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MONUMENT snowboards 2014-2015 COLLECTION

Turning our back to momentary trends, vapid graphic design and company branding, we focus on the visual impact and technical superiority of our boards. Welcome to the 2014-2015 MNMNT Snowboard collection. Each year we curate an ever-growing pedigree of artists to create unique and progressive imagery for our collection. Turning our back to momentary trends, vapid graphic design and company branding, we focus on the visual impact and technical superiority of our boards. Everything we produce is created hand in hand with a roster of emerging and established artists in an attempt to infuse art into the world around us. Our dedication to provide premium products drives us to search for new and unique approaches in board technologies and artistic creativity. Founded in 2001, MNMNT was started and driven by a collective of Mid-Atlantic artists and riders. Today, that collective is worldwide, with many artists across the globe contributing to our vision. While many companies have changed their direction based on changing industry trends, MNMNT has stayed true to its beginnings. We are a product driven company first and foremost. With years of snowboard industry experience we bring you tried

true technology combined with unparalleled artistic creativity. Our experience in designing and building boards has brought us to the current collection, which represents the best selections in materials and designs for the current state of snowboarding. This is our eighth season using renewable resources such as bamboo in our cores and sidewalls, we are endeavoring to do our part to reduce wasteful materials in our line of boards moving forward to make our planet whiter in the winter time. Our boards are tested from the East Coast, to the Northwest, to your backyard; where our boards go through rigorous testing for performance and durability. Our products are built with strong, renewable resources that help keep our boards snappier longer, and a response that rivals no other. We stand behind our product performance and are dedicated to giving riders the best product we know.

Monument Snowboards brings forward-thinking technology and high-quality materials to the mountain for a superior ride. We love winter, and we want to do our part to protect our winter seasons. This is the eighth season we have taken steps to reduce wasteful components by using natural, earth-friendly materials. Our E.S.P. materials use clean and renewable resources such as Bamboo in the core and sidewalls. We also use a strong lightweight wood (X-Wood) that is grown close to our factory, reducing the carbon footprint of our boards. Bamboo can be re-grown in a short period of time from existing root systems, therefore eliminating ecosystem erosion. Bamboo also possesses amazing strength characteristics that will give your board a more lively ride, super pop and snap, lighter weight and more durability than most traditional woods used in snowboard construction.

The E.S.P. I Core is developed using one species of pure poplar wood that has proven flex, pop, natural strength, and durability. This core is our all around core offered throughout the park line-up. Noted as our most popular core, E.S.P. II uses a mix of bamboo and poplar to reduce weight and optimize board strength. Utilization of bamboo within this core series significantly enhances the liveliness of the ride, while also increasing the board’s ability to dampen without the use of additional materials. These bamboo laminates ultimately maintain the pop and longevity of the board for our MNMNT riders. The E.S.P. III core uses virtually every element of our core technology. A mix of X-Wood, Poplar and Bamboo, with an overall percentage of X-Wood, this core was engineered to significantly reduce weight while increasing the board’s strength and pop. X-Wood provides our boards with a base that is comparable in strength to Popular but has weight characteristics similar to a balsa wood. MNMNT has selected X-wood for the E.S.P III core to maintain its high standard of durability. Over 70% of the core is compromised of the strong but light X-Wood. The E.S.P. ULTRA Core has been re-engineered to be lighter than ever before and contains our Torsion Control Core. Horizontal laminates are placed under the binding area makes it soft torsionally but torsionally tight under your feet. The core now contains 92% X-Wood, making it one of the lightest boards out.

TTX TRIAXIAL FIBERGLASS Our proven TTX glass configuration provides superior response for unparalleled control. The stitched weave method we utilize ensures maximum benefits will be achieved as glass fibers are kept taut and straight (not bent and woven like you would find in a cotton t-shirt). Weights of the fibers in each direction are selected and tested by our team to confirm fiber strength. SIDEWALLS Muffle Walls – This technology was developed to muffle out teeth chattering vibrations in icy conditions and at high speed, as well as providing high energy transfer down the edge of the board to give you extra grip. These Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethyelene “UHMW” sidewalls will also resistant to sidewall impacts. Terra Walls (Earth Science Project) – Bamboo Terra Walls are hands down the toughest sidewalls around, the natural tensile fibers in Bamboo give your board incredible strength, will add incredible pop, and give you unparalleled energy and edge grip in the iciest of conditions, all the while providing you with a chatter free ride. BASES Ultra Speed Base 4000 (Sintered) – This base is meant for charging jumps, pipes and jibs with little resistance. Developed for achieving MACH speeds, the 4000 base uses the highest molecular weight sintered material available to create our most durable wax absorption base. This ultimately provides our riders with superior performance glide in all snow conditions. Speed Base 1900 (Extruded) – Bombproof and fast, this is the strongest extruded base available and will withstand a beating yet keep you moving. Solid wax absorption and toughness make the perfect base for our entry-level boards. Stone Grinding This year we offer an additional finish to our line-up by implementing stone grinding on select Base 4000 lines. Used as an alternative to sanding, stone grinding creates a finer base pattern that is smoother and faster. We’ve designed a pattern that provides superior movement on powder but without limiting performance on those wet snow days.

