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Charles Zhao

Algorithmic Sketchbook Design Studio Air ABPL30048 Charles Zhao 582125 Tutors: Philip & Brad 2014 Semester 1

Context Part A Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Part B Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 NTP Week 2 Part C

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 Lesson 6: Trig Curves and lists

Lesson 7: Spiraling

Lesson 8: Phyllotaxis and expressions

Paneling surface videos



Add circle on the point

Paneling surface

Drew different curves and plug in my own formula ( X times Y) to create different outcomes

Fractal tectrahedra

Week 5 Evaluating Fields

Evaluate new field value, and move the point, creates smooth continuous lines

Graphing Section Profiles

Different graph creates different results.

Graph Controllers

Image Sampling

NTF Week 2 Voussoir Cloud Input

Voussoir Cloud Form Finding

Using Kangaroo plug in

Part C Millipede

Deflection 1:

Deflection 2:

Deflection 4:

Deflection 5:

Millipede What it does? - It’s a extra component on grasshopper that manipulates the tensile stresses, tests various materials/dimensions while adding stress to it (thus it allows us to “visualise” what it’ll look like in a real life situation if it was constructed” - it ultimately enabled an idea of how our final structural form will be (as the force of the wind will affect the form itself, the pulling of the strings that are attached to the frames etc) - we were able to try various materials/dimensions and see if they’d deflect with Millipede - we also connected the average wind velocity (that we found.. LOL) to the components - until everything reaches an equilibrium with no deflection, we used this as our final form Adding Galapagos - adding this component to the deflection panel + the sliders connected to the materials gives a “solver” - when this component runs, it gives the best solution to minimise deflection

Zhao zheng(charles) 582125 sketchbook final