 2011 / 112 minutes / Colour / R " TVTQFOTFGVM BOE HSJQQJOH QTZDIPMPHJDBM thriller that explores the fractious relationship between a mother and her evil son. Tilda Swinton, in a bracing, UPVS EF GPSDF QFSGPSNBODF QMBZT UIF NPUIFS &WB BT TIF DPOUFOET GPS years with the increasing malevolence of IFS mSTU CPSO DIJME ,FWJO &[SB .JMMFS #BTFE PO UIF CFTU TFMMJOH OPWFM PG UIF TBNF OBNF 8F /FFE 5P 5BML "CPVU Kevin explores nature vs. nurture on a whole new level. The ďŹ lm has attracted a sleuth of award nominations, including B #FTU "DUSFTT (PMEFO (MPCF BOE #"'5" nods for Swinton, it took Best Film at the -POEPO 'JMN 'FTUJWBM #SJUJTI 'JMN "XBSET BOE &VSPQFBO 'JMN "XBSET 3BNTBZ BMTP scored a Best Director gong at the British *OEFQFOEFOU 'JMN "XBSET

BIFF 2012

d. Werner Herzog USA / 2011 / 107 minutes / Colour / PG-13

We Need To Talk About Kevin


Into the Abyss

4VOH +PPO SFUVSOT UP 4FPVM UP SFDPOOFDU with an old friend. When the friend EPFTO U BOTXFS IJT DBMMT 4VOH +PPO TUBZT JO a northern village in Seoul for three days. There he proceeds to interact with a variety of characters, in this charming, witty new ďŹ lm from the celebrated Korean auteur. /PCPEZ XIP T TFFO B )POH 4BOHTPP mMN before will be surprised to hear that The %BZ )F "SSJWFT DFOUSFT PO ESJOLJOH TPDJBM FNCBSSBTTNFOUT TFEVDUJPOT BOE SFKFDUJPOT 5IF TVSQSJTF JT UIBU PODF BHBJO JU BMM GFFMT so fresh and unfamiliar. The ďŹ lm screened JO DPNQFUJUJPO BU $BOOFT JO UIF 6O Certain Regard category, celebrating young talent with innovative and daring works.

Modern Masters

Also making its debut at BIFF 2012, the Modern Masters section comprises exciting new works crafted by some of the most acclaimed contemporary directors.

AFTER HOURS BIFF ďŹ lmgoers from previous years will recall that we screen a number of late night ďŹ lms during the ďŹ lm festival. This year, we have decided to brand this section as After Hours. The After Hours ďŹ lms by shared nature are provocative, controversial and uncompromising visions that take an innovative approach to the art of storytelling.


After Hours

d. Yorgos Lanthimos Greece / 2011 / 93 minutes / Colour / NR Greek with English subtitles "MQT JT UIF FBHFSMZ BXBJUJOH GPMMPX VQ UP :PSHPT -BOUIJNPT T DSJUJDBMMZ BDDMBJNFE 0TDBS OPNJOBUFE %PHUPPUI BOE DFSUBJOMZ POF PG UIF IPUUFTU UJDLFUT BU UIJT ZFBS T Film Festival. Much like Dogtooth, this surreal story is more effective the less you know about it. The ďŹ lm focuses on four peculiarly mismatched characters, DPMMFDUJWFMZ LOPXO BT A5IF "MQT 5IFSF T a young, nubile gymnast, her demanding coach, an entrepreneurial paramedic and a caring, emotionally detached nurse. They XPSL BT ATVCTUJUVUFT PGGFSJOH UIFJS TFSWJDFT to those grieving the loss of their loved POFT "MQT UPPL #FTU 4DSFFOQMBZ BU 7FOJDF Film Festival.




d. Markus Schleinzer Austria / 2011 / 96 mins / Colour / NR Germany with English subtitles

d. Tanya Wexler UK / 2011 / 100 min / Colour / NR

BIFF 2012

Michael, a seemingly meek insurance BHFOU IBT B TFDSFU IF JT IPMEJOH ZFBS old Wolfgang captive in a locked room in his basement. Chronicling a ďŹ ve month period, director Markus Schleinzer reveals a tense portrait of how seemingly mundane lives can hide the darkest secrets. Michael is a masterfully executed study of a monster with rich cinematic detail and unnerving insight. Michael premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and Schleinzer was nominated for UIF &VSPQFBO 'JMN "DBEFNZ T %JTDPWFSZ "XBSE