WARRANTY Monument Snowboards warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase as validated by a copy of your original sales receipt. If your product is verified as having a valid warranty issue we will repair or replace the product free of charge. In the event of an exact replacement (Model, size, and/or color) is no longer available; we will replace your product with one of comparable performance, size and value. This applies to replacement parts as well. Original sales receipts are required for verification of eligibility. Please see website for full description of warranty. Enjoy the ride!

REGULAR CAMBER We are huge fans of regular/traditional camber and use this profile in majority of our lineup. The camber distance (from the center of the board to the ground) helps determine how lively and responsive your board is. As you apply pressure and flatten the board with your feet/weight, power is transferred towards the edges creating responsive and livelier turns. Ollies are more powerful resulting in an amazing day on the hill. If you want edge control and responsiveness, you want regular camber.

FLAT CAMBER For a second year, we are offering our District series with true Flat Camber. This means zero camber throughout the board. This technology offers the rider to get as close as possible to that skate feel. This camber profile is incredibly stable, quick reacting and balanced. Transitions are much smoother with better edge interaction with the snow, and even more maneuverable than a regular rockered board. We designed these decks with the true park rider at heart. The flat surface is very stable on rails and loads quickly and easily for max pop on any park feature.

PARK CAMBER We added our “Park Camber” three seasons ago. This profile is a hybrid design fusing elements of reverse and regular camber. Specifically, it is reverse cambered before the bindings, regular cambered under the bindings, then it goes flat/no camber to the contact points where it is reverse again. Park Camber gives the board pop and responsiveness along with the benefits of reverse camber. This ultimately reduces your chances of catching an edge without limiting your boards grip. By combining camber profiles, our Park Camber provides a ride that is perfect for killing the park, while also handling groomers and creating solid float on a good pow day. When in the park, if you spin with a reverse cambered deck, you’ll wash out trying to land straight. Not with our Park Camber! With choosing the E.S.P II wood combination and Park Camber design, the F.V.K series is potent on both flex and durability.

ERC CAMBER Back for a third year, our Tragedy series uses the ERC profile design. ERC, or Early Rise Camber, is just what it claims to be. Flat camber from the tail to the front binding, where a subtle reverse camber begins toward the nose, leading to a slightly lengthened kick nose. The Tragedy is an all mountain killer plain and simple. The shortened tail, flat camber and early rise nose ensure that this board
will float all day in deep snow. But at the same time, is plenty stable in the tail to land big park jumps and jib smoothly.

REVERSE CAMBER There are a lot of folks out there that believe reverse camber decks are for jibbing. We think it’s best for powder riding and for beginners. With its concave shape, you don’t have to exert as much energy on deep pow days keeping your front leg up, saving your thighs for more pow runs. A reverse cambered deck also allows you to ride powder with a smaller sized board. Since the tips are raised/concave, you don’t have to worry about the extra surface area needed from a regular cambered deck to stay afloat easier.

SIZES: 143, 146, 149, 151, 153, 156

 TTX URETHANE DAMPENING SYSTEM SPEED 1900 BASE FULL WRAP AROUND CARBON STEEL EDGE 12 STAINLESS STEEL INSERTS 6X2 PATTERN The District series for a second year will be coming in a true Flat Camber profile that was chosen with the park rider in mind. The flat surface is very stable on rails and loads quickly and easily for maximum pop on any park feature. Transitions are much smoother due to better edge interaction with the snow and provides better maneuverability than even a regular rockered profile. The District is incredibly stable, quick reacting and balanced. ARTWORK BY: STEPHEN TOMPKINS


SIZES: 148, 151, 153, 156, 158

 URETHANE DAMPENING SYSTEM SPEED 1900 BASE FULL WRAP AROUND CARBON STEEL EDGE 12 STAINLESS STEEL INSERTS 6X2 PATTERN Cost-effective, durable, jib-approved with the team-favored flex/snap, the BlackBlack is the most popular ride in the Monument Snowboards line-up. The E.S.P. I Core provides the right level flex you need in a noodle-free jib board.


