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Unconventional Computer Input Concept Formular 1 Statistic Interface 000863522 I Zhiyi (Julie) Zhou 2011 Winter Prof. David Meyers ITGM 705 Interactive Design and Media Application

Objective My idea is for a redesign of an interface for keeping statistics for Formula 1 during the game. Every time when I saw racing, it is too simple that I cannot get enough information for each driver such as current position, speed at the same time. On a long track, audience always miss what is happening on some parts of track, because screen can only focus on limited area of the whole track.

Current interface

Artist Statement: The unconventional interface method that I would like to include is that several different racers views on board. Then when people watch game, they can not only see overall situation on track, but also watch how racers control the car, how different types of racers deal with different turns and who goes in pit to fill oil gasoline. When the audience watch the game, screen will divided 5 parts, main of which shows regular racing game scene On the bottom of display, it will show the top four racers shots. With this feature, every small display shows the basic statistics for each driver. Viewer can also get to know the position for each racer from interface.

Interface Concept

Artist Statement: User can get pick information they want to know from touchscreen like ipad or laptop, or from high-tech TV screen.

> Racers Position: Audience can easily know the position change on top and get more information about each racer.

> Favorite Racer Option: Car-fans can even select their favorite racer, and set that as main part on screen.

> Turn Focus Option: Camera could change, depending on which turn user want to focus on.

> View Zoom: User can zoom in and out the view, to let them see racing cars clearly or generally.

Information Already have: - Lap - Position - Speed/ Gear


- Time gap between front and back - Location on the track - Predicted score - Car performance review - Time score for best lap and last lap - Number of Stops

Interface Concept





Brake/Trottle -Red/Green

Watch the specific statistic for each racer

Select turn to focus on

Zoom in/out

Formula1 statistic interface  

Formula1 statistic interface

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