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Welcome to the first edition of our ‘Interactive’ newsletter.

As you enjoy our content, you will notice that there are clickable pictures, buttons, videos, email links and much more. Get ready to become a fan of the ZZ Chrome and Friends platform because we guarantee that our readers will get the content they love, delivered to the mobile world that they live in. Our newsletter is more of a ‘two way conversation’ than anything else. It is designed to give our readers an opportunity to be heard instead of ignored. Every so often we will be including surveys on some pages. We are genuinely interested in what you have to say, and to make it easier, you can fill out all information we create on your Smartphone. We’re different because we’re in the trucking industry business. We promise to deliver high quality: • • •

How To Videos: Restoring, painting, wiring, rebuilding, welding, custom and more. Johnny and the team from ZZ Chrome are preparing great ‘Do It Yourself’ programs for truckers who love to tinker with their Big Rigs. Check back often, or join our newsletter online. We Build ‘Community’. Our newsletter is designed to keep you coming back for more. During business hours, we pay special attention to the ‘chatter’ and have a pretty good idea of what you want, but we don’t stop there. We include surveys on what kind of content you want to see more of. We listen, you tell us, we build a audio/video show you love. Mobile is where we need to be, because it’s where you are. Printed newsletters get glanced at, and usually end up in the trash. You can enjoy the ZZ Chrome Newsletter on a PC, tablet or Smartphone. Most businesses that deal with trucking will have free Wi-Fi. When you’re on the road you can ‘listen’ to our audio portion, and when you stop driving, there’s several way to enjoy our content. You can easily comment on any of our information immediately. We’re even looking for truckers who would like to contribute their story to our magazine. If you want to send us a story about trucking, email us the concepts in North America. We bring your ad into the cab of the truck.



The internet has turned everyone’s computer into an instant ‘Global News Device’. Let’s celebrate this charity together

ZZ Chrome and Friends Newsletter Collector’s Edition! Chrome for kids and the children’s hospital foundation charity event In This Issue: Keeping up with ‘Chrome for kids’ event

O.K. It’s not every day people decide to get involved with a charity project this big, but it grew from an idea on a Monday to a full blown charity event by a Friday. One of the reasons the ‘Chrome for Kids’ event was even created was because of all the generous companies out there that felt they could make a difference in the world by giving kids a better quality of life. This newsletter (soon to be turned into an award winning magazine) was designed to keep you in the lo0p with stories, blogs, videos, podcast and even live remote broadcasts from various sponsors, vendors and affiliates.

types of storytelling forms we can use, gives you a chance to tell your story. 3) It would be an awfully dull and boring world if we could only tell a story with just one style. That’s where you come in. ZZ Chrome, Chrome for Kids and the Children’s hospital foundation value your opinion, and we are making it really easy for you to become involved. All too often, we give our donation to a charity, wish them well, give them a hug or a handshake and carry on with our lives. It seems to us that people who give financially wonder if there was anything else they could contribute to the cause.

What better way to get the message out there than to compile an interactive digital platform that can bring you all of these forms of media. Oh yea, we almost forgot. You’re invited to be a big part of this concept.

Ever felt like that? It’s because we are connected by ‘story’. Experiences that are significant in our lives, and some dull stuff thrown in from time to time as well.

We wanted to ‘do different’, and that means do something so radical, inspiring and dynamic, it would literally set the bar for how some charities are presented.

Because you have (and hopefully are actively) giving to the ‘Chrome for Kids’ charity, it’s our turn to help you. Here’s how we think the formula works.

Everyone has a story. Even if you aren’t aware of it yet, your story matters to someone, and the art of storytelling doesn’t just stop at the spoken word. We’re visual creatures as well, and as many different



You own a business, or are a concerned person who loves to give to a great cause. You give. Excellent. Thank you. You took time out of your day to



think of those who are less fortunate than you are. Wait! One of the reasons you gave is because you had some spare funds either you own your own business, or you are prudent and knew how to put away a little each payday for specific charities. Well done. It’s time to tell your story through this newsletter. Why? To inspire, motivate, support and develop character about who you are, and what you do. We want to set up a two way conversation between all of the people who donate, and those who do business with you. That’s fair, exciting and easily done. We’ll even do most of the heavy lifting for you. Email us by clicking here And tell us a bit about your business, your location, what areas of business you specialize in and why you gave to this charity. You’re our new hero’s. Remember, we couldn’t have collected one dime if it wasn’t for the relationships we have with you.





Chrome for Kids charity…1

Johnny’s 1967 Needle Nose Pete Project truck ……………..…………3/4/5 Experts tell us that 2015 will be the ‘Year of the Podcast’ ....................... 6 Sponsors Pages

PROJECT TRUCK: 1967 Needle Nose Peterbilt

What’s a podcast, and why do you need one?