GBTDJOBUJOH EFQJDUJPO PG B ZPVOH XPNBO T reckless decent into a shocking world of FSPUJD EFTJSFT -VDZ JT B ZPVOH VOJWFSTJUZ student possessed by a kind of radical QBTTJWJUZ 0OF EBZ TIF BOTXFST BO BE JO UIF TUVEFOU OFXTQBQFS BOE JOUFSWJFXT GPS B KPC to be a lingerie waitress. But she is secretly being initiated into a world of strange new work; one where she will have to give into absolute submission to her clients by being sedated; becoming a Sleeping #FBVUZ -FJHI DSFBUFT B CPME DJOFNBUJD WJTJPO XIFSF -VDZ CPUI JO IFS DMBOEFTUJOF sexual adventures and in her mundane daily existence, lives with the same uninching and brutal honesty. Sleeping Beauty premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Sleeping Beauty d. Julia Leigh Australia / 2011 / 101 minutes / Colour / NR " CPME mMN EFCVU GSPN BXBSE XJOOJOH "VTUSBMJBO /PWFMJTU 4MFFQJOH #FBVUZ JT B

We wrap BIFF 2012 in style with this mischievously inspired romantic comedy TFU JO UIF MBUF UI DFOUVSZ XIJDI JT CBTFE on the surprising truth of how Mortimer (SBOWJMMF DBNF VQ XJUI UIF XPSME T ďŹ rst electromechanical vibrator in the name of medical science. The result also JOBEWFSUFOUMZ DPOUSJCVUFE UP XPNFO T TFYVBM JOEFQFOEFODF )ZTUFSJB TUBST "DBEFNZ "XBSE OPNJOFF .BHHJF (ZMMFOIBBM BOE Hugh Dancy, alongside Jonathan Pryce, Rupert Everett and Felicity Jones. The ďŹ lm premiered at Toronto International Film Hysteria Festival. Its cheeky marketing has secured the ďŹ lm a great deal of international buzz ever since and now Bermuda gets to see what all the fuss is about!

Bermuda Shorts

d. Hans Montelius Sweden / 2011 / 12 minutes / Colour Swedish with English subtitles " EJSFDUPS QMBZXSJHIU TQFOET a summer out in the country with his girlfriend and his brother. When he tries to write a play for them to star in, his demons ďŹ nally take over.

A Doctor’s Job

d. Julio Ramos Peru / 2011 / 10 minutes / Colour Spanish with English subtitles " mOBODJBMMZ TUSBQQFE doctor, who moonlights as a taxi driver, ďŹ nds himself challenged by his latest fare.

A Doll’s Life

d. Natalia Andreadis UK / 2011 / 7 minutes / Colour "NBOEB TFWFO ZFBST PME IBT B EFFQMZ troubled family life. Murderous intentions and violence pepper her everyday thoughts. Her GBWPSJUF EPMM JT UIF POMZ POF XIP LOPXT KVTU IPX EFFQ UIF SBCCJU IPMF HPFT

All It Will Ever Be


Apartment #5B Press information not received in time for publication.

Asylum d. Joern Utkilen UK / 2011 / 17 minutes / Colour " GBJMFE BTZMVN TFFLFS ESFBNT PG B CJP dynamic farm.

Burned Soil

d. Michael Hoellerer

Germany / 2011 / 13 minutes / Colour German with English subtitles 0O B SFNPUF GBSN JO SVSBM #BWBSJB TJTUFST Elisabeth and Ingrid, are caught up in a cycle of family violence.


d. Ruben Amar Israel / 2011 / 19 minutes / Colour Israeli with English subtitles " ZPVOH 1BMFTUJOJBO CPZ MJWJOH JO UIF (B[B Strip accompanies his father on monthly visits to the ruins of a destroyed village as a duty.

Corner Shop

d. George Hamilton UK / 2011 / 12 minutes / Colour Exploring the moment when tensions and frustrations unexpectedly erupt, this is a taut and emotional piece of drama capturing a snapshot of British life.

Crazy Beats Strong Every Time

d. Moon Molson USA / 2011 / 27 minutes / Black & White, Colour " CMBDL UFFO mOET IJT "GSJDBO JNNJHSBOU stepfather passed out drunk in their UFOFNFOU CVJMEJOH IBMMXBZ BOE JT QSFTTVSFE by his friends into murdering him.

Doris & the Intern

d. Laura Terruso USA / 2011 / 9 minutes / Colour " TIPSU DPNFEZ BCPVU B NJEEMF BHFE XPNBO JO B EFBE FOE KPC XIP EJTDPWFST UIF QFSLT PG having an intern.

