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ITGM 715 Interactive Web Design Assignment 4

Portfolio Website for Zhiyi Zhou

Zhiyi Zhou Professor: SuAnne Fu Date: 05-13-2010

As an industrial designer, I have learnt industrial design for about 5 years. I enjoy sketching and making foam, clay models. Through my university training, I expanded my design skill in various products, such as transportation design, household appliance design. Now I am very interested to add a second major in Interactive Design, which I think could improve my design ability to promote products. I have completed my graphic portfolio without flash moving in this quarter. Most of my projects are about industrial design which I designed in my undergraduate study. It also involves my graphic design competition project. This project is designing a Flash portfolio webstie for me. I want to not only build my own website, but also dynamic my each project. This site will be used for getting a job, which including industrial and interactive design, so I add more media content like 360 degree view, and dynamic detail explanation. My portfolio in PDF version >>>

Concept Overview


Through this web site, the users can know about Zhiyi Zhou and her industrial design and graphic design projects more easily. Also, the human resources officers can more conveniently understand her background and professional skills.


Human resources officers who what to see Zhiyi Zhou’s portfolio, especially for those interview for interaction and product design. - Age Range: mid 30’s - end 50’s - Education Level: higher than high-school graduation


Personal Information

Personal Background and goals

Name: Anna Age: 36 Occupation: Senior Industrial Designer Education Level: University graduation

Anna is seeking for a designer who can work between industrial design and interactive design. Recently, Anna’s company want to develop a new product and its web site as well. However, she feels frequently most of applicants’ portfolio just focus on one part, either product or web. It is hard to find a person who can handle these two field.

Name: Jeff Age: 39 Occupation: Design Manager in a Web Design Company Education Level: Master Degree

Jeff is working as an manager in a web design company. To make an attractive content, he frequently uses Flash and Dreamweaver. Usually, it is not easy to find an outstanding web designer, especially for Flash. In selecting an designer, portfolio websites is the most important. He thinks the portfolio web sites directly reflect the ability and skills of the designer.

User Goals & Target Audience


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