7/8/9/10/11/12/13 14

Food: Did someone say food!.........15

Sponsor Pages

Finally, a newsletter with interesting content. ....................................... 16 Hank from Hanks Truck Pictures:...…17

Food at the event

Why have we created an online newsletter and magazine? ............. 18 How Do You Advertise With ZZ Chrome? It’s Easy. ......................... 19 What else can I do with my ‘digital content?’ ...................................... 20

Interesting Newsletter Content

Hank from ‘Hanks Truck Pictures’

How is an audio magazine going to benefit your business? ……..…………22 Food and Hotel directory……….……23

Why have we created an online newsletter?

Where do we get tickets?................24 Contact Page……………………………24

How do you advertise with ZZ Chrome?

What else can I do with my digital content?

How is an audio magazine going to benefit My business?

Food and Hotel directory

Where do we get tickets?

Contact Page



Johnny’s 1967 Needle Nose Peterbilt: Engine: 1693 CAT Transmission: 5 and 4 Custom Work done: 44 rear ends, 328 Gears, Lowpro 22, complete custom rebuild Owner: Johnny and Suzie Zeek

Article: Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes a red and black ’67 Needle Nose Pete that has been rebuilt from the ground up. This is Johnny’s signature truck. The one he loves to put in Big Rig shows. For the last few years, that’s been the craze. Taking an older truck that has quite a few miles on it, rebuilding it and putting it back into service again. This one is a ‘show truck’ only. That idea makes allot of sense for several reasons. If, an owner/operator wants to get into trucking without purchasing a brand new truck, rebuilding one is appealing. Parts on a truck that is 20, 30 or even 40 years old should be fairly easy to track down, and the look of some of the older units decked out with custom paint jobs, huge stacks reaching the sky and some modifications that are unique to that owner can be included in the rebuild. Johnny’s story: Johnny purchased the truck from Gordy Johnston. He and Gordy looked around his farm to take a look at the truck. There was this old mule that kept following us around. During negotiations, the mule bit him on the leg, probably to say to Gord, don’t sell this truck. It’s an old work mule just like me. Gord sold me the truck on one condition. Bring it back to life. This tractor was custom ordered by Trenco Tractors of California.

This is what the truck looked like when we first saw it. There was an old mule that kept following Gord and Johnny around, biting Gord in the leg. I guess the mule must have thought he was next to be sold off, so he inflicted as much punishment on his owner as he could. Johnny took the truck, and the mule stayed with Gord.

TEARDOWN: Research into which paint combination would most closely reflect the true heritage of the truck took at least 2 weeks. The colors of black and red were chosen, and the idea of building a ‘hot rod’ truck was just too irresistible. We could not ‘airbag’ the truck because it would interfere with the oil cooler and the front bumper. Gord drove it into the yard, and Johnny was saying to himself ‘wow that looks like a lot of work’. The truck looked much better in the field where it sat hooked to a trailer for years. Took one full month to completely tear the truck down. Truck West body shop did all of the bodywork, and painting on the unit. The original sleeper was just too high, so Johnny took off the sleeper, and exchanged it for a sleeper from a 1984 longnose Peterbilt. That’s where the 36inch flattop came in. They got the truck all set up, the entire units surface was primed and painted exactly the way Johnny wanted it. After painting, the truck was driven across the road, and the job of putting the jewelry back on, which took a few months. This included completely redoing the wiring, which took 5 days. Replumbing air lines, water lines, exhaust, and they had to custom build several body parts, including doors, hood, cowling and the back of the sleeper.



Custom deck plates and back bumper, and of course that huge mirror they call a bumper is 26 inch American Eagle bumper. Johnny shaved the headlights, and turn signals (this was done before the paint) because Johnny really wanted that hot rod look.

Until you start to take things apart, you don’t know how much work is going to be involved in the restoration process. Dry fitting the rear fenders, and preparing the cab for paint.

For this kind of a rebuild, you need to plan carefully. A system of logical steps were taken to make sure all of the pieces of the puzzle come together like clockwork.

Gauges are all original for that antique look. The interior was all custom built to match the paintjob. You will see a great deal of leather that is colored red, black and silver with high backed leather seats. 8 Thousand watt kicker stereo is going in just as soon as we get around to it.

All in all, the project was completed with meticulous care because this is now the ‘signature truck’ for the ZZ Chrome retail business. What better way to show off your handiwork than building a shining example of what it takes to achieve a show truck shine while enjoying the process of what every trucker loves to do, and that is tinker with stuff. The ZZ Chrome dream team took full advantage of the nice weather. This is a picture of the original sleeper that was chopped down to suit the rest of the custom look. In the future, we will show you step by step in video’s, pictures, diagrams and more to give you an idea of what steps ZZ Chrome follows to complete the rebuild.