First Match d. Olivia Newman USA / 2011 / 15 minutes / Colour 'PVSUFFO ZFBS PME .POJRVF i.Pw .PSSJT UIF POMZ HJSM PO XIBU IBT CFFO UIF BMM CPZT XSFTUMJOH UFBN QSFQBSFT GPS IFS mSTU DP FE high school match.

BIFF 2012

Act 1 Scene 1

Bermuda Shorts

BIFF is a qualifying festival for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in the category of Short Film (Live Action). Just 13.5 inches high, the Oscar statuette stands tall as the motion picture industry’s greatest honor, given in recognition of the highest level of achievement in moviemaking. Two BIFF ďŹ lms have gone on to win Oscars: Wasp (2004) and Toyland (2009). Could we do it again in 2013?! This year, we are excited to be screening over 50 shorts in competition, judged by our esteemed jury of industry experts. "MM TIPSU mMNT JO DPNQFUJUJPO BSF BQQSPQSJBUF GPS BOE PWFS

Bermuda Shorts


Night Life

d. Afarin Eghbal UK / 2011 / 9 minutes / Colour *O #VFOPT "JSFT BO PME XPNBO MPPLT GPSXBSE to becoming a grandmother. However, IJTUPSJD FWFOUT GPSDF IFS UP XBJU PWFS years.

d. Shandor Garrison USA / 2011 / 13 minutes / Colour Hector, a troubled teen from the Harlem QSPKFDUT GPSNT B TVSQSJTJOH CPOE XJUI -JMZ B MPOFMZ HJSM XIP GFFMT USBQQFE JO UIF SFTUSJDUJPOT PG IFS 6QQFS &BTU 4JEF MJGF


Real Talk

d. Christoph Kuschnig Austria / 2011 / 19 minutes / Colour German and Serbian with English subtitles " OFXCPSO T EFTUJOZ IBOHT JO UIF CBMBODF BT adults come to terms with what they cannot have.

d. Patrick Ng USA / 2011 / 13 minutes / Colour Pax and Iggy are best friends, but their bond JT CSPLFO XIFO 1BY EJTDPWFST XIFSF *HHZ T loyalties truly lie.

I Am John Wayne d. Christina Choe USA / 2011 / 17 minutes / Colour " ZPVOH CMBDL DPXCPZ TUSVHHMFT XJUI UIF death of his best friend.



Join the Dots

Join the Dots d. Jessica Lux UK / 2011 / 24 minutes / Colour "O ZFBS PME HJSM BSSJWFT BU 4U "OESFXT 6OJWFSTJUZ JO UP mOE BO BMJFO XPSME PG HMPTTZ VQQFS DMBTT HJSMT JOUFOU PO TFEVDJOH their fellow student Prince William.

Kei d. Dave LaMattina & Chad Walker USA, Africa / 2012 / 25 minutes / Colour .BKPS -FBHVF 4PDDFS TUBS ,FJ ,BNBSB CFDBNF B SFGVHFF XIFO 4JFSSB -FPOF T DJWJM XBS ripped apart his family. Now, soccer brings him home in a starring role with the national team.


BIFF 2012

My Sacha d. Markus Kaatsch Germany / 2011 / 15 minutes / Colour " mMN BCPVU ZPVOH BOE PME MPWF JO B TJNQMF touching drama that follows passion and approaches the painful realization of having missed an important moment forever.

d. Stephen Fingleton UK / 2011 / 13 minutes / Black & White Shirin has dinner alone at home with her GBUIFS JO UIFJS TNBMM OPSUI -POEPO IPNF With her mother absent, little is said between them until Shirin reveals she is going out for the evening.

Snowbound d. Alexis Fortier Gauthier Canada / 2011 / 15 minutes / Colour French with English subtitles 7JDLZ IFS mHVSF TUVDL CFUXFFO childhood and adolescence, secretly bears a heavy burden.

Speed of the Past d. Rocher Dominique France / 2011 / 18 minutes / Colour French with English subtitles Margot and Joseph are moving together. Suddenly time stops, Joseph gets stuck in TQBDF UJNF GPSDJOH .BSHPU UP XBJU GPS IJN BMM her life.

