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Mobile and Backhaul Planning - Aria Networks

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Intelligent Network Capacity Planning, Optimization and Forecasting Aria Networks introduces you to inte llige nt planning of individual services or whole networks. Optimize for quality, cost and resilience. All at once. Inte llige nt, inte gr ate d ne tw ork planning. planni ng.









Mobile and Backhaul Planning

Mobile and Backhaul

The rate of change for mobile networks is significant, being driven by smart phones, always-on apps, mobile broadband,

Fixed Line

and bandwidth hungry services. This has increased operational complexity, reduced predictability and has thus raised the


need for capacity planning and network optimisation to a strategic level.

Customer Use Cases

Our products support a range of planning activities across all 2G, 3G and LTE backhaul and core mobile networks. If you are rolling out high-speed HSPA+ or LTE technologies, our products can help you ensure your backhaul is ready for the boom in bandwidth demand. For service providers maintaining 2G and 3G services, Aria ensures the network makes optimal use of owned and leased connections, ensuring a service-ready network as new products M obile Planning - Click to Enlarge

and customers are introduced.

Backhaul Architecture Optimisation Use Aria products for evaluation of different backhaul architecture strategies. This activity is supported by Aria’s ability to quickly perform what-if analysis. Base station re-homing options, migration between backhaul technologies, evaluation of owned or leased capacity: Planners have the ability to investigate the cost, performance and capacity implications of their network’s evolution.

Capacity Planning for Cell-Site Upgrades As demand for high-bandwidth services grows in the radio access network, the core and backhaul networks must also be upgraded to support this change. Aria performs what-if analysis to determine the readiness of the backhaul to support new radio access technologies, finding the best way to deliver new connections, and identifying where capacity upgrades are necessary. Aria optimisation supports numerous business objectives such as avoiding off-network connections, and forecasting budgets for leased capacity.

Backhaul Capacity In the back-haul, network optimisation includes selecting the most economical equipment and circuits for expanding capacity to cell sites. The optimal plan is found by considering a range of available options, such as multiple transmission technologies, different hardware vendors, and the cost of leased circuits.

Core Capacity In the core, Aria can identify optimal use of edge device resources and ensure that IP, MPLS, optical and Ethernet connections meet requirements for performance and fault resilience. You can find out more about how mobile operators are using

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intelligent planning here.

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4/22/2011 11:05 AM

Mobile and Backhaul Planning - Aria Networks

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4/22/2011 11:05 AM

Mobile and Backhaul Planning Aria Networks  

What-IF Analysis for 2G 3G HSPA LTE Capacity

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