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THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT KEEP IN YOUR BATHROOM For some people, the bathroom becomes a place where they can store a lot of their personal care items in the available space. Yet this is not always the best solution because they can cause unnecessary stress. With the help of Bathroom Renovations Auckland, you will find out which things you need to move and which store appropriately. But what is safe to keep in your bathroom? How many on the list sitting in the bathroom are perfect? Some  Bathroom Renovations Auckland  items mainly used for bathrooms, should not be stored in bathrooms here are few of them including,

MEDICINE Do not keep your medication in your bathroom. It is quite an ironic thing to do. Medicines and vitamins should store at room temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.Keeping them in moisture-filled rooms like a bathroom can make them less potent and cause them to go wrong before the expiration date.

TOWELS Showers are an excellent breeding ground for mildew, and mold and towels can easily be susceptible to the gross fungus. It is also fine to keep a towel hung up in the bathroom as long as you swap it out once done, having a shower. Turning on the exhaust fan can help to dry out the room and damp towel quicker.


It can be helpful to have some reading material available while you are doing your business in the bathroom. But books or magazines that kept in a bathroom will absorb moisture and leave you with deteriorating binding and wrinkled pages.

JEWELRY It is one of the essential Bathroom Renovations Auckland things you need to keep in mind for not putting in the bathroom. There is a good reason why jewelry kept in vanities and dressers.  The humidity from the bathroom can make jewelry tarnish quickly, especially sterling silver. So always store your jewelry in a dry, cool place and airtight box.

TOOTHBRUSH According to the latest survey, it has found that toothbrush has more than 10 million bacteria, and a little portion of that comes from fecal matter and can spread around the room you flush the toilet. To keep the brush as germ-free as possible, rinse and dry airy it after using every time and if you still want to store in the bathroom, close the toilet lid and never store next to the toilet.

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