Swimsuit 46 d. Wannes Destoop Belgium / 2010 / 15 minutes / Colour Dutch with English subtitles Chantal, a chubby girl of twelve is having a IBSE UJNF mOEJOH IFS XBZ UISPVHI MJGF 0OMZ

The Extraordinary Life of Rocky

The Weight of Emptiness d. Alain Fournier Canada / 2011 / 13 minutes / Colour French with English subtitles Thomas suffers from strange weightlessness crises. Distressed, his mother takes every means to bring him down to earth.

d. Kevin Meul Belgium / 2011 / 14 minutes / Colour Dutch with English subtitles It seems Rocky was born on the wrong side of luck; all the people he loves die from a fatal BDDJEFOU 6OUJM IF NFFUT UIF MPWF PG IJT MJGF

Tooty’s Wedding

The House on the Lake

Trusting Rain


The Last/ First Kiss d. Andrea Ashton USA / 2011 / 16 minutes / Colour 5XP UXFOUZ TPNFUIJOH TUSBOHFST BDDJEFOUBMMZ encounter one another in a park and forge an unexpected connection. Following which B TQPOUBOFPVT CVU ZFU TIPSU MJWFE SPNBODF EFWFMPQT CFUXFFO UIF UXP 8SJUUFO BOE $P QSPEVDFE CZ #FSNVEJBO "OESFX 4UPOFIBN

d. Frederic Casella UK / 2011 / 18 minutes / Colour " ZPVOH DPVQMF T NBSSJBHF IJUT UIF SPDLT‰ IJMBSJPVTMZ‰EVSJOH B XFFLFOE XFEEJOH JO the country.

Bermuda Shorts

d. David Karlak USA / 2010 / 19 minutes / Colour #VSUPO (SVO[FS o B IZQFS BHHSFTTJWF BOE conďŹ dent dealmaker – lives in the pressure DPPLFS PG B 'PSUVOF DPNQBOZ )JT IBSE work and tenacity guarantee him a place at the top, but one man threatens everything UIBU IF T CVJMU

d. Christopher Radcliff & Lauren Wolkstein USA / 2011 / 14 minutes / Colour " NBO BOE B CPZ USBWFMJOH UP BO VOLOPXO destination, ďŹ nd respite in a motel swimming QPPM 0O UIF TVSGBDF BMM TFFNT OPSNBM CVU nothing is what it seems to be.

d. Kristen Alexander Bermuda / 2011 / 20 minutes / Colour Collecting and conserving rainwater is a way of life in Bermuda, yet few travelers to this spectacular island are aware of this centuries old method of water conservation.

Zoe d. Stefan Lengauer Germany / 2011 / 9 minutes / Colour German with English subtitles Zoe, a young girl nearly out of her teens, moves aimlessly through the nights and clubs of Berlin longing for intimacy and security.

Photos from BIFF 2011

BIFF 2012

The Candidate

The Strange Ones


in the local pool when training does she USVMZ GFFM BU IPNF "MUIPVHI UIJOHT EPO U go smoothly when she needs a new pair of goggles.



BIFF 2012


NOTE: Film titles in blue are the short films that will precede the features. 17-March Saturday

18-March Sunday




BIFF Kids: Peer Mediation Poverty in Paradise


19-March Monday

20-March Tuesday

21-March Wednesday

22-March Thursday

BIFF Kids: Books to Film Primary

BIFF Kids: Books to Film Primary

BIFF Kids: Kei My So Called Enemy


Whores’ Glory

Shirin Corpo Celste

10:45 a.m. BIFF Kids: Books to Film Primary

10:45 a.m. BIFF Kids: Books to Film Primary

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

In Darkness

The Turin Horse

The Extraordinary Life of Rocky The Day He Arrives

Short Film Prog #3

Best of the fest

Short Film Prog #1

Asylum Le Havre


Trusting Rain The Island President

A Doctor’s Job Putin’s Kiss

Best of the fest

Best of the fest


7:00 p.m. Darling Campanion


Grandmothers Pina

Short Film Prog #2

Burned Soil Footnote

Where Do We Go Now?

7.00 p.m. Hysteria


Into the Abyss

Doris & the Intern Damsel in Distress

Wuthering Heights

A Separation

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Snowbound Declaration of War

Best of the fest


The House on the Lake Alps

Zoe Sleeping Beauty

A Doll’s Life Michael

Because You’re Too Nice

The schedule is subject to change, please see www.biff.bm for updates and for more information regarding ‘Best of the Fest’ programming.


Short Programme 1

Short Programme 2

Short Programme 3

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First Match Crazy Beats Strong Every Time I am John Wayne The Last/First Kiss Night Life Real Talk

Swimsuit 46 Rule Number Three Apartment #5B The Strange Ones The Weight of Emptiness Tooty’s Wedding Checkpoint Speed of the Past

Act 1 Scene 1 Hatch Corner Shop My Sacha Join the Dots All It Will Ever Be The Candidate

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