Hood off, sanders going, lots of activity and some patience that guaranteed to be an excellent job.

This picture is of the 67 Pete sitting just outside the shop. What a classic, old time, hot rod looking chromed up monster. The only issue with a truck like this, is that is sets the bar fairly high on the list of accomplishments. But….. we have two other project trucks Johnny and the team are working on. Don’t miss next month’s project truck called ‘Stolen Honey’. As well, Suzie, Johnny’s wife just had her truck delivered to the shop. It’s blue right now, but I’ll bet it’s going to have a color change pretty quick.

Looking at the front end of the truck, you wouldn’t think that it could ever put back together the same way, but we’re glad they did.

If a picture is worth a ‘thousand words’, then this old Pete could fill a bank account pretty quickly. If you have a project truck that has a fascinating story, send us the before and after pics with the story, and we will try to put it in the next newsletter/magazine. Well, that’s a wrap on this project. Check back with us for many more projects. We’ll also be bringing you custom installs for some of our customers. Projects can always be a daunting task, but when you find a project that has allot of passion behind it, in many cases it can motivate you to see what the end product will look like.


So now you realize one of the many reasons why we needed to put together a newsletter that keeps you, not only informed but we wanted to develop ‘c0mmunity’ around the event because we know that majority of people who donate will be showing up at the event. What has gotten Johnny so excited? It’s the charity event of course. The fact is, the trucking industry in British Columbia is vibrant, healthy and working every day. But it’s not businesses that run people. It’s people who own and run businesses that matter. Let’s visit, swap stories, and send in some pictures, videos and even some humorous things that have happened to us in our lives. This is Johnny from ZZ Chrome (note the smile on his face) is shaking his fist. To help us realize that this charity is bigger than all of us combined.

Experts tell us that 2015 will be the ‘Year of the Podcast’ Did You Know? Most trucks that come to a truck show are working trucks, and the owners have to spend days polishing them up for you to enjoy.

How does your own internet and Radio style TV show sound to you? If you’ve read our newsletter to this point, by now you have probably realized that this platform was designed to ‘give back’. So, what exactly does that mean? If you’re a corporation that has donated to the Chrome for Kids and Children’s Hospital Foundation, we want to build ‘community’ around you, just like you have built a charitable ‘community’ around us. Experts in their fields tell us that 2015 will be the ‘Year of the Podcast’. A podcast can take on many different forms. It can either be video or audio based. Like we mentioned above, it combines the best from traditional media, which can cost multiple thousands of dollars with the power of digital, which means that virtually anyone can market with the ‘Big Boys’.’ Johnny from ZZ Chrome will help you build a series of short ‘explainer’ videos that can introduce your business to others like no other medium on earth.



Sponsor’s Pages To properly thank all of the sponsors who have given so generously, we are recognizing them in our newsletter. As time goes on and we move closer to the event itself on August 7th, 8th and 9th of this year at Mission Raceway Park, ZZ Chrome appreciates what you have done for the charity. We know that, business, just like Charity events don’t happen in a vacuum. If it wasn’t for the success of your business, you wouldn’t be able to donate to the cause. That’s why we are featuring all of our corporate sponsors in this part of the newsletter.


ZZ Chrome is the premier place to get bling for all your Big Rig Needs. LED light kits, exhaust stacks in a variety of heights and widths, as well as custom fabrication you just can’t find anywhere else. ZZ Chrome sells bumpers, visors, fenders, shifters, steering wheels, cab and sleeper panels, interior accessories, grill and bug deflectors as well.

Click here to email Suzie or Johnny.



Big Rig Group





Daryl Wear Construction

Inland Kenworth

Jamie Davis, Highway through Hell





Lil Bro Truckin



Mack Trucks

Mission Towing

Mobile Truck Shuttle



Ocean Trailer

Old Skool Trucking


Peterbilt Pacific Inc.



Shadow Lines

Trans X








Food: Did someone say food? Yes we did. Be sure to bring your appetite. What kind of event would it be without food? Not a very exciting one. We don’t know if you have ever enjoyed the food from a food truck before, but this is not just a mobile kitchen.