The Full Wrap Rockwell 40 metal edges are slightly softer to prevent major damage from disastrous impacts. Our Speed 1900 base makes it low maintenance and easy to repair. The Muffle Walls (UMHW sidewalls) are super durable with a higher resistance to sidewall impact, making this the ideal jib board in your quiver of decks. Our engineers designed this true twin deck with superb handling; makes selecting the BlackBlack a no-brainer. ARTWORK BY: NIJAH LELEVRE - ‘Piñatha’

SIZES: 139, 142, 145, 148, 151

E.S.P. I TTX TERRA WALLS (E.S.P.) URETHANE DAMPENING SYSTEM Speed 1900 BASE FULL WRAP AROUND CARBON STEEL EDGE 12 STAINLESS STEEL INSERTS 6X2 PATTERN For our MNMNT 2014/15 collection, we have the pleasure of introducing Loveless, an all mountain goddess with substantial park capabilities. Specifically designed for a woman’s perspective and style, we’ve blended the benefits of the BlackBlack with a slightly softer flex and snap response better suited for the smaller rider. Incorporating Bamboo Terra Walls (E.S.P.) for maximum response and the Speed 1900 Base, the Loveless offers a mountain killer for all conditions. ARTWORK BY: LESLIE ANN O’DELL


SIZES: 146, 149, 152, 155, 158

 MUFFLE WALLS RUBBER FOIL DAMPENING SYSTEM SPEED 4000 BASE FULL WRAP AROUND CARBON STEEL EDGE 12 STAINLESS STEEL INSERTS 6X2 PATTERN Combining both worlds of camber and reverse camber, the F.V.K features our hybrid profile Park Camber. What is Park Camber? Rockered between the bindings with regular camber under the bindings, the board goes flat then reverses again by the contact points. The F.V.K provides more control to the tips and increases stability on those epic landings as opposed to reverse cambered decks. Using ESP II with its unique Bamboo laminates, the F.V.K has superior durability to maintain the board’s flex as well as providing you extra pop when needed. We developed this camber profile to maximize the response you want while maintaining the positive elements of a traditional camber board.


Eliminate the need for two decks with the F.V.K. The ultimate park deck is here. ARTWORK BY: DAVID M. COOK

SIZES: 153, 157

 w/ Stone Grinding FULL WRAP AROUND CARBON STEEL EDGE 12 STAINLESS STEEL INSERTS 6X2 PATTERN The Tragedy with ERC camber… We again offer our limited series Tragedy for those riders with a passion for powder and all mountain freeriding. The Tragedy introduces the ERC camber design to the line-up, combining elements of reverse camber into the nose to increase float on powder days, while then transitioning the deck to a flat camber. By keeping the base even to the tail, the Tragedy offers greater stability over a full reverse cambered deck when riding freshies or landing those epic bombs. ARTWORK BY: EUGENE PLOTNIKOV


SIZES: 151, 153, 157, 160

 w/ Stone Grind FULL WRAP AROUND CARBON STEEL EDGE 12 STAINLESS STEEL INSERTS 6X2 PATTERN This twin directional has a stiffer tail and a set back stance combined with our ESP III Core. This means a combination of poplar, bamboo, and our special X-wood core gives you a super light and responsive ride. The bamboo Terra Walls along with the bamboo veneer topsheet makes this year’s 777 a stand-out free riding machine. Terra Walls strengthen the board and increases responsiveness and pop when you need it. The Carbon V pattern in the tail gives you the extra support for bombing down the hill. If you want response, the 777 is your answer. ARTWORK BY: LESLIE ANN O’DELL


SIZES: 153, 155, 158, 160, 163

 w/ Stone Grinding FULL WRAP AROUND CARBON STEEL EDGE 12 STAINLESS STEEL INSERTS 6X2 PATTERN Big mountain riding. All terrain freestyle. The Memento Mori, constructed with our ESP Ultra core and newly developed Torsion Control profile provides for a truly big mountain beast that is super light yet ultra responsive. By vertically laminating Carbon fibers between the core laminates and horizontal laminates underneath the binding inserts, we’ve designed the Memento Mori to be a torsionally soft ride that is torsionally stiff right at the feet. This provides for a board that will handle any mountain detail without any reaction decline. Combing these elements with our Reverse Camber design, the Memento Mori is high-end performance for epic mountain exploration.



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