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In Between 60,00 kn

STON OYSTERS served with the rice vinegar vinaigrette

60,00 kn

CHEESE PLATTER served with toasted almonds, local capers, rock samphire and marinated olives


60,00 kn

served with Kalamata olives


55,00 kn

island cheese, marinated olives, salted and marinated anchovies

50,00 kn

SPICY KING PRAWNS served with tzatziki sauce

60,00 kn

GREEK SALAD with spring lettuce, feta cheese, olives, fresh tomatoes, red bell peppers and toasted pistachios in lemon and local olive oil vinaigrette

60,00 kn

FRENCH BEANS AND CHERRY TOMATO SALAD with spring tomatoes, capers and boiled free range chicken egg seasoned with local vinegar and Korčulan extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette

Filippi restaurant is proud to serve local and organic produce as well as naturally raised and sustainable meats and wild-caught seafood when possible. Tip not included in price. Bistro „Filippi“ GEM Mediteran Adriatica d.o.o.

Cvjetno naselje 23, 20 260 Korčula


The entrepreneur is not in VAT system. Complaints book is at the counter. The price list is valid from June 11, 2012.

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