A few years ago there was a downturn in the Restaurant industry. Owning a successful restaurant takes more than hard work, a winning attitude and perseverance. Sometimes, luck has a role to play. Many Chefs who used to own restaurants now own food trucks. We can give the example of a chef who bought a diner or restaurant for $250,000. They then have to hire staff, buy the food, pay all of the distributors and vendors, and of course pay themselves. By the time we add all of that up, some Chefs were in for half a million dollars. Then, you have to bring people into your restaurant so they can enjoy your food. Some of these Chefs are extremely gifted individuals when it comes to cooking food. They just had to close their doors because the cost of ownership was simply too high.

Then, one day, a creative Chef discovered that he could bring the kitchen to his customers. All he had to do was to put a grill, fridge, coolers, deep fryers and other items you find in a restaurant and install them in a delivery van.

Now, with the entire kitchen mobile, and the cost of ownership is reasonable, for example about $50,000.00 for a fully equipped food truck, these Chefs can now concentrate on what they do best. ‘Feed The People’, and that’s great news for us.

We will be inviting about 10 food trucks to the event. Wanting to share the diverse cultures in food on the West Coast, we will try to accommodate Greek, Italian, South Asian, Western and Asian foods as well. We will also be posting some of their menus so you can see what to expect. The food truck revolution was really started in New York, Seattle, San-Francisco and finally branched out to other cities in North America.

If you enjoy food trucks, look at what Guy Fieri has done. He is a top rated Chef, and he visits unusual or interesting food trucks and talks to the owner/Chefs about their food trucks. You can find Guy on the Food Network Click here to visit Guys page. This event is going to combine some fantastic ingredients into the mix. Because we are social creatures, food play a very large part of who we are, blending cultures with experimental ideas that have turned into delicious experiences for all who visit food trucks. When we talk about ‘comfort’ food, we instantly we have memories of a fantastic meal that you had enjoyed with good friends. The Chrome for Kids charity event is like that. Exceptional food, interesting friends and we wrap it all around a charity and a truck show.

HOW DO FOOD TRUCKS USE TECHNOLOGY? Food trucks usually use Twitter to let their regulars know when and where they will be. If you have a web address that has the Twitter channel of the food truck, you can be instantly alerted when they are in your area. Technology has leveled the playing field for the ‘little guy’, who can now market their products (food) to the masses for a reasonably low cost. There’s going to be a tremendous amount of activity at Mission Raceway Park when the event happens, and when you feed people high quality food that they bring to you, that’s a bonus. ZZ chrome will be posting pictures of some of the food trucks so you know what to expect. This newsletter will bring you more great content about the trucking industry than anyone else in North America.

Food Trucks for Everyone. We all have to eat. Most of us need to eat three times per day. Some of us, a little more. When you visit the ‘Chrome For Kids’ charity event at Mission Raceway Park, consider the leverage a food truck could make at your next corporate function. ZZ Chrome will have a list of the food trucks, along with their contact information. We will even be doing some write ups on the people who own them. If you’re considering a corporate function outside and it’s going to run all day, reach out to your favorite food truck when you’re at the event and pre-book them for your function. Even if it’s for a family reunion in a park. If there’s enough people, have the food truck drive around at a specified time and create happy campers (or employees) and spread goodwill and cheer with some home cooked meals delivered right where you happen to be.



Finally, a newsletter with interesting content. How to videos are extremely popular, and some companies are hiring audio/video experts to help them create videos that make using their products easy instead of difficult.

We found a video of a person cleaning chrome

We want to be your trusted source for information and education in the truck accessory industry.

Did You Know?

Gently spread the Coca-Cola on the bumper completely and watch the rust almost disappear forever. It may not be the answer for some, but this keeps your bumper and other chrome items clean and shiny until they can be re-chromed.

Currently, Johnny and his team have 3 separate projects they are working on. One is a very fast, custom made motorcycle, and the other two projects are Big Rigs. ZZ Chrome and friends will be posting pictures and videos, along with how they are stripping down the large trucks, rebuild the frames, motors, sleepers, all the way to preparing the truck for painting.

Johnny and his team from ZZ Chrome will be creating a series of videos about custom installations, detailing the truck, wiring new LED lights and much more.

If you have some rust on the bumper of your truck and it’s not polishing up right, try Coke. Purchase a bottle of Coca-Cola and pour some onto a sponge.

We’ve Got Projects

with a piece of aluminum foil and Coke.

And here’s a video of a person taking off severe rust with Coca-Cola and a sponge. When you see how much rust it takes off, you’re going to want to go buy a bottle of Coke and start investigating every bit of rust there is on both your Big Rig and car. Please Note: Using Coke and Aluminum is only a temporary solution.

For most owner/operators who must do long haul, your truck becomes your mobile office, sleeping quarters, kitchen and workplace. ZZ Chrome is building ‘community’ for you because we understand the trucking lifestyle, and what it offers. For some, it’s a chance to be your own boss. Others love the idea of not having a boss, and still some just prefer to spend long periods of time in solitude, shifting gears. We get that. It’s the reason we created this newsletter. To connect with you and provide you with the best audio and video content we can provide. If you ever want to customize your truck, ZZ Chrome will have the video for you. As a special marketing strategy, we invite you to offer us suggestions as to what kind of video instruction you want us to research and then turn out The more interactive we make our newsletter, the more opportunity we have to help you with that DIY project you’ve been thinking about.




Tripods, monopods, lighting, angle shots, special effects with LED technology, it will all be there in the series we do with Hank in the next little while.

Have you ever heard of ‘Augmented Reality?’ It’s a technology that is being used by BMW so their mechanics can be certain every single bolt, nut, screw and part goes back on the car, exactly the way it came off.

Listen to Hanks audio podcast in next month’s newsletter

As well, Augmented Reality provides constant, relevant and timely training materials for new and seasoned mechanics.

We know Hank. He’s a great guy, and one of North America’s premier truck photographers. If you’ve scoured the internet in search of truck pictures, it’s highly likely you’ve viewed pictures taken by Hank.

Does anyone out there know if they are using this type of technology to fix heavy duty trucks? Let us know.

For all of the photographers out there, whether you’re a novice, or a seasoned picture taker, it’s always fun to chat with Hank.


He will freely share information on what lenses he likes, why you should or should not use filters on your camera, and which DSLR or mirror less cameras are the ones to watch, test, buy and use for your daily shooter. Hank is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to taking truck pictures, and guess what. We will be talking to Hank in the coming weeks, and perhaps convince him to come into our podcast studio for another interview. It’s always better when you can work with a professional. That way, you’re guaranteed to get consistent results, less stress, more stunning examples of your work. We will talk about HDR photography, perspective, and the rule of ‘thirds’. Software also plays a big part in the digital picture scene, so we plan on having some great discussions around that platform.

Our newsletter/magazine is also a great resource for contact numbers, company emails, emergency repair companies and many more clickable links to make your day easier. We will be including a ‘reference page’ for you so you just have to touch a link on your Smartphone and it automatically links you to the people you need to talk to. Articles on technology within the trucking industry will be featured here as well. Apps for IPhone and Android devices will be reviewed, discussed and if the product or app is easy to use, powerful and useful to the trucker, we will do a full review and recommendation on it.



Why have we created an online newsletter and magazine? ZZ Chrome and friends is a completely digital newsletter/magazine, and there are some great benefits from being connected to the internet. For one thing, we do not print any ‘dead tree’ editions, and that’s good for the environment. Zero waste, they don’t end up in a landfill, garbage dump or worse yet, piled up in a heap in the corner where no one reads them. It reduces cost. That’s very important for our advertisers because when you’re looking at a marketing platform, you need to know exactly what is working, and what doesn’t. In many cases, a digital magazine can offer you advertising space for up to ½ of what printed magazines can. In a printed magazine that gets dropped off at a location, if they run out on the stand, so does your advertising opportunities. Poor return on investment. Digital newsletters and magazines have market penetration that no printed magazine can rival. It’s on the internet, available 24 hours per day. Digital magazines encourage feedback through the use of contests, surveys, personal interaction and don’t forget convenience. If a viewer has the ability to message your company directly, and can immediately voice their opinions, suggestions or comments to you, it gives you a chance to ‘hand craft’ a response in order to either satisfy the clients request, or deliver incredible customer service to keep that customer. Community. Do you own a Smartphone? Then welcome to the community. It’s 2015 and when you think about how many times you use your cellphone during the day, its

mind boggling. Especially if you’re an advertiser with ZZ Chrome. That Smartphone is a tiny little TV and Radio broadcasting station where we can post your ‘How To’ videos, explainer commercials, correct ways to use your products, and even gives your clients permission to leave comments. That doesn’t happen in print. Digital publishing is now a must with any kind of media that needs to ‘tell a story’. Those who do not, or will not embrace digital media will lose marketshare quickly, and may not be able to recover the customers who they have invested in.


Facebook is quickly becoming your social ‘water cooler’ space on the web. In some cases, it’s proven more popular than your website. Combine that with the power of YouTube and Google Analytics, and you’ve got a marketing platform that can grab your reader’s attention and invite them to have an interactive experience with you.

Digital magazines give you the ability to reach potential clients through video, audio and interactive products all over the world. AUDIO MAGAZINES ARE POWERFUL: This is one of the most exciting technological benefits of turning a magazine into an audio product. ZZ Chrome narrates the newsletter and magazine so it’s completely portable. Imagine your clients listening to a commercial about your business while they are driving their truck. You now have what marketer’s dream of. A ‘captured audience’, and that establishes an interactive experience that clients can use to their benefit. ZZ Chrome can create content for your company that really makes a difference. Dedicated and focused advertising campaigns wrapped around your very own video based Webcast show. We then put your show on YouTube and help you distribute it to your Facebook and Twitter page. You are free to use it on your webpage, and if you’re a small business owner that doesn’t have a webpage, in some cases ZZ Chrome can build a ‘landing page’ for you. Landing pages are almost always just one basic page with content on it. It’s your door to the digital world, and ZZ Chrome can work with you to make certain your advertising campaign is working the way you expect it to.

Printed magazines cannot use Google Analytics or any other form of social media. Sure they can have a printed link on a physical page, but you have only seconds to capture your reader’s attention. Miss it, and you leave money on the table. With Google Analytics, you can build a very effective and efficient marketing campaign that is completely adaptable. The more information we gather for you, the better results ore for your ‘Return on Investment’. Printed magazines simply cannot use the full collection of tech media tools that ZZ Chrome can offer.

This Is A Test! Let’s start out with a simple question. How many printed magazines being placed at a physical location can boost your sales, increase marketshare and grow your business? The answer to that is: No one knows for sure. If you don’t know your numbers, how can you possibly plan for tomorrow? Well, you can’t. With a digital magazine, you can record how many times people click on your link, view your Webcast show or find out how long people stay on your site. This information is vital to your growth.



How Do You Advertise With ZZ Chrome? It’s Easy. Simple. Just phone or email us and we can get started putting together your campaign. That being said, what exactly does a ZZ Chrome advertising campaign look like? CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ZZ CHROME

First, we find out what your ‘expectations’ are. In reality, we need to educate each other as to how you want your company presented. This is critical because if we’re not both on the same page, we may end up designing something that you don’t like or support. We call this our ‘Discovery’ meeting. It can be done either in person, over the telephone, or even a series of emails. Whiteboard time. Our marketing department has an entire wall that is a whiteboard. This is where we write ideas, brainstorm, get creative and start to put major pieces of the campaign together so it send the best message to your clients and potential clients. Taking ideas and concepts from the whiteboard to the digital magazine. Some aspects of the advertising campaign can change when we go from the whiteboard to the computer. Advertising has a ‘flow’, and sometimes need to be changed, manipulated, brightened up or reimagined. We get that, and you’ll appreciate the fact that ZZ Chrome can make changes to your ad, marketing position or audio products, in most cases quickly. Because we don’t have to rely on a physically printed product, we don’t have to scramble to meet a printing deadline. If you come in ½ through the month, we just roll back the pricing and pro-rate it so you pay for what you get consistently.

The studio work can be done over the phone. You, or one of your hand picked staff can either come over to the studio, or, if you prefer, we can bring professional grade broadcast equipment to y0ur shop. (If your shop is located between Whistler and Hope) And we can set up the interview inside your business. Don’t worry if you’re not in the Fraser Valley area, ZZ Chrome can put together a video or audio podcast product for you talking about your business either over Skype or the phone.

What happens if you can’t do a podcast over Skype or the phone? No problem. We can still put together a fantastic ‘digital impression’ by creating a commercial narrated for you, showing pictures, forms, diagrams and even sales specials when needed. All you have to do is tell us what you want us to say, send some pictures of what is relevant and let us do all of the heavy lifting for you.

What happens after everything has been done? When the complete advertising campaign is done, set up your show inside your business. Remember all the work we did together to get to this point? If we interview you for one hour, in most cases we can get 45 minutes of finished product. On the average, people generally can make a statement, and answer a specific question about their business in five minutes or less. ZZ Chrome takes the 45 minutes of content, and divides it up into mini shows no longer than 5 minutes each. For example. 45 minutes should give you 9 shows discussing various aspects of your business. ZZ Chrome can take those 9 shows and release them onto YouTube and your Facebook page every week. You now have a video based webcast show you can tell clients about. Let’s take that one step further. ZZ Chrome will send you a DVD of your shows and set it up in a ‘demonstration’ mode. If you have a DVD player and a monitor, you can set up your show and play it (with the sound off of course) and place it right beside your cash register. Have it playing all day long.

Together, we need to ‘Tell Your Story to Grow Your Business’. Broadcast studio work.

That’s when you ‘chat up’ your clients and tell them that you have your own ‘YouTube’ show. Print up a card or small pamphlet and keep it next to the equipment that is playing your show, and give them some information about it. Now you’re marketing.

Marketing campaigns don’t create themselves. There are several things to keep in mind when working with ZZ Chrome and our digital magazine.

Invite them to give you suggestions on your show. Let them give you their honest opinions about your content, structure of the Webcast, dialogue and any other suggestions they may have.

When we create your Webcast or Podcast show, both of us need to ‘chat it up’, and mention to the customers that come through your door that you now have a YouTube show on the internet.

Congratulations: You’re now an internet savvy, YouTube loving, FaceBook supporting business owner who is building your ‘community’. Well done.



What else can I do with my ‘digital content?’ Let’s paint a picture. You own a truck wash business, and traffic flow to your shop has slowed down. This is where you can add incredible value for your clients. Take one of your employees and get them to video record you detailing a truck from the inside out. You can even use your Smartphone for the video. Record it in separate stages, from vacuuming out the cab to restoring the look of the dash, seats and windows using products you use. Don’t worry about the audio too much, because ZZ Chr0me can put ‘talkers’ at the bottom of each video to explain what is going on. Find your clients ‘pain points’, you know the ones that give them the most grief, and record a video solving their problem. It could be how to properly cut polish the fiberglass on the cab, or applying a synthetic polish on the paint job for lasting beauty. When you send the videos to ZZ Chrome, we complete post production on them, divide them into bite sized shows, and put them out into the ‘wild’.

You can now take out your phone, ask for their email address and send them the video explaining how to avoid washing a truck over and over again because the product they were using does not repel dust and dirt like the polish you had tested and recorded. If you sell the polish that’s in the video, have a link to it on your web page so the client can purchase it. Now you have helped to solve someone’s issue, put a superior product in their hands, and made a profit on the polish sale at the same time.

CONSIDER YOUR ‘HOW TO’ VIDEOS AS YOUR ‘INTERACTIVE CALLING CARD’ At ZZ Chrome, we love being creative. We also support you when your ideas change the way you communicate with your clients. We would suggest that you talk about the most frustrating areas of your business your clients face, and make helper videos. Do 6 to start as a test, and watch for the response. Keep them on your Smartphone, and when someone mentions that they are struggling with one of the top issues you have recorded, send them the video.

ZZ Chrome will then send you the videos back, specifically modified to play well on Smartphones. As the owner or manager of your business, you can load these videos onto your Smartphone. This is where it gets interesting.

The Power of Small Suppose you’re out and about socializing, getting groceries, at a dinner with friends or just picking up a few things at the mall, and you meet one of your clients. You shake hands and start talking, and all of a sudden, you remember that this client has previously complained about having to wash his or her truck way too often. Thinking back to last week, you recorded a video showing a new polish you’ve tested and had a really good experience with. It just so happens that that very same helper video is sitting on your Smartphone.

INSTANT CREDIBILITY When you’re making great content through video, you are the expert. When you make it a habit, your miles ahead of your competition. If you’re in business to help people, there’s no better way to do it than video. When someone you casually met remembers the ‘how to’ video you sent them, who do you think they will call when they need their

truck washed? You, of course. It’s because, the more helpful content you can offer your clients, the more positive impressions you leave with them. Most business owners do not actively create, distribute or email helper videos. They miss a huge opportunity to show someone how to save time, money and frustration. Video works. Great video offers to your clients something radically different. It can become your secret weapon to grow your business.


We wonder just what is going through this little fellows mind. That bumper looks like a big mirror when you’re that small. If you have a great picture of a child in front of a truck, send it into us. We can use it in the next newsletter. After all, the theme is ‘Chrome for Kids’, and we think that this picture ‘reflects’ that. Sorry for the bad joke, but we’re marketers, and just had to do it.

Email your pictures to:




How is an audio magazine going to benefit my business? We’re glad you asked. If you want to know how high priced advertising has become, just look at some of the major radio companies that have their offices in Vancouver or the Fraser Valley. One of them in particular, will put your ad on radio for two weeks on, then two weeks off for an entire year. I don’t know about you, but two weeks on, then two weeks off doesn’t sound like a year to me, it sound more like six months of radio coverage continuously. This radio station will create some social media activity for your company, but for the radio spots and a little bit of social media, they were charging $50,000.00 per year, and the salesmen told his client that it was a special deal being offered, and that they could only hold the price that low for a few days. Our opinion at ZZ Chrome is that, if you have $50,000.00 to spend on radio ads, your company is likely doing well. For some, after they buy their equipment, pay all of their fuel and expenses, they will be lucky to take home a yearly wage of $50,000.00 Case in point. Another radio station is charging $500.00 for a 30 second ad on the airwaves. That breaks down to $1,000.00 per minute. That’s very close in comparison to what a Television commercial costs. Still, pretty hefty sums of money just to be able to put your ad out to the public. And this is a big consideration, how many radio or TV ads have you heard or have seen that cater to trucks and the truck community. Most of the time, advertising is done by word of mouth, reputation and other factors. In other cases, owner/operators put an ad in the local newspaper, but in the past few years, newspaper ads have lost their engagement within their community, and many of the smaller community newspapers are closing their doors because they can’t make enough money at the game. Craigslist is a mixed bag. Some have great success, others fail miserably at getting clients to the business owner. At ZZ Chrome, we have a much better idea. Our platform is based on taking the content of the magazine, having it narrated on professional studio grade broadcast equipment and making it available for download as an audio product for the trucker to listen to while the trucker is inside the cab of their truck. Let’s get to the good part. Say for example, there are 20 articles, or editorials truckers really love to listen to. After every article, there is a break in the narration. It is inside these ‘breaks’ that ZZ Chrome can ‘hand craft’ an audio commercial specifically designed for your unique business. In other words, as the trucker, purchaser, truck fan or perspective client is listening our audio product, every time there is a break, they also hear you’re commercial. Radio and TV ads are great, but for the majority of them, as discussed previously they can be cost prohibitive. That’s where the ZZ Chrome advertising platform is so powerful and dynamic.

If the trucker is in their cab most of their day, and we create an audio commercial for your company, they will hear your advertisement. This gives you a huge advantage over your competition. If we know that the trucker spends most of their working day in the cab of their truck, and most of them listen to either the radio AM, FM or even satellite stations, they can be disappointed by the selection of content focused on their industry. So, you have a captured audience, hungry for great content, and inside that great content lives your commercial. It combines the reach of radio, with an audio podcast product that is only available exclusively from ZZ Chrome. So, now we get to the price. Anyone who contracts a ½ page ad in our magazine will receive at no additional charge, the audio commercial. If you sign on for 6 months or longer, ZZ Chrome will drive down to your shop (If it’s between Whistler to Hope) and create a video commercial featuring you, your staff, the inside of your shop and more. We’re using what the technology world labels ‘interruptive technology’. It’s where you do something so unexpected, so brazen and different that it ‘interrupts’ the status quo, and we plan on doing a lot of interrupting. Our intent at ZZ Chrome is to build a rock solid, unsinkable advertising campaign for your company. One that you can have confidence in, and one that delivers consistent results. We think this kind of platform will deliver both short term and long term opportunities for you, and when we treat you like family, take care of you as if you were our last customer, and continue to use innovative tools, skills and abilities to keep you profitable, then everyone wins.

Get ready to experience the ZZ Chrome difference. Look for our audio magazine coming to you soon.


Your probably wondering where you can stay when you come to the event. Most of the folks from ‘out of town’ that are coming up for the event will need to make some sort of arrangements to eat and sleep. We’ve put together a list of places that you can check out and see if you want to let them know that you’re coming. Let’s start out with the:

Abbotsford Super 8, Abbotsford Best Western, Bakerview, Abbotsford Best Western Plus in Mission City Ramada Inn, Abbotsford Sandman Hotel and Suites, Abbotsford Sweet Dreams, Luxury Inn, Abbotsford

Here are a list of Restaurants we think you may like. ABC restaurant, Mission Akasaka Japanese restaurant, Mission BlackBerry Kitchen, Mission Embers Bar B Que House Fat Burger, Mission Jimmy’s Lunch Box LA Sushi, Mission Mission City Pizza Rahab Indian Restaurant, Mission Rocko’s Diner, Mission The Sweet Spot Café, Mission




Where do we get tickets for the event? We have set up to handle the tickets. They are completely free for you to obtain and print out. Please keep in mind that we are making the tickets free, but the entrance fee is your donation. ZZ Chrome wanted to know just how many people to expect. That’s why we wanted to have a company handle all of the logistics for tickets. Right now, the way it stands, we want to make certain that there is enough food, washrooms, volunteer event staff and other services needed to handle the numbers we are expecting. It would really help us out if you know you’re coming for sure to pop on over to the site and get your tickets.

To email Johnny or Suzi: Click Here To phone Johnny or Suzi: 604-888-2322 To go to the ‘Chrome for Kids’ page, Click Here For Tickets to the event, Click Here

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Click Here To Get Your Tickets To The Event. Please Note: As this is a charity, we would request a donation upon entry at the gate.

Chrome for kids  

ZZ Chrome and the 'Children's Hospital Foundation' is proud to present 'Chrome For Kid's. One of Canada's largest Big Rig and charity events...

Chrome for kids  

ZZ Chrome and the 'Children's Hospital Foundation' is proud to present 'Chrome For Kid's. One of Canada's largest Big Rig and charity events...